Break Wastelands, 2 Months Later

The sun rose over the secluded region of the world, casting light over a pair of tents crafted from animal hide. Out from the dwellings emerged a boy and a girl as they yawned loudly and rubbed the sleepies out of their eyes. The gis they were granted 2 months ago were slightly tattered, but still in decent condition. Gohan now wielded a spear slung over his back tipped with sharpened stone, while Menra held a well-sharpened axe at her waist.

"Mornin'," Gohan greeted as he shook himself awake.

"That it is," Menra yawned as she watched the sun climb over the horizon. "So, what should we do for breakfast today?"

"Well, that tree should have fruit by now," Gohan suggested. "I say we start with that!"

"Read my mind!" Menra agreed. "I've been wanting something sweet for a while."

The two rummaged through their respective tents and each brought out a wooden bowl. The two raced over to a rather large tree with plenty of juicy and ripe berries just waiting to be eaten.

"You wanna do the honors?" Menra offered.

"You're only suggesting I go first so that you can get more berries," Gohan retorted, folding his arms.

"Pleeeeease?" Menra pleaded, using puppy dog eyes to her advantage.

"Oh alright, fine," Gohan sighed as he looked at the tree trunk. "Let the Berry bonanza begin!"

With that, Gohan leapt forward, leg outstretched to kick the tree. His foot made contact, and the entire plant shuddered from the force of Gohan's kick alone, leaving a small dent in the wood. Very soon after berries began to fall from the branches above, and Menra was the first to catch some in her bowl, proving Gohan right, though he was not one to be left out of the berry fun, he quickly got his bowl and began catching as many as he could in his bowl. Soon the fruity rain ceased and the twins both had a big bowl of berries to enjoy, though Gohan's was slightly fuller.

"Hey, no fair!" Menra shouted, noticing Gohan's bigger berry bounty. "How'd you get more berries than me?"

"Would you believe me if I said I was studying where they would grow this whole time?~" Gohan cheekily retorted.

"Hmph," Menra harrumphed before shrugging and diving into her bowl of berries before Gohan did the same. "Still tasty though!"

The breakfast had just concluded as loud tremors approached the twins and a big shadow cast over them. The two casually looked up and saw the same dinosaur that tried to eat them, but wearing several new scars that were not there before.

"Oh, hi there," Menra greeted casually as she licked his fingers. "Back for more?"

"I think this guy's got a few screws loose," Gohan commented as he gestured a thumb at the monster drooling before them. He also wrapped his tail around his waist just as a safety measure. "And you don't even have a screwdriver to fix that."

"Welp, I'm good for getting brunch!" Menra declared as she stood up and wrapped her own tail. "You wanna lure him this time?"

"You're the one with the axe this time around," Gohan pointed out. "I need to run off the berries anyway."

The dinosaur looked visibly annoyed that these two morsels were acting so casually around him. The beast roared at the top of its lungs and began to give chase towards the two.

"Missed me!~" Menra taunted as she stuck out her tongue as the crested rex tried to chomp down.

"Try a breath mint, big guy!" Gohan taunted as he raced towards one of the rocky mesas that populated the area. The dinosaur was starting to catch up, but this was deliberate as Gohan was throttling his speed for the beast to catch up. The dinosaur opened its maw and lunged forward, only for Gohan and Menra to immediately zip out of the way. By the time the rex noticed the missing morsels, it was too late, and it crashed head-first into the mesa, causing it to see stars, and the mocking monkey children orbiting around his head.

"And now for the slices!" Menra declared as she leapt up into the air, her axe held high. A hum of ki expanded the surface of the blade to be big enough to cut off a segment of the dinosaur's tail - which was half gone already, and she cut off 2 more slices, one of which Gohan skewered with his spear. Menra then looked at how little of the dinosaur's tail was left and was left slightly confused. "Hey, don't lizard tails grow back?"

"Well, Dinosaurs are closer to birds than lizards," Gohan corrected as he fired a beam of ki at a stray log, setting it ablaze. "You don't see birds regrowing tails, do you?"

"Well we can regrow tails, can't we?" Menra pointed out. "I mean, it happened to Mom and Dad back then."

"True," Gohan nodded somberly as he roasted the segment of dinosaur meat over an open flame with his sister. "I wonder how they're doing right now?"

"I dunno," Menra answered sullenly.

Gohan and Menra were now tearing away at the steaks of tail meat. It was not as good as the cooking their parents prepared, but the sear on the fat was enjoyable, and much of the juice was trapped inside, just the way they like it.

"Enjoying breakfast?"

Gohan and Menra bolted to their feet and assumed defensive stances, only to relax when they saw Piccolo, Chi-Chi, Raditz, and Kuririn stand before them.

"Oh, hi there!" Gohan greeted cheerfully. "Has it been 2 months already?"

"Indeed," Piccolo nodded. "Finish your breakfast. We begin once you've had your fill."

Gohan and Menra proceeded to dine with increased vigor, eager to begin their training. While a portion of them was scared to see how training under the enemies of their own parents would be, it was overshadowed by the excitement of training with their uncle and their parents' childhood friend. Eventually the two finished their steaks and cleaned up before standing at attention.

"Soooo… How do we start?" Menra asked with a hand slightly raised.

"Simple," Piccolo began. "Given your lack of foundation in combat, that will be your primary focus. You will spar with us. Any and all flaws we find in your combat style we will point out and exploit. You are to learn from your mistakes, or suffer because of them. Within 8 months time, your power and technique will be refined to a razor's edge, surpassing even your own mother and father as they are right now. If you can't reach those heights, then we're all as good as dead when the Saiyans from Raditz's crew arrive."

"Gohan will be sparring against me, for starters, and Menra against Piccolo," Chi-Chi added. "Now, square up, and come at us."

The twins gave a quick nod and both settled into a rudimentary stance. Both Piccolo and Chi-Chi took note of this before the former turned to address Raditz and Kuririn.

"I suggest you two start on your own while we work from here," The green demon suggested before eyeing Kuririn. "That's assuming the little gnat won't get swatted again like last time."

"After 2 months of wearing this stupid get-up you stuffed in me, I don't think that'll be the case," Kuririn chuckled. "Might wanna take some fashion advice from your friend if you ask me."

Before either Piccolo or Chi-Chi could retort, both Raditz and Kuririn took off to begin their own training. The Demon Duo then returned their attention to their charges at hand. "Any day now."


Both twins roared as they leapt towards their mentors. Gohan led with a flying kick while Menra rushed with an extended fist. Both were easily blocked and parried away. Gohan rushed forth only for Chi-Chi to vanish from sight, causing the boy to catch his landing.

"W-Where did she go?!" Gohan stammered, trying to find his target.

"Bro! Behind you!" Menra cried out.

The warning came too late as Chi-Chi delivered a light kick to Gohan's back, sending him tumbling forward.

"Keep an eye out for yourself for a change!"

Menra could not turn in time to address Piccolo's words and earned a four-fingered knuckle sandwich for her efforts.

"How did you get behind me so quickly?" Gohan groaned as he propped himself up.

"Your eyes can fool you, boy," Chi-Chi explained. "Use your other senses, and use your ki to feel my presence."

"And as for you," Piccolo barked at Menra. "If you had time to try and warn your brother of an incoming attack, you had time to counter what I just dished out to you."

"I felt your presence alright," Gohan grumbled. "Right into my back…"

Gohan froze as a red-hot saber manifested around Chi-Chi's hand and was pointed directly at him, mere millimeters away from burning along his forehead.

"Don't you give me lip!" Chi-Chi snarled. "Similar to what Piccolo said. If you have time to come up with comebacks like that, then you have ample time to react. In a real fight, you have seconds, at best, to react, or you're dead."

"Go-GAGH!" Menra tried to cry out for her brother, but Piccolo glared at the child and eye beams shot forth and gave her a sizable jolt.

"What did I just say?!" Piccolo shouted. "In battle, your focus should be solely on your opponent. Now, dust yourselves off and try again!"

Both Gohan and Menra grumbled as they patted themselves free of dust before settling into their basic stances again. Gohan charged forth first, and just like before, Chi-Chi vanished from his view. His ears picked up the gentle billow of her cape and he immediately leapt out of the way of Chi-Chi's fist. Over with Menra, she charged forth, focusing squarely on Piccolo. When he vanished from sight, The child calmed herself and felt the hairs on the back of her neck tingle before she vaulted out of the way.

"Good," Piccolo nodded. "At least you two aren't hard of hearing, and you can adapt."

"Now, come at us again and switch it up," Chi-Chi declared. "If you repeat your attacks, you give your opponent a chance to exploit it the second time."

"Right!" Both Gohan and Menra nodded as they squared up and resumed training.

Serpent Road, Afterlife

2 months of trudging along a sculpted snake. 2 whole months of seeing nothing on the horizon but the cloudless purple sky and the yellow cloud tops below to which Hell was waiting the trip, Gokū and Caulifla were walking at a brisk pace, but were clearly exhausted from the long and redundant journey. As they made their way down the million kilometer stretch of road, one question was nagging at their minds.


Caulifla screamed at the top of her lungs, her frustration finally getting the better of her. Gokū winced ever so slightly at the volume of his wife's outburst, but was certainly in agreement with it.

"Kinda wish this road had distance markers," Gokū pondered aloud before shaking his head. "But that would make it too easy, wouldn't it?"

"Y'know, I'd agree with you if we didn't have a deadline for all this," Caulifla sighed, trying to recompose herself. "I hate being hangry…"

"You and me both," Gokū sighed, hating having to be reminded of their current food situation. What felt like roughly a week ago, the two accidentally dropped their capsule cases in the clouds, which contained their food for the journey. "We should be getting close by now, I hope."

"I think the same image has been burned into my eyeballs for however long we've been here," Caulifla groaned. "I think this was that rare case of Purgatory Kami was talking about."

"I'd laugh if I wasn't somewhat convinced about-Wait…" Gokū cut himself off as he held his hand over his eyes to help them adjust. Looking down at the winding road, he noticed a small nub with 2 fins. More importantly there was no more road beyond that point, and immediately his face lit up with excitement. "I think I see the end of the road!"

"What?!" Caulifla immediately perked up and began scanning the road for herself. "You better not be hallucinating right now… Ah! I see it too!"

The two immediately raced towards the end, completely forgetting about the fatigue and famishment they had. The two skidded to a halt, but Gokū lost his balance and quickly swung his arms to try and right himself up. Caulifla grabbed one of his arms and pulled him back, bringing his balance back.

"Thanks," Gokū said sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head. He then looked around the end of the road and saw nothing but purple sky above and yellow cloud below. "Uh, this is the place, right?"

"Oh you have GOT to be kidding me…" Caulifla groaned, feeling as if she had been duped. She tilted her head back and noticed an anomaly in the sky. "Uh, Gokū? Am I hallucinating, or is that a green marble in the sky?"

Gokū looked up. Sure enough, Caulifla was not hallucinating, since he saw it as well. "You don't suppose that's where Lord Kaiō is at?" He asked.

"One way to find out!" Caulifla said as she jumped up towards the green marble in the sky. Gokū quickly followed suit and as they got closer, they noticed a few trees dotting it, along with a stone road wrapping around it, and a small cozy dwelling near it. "This has to be the place! We maaaaaaAAAAAAAAH!"

Before Caulifla could finish her sentence, both she and Gokū were being pulled towards the tiny planet. Caulifla was the first to unceremoniously crash starfish style on the grassy turf, before Gokū immediately landed on her back, knocking the wind out of her lungs.

"Ngh! Gokū…! You're…! Crushing…! Me!" Caulifla strained as she felt every ounce of her body weighing down on her.

"Gimme… a sec…!" Gokū groaned as he tried to roll off his wife with great effort. He managed to succeed as she began to gasp for air. "What's going on here?! I feel like I'm wearing lead!"

"I think you two aren't getting the gravity of the situation."

The Saiyan couple turned to see a small pudgy being with blue skin, pointed ears and long insect-like antennae. They could not see his eyes behind a pair of sunglasses and he was adorned in unusual gi robes with the kanji '界王' overlapping on his chest.

"Oh, I get it," Gokū strained as he got to his feet. "Sorry for dropping in unannounced like that. Hehe."

"Yeah," Caulifla groaned as she finally got to her own feet. "I'm guessing you're Lord Kaiō? Folks said you were down to earth, but I didn't think this is what you had in mind."

The shorter deity said nothing for a few seconds before he covered his face and began snickering. That snickering then burst into full blown laughter.

"BAHAHAHA! 'Down To Earth!' That's brilliant!" Lord Kaiō laughed before clearing his throat and recomposing himself. "Hoo boy! I never thought I'd find such an amazing sense of humor from Saiyans of all folks. To answer your assumption, Yes, I am Lord Kaiō, though some of my friends call me King Kai."

"Uh…" was all Caulifla could get out while dumbfounded that this little man just busted a gut over a simple joke. "Not saying it wasn't funny, but I don't think it was that funny."

"Wha-?!" The deity stammered before shrugging with a sigh. "A shame you can't recognize your own talent for comedy. So, what brings you two to my little marble?"

"Right, we should introduce ourselves," Gokū said as he bowed. "My name's Kakarrot, though I usually go by Son Gokū."

"And my name's Son Caulifla," The woman in question bowed. "We came here seeking your training."

"Training you say?" Kaiō hummed. "Well, based on what I've already seen, I think you're pretty good already."

"What do you mean?" Gokū asked.

"Oh come on!" Lord Kaiō exclaimed with exasperation. "'Sorry for dropping in?' right after you fall onto my planet? That was brilliant! And so was the 'Down to Earth' bit also!"

"Wha-? Oh no, we're not here for stand-up training!" Caulifla explained, before immediately catching the meaning behind her words. "Er, no pun intended. We're here for martial arts training!"

"BAHAHAHAHAA! 'STAND-UP TRAINING!'" Lord Kaiō began cracking up from the unintended pun before recomposing himself once more. "Ah, sometimes unintended puns are the best puns! But martial arts training? Why didn't you say so in the first place?"

"I thought that was obvious," Gokū said.

"Right, right," Lord Kaiō nodded. "I forgot you two were Saiyans. Your sense of humor almost made me forget about that. The tails are a dead giveaway anyways, but from the looks of things, you're not used to the gravity of my abode, are you?"

"Well, we both grew up on a planet called Earth," Caulifla explained.

"Ah, that explains it then!" Lord Kaiō said. "I dunno if you're aware, but Planet Vegeta - no doubt where you guys were born - had gravity roughly 10 times that of Earth. That same magnitude of gravity can be found here as well. Tell ya what: Jump as high as you can."

"Uh, alright," Gokū nodded. Both he and Caulifla proceeded to put all of their power into their respective jumps, clearing a distance of roughly 80 meters before landing on their feet with an audible thud. "Gagh! That jump sucked!"

"No kidding!" Caulifla groaned as she shook off the shock from her landing. "I barely got my feet off the ground!"

While Gokū and Caulifla were lamenting the height of their given jumps, Lord Kaiō was deep in thought and intrigued. 'This'll be interesting,' he mused within his subconscious. 'That was pretty good distance, all things considered.'

"Alright then!" Lord Kaiō spoke aloud. "I'll be happy to train you, but how long do you plan on staying?"

"Uh, hard to say," Caulifla hummed as she thought about the question. "I'm not entirely sure how long Gokū and I were running Serpent Road, but I know that we have until more Saiyans show up to Earth."

"Other Saiyans, you say?" Lord Kaiō echoed. "Probably not nice chaps like yourselves, I'm guessing. Lemme check to see where they are now…"

"You can do that from here?" Gokū asked, amazed at such an ability.

"What, you thought these antennae were just for show?" Lord Kaiō retorted with a grin. "I've got the best reception in this section of the universe!"

"I've always thought cable was more reliable than antenna," Caulifla muttered, causing the deity to lose focus and roll on the floor in laughter.

"'More reliable than antenna!' I gotta remember that one…" Kaiō laughed before finally focusing. "Aha! Found 'em! There's a group of 5, right? Judging by their location and their current speed, you've got.. 270 days 'till they arrive."

"270 days…" Gokū echoed. "That might be cutting it, but I think it'll work."

"Oh please!" The blue deity waved off. "270 days is plenty of time! Back on Earth it would be middling, but here with my expertise, that translates to… Well, a really big number that'll put you leagues ahead, to say the least. Now granted, this won't guarantee victory, as the group I mentioned are some of the most powerful on record, easily outclassing myself."

"You're saying each of these guys is stronger than you?!" Caulifla exclaimed.

"Indeed," Kaiō nodded. "Coupled with their inborn instincts for battle and bloodthirsty nature, that makes them especially dangerous. Anyways, before anything else, you two need to get accustomed to the increased gravity here. Oh Bubbles!~"

Gokū and Caulifla turned to the entrance of the North Kaiō's house and saw a small monkey happily ooking along the grassy turf.

"This is Bubbles!" The deity explained. "Your job will be to catch him, though I warn ya, he's spry for a fellow of his size."

"Doesn't sound too bad," Caulifla shrugged. "I mean, Gokū and I both wrangled in feral Oozaru before, how hard can this be?"

"Ooh! Impressive feat, I'll say that much," Lord Kaiō whistled at the idea. "But that was on Earth, wasn't it? Plus Bubbles is a lot smaller and more agile than a bumbling kaiju. Welp, get chasing!"

Gokū and Caulifla both nodded and proceeded to march along at a staggered pace, fighting the gravity that weighed them down with each step.

"Get… Back here…! Ugh! Oh screw this!" Caulifla sighed as she began shedding weights but immediately paused before she could get one wristband off. "No… That would be too easy."

"Oh yeah, fair point," Gokū nodded. "No use having training weights if you're not training in 'em."

"You guys are also in weighted training gear also?" Lord Kaiō piped up. "Impressive! Also a good call to keep it on! You'll get more out of it."

A loud growl disturbed everyone present. Bubbles panicked and scurried away into the house while Lord Kaiō looked over at the yellow clouds, wondering if some Hell Beast was emerging from beneath.

"Um, sorry about that," Gokū apologized sheepishly. "We ran out of food along the way. Could we get something to eat?"

Lord Kaiō comically fell back over before getting back up. "Uh sure. Forgot you folks were still alive," The god answered.

Lord Kaiō was absolutely horrified at the sight he was beholding. Sure, he had heard stories of the voracious appetite of the Saiyans, and even peeped in on one or two from time to time to see, but to see such a spectacle up-close and in person was another ordeal entirely. Both Gokū and Caulifla were downing several bowls of fried rice and lo mein within seconds of each other. The two then took the large dumplings Kaiō held on a plate and proceeded to wolf them down.

"Hey! Slow down! You'll run my cabinets barren at this rate!" The god scolded at the rate that the two were eating.

Gokū gulped down his food before speaking. "Sorry!" He apologized. "We went probably a week without a single bite before we got here!"

"Yep!" Caulifla added before washing down her own food. "Gotta say, the lack of seasoning is off-putting, but I can't deny how hearty this is! Maybe we can exchange recipes at some point."

"Recipes?" The North Kaiō echoed. "You mean you two know how to cook?"

"Yeah," Caulifla sighed as she patted her stomach. "I was raised by the Ramen-Sennin, Menra. Dunno if you heard of her, and then I taught Gokū everything I know."

"True story!" Gokū confirmed, loosening his obi. "Maybe once we get used to the gravity, we can show you."

"Well, as long as I don't have to do the cooking when that point comes," Lord Kaiō shrugged.

"Yep," Gokū nodded, suddenly lost in thought. "Hey Lord Kaiō, do you know what the Saiyans were like?"

"Hm? Are you talking about your parents, or-"

"No no, I mean in general, or maybe a quick summary of their history," Gokū corrected. "Just a bit curious is all."

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious also," Caulifla added. "I have a few ideas, but if you could fill in the blanks, I'd certainly appreciate it."

"Sure," Kaiō nodded. "Well, for starters, the Saiyan homeworld was not always Planet Vegeta. It was originally a quaint little world called Sadala."

Gokū and Caulifla listened with rapt attention as North Kaiō continued. "They also weren't the conquering warlords they are these days either," He continued. "But at some point, a civil war broke out, as some Saiyans gained a taste for blood. I've heard stories of a group trying to stop them, but I was monitoring a different sector of the universe at the time. Eventually these new conquerors won, but the planet was rendered uninhabitable by the end, and doomed to explode."

"Eventually, the surviving Saiyans hijacked a passing spacecraft and began searching for a new homeworld, and found the planet Plant, which would later be renamed to Vegeta, as established by the monarch of the same name. Since then, they've been using their combat prowess to turn a profit by conquering worlds and pawning off the real estate to other races. In time this earned them a reputation, and they were conscripted into the Frost Demon Empire. Some time after that, a rogue asteroid impacted the planet, and the timing could not have been worse, as the entirety of the Saiyan Race was recalled there. A few refused orders and survived, but the rest, I'm afraid to say, have been wiped out."

"Hmm…" Gokū hummed as he thought of what he had heard compared to what his mother had told him many years ago. Yes, he was repulsed that his ancestors turned to bloodshed and conquest, but at the same time… "Actually, there were more Saiyans that got offworld before Planet Vegeta was destroyed."

"Huh?" Lord Kaiō perked up. "What're you talking about?"

"Well, I found out about 8 years ago that my mother survived," Gokū explained. "She also confirmed there were a number of others that escaped before it happened and that they've been fighting the good fight since then. Well, I can't confirm those details, but that's what I've heard."

"I can attest to his story," Caulifla added. "I was there. She even said the late king bought them time to escape before the planet was destroyed."

"Huh," Lord Kaiō hummed. "Well, if they settled somewhere else, it probably wasn't in my view, because I haven't noticed any Saiyan activity outside of the group heading to Earth."

"By the way, what was the late king like, anyway?" Gokū asked. "He couldn't have been all bad given what he did."

"I'd hold that thought, if I were you," Lord Kaiō warned. "King Vegeta the 3rd was a ruthless and prideful ruler, and not lacking in power either. I can't even begin to list his atrocities, but he committed each of them without remorse. In fact, you should know that his firstborn son is commanding the team headed for Earth, and is far more powerful and cold-hearted than his father."

"Well, if his son is worse, then the big man himself has to be a bit better in comparison, right?" Caulifla wondered. "Kinda wanna meet him one day, if it weren't for the fact that he was dead."

"Well I can guarantee you would not have fun if you met him," The North Kaiō dismissed. "Welp, enough history lessons. Back to monkey chasing!"

With that, both Gokū and Caulifla began marching across the tiny world chasing a monkey, all while being weighed down by 10 times their own weight. Meanwhile, Lord Kai began thinking to himself. 'Hmm… Training one student on a deadline I can handle, but I'm not too sure about two… Maybe I could- No no! Even if I got him to behave, he's probably reincarnated by now. Then again, his lineage was notoriously stubborn. I could at least check…' Lord Kaiō then simply shrugged as he walked into his house and picked up his phone. 'Hell, this could make for some laughs…'

Break Wastelands, Later that Evening

The training group all sat around a big campfire. Piccolo, Chi-Chi, and Raditz were all unharmed, while Kuririn was bruised and scuffed in spots, though nowhere near as bad as Gohan and Menra were dealing. Despite the injuries they were trying to nurse, they were still in good spirits.

"So, how did day 1 go?" Raditz inquired. "Can't be as bad as the wringing I put the bald one through."

"Yeah, well at least I have skill to back me up on that front," Kuririn retorted. "Your fighting style is about as graceful as a half-tranquilized elephant."

"Finally, someone made a great comparison," Chi-Chi snickered, earning a chuckle from both Piccolo and Kuririn.

"Back on subject," Raditz gritted through his teeth.

"I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be feeling a lot of this in the morning," Gohan chuckled before stopping as he rubbed a bruise that ran along his jaw. "Ow."

"Yeah. Though, I sorta feel the teeniest bit stronger," Menra mused aloud.

"That feeling will increase as you recover," Raditz explained. "As Saiyans recover from battle, their strength adapts to compensate for the damage taken. The greater the beating, the bigger the gain in strength."

"So that explains it," Piccolo grumbled. "The last time I fought Gokū, after he ate one of those Senzu, I sensed that his strength increased by a degree."

"Speaking of which, why do you and Ms. Chi-Chi hate Mom and Dad so much?" Menra asked. "I've heard stories about you two, but I never really got the chance to ask before."

"I'm wondering the same thing, honestly," Raditz added offhandedly. "Not that I care for butting into one's business, but I can't help but be curious."

Hmph. For me, it's fairly cut and dry," Piccolo scoffed. "My previous incarnation sought world domination, but was ultimately killed by Son Gokū himself."

"As for me," Chi-Chi began before sighing. "It's more complex, plus I already told Raditz. He's a grown-up, and therefore understands better."

"A Nameccean seeking world domination?" Raditz hummed as he heard Piccolo's story. "Definitely an unusual case, given their docile nature."

"Excuse me?" Piccolo perked up.

"Right, right. This planet seems to be rife with amnesiacs," Raditz sighed. "Nameccians are a race of bipedal molluscoids hailing from a little green world called Namek. No particular reason to travel there, and the people there tend to keep to themselves. Rumors about them suggest they possess above-average combat scores and that some are even gifted with mystical abilities."

"Wait, so, Mr. Piccolo is actually an alien?" Gohan perked up. "So… you're not actually a demon?"

"Tch!" Piccolo clicked his tongue, clearly a bit upset about the revelation before sighing through his nose. "Truth be told, I wondered about my origins, as did my counterpart. I suppose we can both rest easy knowing that that mystery has been finally solved."

"Well, I guess it makes sense," Menra pondered aloud. "If Mr. Piccolo's previous incarnation was a demon, that would mean this version would be just as bad, but you just seem more grumpy than anything."

"Oh shut up and go to sleep, you two!" Piccolo finally snapped aloud. "If you think today's training was tough, then get ready for a rude awakening tomorrow!"

"Y-Yes sir!" Both Gohan and Menra nodded before taking a spot to sleep.

"Alright, I'm finding a different mountaintop to sleep tonight," Chi-Chi sighed as she stood up and flew off.

"Y'know, I still can't get a read on her," Kuririn added aloud. "She really likes her solitude, don't you think?"

Raditz said nothing as he closed his eyes. Kuririn thought he was just taking a nap, but in reality, he was trying to put his newfound skill to good use. Eventually he opened his eyes again and took off.

"Wonder where he's going?" Kuririn muttered.

"Dunno," Piccolo answered. "Though I suspect he's off to find Chi-Chi."

"Welp, it's been fun training with him," Kuririn joked aloud as he used his cloak as a makeshift blanket. "Well, if there's a plus side to this cape, here it is."

The monk yawned as he began to drift asleep within his weighted blanket. At the same time, Raditz was cruising across the sky and found another small campfire and descended to find Chi-Chi tossing a piece of deadwood onto the fire.

"Why'd you follow me here?" Chi-Chi growled, not in the mood for conversation.

"Why'd you choose to leave a perfectly good campfire?" Raditz retorted with a smirk.

"Touché," Chi-Chi relented. "What do you want?"

"Just wanted to ask a few questions is all," Raditz answered. "And I'd rather not have my niece or nephew around, or the bald one in case he makes a wiseass remark."

"Ask away," Chi-Chi shrugged, not happy about the idea but would humor the wild-haired Saiyan.

"Do you think Gohan and Menra will be able to control that state of theirs?" Raditz inquired. "Believe it or not, one of my former colleagues can do something similar, and the results are never pretty."

"Hell if I know," Chi-Chi answered. "I've yet to tap into it myself, so I couldn't give you a straight answer. I did notice that when those twerps let loose, you went whiter than a ghost. Is it your leader that's capable of it?"

"No, thank the gods," Raditz answered quickly, not wanting to imagine him with such power at his disposal. "The one who can tap into that state is a woman named Kale."

"Kale?" Chi-Chi echoed.

"She is capable of drawing from the wellspring of power that opens up when we go Oozaru at will, without the aid of a full moon," Raditz explained. "This means she doesn't transform, meaning her speed and agility aren't impeded by the increased bulk and mass. However, she will go feral very quickly if she does not release that power before long. I've seen what she has done when she goes berserk, and it still haunts me to this day."

"So if we face her, we should stop her quickly," Chi-Chi summarized.

"If we can help it, yes," Raditz agreed.

The two sat in awkward silence for a good minute before Chi-Chi spoke up again. "My name," She said.

"What about it?" Raditz asked.

"I… I feel like I should have a proper Saiyan name, given that I am one," Chi-Chi explained, trying to hide her blush. "Any ideas?"

"Hmm," Raditz hummed as he rubbed his chin. "I think the best name for you would be… Soya."

"Soya…" Chi-Chi practically lit up at hearing that name. It sounded like a name that complimented her well and she liked it. "I actually like that name."

"Soya it is then ," Raditz declared with a big grin. His grin faltered when Chi-Chi - or rather, Soya - pulled him in for a big hug. "Uh…"

"Eep!" Chi-Chi squeaked when she realized what she had just done, her face now red as a beet. "Sorry! I-It's just, the new name was so exciting, I, uh-"

The Frypan Princess paused when something new assaulted her senses. She felt two presences, far away, but prominent. Raditz stood up as he sensed the same thing. A look of horror donned on Chi-Chi.

"I thought they were supposed to be here a year from now…!" Chi-Chi muttered in a fearful whisper.

"It can't be them," Raditz dismissed, but remained alert. "There's supposed to be 5 of them, but I'm only sensing 2. Not to mention their power is nowhere near as great as I would expect."

"Low enough that I could take 'em?" Chi-Chi inquired.

"Hell, I might struggle with one of them," Raditz admitted. A faint glimmer in the sky caught his attention. "Wait, I see it!"

Raditz Immediately took off, leaving Chi-Chi behind for a split second. "Hey, wait for me!" She cried out as she launched herself into the air and approached the anomaly. Close behind she sensed Piccolo and Kuririn approaching.

"Doesn't seem like it's Raditz's buddies, does it," Kuririn commented as he blasted through the air. "I thought there were 5 guys, not 2."

"This might be something else," Raditz elaborated. "But what, exactly?"

"We're gonna find out soon enough," Piccolo grunted as the group flew closer to the anomaly.

As they approached, they saw an unusual craft that was shaped like a rectangular pill box, and was lined with illuminated amethyst domes. Small hatches on the underbelly of the craft opened up to reveal what looked like landing legs as the ship slowly touched down atop a suitable mesa. Piccolo, Chi-Chi, Raditz, and Kuririn all landed before the ship, assuming combat stances, waiting to see whoever was gonna step out of it.

"Dunno if you recognize this type of ship, do ya?" Soya asked Raditz.

"It actually resembles a medical barge I've healed up on once before," Raditz explained. "But the markings and pattern don't line up at all."

Everyone's attention was brought back to the ship as a hatch near the bottom opened up with a hiss, and out from the bright glow of the ship's interior stepped two figures. Despite the difference in attire compared to what Raditz was wearing, it was easy to tell they were Saiyans due to the tails loosely wrapped around their waists. One was a female of average stature wearing a faded pink set of armor and her hair tied up in the back. The other was a short male with a harsh, yet welcoming gaze, his hair spiking up into a short flame, barring a few stray locks from a shallow widow's peak. His armor suggested that he was a person of relative importance. Everyone was perplexed by the newcomers, but Raditz almost immediately recognized the male, if only because of documents from the past.

"Prince Tarble?!"

A/N: Another chapter down! Took a bit longer since Life just loves throwing unexpected whammies, but here it be now! So, 2 months later and the Saiyan twins conquer the wilderness, thanks to their added upbringing, and so their training starts. Gotta remember that Piccolo was a damn drill instructor and put Gohan through the wringer in canon, so here is no different. Also, feel free to groan and facepalm at the humor I used for good ol' Kaiō. :P As for Chi-Chi's new Saiyan name, I needed something that tied with her usual one. So Soya, Soy, Soy milk, see where this be going? Also, thank you for the feedback regarding the whole Checka discrepancy. I'll keep it as is, and probably use Vomi as her Red Ribbon pseudonym. Hope this was a good read. :)