(Quick shots of Bob, Chewie, Leia, and Cuke looking around the Death

Star is shown.)

Narrator: "Ah, yes...you all know this story..."

(The scenes go backwards like a

TV remote, going back from all the various VT SW films.)

Narrator: "But what you don't know.."

(The re-winding stops with veggie-versions of Jyn Erso, Saw Gererra, K-S20, and Cassian Andor in nearly the same positions as Bob, Cuke, Chewie, and Leia.)

Narrator: "Is how the story began..."

(Cue "Rather be" by Clean Bandit. Clips of the Rebels fighting Stormtroopers on Scarif.)

Mon Mothma: "(to Jyn) We're going to do something totally crazy.

Something absolutely off the chain, that's why we've recruited you...you ready to hear it?"

Jyn: "Um...alright.."

Mon Mothma: "We, are gonna steal the plans for the Death Star!"

(Jyn looks at Mothma, then laughs.)

Jyn: "...are you serious?"

(Clips of Jyn being thrown into battle are shown.)

Mon Mothma: "(smiles)...As the plague."

(Jyn's eyes widen.)

Narrator: "Get ready to go rogue..."

Veggietales Star Wars: Rogue One

"I Rebel...do you?"

(Clip of K-s20 is shown.)

K-S20: "There is a 59.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999..."

(He keeps saying "9". Cassian Andor looks at the camera, then back at K. K malfunctions, then

quickly starts up again.)

K-s20: "...percent chance this will end in failure."