After a while, I began to see clearer and clearer. Eventually, I knew what I had to do. I had to gain power. And to do that, I had to train. But I didn't want to attract I left with the very same Quirk I took from that old man.

"Izuku Midoriya, what a surprise," Kai Chisaki spoke as he sat on a black couch with a table between himself and another black couch of which Izuku sat on.

Izuku sat opposite of Chisaki with his arms outstretched on the couch. He wore the same outfit that he had been wearing for the past few years, though it was larger of course due to his increase of height. He wasn't the tallest around, sitting at 5'6''. The fourteen year old sported a black hoodie with a scarf around his neck with beige pants and red shoes.

Chisaki's outfit had changed from their previous meeting. He wore a reddish-brown plague mask with an outstretched beak, a green jacket with purple feathers around the collar, a black, collared shirt, white tie, and black pants complimented by white shoes.

"I figured I wanted to check in and see how you were doing. Last time we met you gave me some useful information. But I heard your boss fell into a coma recently. I wanted to stop by and pay my condolences," Izuku spoke casually as a smaller man standing around two feet in height flicked through some money by Chisaki's side.

A chuckle was heard from the smaller man. "Yes, it was a shame what had happened to the boss, but alas, the show must go on." The smaller man, nicknamed Mimic, was wearing a plague mask like Chisaki's, though it was white with stitches going up the center. The black suit he wore disguised all his noticeable features but Izuku paid it no mind.

Chisaki nodded at that. "Yes, but I hope the boss will wake up soon. He's missing big changes within the Hassaikai group," he spoke.

Izuku's eyes never left the straight, unblinking stare of Chisaki's. There was another man with a black, wide-brimmed bowler hat, black plague mask, and a black cloak with gray sneakers. Izuku didn't know his name and he hadn't spoken since Izuku had appeared here.

"You don't really seem too worried for your boss, Chisaki," Izuku spoke while Kai crossed his legs over each other and put his gloved hands on top of his knees.

"I feel there's no use worrying over something out of my control," Chisaki responded while Izuku's eyes picked up on the light shake that Mimic had produced, likely from the lack of respect Izuku had shown by saying Chisaki's name so casually.

Izuku put his arms in front of him and leaned forward, intertwining his fingers as he stared at the man. "Last time I met the Boss, he was relatively healthy for an older man. But now he's suddenly in a coma? Were there any deteriorating health issues he possessed? I think I can refer him to the doctor my father visits. He's been doing experimental drug work recently and I think I can help him out," Izuku spoke while the man in the cloak moved further to Chisaki's right, heading closer to the corner of the room.

Izuku figured that his action must have looked a tad aggressive along with his choice of spoken words, but he didn't care. He was still within reach, after all.

"These things happen, Midoriya. He's an old man, after all. Are you trying to insinuate something?" Chisaki spoke with a slightly dangerous tone.

The younger of the two chuckled. "Look, I don't really care what you do within this little organization you have. But I have sources telling me that you've also been taking special attention to his granddaughter. What's Overhaul let you do, again? Disassemble and reassemble things? Please don't tell me you've been killing that girl then putting her back together?" Izuku questioned with a small laugh.

"I didn't realize you had a heart, Izuku Midoriya. I was sure that your dad had beat that out of you," Chisaki spoke with a sneer as Mimic shook again. The black cloaked man extended an arm from his cloak and let it hand to his side all the while trying to look inconspicuous.

"You'd do well to choose your next works carefully, kid. I'd hate to have to piss of dear daddy," Mimic spoke with a growl.

Izuku leaned back while holding up his hands apologetically. "Woah, you guys are getting aggressive for no reason. I just wanna know if your killing kids. I've got a soft spot for baby-killers, you know," Izuku pulled down his scarf, letting a grin be seen to the three men in the room.

"I don't like that smile, Midoriya. You'd do well to remember your place here," Chisaki spoke neutrally while Izuku let loose of the scarf, letting his grin become hidden.

"I know my place here. And my place is to let you know that I liked your boss better," Izuku laughed as the cloaked man put his hand up.

A soft purple wave was emitted from his outstretched hand as he spoke. "What is your goal here?" he asked, his Quirk, confession, taking effect while Izuku laughed hysterically.

"You're all going to die."

A purple portal opened from behind the couch just as Mimic lunged towards the boy while Chisaki kicked up the table between them.

Izuku kicked the table back into the man within a fraction of a second and activated Slide and Glide, skating off of the glass of the table, kicking himself into the air just as a massive, hulking black form escaped from the portal behind the boy, lunging at the cloaked man in the corner, its closest target.

It had bulging muscles along with an exposed brain and what seemed like a bird beak with razor sharp teeth lining its maw. It was shirtless and had torn, beige shorts.

Izuku had trained with this Nomu extensively and had nicknamed him Berserker.

It was his favorite.

While Airborne, Izuku's fingers extended themselves several meters as Mimic was impaled by them and thrown to a nearby wall. The concrete shattered just as Izuku landed, clouding the room as the teen retracted his fingers.

Kai glared across from him as Shin was flung like a ragdoll through the door that lead through the room. That hulking black figure was dangerous, that much he had ascertained. Even taking a spike through his leg, the Nomu had ran through it. But that was good, he'd be down his full movement speed.

Mimic's form expanded into his regular size just as Kai flung his hands to the ground, disassembling the room and forming a jagged maw of stalactites and stalagmites, hellbent on killing the younger of the two across from him.

Izuku twisted his body, evading the spikes just as Berserker followed the cloaked man through the shattered doorway. He extended his fingers again and slid across the ceiling, swinging his fingertips around wildly, breaking the stone surrounding him as Kai stood in a circle of undisturbed ground.

His mind worked overtime and time seemed to slow around him.

Kick across, evade the incoming projectiles.

Fake him out, send All for One directly to him.

Stop just short of impact.

Use Slide and Glide on unaffected wall.

Go for the disable.

Izuku's mind finally came back to its normal processing speed as he exited what he called 'Bullet Time.'

Because of the way his mind operated, he was able to slow his incoming information intake to allow for longer thinking time. Microseconds turned to milliseconds, milliseconds turned to seconds, and seconds turned to minutes of thinking and formulating speed. To normal people, milliseconds to formulate a plan wasn't anywhere near enough time, but the billions of neurons worked in sync to produce a rough sketch of what Midoriya could act on.

It wasn't as neat as it sounded when he first discovered the heightened thinking process, spending almost an entire day in slow motion for himself, almost trapped within his own mind.

But now it was a weapon, just as it should be.

Izuku used Slide and Glide to make a platform for himself as his body contorted itself, missing the spike created behind him by half a second. He ducked again just as a hail of concrete was again flung towards his position.

This was a deathtrap.

But Kai Chisaki was mistaken.

It wasn't a trap for Izuku, not anymore.

It was a trap for him.

Izuku ran across another set of concrete slabs and slid across a wall, missing spikes just as they were forming. He sent out his fingers, breaking the spikes and they headed straight for Chisaki's exposed head behind the menagerie of deadly stalagmites.

Overhaul created a wall to protect himself making Izuku smirk.

Izuku's fingertips were recalled just as the were supposed to impact and chose to attach themselves to the floor in front of Chisaki. Izuku used his impaled fingers and skated along the open wall to Chisaki's left, allowing him to barrel roll through a hail of spikes that impacted his last position.

Izuku landed just short of Chisaki's position and recalled All for One.

Chisaki exploded into movement, attempting to clasp his hands onto Izuku's form somehow.

This brat was just too fast! He was nimble and seemed to be able to slip through just about anything that Chisaki could throw at him. Izuku also seemed to be at least mildly experienced if he had anything to say about it.

But all Overhaul had to accomplish was laying a hand on the boy, then this would all be over. He could probably even get some of All for One's DNA and try to replicate it. Yes, and then he'd make a fortune replicating Quirks!

Izuku engaged the man in hand to hand and Quickly noticed that he wasn't that good. He was going for open palmed strikes so that he'd be able to use his Quirk and not effective, actual meaningful strikes.

The younger of the two pushed a hand away that was aiming for his face before dropping his body, bending at his knees as Overhaul meant to slap his side. Izuku used his right hand to keep himself up as he went for a kick, only for something to flare within his head.


Izuku pushed himself to the side with Slide and Glide, a burst of air leaving an open palm as a large spike found its way to where he was previously. Overhaul loomed over him and slapped the spike, disassembling it and reassembling it all within a second, turning the trajectory of it back down towards where Izuku now was.

The teen blinked in shock at the sheer versatility of the Quirk this man possessed and raised his hands just short of the spike entering his gullet. "Wait!" he shouted.

The projectile stopped just short of the teen and Overhaul let loose a breath. "What the hell do you want, you self entitled brat?"

Izuku grinned as he lay on the ground. "L-Look, sorry for attacking you. I'll call Berserker back and we'll be square. I'll even get my father to pay for the damages," he said as his hands fell to his sides. He was still very much pinned by the downward turned concrete stake.

"Midoriya, you come into my home, and begin to accuse me of acts that while I may or may not have committed, you still speak of them. Here? This?" Chisaki gestured around as he put a shoe on Izuku's chest. "This is my home. And when you come into another man's home," a crash was heard. "You show it and him the respect of lord of his land."

"But you? You spit on me, spit on my workers, and then you spit on my pride by allowing myself that I had even a remote chance of losing to someone 8 years my junior. That is something that enrages me," he growled as the spike in front of Izuku was disassembled.

Izuku chuckled nervously as he shuffled on the floor, trying to move away from the older man above him. "B-But I said I was sorry, right? That's supposed to make everything better? I mean, c'mon, we're both villains, this is normal, right? I can't get a freebee?" Izuku stammered as he began to shake.

Overhaul said nothing as his eyes were set aflame with a hell scorned by its antithesis. "You're trash, boy. I don't even care if I piss off your dad. I'm going to enjoy killing you," he breathed out as if it would set loose a miasma of death.

Izuku began to shake uncontrollably, hyperventilating as the man reached down to him, hand outstretched.




Chisaki's eyes widened. "H-Huh?"

A laugh.

"Man, you are such a bitch."

Izuku's hand, of which Kai now noticed, was underneath him. But All for One hadn't touched him? So how...?

"Ever wondered what it's like to live with a peg leg?"

Agony ripped through Kai Chisaki as his leg exploded in a shower of gore, touched by Izuku's left hand. He screamed and fell over as his leg disappeared from the knee down. The man tried to cup the wound, but it wouldn't stop bleeding. He had disassembled his own limbs before, but the unrefined nature of Izuku's use of Overhaul made it supremely painful.

And it didn't look like he really cared.

Izuku stood and Kai's eyes picked up on his fingertips recalling themselves from the floor, melding with it almost like Mimic had previously.

There was a crash far away in the compound, but Kai didn't care. He had lost against this boy and now Hassaikai was done for.

"Took Mimic's Quirk in the first bout while you were distracted, kinda useful. Also, a little Quirk called 'Mosquito Touch'. Expends a non-lethal venom that dulls the nerves of where I touch on a person. Might wanna check your boot for a hole," Izuku made hissing sound. "Ouch, sorry about that, I forgot I exploded it."

Kai simply lay on the floor. His mind was still reeling. This boy was simply too crafty for his own good. And he had paid for it.

"Be done with it. I have nothing more to say to you," Chisaki spoke, his tone dead. He took the mask off his face as his vision began to swim thanks to the massive amount of blood lost.

Izuku shrugged. "Whatever you say, Chisaki," Izuku spoke as he put his hand on Chisaki's head.

The man exploded in another shower of gore.

Izuku grinned. Good a time as any.

He called upon the reassemble function of Overhaul and within a second, Chisaki was where he was originally. There wasn't even any blood on Izuku's clothing.

Kai opened his eyes, expecting to see a black abyss or a fiery inferno. But instead he saw Izuku's face. His eyes widened in horror. "Oh, no..."

Izuku pulled his scarf down, his eyes wide, his grin murderous. "Oh, my dear little, legless, man, yes. Remember when I said I didn't like baby-killers?" Izuku began to laugh as Chisaki exploded again. He laughed and laughed all the while Kai's screams echoed throughout the chambers.


"Kurogiri, I really don't see the need in all this tailoring."

A soft scoff. "Young Master, you're preparing yourself to venture to an entirely new world. You must always put your best foot forward."

A grumble. "Then these better be self adjusting. I really don't want to be spending a fortune on suits that won't grow with me."

A chuckle. "I'm putting extra fabric within the hems. Any skilled tailor should be able to bring them out. They're also part of the 'living fabric' hybrid that Tony Stark and Best Jeanist collaborated on. Polycarbonate fibers with silk interwoven for comfort and improved kevlar for protection. They're mildly bullet-proof up to a certain caliber, fireproof, and self repairing."

"And how much did this cost?"

Kurogiri extended some measuring tape as Izuku stood still on a pedestal, measuring the width of his shoulders and then to his fingertips. "The suit? Negligible, but the shoes? Well they're made from some of the finest leathers within the modern world. Designers everywhere are frothing at the mouth to get a pair but the price tag is a deterrent. I had them sent to Tony Stark, anonymously of course, and he implemented the same expanding technology that the suit has. With a generous donation. It's the first of it's kind, really."

"That didn't answer my question."

"Then don't worry, young master. Only know that I only acquire the best and your father's pockets are deep."

Izuku's mind rolled at the statement.

A snort was heard from the corner. "You have so much to offer the world, Izuku, but you squabble it with your incessant need to travel using that Quirk you acquired. You aren't fulfilling master's dreams with this petty use of resources."

Kurogiri sighed. "Shigaraki-sama, the Old Master's dreams are to make his son the heir to his throne. You will be the shield and spear while young Master wears the crown."

It took a few seconds before the Decay Quirk user to respond, a sigh almost present in his voice. "Worst game ever," Shigaraki mumbled as he watched Izuku finish his measurements.

Shigaraki had been taken in by All for One a few years ago and the old Quirk wielder had been acting as a father figure for the older teen since. Izuku knew what unhinged was like, and he and Shigaraki were a lot alike in some ways, but Shigaraki was more uncontrolled and unrefined, and hopefully, Izuku never became like that.

Izuku knew what his goal was and he had been carefully laying out plans on how to achieve it whereas Shigaraki was a wild card. He had a general idea on what he wanted to do for his Master, but wasn't entirely sure on how to get there unless using brute force.

It was a method, sure. But Izuku preferred others.

Izuku wanted to watch SHIELD, or HYDRA, he didn't really care at this point, crumble from beneath him. He wanted those who were at the top to be so far below it, they couldn't even see the light.

He wanted them to suffer long and hard before they realized they fucked up.

"Can I like, get a vest? I've really liked how dad would walk around with his blazer on top of his vest."

"Easily rectifiable. I'll have it ready tomorrow. Also, would you like some gloves? Your recent...addition is quite volatile," Kurogiri spoke as he rolled up his measuring tape.

Izuku nodded. "Don't want to obliterate someone with a touch. That'd be weird."

Shigaraki snorted. "Scared of your own power, young prince?" He laughed lightly.

"It wasn't really mine until recently, but I recognize Overhaul's power. Also I like to grip things fully. I bet you can't finger a girl to save your life," Izuku retorted making the older teen roll his eyes.

"Love is useless. I also like having my Quirk readily available."

"Sex is definitely not love, Tomura. Or are you too young to know that?"

"I'm older than you, you bastard."

Izuku rolled his eyes. "Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess."

The three were silent as Izuku stood upon the pedestal. Kurogiri was measuring the inside of his thigh and was too engrossed within his current task to pay attention to most else. Izuku had to hand it to Kurogiri. He was a blessing the past years. He was his teacher, protection when he was younger, transportation, and now he was a loyal follower of his. He was ultimately loyal to his father, but he felt that he had taken to being Izuku's uncle of sorts, and Izuku respected him for it.

But the way Shigaraki Tomura spoke to him tinged Izuku's nerves just a tad. But he'd let it go. Kurogiri could take care of himself after all.

"How's Eri?"

Izuku's, in essence, step-brother leaned back as he adjusted a hand that covered his face. Izuku was still weirded out by his outfit of hands, but they held an emotional connection, so he'd let that go, too. Still a tad unsettling.

"The little squirt is still shaken up. She's scared, but Master's staff are treating her like a lil' princess as per your orders," Tomura spoke sarcastically as he put his hands behind his head and crossed his ankles.

Izuku nodded. "Good, good. I don't think she'll want to see me after, well, that."

"Bothered that she saw you doing the same thing to Chisaki that he did to her?" Tomura asked lazily as he pulled out a hand-held gaming system and began to turn it on.

Izuku shrugged again. "I thought she'd feel a little vindication in the act, but I suppose she's a little to light-hearted for it."

It mattered little what she thought. In truth, Izuku's goal there was simple. He wanted to align them with the group that his father had assembled, but after a few meetings, Izuku felt that Kai's ambitions were too free spirited, his group too devout to him and him alone. Izuku wanted followers, and believed in the fact of there shouldn't be too many chiefs and not enough indians.

He really did love American sayings.

"She has a powerful Quirk, young Master, you could possibly add it to your arsenal," Kurogiri spoke as he finished his measurements allowing Izuku to step down and stretch his body.

"Maybe. But I don't know the extent of her abilities. Who knows? She could be an asset in the future," Izuku spoke, showing more wisdom than his age.

Kurogiri nodded and Tomura wasn't paying attention, engrossed in his game.

Izuku wanted to cultivate Eri into someone who would follow him of her own free will, possibly bound by some sense of gratitude that she owed him by his 'saving' her. A young child was easy to mold into something that could be used, and if she were to control her time-altering abilities.

Izuku took off the suit he was wearing, a measurement tool that Kurogiri was using to get his precise dimensions, and stopped in front of a mirror, looking at the mop of curly hair that sat on his head. It fell in front of his left eye and was practically a mess on top. He hadn't cut it in a few years and it was now falling to the nape of his neck, tickling the top of his spine. He turned left, then right, looking at his hair and smirked.

"Kurogiri, can you cut hair, perchance?" Izuku asked. He wasn't entirely sure of the jack of all trades, master of none, Kurogiri's capabilities so he had to ask.

The portal user shook his head. "No, it isn't in my repertoire of skills, but I can learn if you'd like, young master," he bowed his head respectfully.

"Nah, that's fine. Do you know someone who can? I'm trying to go for this edgey, but cool look, if you know what I mean," Izuku responded making Tomura roll his eyes and for Kurogiri to chuckle.

"I know of a recommendation. I'll set up an appointment right away."


Izuku rubbed the nape of his neck somewhat uncomfortably, it feeling naked without the hair that normally covered it.

A day had passed since Kurogiri had acquired the suit measurements and since then a perfectly tailored suit had been dispensed in his room.

The room was somewhat large. A dresser lined the wall with a large bed situated opposite of it. There was a bigger closet, even though Izuku had only wore a handful of the clothing inside. There was a nightstand beside the bed and a television. Kurogiri didn't waste an opportunity to acquire whatever his young master desired, but Izuku didn't really care for the material goods.

He looked in the full body mirror beside his closet and turned his head, inspecting the new haircuit he had.

Gone was the shaggy nature of his hair, well most of it. He now had an undercut that stopped at the top of his ears, fading lightly into a mop of hair on his head. It was swept to the left of his face, not obscuring his eye from view like it had before, letting the red orbs be seen.

He looked over to the suit that was hanging on his closet door so that it wouldn't wrinkle. Izuku brain paused before he went to grab a bag from his closet. It was of a somewhat large size and red in color. He grabbed some clothing and deposited it within. It was a jacket as well as some other clothes and shoes that he didn't mind if they got dirty. He also grabbed his normal hoodie, scarf, pants, and red shoes. He'd grab some food and water in a bit.

He was going into another world, and even if he had a pretty clear picture of where he was going, he was still unsure of where he'd actually end up. He had read the notes placed within what he now discovered was a journal, and the old man had sometimes found himself within arctic conditions, sometimes a desert, and other times within wastelands. Izuku wasn't entirely sure where he would end up within the one world he'd like to visit, but he didn't want to be totally unprepared with just a suit, even if it was a nice one.

Izuku main focus on becoming proficient with the now six Quirks he possessed was to use them. Two of them were offensive, two supplementary, one for transportation, and then Dimension Door. (He really didn't know how to class that Quirk.) He had a small arsenal at his disposal. But he hadn't used Dimension Door since its acquirement. He felt it was still there, right at his fingertips, but it was uncertainty that drove him away from using it on acquisition.

Frankly, that scared him. He was afraid of the unknown, but the best way of conquering that fear was to put himself within it.

He looked back at the suit and smiled lightly. It had a white vest with a black, collared undershirt, a pair of black slacks, and finally a white blazer with a green pocket square. It was complimented with (Kurogiri had really outdone himself) a black jacket that would reach past his knees with a dark green interior lining, a red tie, and black gloves that ended just before his wrist. The jacket had a high collar with two breast pockets and hip pockets. Izuku squatted down and at just the right angle, he could see a glint, and that was from the polycarbonate if he had to guess.

He looked at the shoes.

He blinked before he made an impressed face.

Those were nice shoes. Black dress shoes made from what Izuku guessed was alligator leather with a buckle over the top. Izuku could see the craftsmanship even from his untrained point of view, but still couldn't understand the cost, aside from the technological supplement.

He began to dress himself, gathering a few more items from his closet before going to see his father.


Izuku walked into an open area of the building that he was living in. His father had men lining the sides of the room, perfectly aligned with the pillars that they stood in front of. They stood with their hands behind their back and looked the same as the others had before them. Nondescript appearances, garbed in suit, neatly styled hair, and sunglasses.

All for One sat on what Izuku equated to as a throne with his skull re-breather situated on his head. He looked rather intimidating to those who lacked the intestinal fortitude.

Izuku strode inside and noticed Kurogiri standing to John's right with Tomura playing a game, leaned against the wall to his left.

A deep chuckle was heard from his father. "Well, my child, it seems you clean up rather nicely. You take after me in that regard."

Izuku did look rather dashing for his age. One thing Gray Matter did take away from him was the need for an increased intake of calories to keep his mind always going. If he didn't eat enough, Izuku could physically feel his brain slow down. Thoughts that would have normally take milliseconds to comprehend and regurgitate took seconds, like a normal person's thinking time. And from what he had learned, he needed to always be on his toes and keep himself well fed.

That lead into his body thoroughly enjoying the nutrients it received. Increased muscle mass along with a somewhat expedient puberty. To what extent, Izuku didn't know as of yet. He just hoped he wouldn't be freakishly tall out of nowhere. That'd be tough to explain.

But for looks, his face still held some baby fat, but it his chin was coming in quite nicely. His freckles still sat upon his cheekbones, but he held a Roman nose, one he got from his father, though the almost round face, he knew he acquired from his mother.

The suit accented his looks. The white stood against the black and green of his hair and the dark green again, accented his hair. The red tie stood with his eyes, and the black, in his words, succeeded in his 'edgey' feel. His hair also let some of the youth he had held onto go, giving his appearance that of a sixteen year-old at most. Not freakishly older, but enough to be reasonable.

"I suppose I was made, or rather, incentivized to put my best foot forward from now on."

A soft inclination of the head. "As you should. Thank you, Kurogiri," John spoke while the portal-user put his arm across his chest and bowed at his hips. Izuku could see the pride that Kurogiri exuded simply by him looking in his direction.

That was good...right? Izuku truthfully didn't care and honestly couldn't associate the emotion, but he wanted to make an impression to whomever he'd meet, so he supposed that it had its benefits.

Izuku hated that about himself. Disassociating, associating, emotions, they were all so damn-.

Tomura was quiet and impassive as the exchange took place. He simply wanted the boy gone. He was a soft spot for his master, and he did not like his master to be vulnerable and weak.

"Do you have everything you need?" John spoke making Izuku nod. He had everything he needed for now, and there was only one thing else he needed to do. "I'll leave you to your business, son. Make me proud."

Izuku turned on heel and began to walk out the door. "Don't let your pride be the death of you, old man, " the son spoke to his father which made John chuckle. If it was thing the pair shared, it was the high amount of pride they carried within themselves.

Tomura's teeth bared themselves and before a response could be uttered the younger teen was gone.


Izuku walked into a cemetery and stopped at a grave.

Inko Midoriya

Beloved wife and mother

Izuku sat his bag down and knelt beside the grave. It was nearly nightfall and the sun was setting over the horizon.

"Mom, I'm back," he smiled to himself. "It's been a while, but I wanted to talk to you before I left. It'll be another long while before I'm back, but I wanted to say my goodbye for now."

The boy paused as he carefully selected his next words, his bottom lip gaining a quiver.

No tears. You barely know what you're crying over.

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm stronger now. Stronger than I was, and if I could turn back time, I'd probably be able to save you now. But I was weak then. So weak…and now I barely know what I'm wanting anymore."

"I just wanted to tell you that I miss you and dad misses you. It's been a while since he's came but I know he wants to. He's just not prepared to face you. It's okay, though. He still loves you. Even now."

Izuku's eyes lost their gloss.

"I'll take what was taken from you, mother. I will, but I need to find another purpose. But I will take lives one million fold for yours and my sister's. I promise you."

A flower nearby wilted slightly.

Izuku stood and took his pack on his shoulder. The sun had set and now only the illuminated clouds remained.

"Goodbye, mother. I'll see you later."

Izuku called upon the echoing powers of the Dimension Door and a golden pathway illuminated the darkening place of rest. He took one look back before he stepped through the doorway he had created and without a sound, it vanished, starting at the top, circling around and ending at the place it started until only golden dust remained.

The flower collapsed just as all light left.

Only shadows remained.


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