WARNING: This chapter contains a sex scene!

"It's about time." Beck said as he and Tron walked down a hall within Tron Tower.

Tron laughed. "It was that obvious?" He asked.

Beck nodded with a chuckle of his own. "Yeah. You and Astra just… Clicked. And with everything about her dreams to her similarities to Yori, even I could see who she was. And I wasn't around her much!" He says in memory of the clips Tron had shown him of her.

Tron just shook his head with a smile. "Well, I was a bit… Thick headed. I'm glad I was finally able to see who she really was." He looked forward now and pressed a button on the wall before them. The wall opened up, revealing a room on the other side, filled with Grid technology. This was Tron's monitoring room. He had wanted to make an extra sweep of the Grid on his own to see what could be done about those breaches, and if any malicious Programs or Malware had gotten into the Grid undetected. Beck was there to help him, mostly for encouragement and working stations at the same time as him that were too far away to reach from the main one.

Beck immediately headed to a station on his left to the back of the room while Tron went to the front, middle, the main station, and turned it on.

"Like I said." Beck turned around as his screen turned on, and pointed to his old mentor. "About time." He smirked.

Tron laughed and shook his head, turning partially back to look at his friend. "Thanks. Now. I want a full sweep, nothing is to be left unchecked. I want to make sure no malicious Program or Malware is on the Grid." He commanded.

Beck nodded, a bit of teasing in his voice as he remembered his training days. "Yes sir!" And got to work.

Tron chuckled and said in memory also. "I can hear you!"

Their expressions soon turned serious as they both began to work. The microcycles wore on, more than a whole cycle passed as they worked tirelessly, the Grid was a large System, there were many more places to scan than a normal one.

Energy was brought to them periodically via Astra, as she worried about both. The amount of work and time they took at this job was intense, it must take a toll upon them, which, she was right.

She remembered being low on energy while working within the ENCOM System to protect it herself. She didn't wish it on anyone, but, she knew her Tron, and if Beck was anything like the both of them, she knew they both would forget all about energy and simply work themselves to the point of almost derez. So, she brought them energy and demanded they drink it or she'll kick their butts if they didn't.

That earned some half-hearted laughs, as they were both so engrossed in their work, but they did drink, and stayed as healthy as they could throughout the scan.

She often lingered a little while during these times, remaining quiet otherwise, and watching them work. It fascinated her, and warmed her heart, the amount of care and determination they put into protecting the people of the Grid. She truly was proud of their "son" and loved her Tron.

With a smile turning to a serious expression, she left often times, until Tron asked her to stay.

"We're almost done, if you want to see the results of the scan and what we do with them." He smiled back at her after he had asked.

She smiled back, heart warming. "I will, thank you." And walked up to stand beside him now as he completed the final parts of the scan, watching the screen.

It ended within micros, and a bright red window appeared in the middle of his screen displaying: Scan Complete. 5 Unknown Programs and 1 Malware upon the Grid.

Tron narrowed his eyes and growled, touching the screen and gaining the Program's and Malware's locations. "This is where we need to head out with a team." He informed Astra as various windows popped up upon his screen. He swiped his hand over them and flung them into the middle of the room, which made a 3D representation of the areas in various pockets in the empty centre of the room.

Astra's eyes widened in awe and surprise! He has simulator technology in here! She thought excitedly, then narrowed her eyes and concentrated on the maps.

"Beck! We need to start here first." He pointed to the 3D image on the far left. "Then we can go to these other areas in sequence. I need 3 teams on this to ensure capture of these Programs and Malware. Team 2 will go here." He pointed to the middle images, informing both Astra and Beck. "And Team 3 will go here." He pointed to the right images.

Beck nodded seriously. "We'll get them. I'll set up Team 3." He knew Tron would want to set up Team 2 himself.

Tron nodded in approval. "I'll set up Team 2. Astra." He turned to his Bondmate and held her arms gently with a stern yet loving expression. "I need you to stay here. This is far too dangerous. Ah! Don't give me that look." He smiled though his voice indicated he meant what he said. He was worried he would lose her all over again.

She understood but, but she was still concerned.

"You've kept up our energy, we're fine. We can handle this, after they're quarantined I promise to get some rest." He pecked her on the lips.

She closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of his lips pressed against hers and his feeling, aura, filling her. But once the kiss was over, she put her hands upon her hips and nodded. "You better." And poked him on the centre square of his symbol, which lit at her touch.

He smiled lovingly at her and nodded in return. "I promise." His voice was gentle, quiet. Then, he turned to Beck and headed for the door. "Let's get these Programs quarantined quickly."

Beck laughed. "You just want to get back to Astra." He teased and looked back at the ISO in question, who simply shook her head with a blush and smile.

Tron chuckled. "You know me well." Then turned back to Astra just before going through the door. "This won't take long." He said gently, and they were on their way.

Astra smiled after them for a micro before she too left the room, deciding to help any way she could, via helping the Programs on the main floor and watching her Tron's progress. She wanted to be ready if anything should happen, even though he had made her promise not to go.


"Alright Team! We want to take them in not down! No disks! Use lightstaves and capture balls if needed!" Tron called over the comms to all three teams.

Various sounds of agreement sounded across all channels and they got to work, the location Tron's team was to start looking, within sights.

As Tron got off his lightcycle and compressed it into a baton within his hand, he looked around. It was an older part of Tron City, close enough to Tron Tower to monitor it, if that was their wish, but far enough to avoid detection… Normally. They probably didn't suspect how good Tron was at his function.

"Stay alert. Stay quiet." Tron whispered over the comms to his team and headed in.

They wove through the streets and alleyways, checking buildings, the Malware was likely moved from when he had scanned the area. That was why he was on this team with Beck, Malware was particularly dangerous and could affect any Program if they weren't careful. This one's functions were unclear, they were new and therefore, there was no data upon them.

Finally, they reached a particularly old building within the area, it was one of the first in this Sector to be built. It was not eroded, like all buildings in any System were, but it did look outdated with the rest of the city.

Tron nodded, and pointed to Beck and one other Monitor to go to the other side of the door and window. He opened the door, and rushed in.

A Program sat there, lounging within a chair, a sly grin upon his face as he eyed the Security Team with gleaming eyes, his face mostly hidden in darkness. "Well, it took you long enough." He drawled in a confident voice.

Tron glared at him, baton in hand as Beck took up stance beside him. "You were expecting us."

He tsked and waved one finger at them, red lightlines apparent. "Only you, my dear Tron." He stood then, and walked into the light of the room, dim as it was from damaged lightlines upon the walls.

Tron gasped. "Sark." He growled. Though the Program's suit was black, it wasn't the V's on his outfit that gave it away, nor the colour of his lines, but his face. (Think Sark 2.0 by timshinn73 on Deviantart)

"Sark" laughed and shook his head. "I go by Vesies now. Though I have Sark's memories, I've, changed. And there are more of me. Many more." He grinned at them. "As you can see, my personality is quite different."

Tron's fingers twitched, just itching to grab for his disk. "What is your purpose here?" He almost shouted at the Sark imposter.

Vesies smirked and clasped his hands behind him as he turned to his right and walked a few steps. "You cannot stop what I've done. You see, I've already gotten all of the information out to my User that I was supposed to." He turned his head and flicked his eyes to Tron now.

Beck looked between them, antsy and ready to stop Tron if he needed to, he noticed that twitch of his fingers.

Tron just growled and took a step forward. "What information is that?" He ground out through his teeth.

"Oh, you'll see." Vesies said simply, and grabbed for his disk! "Let's see how you've kept up with your training since we last met little Program!" He growled out and leaped for Tron!

Tron held his arm out to stop Beck from getting involved and rezzed his lightstaff at the last nano, he almost grabbed for his disk, and blocked the oncoming attack.

"You're good, Tron!" Vesies grinned evilly and jumped back to launch a new attack.

They fought for micros, each testing the other's strength and prowess with their weapon then launching a full-on attack on the other. It seemed Tron had an advantage at first, but then… Vesies started to get a lead in.

"Not rested since you scanned the System, have you, Tron?" He laughed. "While I, on the other hand, have done nothing but rest for the past microcycle!"

Tron grunted as he blocked another attack and was forced to take a step back. "I'm still better than you!" He shouted back!

Vesies laughed. "Not like this you're not! Too prideful to let your team help you?"

"That's just what you want, isn't it?" Tron's mind worked overtime while he fought, looking for any angle he could from this imposter. He didn't let his emotions take over, which had almost happened.

"Why, how did you know?" Vesies grinned. "Take me to that little Tower of yours, and let me get all of that juicy information out. You know, quarantine won't hold me." He laughed.

Tron's eyes went wide, then narrowed. "Beck! Ready the team, we're taking him to Lockdown." He commanded.

Beck nodded, having heard Vesies last comment, so he wasn't surprised. He got into a fighting stance, ready to join in the fight.

Vesies's eyes flashed. "Lockdown? Just what is that?" All ready to gather more information, and not liking the sound of it.

"You'll see." Tron pulled a smirk himself this time. "NOW!" He called and Beck jumped into the fight while the other Monitors entered the room, ready to take Vesies on if needed.

"I underestimated you, Tron!" Vesies growled out and lashed out at the newcomer.

Tron resisted shaking his head and called out. "Like you always did!" And launched a new attack against Vesies with Beck, both moving in time to the other, like mentor and student, their technique was the same.

Soon Vesies was taken down and the others joined in to secure him. Tron used one of his capture balls on him just in case and locked his disk, which looked suspiciously like the ENCOM System's old one… Though it had been enhanced. It may have held a smaller hole for the disk dock, but it held 3 rings of light around it with a fourth for the blade. Tron eyed it warily.

"Who sent you?" He demanded.

"Isn't it obvious?" Vesies drawled.

"No." Tron answered.

Vesies grinned, a slow, malicious grin. "Edward Dillinger."

Beck looked at Tron quickly. "Wasn't he the guy who ran ENCOM before Flynn?"

Tron simply nodded. "Yes. Get him up. We're going to Lockdown." He ordered and marched out of the room.

The trip was long, into the outlands where no Program dared venture. The storms were particularly bad in this Sector and gridbugs liked to pop up in groups here, but, as they stopped upon the snow, Tron knelt down and placed his hand upon the ground. A flash of energy and the ground shook! A large building began to rise from the snow from deep under ground!

Tron stood as the building rose and looked back to Vesies. "This, is where you will be staying." He said sternly.

Vesies struggled against the capture ball, but couldn't get out, for the moment. "Like the Recycle Bin I will!" He growled at him, and his hands flashed with energy, code reaching out from him to override the capture ball, and he was free!

The Monitors around him leapt into action, but one of them was hit in the attack Vesies launched upon them!

Tron quickly acted, as did Beck, and they fought him with the rest of the team!

This time, he got away enough to run a short distance! But Tron and the others quickly caught up to him and surrounded him.

"Come quietly and no harm will come to you." Tron growled out.

Beck looked to him quickly, then back at Vesies, worry etched his brow, but that was all.

"Hmnph! I won't go quietly! You know that!" He shouted back.

"Fine." Tron said and promptly hit him over the head with enough force to knock him out!

Beck sighed in relief.

Tron looked to his old student, a bit put out. "What? You didn't trust me?" He teased.

Beck laughed and shook his head. "For a moment there, I wasn't sure. So, who was Sark?" He said as he reached down with Tron to pick up the intruder.

"An old enemy." Tron said simply and headed for the building laden with secret technology that Tron himself had built with Alan-One to keep malicious beings within just for this reason. Tron felt a glimmer of pride swell within him at the memory.

On their way, Tron bent down to help the hurt Monitor up. "Can you make it back to the Tower?" He asked with authority and concern.

The male Program nodded, holding his side. "Yeah, I'll need some patching up once there though."

Tron nodded, a firm expression upon his face as he continued to the building.

Soon, Vesies was locked away and Tron turned to his Team. "I want at least two of you stationed here at all times! I don't want this Malware left unguarded!" He ordered, they nodded and spoke among themselves to see who was to be left behind.

Tron turned to Beck once everything was in order. "Beck, I don't want Astra knowing about him." He whispered to him.

Beck just nodded. "I understand. But, why?" He asked in a hushed voice as well.

"He would bring up bad memories. And, I don't want him knowing of her existence. I don't know what he would do." Tron looked back to the unconscious intruder and back again warily.

Beck nodded. "Alright."

Soon they were on their way back to Tron Tower. Tron had checked in with the other teams, who had been successful, something that brought him relief. "Send them all to Tron Tower. I will interrogate them next cycle." He ordered. He had made a promise to Astra, and he was drained since those two fights and scan. He needed rest.

Astra rushed to the door when she saw the lightcycles coming! He was the second Team to reach Tron Tower, which made her all the more happy to see him! She had only heard bits of the conversations between him and his other Teams, as he had kept his Team conversation private, all she could do was wait, they were so far out.

She smiled wide and ran into his arms, which he embraced her readily and lovingly, resting his cheek upon her head. "Welcome back!" She smiled up at him.

He kissed her. Users this is wonderful! He thought. He finally had his Bondmate back, and she was there to greet him after a mission, just like always. He loved this woman with all his heart!

Astra was surprised at first, but welcomed the kiss as her lightlines flared along with his at the touch. Just like before… She thought lovingly as her memories travelled to her time within the ENCOM System.

He broke off the kiss, smiling down at her, love in his eyes. "I love you." He said with love to her.

She blushed and bumped her forehead against his chest and shoulder, eyes closed. "I love you too." Her heart swelled within her chest, or was it her processor now? She wasn't sure, and opened her eyes to look up at him, a question within them. "I saw you came back without the person, what happened out there?" She asked concerned.

Tron's smile immediately faded and he shook his head, Beck slipping off in the background to help Tron with imprisoning the malicious Programs. "We ran into some complications. They're captured and stored in another part of the Grid." His voice was gentle, but there was a hint of worry within it.

Astra recognized the tone and nodded, she could trust him. "I trust you." She said with seriousness. "Will you want to report to Alan-One before getting some rest?"

Tron shook his head, but didn't let go of her. "No, he shouldn't be in ENCOM at this time. But I will have to make a log first thing next cycle." His voice apologetic.

She nodded and smiled. "Alright. Now, you need some rest!" Her tone turned happy now, changing the subject, she hated seeing that look upon his face.

He laughed and smiled down at her. "Alright, Bondmate's orders." He said lovingly, then turned to his team, who were watching with varying expressions of entertainment and approval. "The rest of you get some rest too. Ping my room if anything happens with the Infinitas Programs."

Astra gave him a look, to which he chuckled and held her close. "I have to dear. You know it."

Astra just laughed and nodded. "Alright, I do." And pecked him on the lips once before grabbing his hand and leading him to their room. It was their room now. She was going to be living on the Grid from now on, visiting the User World only when needed or wanted. It wasn't safe for her there anymore, and, being an ISO, she wanted to be home now more than ever, especially with her Tron, she never wanted to leave his side again.

Tron followed with a smile as she looked back at him with a smile of her own. Soon they were in his room, and the moment the door closed, Tron's hands were on her in a "touch", running along her arms to her sides, and finally, her symbol upon her chest.

"Troon!" She gasped in a half moan at the unexpected "touch"! Though she wasn't about to complain, she had longed for this since he had woken her up in a similar fashion last cycle. "Aahhh!" She moaned, her voice glitching at the feeling of his desire flowing through her, turning her on in a way she had never felt in this lifetime as his fingers played over her symbol.

Tron's eyes turned heated at her moan and feeling her own pleasure and desire through his fingers, it filled him, though not as much as if she had "touched" him, something he wanted desperately for her to do. "I love you." He whispered into her ear, nuzzling her hair there and lightly nipping her neck.

She shuddered as pleasure coursed through her and she brought her hands up to his chest in a "touch" of her own. "Oh Tron." She sighed as her fingers wander over his chest, finally to meet his symbol as she focused all of her desire and pleasure into him, leaning her head to the side to give him better access to her neck the whole time.

He purrs low in his throat, his lightlines flaring at her "touch", turning violet, to match hers where he "touched" her. He smiled as he nipped her neck once more then pulled away to kiss her, this time, in a "touch", something he hadn't done in this lifetime of hers.

The intense feeling caused both to moan and shudder against the other, their bodies now pressing against each other's, lightlines violet as they "touched" everywhere their suits met.

Tron purred and growled low in his throat as he broke the kiss. "I want you." He said with all honesty, voice husky.

Eyes glassy, lips parted, she looked up at him and sighed, almost moans. "I want you too." And sends that very feeling through her fingers right onto his symbol.

His eyes close as a low moan escapes him and he lets himself shudder at the "touch", lets her see it, something he never would have done with anyone else. "Yori." He whispers and opens his eyes to pounce on her! Sending his love and desire, how turned on he was in that moment, to her own symbol and… Her bondmark!

She nearly cries out in ecstasy, the feeling was so intense! Her eyes had closed, she notes without surprise as she opens them and looks where he had touched… Her suit had disappeared where he had touched her symbol! Her symbol now shone brightly upon her chest where it had been upon her suit!

Tron smirks at her with teasing love and leans in close to whisper, noses touching. "You gave me all access permission to you." He flirts with her. The touch being a command touch, which can be combined with a "touch", is only able to be used when given the permissions to, and therefore is also able to be controlled as it takes thought and pushing of those commands through the touch to do so.

Astra's eyes widened and she shook her head, hitting him lightly upon the chest, though she still sent an echo of what she was still feeling through her fingers. "Oh you!" She flirts back, shuddering under his intimate touch, the thought of her suit derezzing at his touch! It turned her on more than she was willing to admit! She didn't remember about this from before! But she guessed this must have happened. If I had've known it meant this would have happened!... She trailed off in her mind as she spoke what she felt. "Only you…" Then she smirked flirtatiously up at him. "You have. All. Access. Permission. To. Me." She punctuated each word with a tap to his symbol.

His eyes glaze over in love and a feeling he'd not felt since the ENCOM System… Indescribable, a combination of want, desire, love and what he felt for her that was so intense, it took up his whole being. He loved this woman, more than he thought was ever possible!

Wrapping her up in a hug he kisses her fiercely, yet gently enough, transmitting that beautiful, wonderful feeling through all of his lightlines touching her, into her, and gently traces further along her chest, just above her breasts, her suit derezzing under his fingers.

Astra's breath hitches as her eyes close and a sigh escapes her lips, a shudder rippling through her body at his intimate touch and feeling. She remembered feeling this before! Though the memory was nothing in comparison to this! All of that wonderful love, what he felt for her, his own feeling, aura, pouring into her and his lips upon hers, her whole being felt filled by him! Her own love poured from her into him, and what she felt for him welled up within her, a love she knew she was capable of, but still took her by surprise! Indescribable.

Their feelings mixed and merged, much like when they had bonded so long ago, causing them both to glow brightly and overflow with the most beautiful, perfectly matched harmony they had ever felt! Combined with each other's "touch", Tron moaned and leaned over, eyes closed as his circuits flared, Astra shuddering and gripping him close as she did the same.

The kiss ended, and the bright glow filled their sight as they looked at each other lovingly, words unneeded as what they were feeling was being transmitted already.

I can hear your thoughts. Tron's voice rang into her mind lazily, his fingers wandering down, uncovering one of her breasts. I'm not done with you yet… Quietly sounded within her mind.

She blushed, brightly, and shuddered at his words, then tested it out herself. I can hear yours too... You're not finished with me yet. She said with a blush, though it still held that teasing tone to it, she was so overcome with love and his "touch".

He smirked flirtatiously and dipped his head into the hollow of her neck. I'm not. And nipped her as his hand splayed over her skin and derezzed even more of her suit as it travelled down…

She shuddered and moaned, voice glitching as his intense desire and want spread through her. "Troon!" She moaned.

He purred and pulled back, taking her hand. This is best done on the bed. He thought to her, his voice transmitting just how turned on he was at that moment. Users I love doing this! He thought in the very back of his mind. She picked up that he meant about being able to talk to her this way and feel and know all she was thinking and feeling at the same time, and then, he also noted, making love as well.

All she could do was follow as her mind ran questions about what exactly he was going to do, a blush upon her cheeks as she got feelings of what he planned to do, but she couldn't name them, she was far too turned on and flustered.

He merely smiled and picked her up to place her gently down upon the bed. He stared at her a micro, taking in all of her, laying upon his bed, hair splayed behind and around her, her suit half derezzed. His eyes softened even more as love and desire spread through him.

She blushed at his lingering gaze, feeling so exposed, but not shy, as she felt she had done this many times before, and reached out to him, her hands brushing his shoulders, then one to his cheek, which he turned his head to kiss after a beat.

Turning her head oh so slightly, she smiled flirtatiously up at him and says a line she had said once before, the memory of the moment overtaking her. "You've grown big Program." Beckoning him.

"Oh you." He purrs and leans over her, placing a feverish kiss upon her lips.

She mewled as his lightlines came in contact with her now exposed circuits, the feeling slightly heightened, she wanted desperately to remove his own suit to make the experience even more so! And also, to feel his skin upon hers, to feel him, all of him, pressed against her. She shuddered at the thought.

He groaned in response, his desire for her growing rapidly, something she could feel as "he" pressed against her, and broke the kiss to kiss down her neck, to her now bare chest, to her breasts… Sending all of his want with every caress, every "touch".

She mewled and rose her hands to caress his back, his sides, eyes fluttering closed at the wonderful feeling of his lips upon her skin and the feelings he was sending into her. A nano later, she gasped as her back arched against him, his lips touching the most sensitive part of her breasts, he licked once then looked up at her, a loving and teasing smile upon his lips. "You're more sensitive than I remember." I can feel you. He thought into her, causing a wave of desire to course through her as she blushed, and he went about licking and then sucking her once more.

She moaned and her voice glitched, hands running along his suit, wanting so much to release him of it, but he would not give her the permission… Yet. This feels so good! She thought to him, not wanting him to stop.

He grinned at that and put his hands to her sides, releasing her of her suit there and splayed his hands upon her skin in a "touch". Not nearly as good as it will love. He thought back and rose his head, eyes on fire with desire. "You have all access permissions to me." This wasn't something he took lightly, it wasn't something he could do with anyone else, it was something he had only done one other time in his life and it took complete trust.

She gasped as she understood, even without his thoughts and feelings flowing into her. She knew him, unlike anyone else. She knew, and those words humbled, awed, excited and turned her on more than she thought possible!

No words were needed, he felt even more love flow through him at her very thoughts and feelings in response to what he had given her. Only her. He thought in the back of his mind with. Only you. In the forefront. And he meant it, with all of his being.

She smiled lovingly up at him, a bit of her awe still upon her face as she reached around, and derezzed a part of the back of his suit with a "touch". She wasn't sure she knew how to do this exactly, but it flowed easily as she began, her memories taking over.

He shuddered, feeling her want of him, her desire and her bare hands against his skin. No-one had touched his skin other than his hands since the ENCOM System… Since she had lived her last life… He revelled in the feeling.

She blushed and smiled as she released him of more of his suit, fingers lingering, hands splaying at times upon his skin, just to feel him and give him pleasure, to have him feel her. "I plan to do to you, what you did to me." She purred out, sending an intense feeling of pleasure along his now exposed circuits.

He groaned, a deep purr erupting from deep within his chest at the thought. "You do?" He teased, he couldn't help it. Being on top of her, he was able to lower himself further, spreading her legs as he did so to nestle between her thighs.

She gasped, voice glitching as her eyes closed at feeling "him" pressed against her most intimate area, though it still held her suit. "Y-Yes!" She sighed.

He smiled lovingly at her loss of words, unable to tease him back, and slowly began to kiss further down…

She writhed beneath him, hands working faster to release him of his suit, but she could only reach his arms, hands, and a bit of his chest! I want him out of his suit! She thought desperately.

His desire grew with that thought and purred low, just as he reached…

"Ahh-Hhh-Hh!" Her voice glitched as the bit of suit left between her legs was derezzed as his lips touched her most intimate area! White hot desire spread through her at that touch!

Tron gasped. He hadn't felt desire that intense from her before! In either lives. It caught him off-guard and he moaned in pleasure, falling slightly against her. "Astra…" He all but whispered in desire.

Her breathes came in quick pants as he called her name, both Astra and Yori resonated with her, she didn't mind being called either, but, she fought to regain herself, so she could pleasure him befo-His lips were on her again!

He tested and teased as he licked and kissed his way along her "lips", spreading them, to find that "bud" for it looked like the bud of a flower he had seen Yori look up so often. Once found, he licked, eliciting an almost scream from her as her voice glitched in passion! He had truly hit her most sensitive place!

He fell completely as the shock of desire coursed through him at hers through her circuits, a low rumble leaving his chest as he himself cried out! "Oooh." He said after a nano. "Had I known…" I would have done this sooner. He thought. She heard. And he dipped his head between her legs once more.

"Aaahh-hHh-Hh!" Sooner?! She thought as desire overflowed through her, she thought. Yes! And But I need to… At the same time.

Tron just smiled knowingly and lovingly as he pleasured her, finally lifting his head after she had given a final cry as her orgasm took her over, leaving her panting for breath. He felt every moment of it, and relished in the feeling. "You're so beautiful." He said as he leaned over her, taking in the full of her beauty in that moment.

Her eyes opened and she blushed further, which shouldn't have been possible, her circuits were already so bright! She lifted a hand to cup his cheek as the feeling slowly faded. "And you're the most handsome man I've ever seen." She said with full love.

His eyes softened and he kissed her hand.

Her eyes softened at the intimate caress before pushing against him to have him lay on his back.

He took the cue from the feeling she sent him and laid back on his bed, wondering what she was about to do.

She merely smiled, and crouching between his legs, she placed her hands upon his thighs, and slowly drags them down his legs to his knees, which were up around her, in a "touch", derezzing his suit as she did so. Then, she travelled them up, to his chest, where she did the same, over his symbol, which, she was so happy to find that his circuitry looked exactly the same as it did back in the ENCOM System.

He gasped and moaned, his purr echoing within her ears as she touched him, his hands coming up to derezz her suit back.

She smiled, and kissed him right on the centre square of his symbol, travelling lower…

With each kiss and splay of her hands along his chest, he shuddered, only showing this vulnerability to her, his voice not quite glitching, yet, until, she reached his length between his legs, at which he gasped and glitched a moan! Yori! Oh... Yes! He thought as her lips came around him, her kisses having derezzed his suit around it completely.

She heard him and smiled lovingly as she caressed and sucked him gently, so happy to finally be able to please him! After all that he had done to her already! Her lips travelled slowly, lazily, her tongue flicking the tip of him, causing him to moan and thrust against her mouth, to which she took him in readily.

"Astraa-Aa!" His voice glitched as she pleased him, her hand gripping him also now as she moved faster and faster… Something she knew only from sex-ed class, and her motions elicited a surprised cry from him!

Astra-a.. What?... He could barely think to her, he was so overcome with white-hot desire of his own.

You'll see. She thought back, she had never even thought to have done this before, in her previous life… She went faster, and "touched" him with her lips as she sucked and rubbed him.

He had never felt this turned on before! And he bucked against her hand and mouth, his own low moans glitching as finally, he came with a cry of his own, her name upon his lips, his hands within her hair as she lifted her head and, surprised, watched as his glowing code poured out of him and he bucked against her hand, his circuits pulsing in time to his orgasm.

He panted, and lay there a moment, completely new to what had just happened. "Astra… You…"

"I did what I learned in the User World from classes. Only information!" She added quickly at his quick and strangled look. "I've never… Done this before." She blushed.

He smiled and brought her head to his with his hand so that he could kiss her.

She welcomed the kiss readily, running her tongue along his lower lip, deepening the kiss after a moment.

His circuits flared once more as he moaned against her mouth and shuddered. Feeling her tongue invade his mouth, something he usually did back in the ENCOM System, filled him with a wonderful feeling, sweet and gentle.

He broke the kiss and rested his forehead against hers. "You're wonderful." He breathed. But I'm still not done with you… I've yet to have you. He thinks with full passion, causing her to blush deeply, her circuits flaring as he runs his hands over her the rest of her back and her legs, completely getting rid of her suit.

"Tron!" She half moaned, half said in surprise.

He simply grinned a silly and loving grin and took her up in his arms. Do the same for me. He asked her.

She blushed, and ran her hands over his back and lower legs, causing him to shudder.

He smiled, and stood her back on the floor so that they had a bit of space between them and the bed.

She knew exactly what was going to happen and her circuits lit in anticipation and happiness. Take me! She thought to him, placing her hands upon his chest.

With pleasure. He purred within her mind and suddenly, their hands started moving along the other, slowly at first, then faster, faster, as though they couldn't get enough of the other, their circuits flaring brighter and brighter as desire poured from one into the other and back again.

This, this was what she had what she had wanted her marriage night to be like! She never really knew what she was looking for, but she felt she simply couldn't get it in the User World. And now she knew why. Nothing, nothing, could compare to this! The feeling of her Tron pulsing into her, sharing his energy with her, their "touches" making every area an erogenous zone, his desire and feeling mixing with hers, heightening it, they both rose to a climax together, falling onto the bed, unable to stand any longer, with Tron wrapping her up within his arms as they both came down, circuits pulsing in time, together, to their orgasms.

They lay there, in each other's arms, for what seems like an eternity before Tron leans over and kisses Astra on the head. "We should get some sleep love."

"Mnn." She protests but opens her eyes. "Alright." And pecks him on the lips before tapping his centre square of his symbol and crawling under the covers. That's when she remembers. "We may want to install a shower."

Tron looked at her, confused a moment, and then nods. "You may want the old User comfort."

Astra shook her head with a smile and pointed down, between his legs.

He looked down, and grimaced. "When did that happen?" He looked confused. How did that happen?

"When I… Licked, and sucked, you there, and you orgasmed." She had to be blunt, she knew he wouldn't have understood the word "came", and she punctuated both words with a tap to his symbol.

He looked at her surprised.

"It, is probably how there were able to be children in the System." She looked down sadly, remembering them.

"That we can do this? How… Did the others find out?" He asked as he cuddled her into his arms.

She snuggled into them readily as her memories came back to her of that time. "They looked up User videos and documents and, found how the Users did things… I never looked myself, but, I had hoped, to be able to do it with you, one cycle." She blushed. She breathed in. "I know from my classes in the User World, that it's… Quite different than anything we've done, but similar to how I made you come. That's what it's termed as in the User World." She spoke with hope and sadness. She hoped he would want to try it.

Tron nodded slowly, taking it all in. "Maybe, one cycle." He smiled and kissed her hair. "If it's as messy as this, a shower would be wise." He smiled down at her.

She smiled hopefully up at him and nodded. "I'll make one before you have to go to work tomorrow. You'll need it." She smiled and booped him on the nose.

He chuckled and took her hand from his nose to kiss it. "Alright. Now, sleep." He orders gently, and gets beneath the covers to fall asleep with her.