1980 In the jungles of India

A recently raided village was burning, the corpse pilled the grounds of all ages including teenagers, aged Seniors, women, and their husbands.

Nearly every house was burning, every inhabitants killed, even children's weren't spared of this madness.

Near their burning houses and corpse, a group of mens were sitting and chatting.

(In Hindi{India national language})

'Sarkar, yese puri gau ko mardena hamare lie accha nahi hea. Ham to daku he, agar sarkhar ne gusse me hamare liye Kanun patahe to hamri baki ki gindaki jail me wa faci pe hogi' a guy wearing a simple white gown with some bloodstains in his clothes and a bloody sword in his hand said.

'Ye sale, sarkhar ne hi inke miryu ka jimbedar he. Ham pehele sirf vapariyoko loot karthe the, lakin hamari 10 bahiko fachi pe dalne ki injam unko pata chalna chahe.' A guy with a big mustache, with a bloody sword and sitting in his horse said.

'Chalo sab loot lekar, sale yaha sab lash ko yin saman ki kohi jaruwat nahi' saying this he rode is horse towards the northern part of the forest. His group soon followed.

[Note : Hindi is not my national language, as i am not a Indian. I watched many hindi shows as a child so I can understand and speak a bit of it, I was bored and wanted to at least make something interesting.

Translation- Boss, we shouldn't have killed all the villagers. We are bandits(daku) but government can send police for us and we only spend our rest of the life in jail or be hanged.

These bastards government are the reason for this slaughter. We only looted from the merchants, but those bastards put our rope in 10 of our brother neck. They should learn the consequence of their action.

Let go everyone, these dead don't need any objects.]

Saying that everyone of the bandit left the village now only filled with corpse and burning houses.

Among the corpse, a female probably in her mid 20 was laying there with a cut in her stomach.

Compared to other it seems as if the stomach was abnormally bigger.

Slowly there was movement in the stomach.

Slowly the movement increased.

As the movement continues to increase, a hand appeared from inside the women.

Slowly but surely, the hand pulled, from then on a head then torso, then finally leg.

A Miracle, as if the god wanted this kid to live, it appered. A human kid, covered in slime, its navel still attached to its mothers.

As if announcing it arrival, it cried loudly.

Unfortunately for the poor kid, even with the miracle it will die in a few hours, as it has no food, neither a shelter from the cruel environment.

After crying for a few minutes, exusting itself it eat the only thing it could find.





As soon its hunger was covered, it slowly moved back into the place it came from. The place it lived for the last 8 months(It's a premature baby), as it went inside his dead mother stomach after eating her blood.

Just imagining will feel weak but, think how terrifying the scence must be.

A kid who is not even fully developed, came out of its mother dead carcass, eat her blood and slept inside her dead carcass once again.

People will probably feel sad for the boy, but wll probably feel glad it will die in this place in a few hour.

It was a demon baby.

But the fate or luck, is not something people can predict.

A Bengal Tiger, around 2 m in length arrived in the village 2 hours after the incident mentioned above, and eat the carcass of a village 1 Meters away from the dead baby mother.

And as fate would have it, the baby now awake due to the cold it is feeling reexited the body.

Looking at the tiger, it started crawling towards it. It crossed no more than 10 cm before the Tiger notice it.

And another miracle, the tiger didn't eat it, but using his powerful jaws lightly captured the kid by his neck nad took off towards the jungle.

In just 15 minutes, a cave appered and it lightly place the kid, now appered to be sleeping, in the hay.

Quickly returning to the scene of the slaughter, she dragged a human carcas home for food, only to find the human cub was now, huddle together with her childrens as they were hugging her each other. Her2 Tiger Cubs slept as if sleeping together with the human was normal.

Putting her food in the side, she looked at the scene as if making a decision, and finally snuggled in the side of the childrens atfer making that decision and slept curroundign the children with her body.

In their sleep the children all huddled together and slowly slept in her warm embrace.

The process observed above was a Miracle through and through. It consisted of so many coincidence grouped together, leading to the current situation.

If the bandits, didn't cut the mother stomach deep enough. If the cut hit both the child and mother the whole process would have been invalid.

If the child didn't huddled inside his mother body, the 2 hour it took for the Tiger to arrive, it would probably be killed by its weak constitution through coldness alone.

If the baby didn't wake up quickly, it would not have met the tiger, and would have died as the corpse would suffer from necrosis, and as a corpse can't produce heat, it would not have helped the child in any way.

If the kid did not approach the tiger or in other word wasn't innocent enough to know the danger it put it self in, The term "Newborn don't fear tiger" was in both technical and practical views was used here.

If the tiger went in another section of the village to eat, it would probably never find the child.

If the tiger didn't have children who accepted the kid it would probably be the tiger food by now. Here mother love and acceptance played an important role.