Endless Blackness

That was all Kaal to See or feel, even though he could feel that his body was already destroyed.

Kaal knew he died in his body, but he could feel his existence.

And as long as you can feel your existence, then you aren't dead.

Searching through his memory he was shocked.

I don't know how, I seem to have the ability to teleport.

No, not the normal teleportation but "THE Teleportation", giving him the ability to teleport to any place he desires, be it Fiction or another place.

As this ability let him the ability to Teleport to any place he desires in just a few second, no matter the time or locations, meaning he can teleport to the time he just was born or 200,000 thousand age when human were 1st born.

And this Ability don't have a limit.

Knowing his ability, the quickly teleported to his home world and in 2 second there he was, his home world.

A quick search gave him his answer, It was currently 2400, meaning it took him 320 years to return from the space.

He was born in 1980, and died in 2080.

What really interest him was that he was currently in his soul form.

"Hmm, it seems I am in a soul form meaning, they can't see or touch me. But the same can be applied to me as I seem to phase through anything I touch."

Kaal constantly tried various experiment with him soul.

"It seems I can control any inorganic material, but if I touch an organic being, they the being soul will fight me. Does that me I can Posses people like the story. Hmm, interesting."

In Harvard, Professor Smith was constantly using his identity to look at various information concerning all the different topics, involving all the research materials for the last 300 years of development.

It included History, Engineering, IT, Medical Knowledge, Sociology, Robotics, Biology, Chemistry, etc.

What was interesting was that he was only looking at the information once, like a quick glance but then he left it alone and started reading all the other information.

Professor Smith was a Professor/Researcher currently working in Harvard a Old, Ancient and a Respected University for the past Hundreds of years, and just its name is very and well respected in the world.

Professor Smith being able to obtain the opportunity to teach there, his skills aren't to be underestimate.

But currently he was like a puppet, constantly looking for various information for the last few centuries.

Yes, you might have guessed, he is currently being Possessed by Kaal, using his identity to learn all the development for the Last 380 years.

And it was many, even with his photography memory, it took him 2 years just to finish all the studies.

And that is just the Knowledge, he will need to put those knowledges into practice, to be truly Skilled.

Still he didn't have that much time, he learned this much knowledge here because he already had a foundation in this world, and 380 years of knowledge wasn't something he could ignore.

Still With his work finished, he teleported to a place he already imagined.

Arriving in a forest, he looked at his soul form as Sighed, "It seems like a body that isn't strong will be destroyed but the friction of Teleportation and the Space it will travel from. But since Soul don't have a Fixed Form or Physical form it isn't damaged by it.

Still my goal is here.

His current goal was a Watch, and he was in a place that is considered fiction in his home world.

Still it doesn't make him anxious, it was his intention.

Since he can travel to any place he desires, until he know "Future Sight" or prediction ability he didn't wish to travel to unknown place, and he didn't know any place that contained life, and is strong enough to help him evolve.

So, he chose the Fictional World, In the Multiverse/Omni-verse with countless Parallel World fiction is not a dream, but a reality.

His current location/ World contains many Aliens and mysterious being and give him the ability to become them.

This World/Fiction is BEN 10.

Time line- Beginning of the Story.

Ben 10, currently 10 years old, with massive potential. Grandson of one of the best Plumber/Alien Police and an Alien being made of Energy.

He is an ideal host for him, both in identity and power.

Ben was currently sleeping, in the old Plumber

Entering the body of Ben 10, he quickly swallowed him soul.

While he put up a good fight considering his age, it was useless to this century old monster.

Ben woke up, and as he slowly stood up he looked at his hand, and in a Growl like Sound said "Weak body, but it's a good alternative for now."

Ben/Kaal looked around his surrounding, as heard the voice.

"Glad to see you're awake, Ben. We're almost to the campsite." the elder greeted happily. Kaal's head shifted towards what seemed to be the driver's seat of a rundown RV.

This stranger was a slightly heavyset man with short gray hair and focused black eyes that screamed experience in some unknown expertise. He wore a red polo shirt with

Hawaiian flowers etched all around and dark blue pants, pressing down on the accelerator with brown boots as well.

As Kaal opens his mount to talk, his stomach growled. Kaal stopped moving as he Growled.

"Skipped breakfast again, doofus?" A snotty voice asked in the room... erm, vehicle. Kaal slightly adjusted the position of his body to view the bored, unamused glare of a young girl with short orange hair. Her shirt was a soft, light blue shirt with dark blue on the sleeves. The likeness of a cat stood in the center around her chest. Her eyes were the

same shade as Kaal current ones; both narrowed in an equal mix of unamused boredom.

"Whatever, brat."

Either way, Kaal shrugged and followed after her to his chagrin. He wondered what they were doing here in the first place.

It was already late twilight, the sun a dim orange, smothered by growing night and blinking stars. Tall pine trees surrounded the three, fencing them in. On the bench, Kaal saw

the old man brought a bowl of… were those worms? Why are they alive and wriggling in the blue bowl?

"Chow time," the man expressed happily, setting the eccentric dish on the wooden table. The girl did not hide her bewilderment and disgust in the slightest, staring at each worm

as if they were the most disgusting things on the entire planet.

"What am I looking at?" Kaal asked. When he heard his voice the fifth time, Kaal smacked his lips from verbal distaste.

It sounded so… annoying. Why was it annoying? He was used to the voice of Adults, but this body hasn't even reached its teen years, but something about this voice did not sit right with him. Even for a boy, the voice sounded a bit too high-pitched.

"These are marinated mealworms. Hard to find them fresh in the states. You know, they're considered a delicacy in some countries?" The old man replied excitedly, gushing in sharing his trivia with them.

"And totally gross in others?" The girl quipped as she watched one of the worms fall off the bowl and wriggled away.

Kaal wanted to agree, but his stomach growled for sustenance. Raw fish was one thing, but raw insects?

"-screw it." Kaal was too hungry to care. Taking a handful of worms from the bowl, Kaal threw it into his mouth and chewed his first insect meal.

"Ewww! Ben?!" The girl shouted, gagging as her cheeks puffed with phantom vomit.

"Hoh! Ben, how is it? This is the stuff I used to eat during the Great Depression!"

Kaal had conflicting thoughts on that. First, it was surprisingly delectable to his mouth despite the grotesque visage. The slime and slippery meat melted into his tongue with

each bite, a balanced mix of sweet and bitter with a tinge of spices for flavor.

"...huh. Not bad." Accepting the food, Kaal threw in more and more worms in his mouth, ignoring the retching sound from the girl athwart him.

"Just when I think you can't get any weirder, this happens!" The girl comically fumed, her skin starting to turn a sickly green in response.

"Hey, if it's food, it's food. If it's good food, you can't complain." Kaal shrugged as he finished the bowl, leaving only a few survivors left to fend for themselves.

"If you're still hungry, I have some smoked sheep's tongue in the fridge," the old man offered politely, proud of the fact that his grandson shared his tastes. Licking his lips,

Kaal found his stomach still rumbling for more nourishment, the hunger arousing some concern from the former Monster. What was wrong with this body? Just how

malnourished was it? This Ben treated it as if it was his garbage castle.

"Thanks. Bring it here…" Kaal was about to call him 'old man,' but stopped himself. "Grandpa?" He had to force the words out a little. .

"Grandpa! Don't encourage him!" The girl whined in outrage, gesturing to the practically empty bowl of live worms as a sign that something seriously wrong. The old man just

brushed off his granddaughter's worries, shrugging nonchalantly.

"He's a growing boy, Gwen. If Ben's hungry, he's hungry." The grandfather of two proclaimed matter-of-factly, walking back into the RV mid-sentence. Gwen attempted to protest

further, but the old-timer was already gone before she could demur moreover. She slumped her shoulders in defeat and gave 'Ben' the stink eye.

"What? I'm hungry." Kaal spoke, taking the opportunity to exploit his high-pitched voice to irk the girl called Gwen.

"This isn't like you. What are you planning?" Gwen inquired suspiciously, her eyes narrowed in puzzlement.

"Annoying you for fun." Kaal picked one of the leftover worms and threw it to his mouth, chewing loudly in front of the girl with his mouth open, wanting her to see the chewed

remains of the mealworm melting in his maw.

"Trust me; you've already been doing that, geekazoid. Are you sucking up to Grandpa or something?" Gwen scoffed inquisitively, rolling her eyes to exemplify her already

common annoyance.

"Nope. I'm just hungry." Kaal's stomach growled as if to agree with his mouth.

"Alright, Ben! Hope you made room for seconds," the old man beamed as he reappeared from within his primary source of transportation. Held firmly in both of his wrinkled hands were a plate filled to the brim with sizzling slabs of meat. They were almost gray, some resembling the tips of sausage links.

"Huh." Kaal looked at the tongues. He never had any sheep tongues before now that he thought about it. He wondered how they would taste… no, taste no longer mattered. It

just needed to be filling. His stomach roared for food at sight.

"Last chance, Gwen. There's enough for all three of us." Gwen's grandpa encouraged openly, holding up a fork with a slimy piece of tongue pierced into it.

"Um, couldn't we just have burgers instead?" Gwen weakly suggested with a forced smile. She was currently pinching her nose to mask the intense odor permeating from the

pieces of sheep tongues.

"Nonsense, sweetie! This summer's going to be an adventure for your taste buds." The Hawaiian shirted elder promised anticipatedly, ripping off a piece of the tongue with his

teeth right afterward. Gwen shivered in absolute disgust, not even wanting to imagine the horrors her grandpa's cooking could bring to fruition.

Digging in, Kaal threw in a tongue in his gullet. Biting into it, Kaal found the meat somewhat tough, yet soft at the same time. It held as a robust beefy flavor that he could

not describe, but he cared not. Upon swallowing, he licked his lips, feeling his stomach being sated.

"Give me your portion if you don't want it." Kaal wryly demanded from his 'cousin.' Gwen, unable to endure any more of the mealtime massacre taking place, unceremoniously

slammed her head on the table.

"Why me?" Gwen groaned to herself miserably while Kaal took her portion as he and the old man ate to their heart's content as if nothing could go wrong.

After devouring the bowl of tongues, Kaal could feel his stomach finally relieved from hunger. Now, the moon rose to give its pale, soothing light with the stars to the darkened

world below. Kaal already finished setting up the tent with high efficiency. He walked outside of the woods, away from the two as he reviewed the information he had confirmed

so far.

It took him 5 minutes of running to enter a field that was silent, slowly he took off his mask, as his bloodthirsty and crazy Aura returned compared to his mellow, and innocent aura before.

"Being a kid is hard, and in front of a skilled Agent at that, still this body is affecting my thinking, I need to control it. And moreover, need to train this weak body."

Kaal Stayed in the Lotus Position for 1 hours, controlling his Body resistance to his soul, and slowly assimilating both of them to coexist.

As he was meditating, he looked up.

In the sky, there was a meteor coming straight down, from the sky, knowing his purpose, he quickly ran towards it path.


As the meteor crashed as he was running, he quickly found it still in the smoking hot due to friction from falling of the space.

Slowly entering the Crater, he looked at the machine in front of him.

Putting his Left hand in front, Kaal Approached the Machine that stored the strongest weapon in this world.


Even with his awareness, he was caught off guard at how fast the Omnitrix entered his field of vision, and stuck in his hand.

Looking at his hand that now housed, the Onmitrix, he marveled in the design and power of the small weapon.

It took him 20 minutes of tinkering to know the basic of how to use it.

This Weapon gave him the ability to transform in anything he desired, as long as it DNA is Stored in its Database, while collecting any being DNA was hard, this Watch already had many such Stored DNA.

10 years later

Ben currently 20 years, is a celebrity. He saved the universe once, helped countless planet end their war, hunger and poverty, and helped Billions of life form.

Ben had defeated hundreds of Villains, and Using "GREY MATTER" / "GALVIN" brains that exceed 500 IQ, he was one of the Light Figure the world respected, and praised all their life as a God.

He was a poor child, when he was just 11 his Parents Died in a house fire.

When he was 15, right after entering the Plumbers he Grandfather Max Died, killed by a Raging Alien.

But even in such difficulty he wasn't alone, he made many friends and contributed to make this universe a better place.

In just 20 years of his life, he created miracle after miracle.

Everything written above is how the world see's Ben and his heroic deed.

Kaal Knew "Azmuth" wouldn't teach him the Omnitrix secret without a good reason, so he put on a good guy persona, and in the way, he saved a few planets, obtaining many of their wealth and Technology.

Azmuth while a smart guy was after all a smart creature that could be manipulated, in the end after repeated attempt, he conceded and was able obtained all the secret of the Omnitrix as well as many of his research materials.

In these 20 years he learns many things regrading both his Ability and Omnitrix.

His Ability let him Teleport to any place he desires, so if he teleported in a same Planet while he will suffer few damages due to Friction of moving at high speed/ teleport he will not be damaged by the environment.

These damage most are from the Dust Particle in the Air, causing friction damage.

Teleporting to different planet, can also be achieve if the Body can survive the Space, it includes Zero Gravity, Extreme Temperature, Irregular Magnetic Storm, Irregular Gravitation etc.

And Finally, Universe Teleportation, This Teleportation consist of travelling from Space itself, so the Body needs to be strong enough to handle a Space Cut and not die or a protection ability from it.

There are probably Multiverse teleportation, Omni-Verse Teleportation etc. but that are for the future.

Kaal killed his body parent after their repeated attempt to stop him for his goal, while he tried many times to used Psychological Trick to make them agree, in was temporary as the constantly tried to pry in his work. Their death was a painless one, he was in Gwen house, when the house was on fire, they died of Smoke inhalation.

Grandfather Max was another throne in his way, after he obtained Plumber License, he lost his value, and was killed by a hypnotized Alien.

Kaal was currently in a Laboratory, with hundreds of Aliens body in the Container around him and a Green Alien in front of him.

"Genetic in the universe is mystical, just a slicing of few can create such a beautiful creature, really it was a right decision to enter this universe."

Kaal was now 50 years old, and while he wasn't a human anymore as using Omnitrix and Biological Exchange, he evolves beyond human, he still will lose his body if he travels to another universe.

Sighing, he looked at the Curtain blocking his sight and said "I hope I succeed."

After his word, the Curtain was pushed, and a hand appeared. From behind the curtain.

Kaal took a deep breath and said "Take care."

Ben body dropped down like a puppet losing its strong, and a white soul emerged from his body, giving a last look at the curtain the Soul Disappeared.

As the Soul disappeared, the creature behind the Curtain appeared.

"Oh, how time passes, doesn't it Professor Paradox." A deep voice appeared from the figure, behind him a haggard and bleeding man appeared, apparently having lost his right Arm.

"So, you the Anomaly in the Timeline, I always wondered how I couldn't enter this timeline no matter how I tried." The Haggard man now know as professor Paradox said.

"Oh Professor, you Time Abilities are Hacks even in this Multiverse, After All I can let you interfere in my growth." The Creature said as his Golden Eyes Shone in a Dangerous light.

"So, this is my end, I really hoped I would see the end of the Universe before dying with it." Looking at his surrounding, Paradox said in a regretful tone.

"Professor Paradox, you can't exist in this universe anymore even if you can do anything to my present or future self, I don't take chance no matter how small, so goodbye." As soon as the word escaped the Creature mouth, he disappeared, and a big mouth devoured the Professor Paradox whole before he could even see it had disappeared.

The creature appearance could now be seen, it stood 10 Feet (3.2 M) in Height, It had Sharp Serrated Teeth, Hands with 6 Finger and Sharp Claws, Its hands and Body was filled with White Fur, With Black Striped, Its head was covered with White/Silver Hair, Golden Pupil and Blue Sclera.

It stood there like it was the King of the World, and the very World was Bowing to it.

Looking at the now Soulless body of Ben he devoured/Eating it with the Omnitrix alongside it.

"While it has nice ability, I already have replicated it years ago, I was really cautious in the past. No matter my new journey is also starting, I might want to apply the same cautiousness as before. My past Self good luck."

Saying this the Creature or the Future self of the Kaal looked at the lab once again and disappeared.