Check-in Station, Afterlife

Of all the ideas on what both Son Gokū and Caulifla had thought the entrance to the afterlife would look like, this was not one of them. They stood in a modest-looking office, and all around them were blue-skinned oni with casual business attire shuffling around paperwork amongst other things. The most amazing sight would be an absolutely enormous mahogany desk far bigger than their own cabin back home, and sat at the desk was a towering red giant of an oni in a purple suit shuffling through a book labeled 'Who's Who.' All this time, Kami was explaining the situation to the dapperly dressed behemoth before them, seemingly used to the situation.

"Great Lord Enma," Kami began. "We come before you seeking a special request. The two I have brought with me, Son Gokū and Son Caulifla, seek training, and with your permission, I would like for them to seek out Lord Kaiō for such an endeavor."

"Hmmm…" The Giant oni known as Enma hummed as he looked through his book. "Well, I can say that I certainly like their files. Quite the list of achievements worth merit. These two are practically guaranteed a spot in Heaven, yet you want them to travel Serpent Road to see Lord Kaiō?"

"Yes indeed, sir," Kami nodded. "I feel they are up to the challenge, and they will need his training, for within a year's time, 5 Saiyans of unscrupulous design will descend upon Earth, and I fear their wrath would bring the population to your doorstep within a week."

"Within a week?!" Enma bolted upright at such news. "Well, lemme do a quick check with my files and see what I can do."

As Enma began to shuffle through some documents on his desk, Gokū leaned into Kami's space for a whisper. "So, this place really is where the dead end up?"

"Indeed," Kami nodded.

"Aliens too?"

"All living beings come here," Kami elaborated. "Here they will be judged to go to Heaven or Hell, and I suppose purgatory in rare cases."

"Hmm…" Caulifla hummed as she listened to this information before turning her attention to the big crimson oni before her. "Excuse me! Did a big jackass called Rensō come through here a little while ago?"

"Caulifla!" Kami hissed. "Please mind your tongue in Lord Enma's presence!"

"Don't be so hard on her vernacular, Kami. I've said far worse," Enma dismissed as he flipped through his book. "Rensō. Rensō… Ah! Here it is! Rensō, son of Parsnap and Keel, and apparently your older brother. Definitely fits the definition of Jackass, alright. Enough to easily land him in Hell."

"Did he fight it?" Caulifla inquired.

"He did, but there wasn't much he could do against me," Enma stated as he closed his book. "Of course being a disembodied soul didn't help him do much of anything, dealing with him with a physical form wouldn't be too bad."

"Whoa…" Caulifla and Gokū gasped in amazement.

"I don't suppose we could train with him instead?" Gokū thought aloud.

"Don't be preposterous!" Kami immediately dismissed. "While Lord Enma is strong, he is quite busy judging souls that come into the afterlife, and Lord Kaiō is more open to taking students."

"I agree with Kami on that one," Enma stated as he stamped two documents. "I've got a lot on my plate, plus teaching isn't my wheelhouse. In any case, you're clear to go. Wait by the entrance and I'll call an aid to guide you to the start of Serpent road. Also take note, management doesn't take responsibility for any happenings between here and there."

"Thank you, sir!" Kami bowed, to which Gokū and Caulifla bowed along before walking to the entrance. "Good luck you two. I suspect you will need it for this trek."

"We'll keep that in mind," Gokū nodded with a thumbs up. "In the meantime, I bet you've got students of your own to train real soon, so good luck on that front."

"Oh, and say hi to Mr. Popo for us, yeah?" Caulifla added before they stepped outside and waited.

Break Wastelands

Gohan and Menra have gotten a bit used to being carried around uncomfortably in flight thanks to their uncle Raditz, but dangling by the backs of their clothing as Piccolo hauled them across the sky was not what they would call fun. Eventually they noticed that the rolling of the landscape began to slow down, which had meant that they were slowing down as well. Instead, the grip on their backs was released and suddenly the ground started to get closer and closer.

"Whoa WHOOOOOOOAAAA!" Both twins screamed as they were in freefall while Piccolo simply folded his arms and watched.

"Are you nuts?!" Kuririn shouted, outraged that the demon dropped the twins on such a whim. "What're you thinking?!"

"Shut up and just watch," Piccolo growled as he pointed to the twins' descent.

Gohan and Menra were still screaming as they fell, now able to make out some animals on the ground below. Menra was the first to come up with a plan and tried to orient herself into an upright position. Gohan looked at his sister with a bit of confusion but in the next second, she began to quickly slow down in descent. The shock for the boy did not last long as he had realized what Menra had done, and proceeded to do the same. He oriented himself upright, and began to pull from his reserves of ki, and sent it downwards to slow his descent. Much to his relief, it was working, and the two eventually touched down on the grass, the only disturbance made by the buffeting force of their ki. They then immediately fell on their backs and began breathing heavily, not from exhaustion, but from the sheer shock of being dropped from what seemed like 3 kilometers in the air.

"That… Was not fun…!" Menra gasped as she struggled to compose herself. "We could've died just then!"

"Well… at least you came up… with an idea quickly…" Gohan applauded in between breaths. "Maybe… that was a test…?"


Both Gohan and Menra bolted up to see Piccolo and Chi-Chi land before them, with Kuririn landing nervously at the side.

"You two had proven you could manage basic levitation," Piccolo elaborated. "I just wanted to see how you operated under pressure."

"Um, okay," Gohan nodded. "So, how did we do?"

"You show promise so far, but that wellspring of power you demonstrated before still needs to be tapped," Piccolo explained. "And if your uncle's colleagues are far stronger than he is, we'll need to draw it out."

"Wait, I think I heard Mom and Dad talking about some hidden source of power before," Menra spoke aloud. "They called it the 'Ikari State,' I think."

"That must be the power you've tapped in when you slammed into Raditz and Rensō," Chi-Chi explained. "I've seen it a few times before, but haven't been able to draw it out myself. It seems half of it relies on your emotions, but I don't know about the other half."

"Well that's not much help to us, now is it?" Piccolo snorted at Chi-Chi's unhelpful information. "Even so, their talent alone may be enough to pull them through."

"Okay?" Menra nodded, hearing all this information. "So, uh, what's next?"

"What's next? Nothing for the next 2 months," Chi-Chi answered casually. "Just survive between now and then."

"S-S-Survive?!" Menra squeaked out. "Out here?! On our own?!"

"That's the idea," Piccolo answered with a shrug. "Just be glad you have some foundation of ki control, or I'd make it 6 months."

"Hey, uh, isn't that a little bit extreme?" Kuririn piped up.

"Oh shut up, monk!" Chi-Chi spat. "I've read up on the Orin Temple's methods, and this is no different."

"Besides, the Saiyans do this with their offspring all the time," Piccolo threw in with a sinister grin. "If anything, these two brats have an advantage."

Kuririn held his tongue, thinking back to his youth at the Orin Temple. He remembered the rigorous exercises and trials the elders put him through, alongside the constant bullying from his peers.

"All alone for 2 months…?" Gohan echoed, feeling rather nervous.

"Well I wouldn't say 'alone,'" Chi-Chi cheekily retorted with a grin. "There're plenty of wild and hungry animals to keep you company here."

"W-Well, at least that covers the food situation, huh?" Menra said with a nervous chuckle. "Uh, before we start, could we get training gis?"

"You'll get training gis when your training begins," Piccolo answered sharply. "Until then, it's just you, and your surroundings. You'll have to toughen up to receive our training, both physically, and mentally. You can't expect to make progress if you're coddled all the time."

"Oh, and don't try summoning Kinto'un to get out of tight spaces," Chi-Chi warned with a devilish smirk. "Your parents would understand what I mean by that."

With that, the Demon Duo took to the air, leaving the twins and Kuririn on the ground. Chi-Chi paused to look down and rolled her eyes.

"HURRY IT UP, MONK!" Chi-Chi shouted.

Kuririn immediately flinched and lent the twins an apologetic look. "Sorry guys," He sighed as he began to take off himself.

"I think we'll manage," Gohan responded with a small smile and wave. Once the Demon Duo and Kuririn were out of sight, his smile fell to a pout. "Well this stinks."

"Well, it's not too bad," Menra consoled. "We have some ki control which can help us!"

"Yeah…" Gohan nodded, thinking back to how he and his sister broke their own falls. "Oh! And we learned how to forage and hunt thanks to Mom and Dad!"

"Yeah!" Menra agreed, having forgotten that detail, but realized something. "But we got to borrow Mom's katana most of the time…"

"Oh right…" Gohan realized, but then remembered something. "Well, we learned how to tie knots with grass and vines, right? We could make something for hunting!"


"...Please tell me that was your stomach…" Menra squeaked.

"I t-thought that w-was y-yours…" Gohan stammered.

Both Saiyans then noticed a big looming shadow and slowly turned to see a massive crested theropod that looked genuinely hungry.

"Uh, N-Nice dinosaur…?" Menra squeaked, trembling with fear.

"Um, let's try to stay still. Maybe its vision is based on movement like in that one book I read…?" Gohan whispered.

The giant dinosaur then slammed its tail onto the ground and roared right into the faces of the twins, letting it know the truth.

"Nope! He sees us! RUN!"

Both Saiyan children broke off into a sprint to escape the maw of the crested Tyrannosaur behind them as it began to give chase.


Gokū and Caulifla were sitting in the back of a small car as a blue oni with an unreadable expression, barring a permanent smile, drove away from the Check-in Station.

"Sorry for the wait, good folks!" The oni spoke in a cheerful tone. "We'll get you to the start of Serpent road in just a bit. Are you in good health to make the trip?"

"I'd say so," Caulifla answered.

Outside the windows, Gokū and Caulifla noted that where there would normally be ground, was nothing but a sea of yellow cloud that reminded them of Kinto'un, or more specifically, the mega Kinto'un Master Karin had summoned for them to take a portion of. If that was the mother of all Kinto'uns, then what they were looking at must have been the grand mama supreme.

"So… Lord Kaiō, what's he like?" Gokū asked the driver as he looked at the yellow cloud-ground and cloudless purple sky.

"Hm? Oh yes!" The oni began. "Lord Kaiō is the chief deity that oversees the lesser gods of this portion of the universe. I haven't met him personally, but from what Lord Enma says about him, he is quite down to Earth, as they say. You two might like him. Ah, here we are!"

The car came to a smooth stop, and the Saiyan couple stepped out of the cramped car, only to be greeted by a massive stone carving of a snake's head, which led to its tail that faded over the horizon.

"Well, that explains the name 'Serpent Road,'" Caulifla hummed dryly. "So, how long is this thing?"

"Well, legends say it's about a million miles," The oni answered casually.

"A MILLION MILES?!" Both Saiyans exclaimed in disbelief.

"Oh, did I say miles? I meant Kilometers," The oni corrected. "So sorry! I transferred here from a place that hadn't adopted the Metric system, so I'm still getting used to it."

"A million kilometers is still a big number though…" Caulifla muttered, still shocked by such a distance. "Has anyone ever traveled the whole thing before?"

"Certainly!" The oni answered. "Lord Enma crossed the distance once, and that was in the past 100 million years."

"Huh," Gokū hummed as he thought about the crimson office oni from before. "Well at least we know it's doable. Hey Cauli, how much food did you pack?"

"I'd say I have enough to run for 3 months or so," Caulifla answered as she looked at her personal capsule case. "What about you?"

"Mmmmm, I'd say 2 months, 2 and a half if I'm moderate," Gokū answered.

"Good to see you have that aspect sorted out!" The oni nodded. "Oh, and one last thing, don't fall into the clouds below. Hell's below those clouds, and if you fall in, you won't come back out."

"Okay, but out of morbid curiosity, what would happen to us if we did fall in?" Caulifla asked cautiously.

"Quite simple," The oni began. "Your physical bodies would cease to exist, unless stated otherwise, and your souls would undergo a rigorous and brutal cleansing before reincarnating into a new being. Everything you were before then would simply cease to exist."

"Okay then!" Gokū said in a nervously chipper mood. "All the more reason to not fall into Hell and stay on the snake!"

"Welp, I say we get started," Caulifla declared as she hopped onto the head of the snake. "So, just stay outta the clouds because Hell's below, that's the only trick to it?"

"Yep!" The oni nodded.

"Okay, so how's about we start with flying?" Gokū decided.

"Read my mind!" Caulifla responded with a smirk. "First one to land has to give up a portion of dimsum!"

"You're on!"

Both Saiyans took off at a brisk speed, leaving the oni attendant standing there, his expression still unreadable as he got back into his car and drove back to the Check-in Station.

Break Wastelands

The sun began to set as two Saiyan children sat atop one of the many tall rocky outcroppings of the region. Gohan held a makeshift spear that was slightly splattered with blood as he poked the burning timber of a campfire, while Menra was propping up a small wild hog on a spit roast and spinning it at regular intervals.

"Well, that could've gone better," Gohan sighed as he casually prodded the campfire. "But at least we won't go hungry tonight."

"Oh come on," Menra rolled her eyes. "You saw the nasty look the hog gave me."

"Try saying that to the dinosaur that ran us up a mountain," Gohan retorted.

"Oh that'll be the day…" Menra sighed as she spun the carcass over the fire. "Speaking of running up here, how do you think that happened? One minute we were about to become that monster's lunch and the next, we're up here."

"I dunno," Gohan shrugged as he walked over to take over spinning duty. "I mean, the same thing happened when we jumped from that waterfall, and apparently when we hurt Uncle Raditz and Uncle Rensō."

"Well at least we know how to climb," Menra shrugged. "And that dinosaur left to give us a chance to hunt for ourselves."

"Yep," Gohan nodded as he smelled the cooking meat. "I'm gonna be missing a lot of studies though."

"Yeah, and there's nothing for me to tinker with out here," Menra sighed as she examined Gohan's spear. "Well, we can always catch up after we beat Uncle Raditz's crew, right?"

"Mhm. And look on the bright side."

"What's the bright side?"

"We can figure out how to reinvent the wheel while we're out here!"

Gohan burst into laughter while Menra simply sighed, but soon chuckled despite how terrible she thought her brother's joke was.

Several meters away, on a more secluded outcropping, four sets of eyes watched over the twins, surrounding a campfire of their own.

"Well, they seem to be doing alright day one," Chi-Chi shrugged. "Now to see if they can make the wilderness theirs."

"They have the instincts to make it happen," Raditz nodded. "A warrior's sense works excellently in survival situations just as well as it does in battle."

"They also have some extra know-how to work with," Kuririn added. "Gokū and Caulifla did mention that they took 'em hunting and foraging."

"And to think I initially considered leaving them out there for 6 months," Piccolo chuckled to himself. "They'd probably get bored long before that hourglass ran out."

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm gonna turn in," Kuririn declared with a loud yawn. "I'll be up before sunrise."

Kuririn turned and hopped down the mountain while Piccolo decided to simply float up and meditate mid-air, leaving Raditz and Chi-Chi at the campsite. The silence was awkward before the brother of Kakarrot finally broke the silence.

"You still haven't mentioned how you came to Earth without a pod," Raditz began. "Were you dropped off by a larger ship or-"

"I was born here on Earth," Chi-Chi answered quickly as she folded herself up in front of the campfire.

"Odd," Raditz hummed as he looked over Chi-Chi for a few seconds, and not a moment too long for her sake. "Very few Saiyans raise their young offworld, at least before Planet Vegeta's Destruction."

"My… My parent's weren't Saiyans…" Chi-Chi clarified, with much hesitation in her breath. "Both of my parents were human."

"Okay, now I'm confused," Raditz shook his head. "Unless you were taken in like Kakarrot and Caulifla were, that doesn't make sense for a Saiyan to spontaneously-"

"Would you shut up and let me explain?!" Chi-Chi snapped, her face tinting red from what she was trying to discuss.

"Well quit beating around the bush and tell me!" Raditz retorted.

Chi-Chi took a deep breath and let out a shuddered exhale. "The truth is… I wasn't always a Saiyan," Chi-Chi explained. "I was born a human, but I only became a Saiyan about 7 years ago."

"How the…" Was all Raditz could say as he had trouble wrapping his brain around such an idea.

"Here on Earth, there are 7 artifacts known as the Dragon Balls," Chi-Chi continued. Gather them all and you can have a single wish granted, within limits, of course, but…"

Chi-Chi could not finish the sentence as she looked away from the Wild-haired Saiyan in shame. Raditz now understood Chi-Chi's origins, and now had one question on his mind.

"What prompted you to mimic one of our kind?" Raditz asked, a hint of revulsion that a human would seek to gain what makes a Saiyan a Saiyan.

Chi-Chi took another shaky breath before answering. "Stupid, stupid jealousy," She answered, chuckling mirthlessly to herself. "Gokū, er, Kakarrot, made a promise to marry me back when we were kids, and he had no clue what marriage was back then. Some time after, he met… her, and I immediately wanted to get that Thistle Head out of my life. One thing led to another and… Here I am. You can save the judging by the way. I'm already judging myself hard enough as it is…"

Silence held the air for a few minutes, the only noise being the wind and the crackling of the fire before Raditz decided to speak up again.

"It's not the worst story of Jealousy I've heard," Raditz said lamely. "It's amazing what stupid things wounded pride and jealousy will make you do, and for a proud race like ours, that level is way up there. I once heard the late king exiled a boy purely because his latent battle power was greater than that of his firstborn prince."

"Whoa," Chi-Chi said, slightly repulsed at such a cruel and vain decision. "That's… barbaric."

"Summarizes the majority of the Saiyan Race," Raditz shrugged. "Barring a few exceptions, anyway."

"Yeah, Gokū-er-Kakarrot and the Thistle Head being key examples I bet," Chi-Chi scoffed. Her eyes widened when she realized something. "Hey wait a sec! How'd I open up so easily like that?! I'm better at keeping secrets than this!"

"What are you talking about?" Raditz asked, somewhat confused by Chi-Chi's outburst.

"What am I talking about?! I just confessed that I used the Dragon Balls to turn myself into a Saiyan! I even spilled the beans on the Dragon Balls themselves!" Chi-Chi elaborated, her volume increasing with her distress. "I just… AAAAAARGH!"

The Frypan Princess-turned Saiyan stormed away from the campsite, sliding down the slope of the mesa to gain some distance, leaving Raditz rather confused.

Over at Gohan and Menra's plateau, the twins were peacefully asleep, using their overcoats as makeshift blankets. A gust of wind tickled Gohan's nose, causing him to sneeze, and awaken because of it. He looked over to see Menra was fast asleep and that the campfire had been extinguished. He made a mental note to gather more firewood for the next night, but he also noticed that their shadows were being cast, even in the middle of the night. That's when he remembered something.

Tonight was a full moon.

Gohan immediately shook off the worry. So long as he or Menra did not look directly at it, they would not transform. While training to become lucid was one of the things the twins promised their parents they would do, they could not risk it while being all alone with no one to wrangle them in. Gohan simply decided to go behind one of the rocks to relieve himself.

Back at the dead campfire, Menra began to stir. She lazily looked around and noticed Gohan was nowhere in sight. The child then got into a sitting position and tilted her head up with a yawn. Her eyes then saw something bright in the night sky. Her stupor was immediately replaced with shock when she realized she just stared at the moon. She tried to look away, but the damage was done. Immediately, her eyes turned an eerie red as her mind began to go blank and her heart began beating with great force. Gohan returned from his business and realized what had happened.

"Oh no! Menra!" The boy exclaimed. He couldn't reach his sister's tail in time as her mass began to quickly swell and the transformation began to take hold. "Ooooh, I might regret this…"

Gohan steeled himself and stared at the moon purposefully. The transformation soon took hold of him as well. Within seconds, two small Saiyan children were replaced with towering Oozaru that roared aloud, waking everything but the dead for miles around.

"Oh damn it all!" Piccolo growled as he broke from his meditative state in mid-air and watched the two Oozaru slide down the mesa that crumbled under their combined weight. The two beasts slowly rose to their feet and growled as they looked around. His senses alerted him to 3 other presences rapidly approaching.

"Tonight's a full moon?!" Chi-Chi exclaimed, doing her best to avoid looking at the moon herself. She had been practicing retaining lucidity, but has yet to get there.

"We gotta wrangle those two up before things get really ugly!" Kuririn declared as he began to race towards the two monsters, only for Raditz to grab him by the shoulder.

"Wait!" The wild-haired uncle said as he watched the twins slowly shuffle about. "This isn't typical feral behavior."

"What do you mean?" Chi-Chi questioned.

"An untrained Saiyan right after transforming would be completely berserk, destroying everything in sight," Raditz explained. "These two are just standing there…"


Kuririn was almost certain he heard one of the Oozaru speak. He then saw the other slowly nod and grunt before following the other to the shade of a different mountain.

"You guys… I think they're lucid," Kuririn guessed aloud. "At least, somewhat."

Raditz watched the outcome with pure disbelief. The twin Oozaru were now huddled under the shade of a mountain and grabbed each other's tail and began to squeeze. The two beasts groaned and their mass began to recede until the transformation was completely undone. In the shadow of the mountain were the twins left in their birthday suits, alive, conscious, and out of breath from the strain the transformation had caused them.

"So they have a grip on themselves when they transform also…" Piccolo surmised aloud. "Seems I misjudged whatever training they had beforehand."

The group descended down to the twins, with Piccolo extending two fingers pointed at each twin. A beam of light shot forth at both of them, and when the light died down, Gohan was now clad in a black gi with a green undershirt and wristbands, while Menra was clad in a pink gi with purple undershirt, an inversion of what her mother usually wore. Both of them had the kanji '亀' on the front, but on the back was the kanji '魔' to truly signify their school.

"Whoa!" Menra gasped as she looked at her new outfit. "Thank you, Mr. Piccolo!"

"Yeah, thank you!" Gohan bowed, with Menra following suit. "But, didn't you say you'd give us training gis when our training began?"

"That was the idea," Piccolo shrugged. "But I think a reprieve is earned based on your performance tonight."

"You two also shouldn't be running around the wild naked like savages," Chi-Chi added. "Best to have some decency while out here."

"I can actually agree with that sentiment," Kuririn muttered.

"Okay," Menra nodded, tugging on her new gi. "Will this stretch when we transform though?"

"It should," Piccolo answered. "I don't want to have to use my power to remake your gis every time you transform."

"Clothing articles aside, I'm genuinely impressed you gained control back there," Raditz applauded. "How did you learn to do that?"

"Mom and Dad started teaching us about a year ago," Menra answered. "Every other full moon, we'd go to the Gizzard Wastelands to practice transforming and getting control."

"I'm guessing you go through getting your tail squeezed until the transformation's undone, rinse and repeat?" Chi-Chi guessed.

"Yeah!" Gohan nodded, confirming Chi-Chi's guess. "Do you have control yet?"

Chi-Chi huffed and puffed out her cheeks, knowing the answer. "Not yet," She answered in a mutter. "Piccolo stopped helping me some time back after I accidentally stepped on one of his legs."

"It was not a fun experience, I assure you," Piccolo added, remembering the incident. He had to sever his leg at the hip to get rid of the damaged section so that he could regenerate a new leg. "And keeping up with that tenfold boost in power proved to be more trouble than its worth."

"Perhaps I can help?" Raditz offered, which prompted Chi-Chi's cheeks to turn a faint shade of red. "I have enough experience to stay lucid whenever I transform."

"Is that some Saiyan form of flirting?" Chi-Chi accused, her face turning more red by the moment.

"W-WHAT?! No it's not!" Raditz stammered, earning a chuckle from Kuririn, Gohan and Menra. It was now Raditz's turn to blush. "Besides! If you need someone strong enough to rein you in when the Green Man won't do, I'm your best bet!"

"So you are flirting!" Chi-Chi retorted, now both Saiyans were red as a brick, and Kuririn couldn't help but fall backwards laughing. The Frypan Princess turned her death glare towards the laughing monk and proceeded to crack her knuckles. "What're you laughing at, Pachinko Ball?!"

The intimidation was enough to shut Kuririn up as he got to his feet. "I uh, was just remembering a funny story involving Muten Rōshi!" The monk quickly lied while defensively waving his hands. "Yeah! Uh, it's still funny as it was then! Heh heh heh…!"

"Alright, that's enough fooling around," Piccolo's stern voice butted in. "The twins will continue their exercises under my supervision for the night. Raditz and Chi-Chi, find somewhere secluded to get your own Oozaru training in."

Both Raditz and Chi-Chi began blushing at the suggestion, only for Piccolo to roll his eyes and scoff. "You two know that's not what I meant!" 'There's no use understanding how their minds work…' "As for the bald one…"

Piccolo extended a finger at Kuririn, who was slightly trembling, wondering what the Demon was going to do. Before he could react, a bright white beam shot from Piccolo's finger, enveloping Kuririn before dispersing. The dwarf buckled to his knees as he suddenly felt an immense weight on his shoulders and head. He struggled to his feed and found that Piccolo had granted him (or cursed him, depending on viewpoint) with an identical weighted cloak and turban.

"You can start tonight by getting used to those weights," Piccolo answered, grinning at Kuririn's misfortune at having to wear a similar cloak and turban. "Tomorrow we will commence training while the twins continue surviving out here."

"Right…" Kuririn groaned as he adjusted the weighted cloak resting on his shoulders. "Just my luck I got stuffed in this get-up…"

"You volunteered," Piccolo shrugged.

Afterlife - Otherworld

Enma - Yemma

Kaiō - King Kai

Serpent Road - Snake Way

A/N: Holy crap! An update that didn't take a month to release! And a whole lot of dub vs. sub discrepancies, so welcome back you little name discrepancy key thingy! Now to the story. A million miles, or a million kilometers? I felt it would be fun to make a jab at the difference, and for those unaware, despite being brought up on it, I HATE the Imperial system of measurement. WHO WAS THE BLOKE WHO DECIDED 5,280 feet EXACTLY equals a mile?! But I digress. We should all use the Metric System. Also, Gohan and Menra seem to be handling the wilderness better than just Gohan did in canon, no? It does help when both your parents are fighters and have a knack for wilderness stuff to begin with. Also, Kuririn with Piccolo's cloak & Turban. Picture that for a moment. :P

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