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Chapter 4 10 years later

Peter Pan's POV

it has been 10 years already, and Jake, Izzy, and Cubby I aren't back. Tinkerbell has moved on which is sad, but that didn't matter right now, because I have to find my Maties, and bring them home if they want to come home.

so I got up on the sand wiped myself off, and flew all over Neverland to find them. that's when I spotted a village, so I flew down there and everywhere I saw was houses food and everything else was actually dumb I didn't have time to explore I have to find my Maties and fast.

that's when I walked over to a man, and asked him about Jake.

"excuse me sir but do you oh my God Jake?" I asked the teen.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't our old friend, Peter Pan! How've you been?" Jake asked me.

" how have I been how have I been Jake, I've been waiting ten years, ten damn freaking years on Priate Island, and neither you cubby or Izzy came back. what happened to you guys?" I asked him.

" We got older Peter!" Cubby said to me as he walked over and gave me a hug.

"Cubby, you're you're you're you're...?...

" A teenager! I know, shocking right?" Cubby asked me as I nodded my head.

" Well hello Mr. Pan, it's good to see you again." Izzy said to me as and look at her hand and saw that she was married to Jake.

"Izzy you and Jake are married?" I asked them.

"Yeah, we've been married for 9 years, you okay?" Jake asked me.

" I'm sorry I don't know who you guys are anymore I gotta go." I said to them as I started to fly away but that wasn't until I got shot.

Jake's POV

As Peter was about fly away, we heard a gunshot.

"PETER!" I said to him as we all ran towards him.

"Peter, you okay?" I asked him.

"Jake, Izzy, Cubby, I'm not going to make it I'm not going to make it." Peter said to us.

" Peter don't say that please don't say that you're going to be okay buddy, you're going to be okay." I said to him as I looked around to see if there is anyone in the village that can help us, but unfortunately they're wasn't.

"Guys, we got to help Peter he can die any minute." I said to them.

" No, no, no, Jake it's okay, it's okay it's better this way besides I can finally get to be with my real family well basically my mom I finally get to be with her, in peace. but let me tell you three something before I go, I'm sorry that wasn't they're on the the of you got captured. you want to know how I know about that cuz I'm Peter Pan I know everything. Well, except you and Izzy getting married thing, but I do know this you three are now guardians of Neverland make sure Captain Hook doesn't do anything stupid to destroy my home, our home. and make sure Red Jessica, takes care of that Codfish." Peter said to us as we all cried in tears.

"Goodbye Jake and the Neverland Pirates, I love you both equally." Peter said to us as he took his last breath.

Cubby, closed his eyes and we just left them there.

Izzy's POV

After Peter Pan had died, we had him cremated and buried on Pirate Island we invited Wendy, John, and Michael to the funeral. we didn't actually care if they were adults the only thing we all cared about was Peter Pan he was the best. Wendy and Peter Pan go way back which we understood. so when do you walk over to Peter Pan grave and placed the acorn on top and said this to him.

"I love you Peter Pan you will be missed." Wendy said to him as it started to rain we opened our black umbrellas gathered around Pete has coffin as it went down.

"All of us were crying, but the one that was crying the most, was my husband Jake.

"Jake, you okay honey?" I asked him.

"I'm just going to miss Peter so much." Jake said to me as we all gather in a group hug to him calm down.

"Come one Jake, let's go inside our old Hideout." I said to him as Wendy, John, Michael, Cubby, Jake, and I went inside.

Cubby's POV

once we were inside our old hideout, I went to the old kitchen to make something for us. but that wasn't until stormy popped up.

"Surprise, hi Cubby!" Stormy said to me.

"Stormy, what what are you doing here? and when did you got legs?" I asked her as I've lost because I didn't notice how beautiful she became over the last 10 years.

"Marina thought it would be a good idea for me to have legs that way, I can see you more.

"Wow I I had no idea, do you want to sit down and catch up?" I asked her and she nodded her head yes.

So as Stormy and I sat down in the dining room, we started to catch up.

"So how's it going Stormy?" i asked her.

"it's going good actually yeah Marina and I are getting along great, and yeah that's it so, how have you been doing Cubby?" Stormy asked me.

"Actually, Peter Pan just died today you got shot back in the village." I said to her.

"Cubby, I'm sorry I didn't know." Stormy said to me.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Stormy asked me.

"No...that's...okay, but I do need a hug." I said to her.

"Of course Cubby!" Stormy said to me as we got up from the chair and she give me a hug.

"I don't let go please." Stormy whisper in my ear.

"I wasn't going to Stormy." I whispered back.

"Hey Cubby can you tell me the story about how the three of you got captured?"

Stormy asked me.

"Of course, Jake and Izzy will tell you as well. So all three of us can tell you." I said to her as I took her to the living room, where Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson were watching TV.

"Hey, guys, Stormy wants to here the story of how we got captured by the villagers." o said to them.

" Okay, sure, this is a long story Stormy, so get ready." Jake said to her.

" Okay here we go!" I said to her ax I was about to tell her the story of how me and my friends got captured by the villagers.

Flashback 10 years ago...

We just got back from another adventure on Neverland, and I was in the kitchen making us a snack.

"Yo Cubby, what's for snacks?" Jake asked me.

"Pudding!" I said to him.

As I was serving them lunch, I had a bad feeling, something or someone was going to kidnap us.

"Guys, I have a bad feelibg that we are being watched." I said to them.

"Calm down Cubby, it's probably Peter Pan who's watching us no need to get worried." Izzy said to me.

But at that same moment, I knew something was not right for us.

long story short, that night we will all sleeping and I don't know where these villagers came over, we woke up at that time, and they just kidnapped us.

Flashback ends

"Wow, that was kind of cool actually well technically it wasn't that cool considering the part guys got captured, but other than that, nice story." Stormy said to us.

"Thank you!" I said to her.

Jake's POVAs Cubby was hanging out with Stormy, I was in the bathroom with Izzy.

"Come on come on come on!" Izzy said as she was looking at her pregnancy test as I was waiting as well.

"Jake what if my pregnancy test comes out negative?" Izzy asked me.

" come on Izzy we did it we have to do, I want a child." I said to her as the test went from red to green.

" OMG in what green! Jake it went green!" Izzy said excited.

"oh my God oh my God you're pregnant?" I asked her if she nodded her head in a yes.

"Oh my God, I'm going to be a father!" I said to her as we hugged and kissed.

As Izzy and I came out of the bathroom, we immediately went to the kitchen to tell Cubby and Stormy.

"Hey guys, Izzy and I have announcement to make." I said to them.

" Jake and I are going to have a baby!" Izzy said to them.

"Well congrats!" Cubby said as he walked over to give us a hug.

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