Author's Note: Hey Guys I decided to do a story behind the movie ministers roots! disclaimer I do not have on Jake and the Neverland Pirates. but I do own the characters that I will make up as I go along. So without further Ado and give you Pirates Roots enjoy! Also since this is a new year, this story will be take place further into the past which would be the year 2015 before the show got cancelled.
Chapter 1 Peter with his crew MatesPeter's POV

it was just a normal year I'll Neverland. I just came back from a big giant adventure with Tinkerbell so me and take your time to visit my crewmate Jake Cubby and Izzy.

as Tinkerbell and I finally got the Pirate Island, we get it noticed that our crewmates were having an argument.

"No you guys need to listen to me." Jake said as he shouted at them.

"Jake we've been listening to you since this morning maybe, do you think you can just calm down?" Cubby asked his leader.

"Yeah Jake please clam down, I hate seeing you upset." Izzy said to him as she walked towards him and placed her hand in his shoulder.

But as for Jake himself, he just walked away from his crew mates, and onto the Sandy Beach of Pirate Island.

Jake's POVAs I was just staring at the blue sky, I couldn't help it that Peter Pan was standing right next to me.

"hey Peter Pan, when did you arrive?" I asked him.

"just a few minutes ago what's going on?" I asked him.

"my Maties and I, were having an argument earlier." I said to him.

" I know I heard it from here." Peter said to me.

" Peter, do you think that we can just grow up?" I asked him.

" I never want you guys to grow up, because I really need you three here and watch over Neverland for me while I go exploring the lands beyond the never seas." Peter said to me.

But as I looked back at the hideout, then back at the blue oceans I couldn't get the sense that something was about to kidnap us.

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