"Fae, promise me you wont disappear again."

It was a request Fiyero knew deep down could never be kept and yet he felt that if he asked there would be the smallest chance she might agree.

"Yero you know I can never promise that, as I have always said, I belong to the wind, I am unholdable."

"I know." he wisperd gently. "I love you all the same."

"And I love you." Then with a pause she added you can know you are the only one I love and the only lover I have, I could never want another, Yero."

"I can say the same about you." He said with a slight laugh, feeling reassured. He nuzzled her hair, momentarily lost in the feeling of her. It had been several months since they left Oz, since she had figured out how to change him back. He had expected everything to go back to the carefree ways of their time at Shiz. But it was never the case, she would often disappear for days at a time, off helping anyone who needed it, as was her nature. She understood that her random departures worried him to no end but she had reasoned it was just the way she was, unpredictable.

"Come, let's go to bed." He said Softly, leading to the small mattress in the corner of their cabin.

Later, when she slept against his chest he had time to reflect. She was a free spirit, bound to him but also not. He wouldn't want her another way.