A/N: This chapter has some light making out too!

Halfway through their sleep cycle Astra awoke, the sound of muffled cries and words sounding from beside her. Eyes snapping open, she looks up, being wrapped within her Tron's arms, her head upon his chest, she notes that the sounds are coming from him. Quickly, she shakes him, pressing her hands against his chest.

"Tron? Tron, wake up!" She says quietly at first. Then, his cries become more desperate.

"No! Don't let me! Alan-One!" He cries and after a beat. "Help me!"

Fear grips her heart as she increases her urgency! "Tron! Tron please! Sweetheart, wake up!" She shouts but nothing happens, he only holds her tighter, his grip beginning to hurt. That's when determination takes hold of her, her expression reflecting it as she scoots a bit up to place a kiss upon his lips, transmitting her love and his aura into him. I hope this works. She thought, it sounded like he needed to be reminded of who he was… And it worked the last time… Though she hadn't kissed him then. Something really bad must have happened during that war. She thought sadly.

Suddenly he jolts up, fully awake taking her with him as he sat up. "Yori?!" He looks around frantically before Astra moves a bit within his arms and looked up at him.

"I'm here." She strangles out, his grip hurt, it was like he was holding her as if she were his last lifeline!

He looked down and immediately loosened his grip. "I'm sorry. Users Yori. I'm glad you're safe." He squeezes her once gently then motions to get up. "I have to get ready." He says, but doesn't get more than an inch before she grabs him and holds him there.

"Not until you tell me what that was about." She says gently, concern, worry and love within her voice and eyes.

Tron looked down at her for a moment, various emotions travelling through him and flashing within his eyes.

"I'm going to be here every sleepcycle. It might be best." She prods further and sits up beside him comfortably, a move that said, "I'm here to listen, and I'm not going anywhere."

He sighed and sank back down into his spot. She was there for one of his nightmares, way out in the outlands base… She already knew from then, it was bound to happen, maybe even next sleepcycle… "You're right." His eyes close tightly as a sad expression takes over his features. "I didn't want you to know this soon… Do you remember mentions of the war?" He looks down at her beside him.

She nodded. "I never heard what happened during it."

He nodded in return. "That's because I asked everyone not to tell you." He breathes in. "It's best to show you the nightmare I had." He pulled off his disk and lit it, a screen popping up, showing him on an empty street, chasing an unsuspecting civilian Program, who looked to be in utter fear.

His lightlines though minimal, the same pattern he wore at times, were orange, and a low purr sounded from his helmet.

Astra looked up at him quickly, that was almost the same colouring as Sark's forces!

He merely nodded to the window.

Eyes now trained once again on the window, the scene began to unfold.

Tron chased the Program mercilessly, looking like he took great pleasure in the hunt, he pulled off various feats and soon came before the civilian Program. He did not speak, as his disks came down upon the poor man, derezzing him instantly. The nightmare ended.

Astra gasped and looked up at him, fear in her eyes, for him. "What happened during that war?!" Her voice full of concern and fear.

Feeling her concern for him through the few places her skin brushed against his, he sighed in relief, yet it still held pain. "Beck was going to be derezzed… He's like a User son to me… I offered myself to Clu in place of him, to let him be spared. Clu agreed… He, repurposed me, and forced me to do, exactly what you saw." A single tear slipped past his guard.

Astra was quick to wipe it away.

"I tried to fight it, I called to Alan-One and Flynn more times than I can remember, inwardly, but outward, I was a different person. Sexuality seemed to be the only thing that stalled it, but it never lasted long. So I took up fighting that way, I killed so many-" His voice choked as a sob escaped him. "All of those innocent Programs." Tears ran down his face, as though he were holding them back. He didn't look at her.

"Oh Tron." Her voice sad as a few tears escaped her own guard. She could feel his distress, but that wasn't what made her cry. "It's not your fault." She gently took his face in her hands to turn it toward her.

He turned his head reluctantly, but did not look at her.

"Look at me." She said with utmost gentleness and love.

Finally, he rose his eyes to meet hers, and choked back a gasp. He didn't see fear there, nor disgust, he saw acceptance and love. How can she feel that way? He thought numbly, his nightmare still having a hold over him.

"It's not your fault." She repeated more forcefully. "It's Clu's, his repurposing took hold of you and used you. You fought, that's all you could have done. I'm proud of you. Because he may have taken everything from you, but he never, took your heart." She smiled at him now, sad and full of love, and kissed his tears away, once under each eye. "You proved that now, with who you are, you proved it with caring over all of those cycles, and never losing hope or will and spirit. You fought. I love you for that. But, I would have loved you anyway, because I know who you are, and that can never change." She smiles more warmly now. "For all that you've been, are, and will be, I love you. And that will never change. I'm so sorry you went through what you did, it hurts so much because you care that much, and I know it won't heal quickly, but I hope, I can help." She releases his face now and hugs him tightly, eyes closed.

He sits there, completely bewildered, hope and love rising within his processor. She loves me, even though I did all of those things. It's not my fault… Users, it feels good to hear it from her. I've heard it so many times before, that's why I was able to be so happy otherwise… But, I don't think I ever really believed it, deep down. He thought as he stared down at her in utmost awe and love. I think… I can now. He finalized and kissed her head, wrapping an arm around her as he returned his disk to its dock upon his back.

"Thank you love." He says quietly and closes his eyes, tears streaming freely now.

Astra smiled up at him and noticed his tears, a fact that both saddened her and gave her love for this man. She adjusted her position, and held him tighter, bringing his head down onto her chest, holding it gently with one hand. "I'm here, it's alright, cry, it'll help." She murmured to him softly and rested her head upon his. He's probably not fully mourned them yet… She notes within her mind.

He heard her thoughts, though barely, his concentration on their link weak as his nightmare floods back to him… A nightmare he lived. He squeezes his eyes shut, trying to stop the tears at first, but her words, her thoughts, she was right… He needed to mourn them, properly. With a final gasp at trying to keep his tears in, he lets go… And lets himself cry. Something he noted, he could've only done now, in her arms, with her words and aura around him, comforting him. He let his regret, his sadness, his pain out at having taken so many lives under Clu's repurposing out. Let the tears fall, sobs wracking his body as she held him.

Tears of her own spilled down her cheeks as she held him gently, murmuring words of comfort and love both within her mind and without, kissing the top of his head every now and again, then resting her cheek back upon it.

Nanos went by, maybe a microcycle, before his tears finally stopped and his sobs became quiet. A sigh leaves him then, and he simply lays against her, holding her tight, resting. He was finally free, free of that part of his past. It took a lot out of him.

Astra smiled down at him and held him a bit tighter, kissing his head as she waited for him to sit back up. She had heard his thoughts all through his tears, every one of them sad and mournful, she loved him for them, and didn't hesitate to send that love his way via her circuits to his.

Finally, he sat up, and looked at her, a sad smile upon his face. "Thank you. You did for me what I didn't think was possible… I love you." He all but whispered and kissed her, gently, lovingly.

She welcomed the kiss, tears of her own staining her cheeks at her love for him and the sadness she felt at his words. He hasn't seen release from his nightmare in so long. She thought as he pulled back and squeezed her once.

"We need to make that shower so I can get to work." He finalized, wiping a tear of hers away with the back of his index finger, and she laughed! Always about his work! Users, she loved this man!

"Alright." She playfully tapped the centre square of his now much bigger symbol upon his chest and shook her head. "Mr. Serious." She teased, he knew she loved him for it. "As long as you get some rest at some point this cycle. I know you have a lot to do, but you'll need it." She smiles lovingly up at him, knowing that he needed to rest as he didn't get much this sleepcycle.

He looked miffed at her laughter for a moment, then huffed out a laugh himself. Users, she's just like she was before. He thought with love. She loves me, even for my serious side. He felt freedom with that as well for that reason. "Alright." He promised and smiled as he kissed her forehead. "I will." And with that, he got up out of bed, still holding her hand to help her up.

She went with him with a satisfied nod and smile. "Ok… Where should I build it?" She asked, looking around. There didn't seem to be any rooms attached to this one, but, the door could be hidden… She definitely didn't want to build it in the room, just in case.

Tron grunted and looked around himself. "Hmmm…" He said as he thought, then he walked over to the wall to their right. "There's an old storage room here. I never got to use it… Your old suit was destroyed with Able's Garage in Argon during the war, so I didn't have anything to put in it." He looked back at her apologetically.

Surprise overcame her features. "How did you get my suit?!" She asked incredulously from beside him.

He put his hand upon the wall and it opened to reveal a dimly lit, large room. "It was the only thing Flynn was able to salvage from your code. He… Had made a copy of you from the damaged, incomplete code he'd found from Lora's files. It, derezzed, micros after completion." He looked back sadly at her, though he perked, knowing she was indeed alive now.

"I… Think I remember that…" Her eyes glazed over in memory at his words.

He looked back at her incredulously. "What?!" He said softly with surprise!

"I was able to say "I love you"… Just before I fully derezzed." She looked up at him now, and filled in at his strangled look. "I had a dream, I was told my soul was transported to the Grid, and I would die in my world if I chose to stay in the copy… But there was something wrong with it, and, I would have changed, and, I would have lost your love if I did, but I would've been there for you, physically, during the time you needed me most… I only said no when I was given the option to be there spiritually for you." She finished with a breath in, wondering how he would take it.

He stared at her, numerous emotions running through him at that moment. "You really were there. It really was you." He whispered. Then, after a beat and she had nodded, he continued. "Flynn noticed the flaw in the copy's code after intensive study of her disk… You made the right choice." He reassured her with a sad smile.

She smiled, relieved, back up at him, and after a beat, he returned to the room and walked in.

"There's plenty of room… I can work on adding lightlines to the walls while you build the shower. Is there anything else you will need?" He asked as he turned from his spot near the back wall.

She shook her head. "No, I think I can make towels out of the excess code, and soap, you'll need it." She giggles, looking down, he still had bits of code upon him.

He looked down as well and grunted. "I guess I will." He smiled then with a laugh and shook his head. "I still can't believe it."

She smiled back at him. "That you could do that?"

He nodded and placed his hand on the wall, opening an interface and starting a lightline upon it. "And you. Being alive… Users, it's more than I could have hoped for Yori." He said with full freedom and love as he looked back at her.

She had already brought up an interface and had begun work on the shower, taking her hands from it, she smiles and walks over to him, her hand upon his symbol in micros. "You're more than I could have hoped for too." She says softly, love in her voice as she meets his eyes, then strays down to his symbol upon his chest. "I never thought I would see you again, after…" She trails off and meets his eyes once more, a smile within them. "I never thought I would meet my "one", my soulmate, in either life, and yet, you come along and." She laughs. "Sweep me off my feet, even though I'm determined not to let you." Her eyes glitter now and she taps his symbol. "Both times." She continues with her hand resting upon his symbol. "You're everything I could have hoped for, I love you so much, my Tron." Her eyes well with tears, her love so powerful in that moment.

He feels it, and turns to meet her, eyes shining with love in return. Gently, he takes her hand and holds it in place upon his symbol, listening.

"I love who you were, who you are, and who you will become. All versions of you. You're my heart, my future, my life. I couldn't bare to be without you again." Tears gently trail down her cheeks, sadness, love, happiness, all transmitted in her touch. She looked forward to what the future would bring for them, she missed the changes of the past… But most of all... She loved the changes of now. There would never be a time that she wouldn't love him, not want to be with him, or turn away from him. She would always love him, because he was him, no matter how much had changed about him. Only Tron... To be without him… Was torture. She would fight to be with him, risk everything for him, and endure what she must to be able to see him, hear his voice, touch him. She'd been without him for so long in her previous life... That longing, emptiness, and pain that came from being apart from him tore at her very soul.

He hears her thoughts, and tears of his own well within his eyes. That this wonderful, beautiful, woman would love me this much… He thought, she heard, and a lighter smile touched her lips.

Thinking back to his nightmare, her words bubble forth to the surface. "I want to always be there for you, with you, to be able to support you in everything that you do, so that you never have to go through anything alone, and that includes all of the hard times to come. We will go through them together. It's not about the good times, nor the memories, but how we pull through these things together. I don't love you because of how wonderful times are when I'm with you, or how much you make me smile, or even the way you focus on saving lives even when I'm clearly dolled up just for you." A small laugh escapes her lips as the circuits in her eyes glow brightly with love. "It's because you're you… And nothing, could ever change that."

He stares at her for a moment, both with tears trailing down their cheeks, and, in a split micro, kisses her. It's a soft, loving, lingering kiss, transmitting all he feels within his heart for her, at her words, her pure, beautiful heart and thoughts. To emphasize his point, he transmits those feelings via his fingers as he takes her up within his arms.

Her eyes flutter closed as his lips meet hers, her heart overflowing with love for him, and pain with what he had went through, even though she didn't know all of the details, and of missing him when he had left the System. She returned the kiss with equal feeling, sending her love to him via it and her fingers as they wrapped around his neck.

They stayed like that for nanos, until, he finally broke the kiss and held her close, cheek upon her hair. "I love you, so much." He whispers to her, eyes closed.

She smiles into his chest and kisses his symbol gently. "I love you too." And he knew it, more than ever now.

Releasing her, he dries her tears, as she reaches up and dries his, and they get back to work.

The shower room was quick work for the two of them, and soon, it was done.

"Now." Astra purrs flirtatiously as she prowls up to him and taps his chest. "You need to learn how to wash." Her eyes practically glow with invitation.

His eyes turn dark, getting her meaning. "Ooh, you…" He purred out to her and traced a circuit upon her shoulder. "Teach me." He almost commands as he leans over her, voice husky. Users, he wanted this! And they had time, they had woken up very early in their sleepcycle.

A saucy smile overtakes her lips as she shudders at his touch and reaches for his other hand with both of hers, leading him to the shower. "Gladly." She whispers back to him, and pulls him in.

Hovering her hand over the right glass of the wall, the two shower heads spill water onto them, she had made it plenty big enough for the both of them… And the walls were rather sturdy.

Tron looked back at the water coming from his end quickly as it splashed onto him. He knew he was to expect water, but it still came as a surprise, it was like rain, a more concentrated and heavy rain than he had ever felt… And it was warm. He smiled, looking at the love of his life. "I think I could like this."

She giggled and placed her hand upon his shoulder and chest. "It gets better." She purred and turned to get a loofah.

Tron looked at it curiously. "What's that?" He asked. Though he had heard of what a shower was, he had no clue what the process was about.

She smiled up at him and lathered it with soap. "It's a loofah, I like to call it a poof, because it looks like one." She giggles. "Now, hold still, and do, exactly, as I say." She replies sexily to him.

He only laughs then grins and holds still. Users I love this woman! He thought, her little order turning him on, if his flared circuits were of any indication of that.

She starts slowly, placing the loofah upon his chest and dragging it along his skin, going back over the areas once done each of them… Then, once she reaches just above his length, she teasingly goes back up and places the loofah upon his shoulders. "Raise your arms." She orders softly with a flirtatious smile.

He does so readily, a lopsided smile upon his own lips and whispered in her ear when she got close enough. "I like it so far. Tease." He added with a purr.

She giggle and "touched" one of his circuits as she ran the loofah over his right arm.

He inhaled as his circuit turned violet. "Ooh you." He purrs, but keeps perfectly still.

She smirks back up at him and continues, this time, with more "touches", and he finds it increasingly hard to keep still.

She does his back, legs, and butt next, which increases his pleasure, until, she reaches the one spot she had missed… Gently, she washes it, with a "touch" the whole time, eliciting a moan from him and a shudder as the water washes away the soap. She smiles, and, coming closer, licks the "tip" of him and stands up.

"All done." She flirts as she holds out the loofah to him, hip jutted out, a sexy pose. "Now do me." She all but whispers to him sexily.

He growls deep in his throat and takes the loofah, putting more soap on it as he stalks closer to her. "With pleasure." He purrs as he starts upon her chest, "touching" every circuit he can as he does so.

She moans in pleasure at his touch, feeling him, his feelings and aura course through her. He had buzzed along her fingers as she had "touched" him earlier, but this was so much sweeter!

He only grinned more ferally and leaned in to nip her neck and shoulder. "Tease." He accused her finally, speaking his mind as he slowly cleaned her.

She shuddered, she knew exactly how she had affected him and with those words, it coursed through her. Users, she loved this man! She glitched a moan as he came close to between her legs, but moved on to her back. She wanted to bat at him! So mean! She thought though it was well deserved, she had done the same to him.

He chuckled, feeling her frustration through his fingers and within his thoughts. Oh, I'm not done with you yet. He voiced to her mind. And promptly squeezed her bottom, making her squeak and shudder all at once! Jumping up from her spot and turning a bit to him.

He grinned and chuckled. "You're still sensitive there." He said, pleased, and promptly held her to him one hand holding her bottom as he did so, their most intimate areas touching.

She blushed deeply and batted his arm, though their position turned her on all the more! "I am!" She told him half with frustration, half with surprise that he would do that to her! She hadn't remember it, but it did feel familiar. I really do like his hand there… She thought scandalously with a blush.

He heard her thoughts and felt her arousal, causing him to purr low into the hollow of her neck and shoulder as he dipped his head there and nipped. "I'm glad love." He said and brought his head back up to kiss her, thoroughly, his hand massaging her bottom as he did so.

He invaded her mouth, slowly, exploringly, pressing her close to him while his hand worked, eliciting shudder after shudder from her. He made certain to make her feel even more than when she had done so to him, and took control.

She glitched a moan, loving the feeling of the kiss, and his hand upon her, feeling so vulnerable and loving the control he took. This was a part of him that she revelled in when they made love, even though she took control at times too, she enjoyed being his "prey".

He groaned low in his throat at that thought, something that attracted that Rinzler part of him that had been left behind. "Yori." He moaned into her mouth, and dipped his other hand lower, from her abdomen, to between her legs, the loofah blocking his hand from touching most of her.

She growled for the first time, in full frustration, needing to feel his hand there! "Tron!" She moaned and tried to get the loofah away from him.

He only grinned and held it tight. "You only teased me." He nipped her lower lip. "We only have so much time." He all but whispered sexily to her.

She groaned and stopped her attempts. "You're right." She blushes and brings her hands back up to "touch" his symbol, tracing it.

He moans and shudders at her touch and finishes washing her, causing her to shudder, even though it wasn't his hand.

"Tease." She accuses him back and taps him on the centre square of his symbol. He's as much of a tease as I am! She thought with a laugh.

He laughed at that and nodded. I suppose I am love. He whispered back in her mind.

She shook her head and turned the water off, stepping out of the shower as she grabs his hand to lead him out. "One of these cycles, we're going to have to do more in there." She gives him the invitation.

His eyes grow dark and he nods. "We do." And grabs up a towel to dry her off.

Her eyes sparkle as she considers running from his reach, something he sees and pounces on her, wrapping the towel around her so that she cannot escape. "Oh no you don't!" He laughs.

She giggles in his grasp. "But it would have been so much fun!" She teases him.

"Not when we don't have the time." He growls out to her, nipping her ear this time.

She gasps and bats his arm. "Tease!"

He just grins. "Of course."

He dries her off without much hitch, until he squeezes her butt again, and she squeaks and bats him on the arm frustratingly. To which he laughs and hands her the towel.

She shakes her head and dries him off, doing the same to him, something that elicits a deep groan from him, and he turns around to face her, capturing her within his arms, eyes dark.

She hears his thoughts and wags her finger at him. "We don't have time, remember?" Her eyes twinkle with mischief. "Now you know how it feels." She throws his words back at him that he had used over her touching his symbol a few cycles ago.

He growls and chuckles at that. "I suppose I earned that." And stands back to rez his suit back onto his now clean and dry body.

She smirks back at him cheekily and with love and rezzes her own suit back into place as well. "You did."

He laughs. "Having a shower was something I think I will enjoy. If it's with you." His eyes soft as he takes her in, hair still wet, so beautiful to him right then.

Her eyes soften as well, doing the same, a loving smile upon her lips. "I feel the same way." She blushes, and he takes her hand to lead her to the elevator.

They arrive downstairs to a bustle of activity, Beck talking with a few Programs off to the side. Tron heads straight for him while looking back to Yori to tell her. "I need you to stay up here for a few microcycles while Beck and I interrogate the new Programs. I can't risk you being hurt in the process." His voice gentle but firm.

She nods, understanding. "Alright, I'll find something else to do while you're down there. But I'll come if something happens." She gave him a determined yet loving look.

He sighed. "I know I can't stop you, alright, but stay back when you do."

"I can't guarantee that." She said, thinking. If you're hurt, I'll come to help you, I don't care about the danger.

He heard her and shook his head, love and frustration in his eyes. "Alright." To be honest, he was in awe that she would do that for him, that his love would risk her life for him. It was something that sounded equally with his fear of her being hurt. He thought then. I'll have to train her as fast as I can then. Which earned a smile from her.

He turned to Beck then and spoke with him. "We need to get all we can from these Infinitas Programs. I need your help."

Beck gave the pad he was holding back to the Program in front of him and nodded. "Alright, lead the way." He said and followed Tron.

The next few microcycles went slowly for Astra, she helped out around the main part of Tron Tower, doing what she could, but she really wanted to be helping her Tron and Beck with the interrogating, or, helping repair the damage from the attack, most of which was already done. But that was too far out, the area around Tron Tower had already been repaired, it was just the further Sectors that needed fixing now.


Within the containment cells, a near riot was going on, though none captured could get out.

Tron and Beck had just walked in, both with serious looks upon their faces and headed to different cells each.

"What's your designation Program?" Tron asked the new prisoner from the other side of the firewall containing them.

The female just growled and crossed her arms. "I'm not telling you!"

Tron shook his head and uncrossed his arms, thinking. So much for being polite. And spoke. "We need to know what your Users are up to. Who they're working for, why they want to harm the Grid, the Programs within it and ENCOM." His voice was calm as he spoke.

The woman simply shook her head and looked away. "I'm not telling you anything."

Tron's eyes flashed then, he needed to know, after Vesies, were they working with him, and Edward Dillinger? Propriety flew out the window. "That won't stop me from looking through your disk." He threatened.

Her head snapped to look at him. "You wouldn't!" She growled out, surprised.

"I would." He affirmed firmly. "We need to know, and if this is the only way, then I'm willing to do it." His eyes spoke of a firmness that wouldn't be challenged.

"And here I thought you were trying to be some kind of good guy! Now I know your true colours!" She growled at him.

Tron just shook his head, eyes closing for a moment. "I am a good guy. However, if I'm to spare the lives of this System, I need information, that you have. Are you willing to co-operate?"

She huffed and looked to the side, arms crossed as she thought. Finally, she looked back to him. "You won't take my disk if I tell you?" She asked, voice lighter though guarded.

"No." Tron shook his head. "I won't." He promised.

She nodded then and turned to hum fully now. "We're called the Infinitas, the same name our Users have for their group. We're sent here to gather information and bring it back to our Users, and, damage whatever we can." She looked to the side now, as if regretting that last choice. "They want to make the information here freely known among Users, and, we thought, Programs too… That's when Edward Dillinger showed up, his Program, a Malware entity, worked with us, but then, he multiplied. Our Users work for him now, we don't know his true intentions, just that he leads our Users. That's, all I know." She finished sadly.

Tron listened intently, eyes slightly widening at the information. So, he was behind these attacks! He thought as Beck started towards him. "Thank you. You've helped all of us greatly. If you prove non-hostile, we may let you go." He offered to her, which made her look at him with surprise. He turned then to meet Beck.

"I had no luck on my side, and I grilled the guy hard. How'd you do?" He said, exasperated and tired.

Tron nodded. "I got a little more information, basically what I've suspected since meeting that last threat." He indicated Vesies cryptically.

Beck nodded, serious now. "Alright. So, what are we going to do?"

Tron started towards the elevator. "Inform Alan-One and the others. They need to know. Don't tell Astra." He pointed to him.

Beck nodded. "Alright."


Finally, Tron and Beck emerged from the containment cells area, both looking worse for ware and tired. Astra ran to them. "It was that bad?" She asked, ready to get them both to the bar to get some energy into them.

Beck nodded while Tron grabbed hold of his Bondmate's hand and held it gently yet tightly. "I'll get some rest shortly. I have some things to report to Alan-One first." He told her gently. He still hadn't reported to Alan-One about the capture of those Programs and… Vesies, yet. Something he planned to do right away.

Yori sighed and nodded. "Alright. As long as you promise to meet me at the bar for some energy first. You both look beat." She nearly wagged a finger at him.

He smiled at that, some energy returning to his stance. "I promise." And kissed her lightly before heading for the elevator.


Travelling to the User World was always a neat experience for Tron, something he felt even now as he held his disk above his head and realized into the world of the Users. He wasted no time and ran to the elevator leading up, to Alan-One's office. If Dillinger was behind this, they were all in trouble.

Once there, Alan was found at his desk on the phone, the moment he saw "Trevon" however, he said that he would call them back later and hung up. "What's the status of the Grid?" He asks, knowing his office was safe grounds.

Tron didn't waste any time. "We've captured various malicious Programs, and one Malware. His name is Vesies… He was Sark." He emphasized, knowing his User would know what he meant. "Infinitas works for Edward Dillinger. I wasn't able to get more than that and that they mean to make the Grid's technology free."

Alan stood up and walked over to his Program with agitation. "Sark! Edward Dillinger?! We're all in trouble." He looks back to his desk. "I've been keeping tabs on him. He has a big company on the outskirts of town, it's almost as big as ENCOM was when he ran it." His voice was worried. "We have to tell the others. If he's going after us, we should expect an attack both inside and out bigger than anything we've faced."

Tron nodded, pride flowing through him for his User. He was just as efficient as he was. But a need to act also flowed through him at his User's words. "I agree."

Alan-One nodded and walked over to "Trevon" to clasp him on the shoulder. "Let's go." He said and left the room. To be honest, he viewed Tron as his son. He was as much of one to him as he could be. He didn't want to lose him or anyone else in the System. If Sark and Dillinger were behind this, they were all in trouble!

It wasn't long before they had reached Sam's offices and gathered everyone for a meeting on the team. Tron relayed what he knew again, and they all reacted with varying degrees of surprise and worry. They talked and planned. It lasted for quite some time as they did so.

Tron would have much to bring back to his security team when he returned.


It was at least a milicycle before Tron returned to the Grid. He looked beat, but a bit more relieved as he walked up to the tower.

Astra ran into his arms as he walked up, to the entrance. She hadn't met him as she didn't know when he would be arriving, and didn't know how to drive a lightcycle yet. Which wouldn't have done much anyway as she would have simply met him halfway there. She hugged him tightly and pecked him on the lips. "You look better." She said happily.

He chuckled and nodded, squeezing her back. "Alan-one knows now." He said simply, those three words telling her all she needed to know. "Let's gather the others and head to the bar. I made you a promise." He smiles down at her and kisses her hair, he didn't want her to worry, so he held his thoughts unknown to her.

She beams up at him radiantly and nods. "Alright!" She chirps and leads him to the others.

Soon, they're sat at the bar with the others, energy in hand, though he has his arm around her this time while he drinks, a mischievous look upon his face as he quickly downs some and sends the feeling through his fingers to her lightlines upon her lower back.

She gasps and bats him on the arm after her eyes had gone glassy.

Beck just coughs and laughs while Paige looks entertained. Zed and Mara had missed it, talking about the first weapon Zed had been working on when Astra had arrived. It hadn't been used in the attack because it wasn't finished yet, he had to fix something in its design, but he and Mara had just finished it this cycle. Just as Astra hadn't used her User powers to block the breach like they had hoped she would, she simply wasn't trained enough for it.

Tron leaned in to whisper to Astra. "Got you." Back. Resounded within his mind to hers, as he was referring to when she had done the same to him.

She blushed and shook her head with a smile. "Ooh you." She bats his arm with an equally mischievous look, but her energy was already almost gone, he had planned that perfectly! She looks down to her drink, a bit put out, then whispers to him. "I'll get you back later."

He growls at that, eyes heated. "I hope you do." He invites her readily.

Beck and Paige were engaged in conversation now, so Tron gets up, having finished his energy in nearly one gulp, and pulls Astra with him. "I believe you told me to rest." He says flirtatiously to her, then nods to the others. "I'll be back down in a microcycle or so. Don't wait up for me. Beck, I'll need to speak with you and the Team after." He informs them as Astra smiles and follows him for some well-earned rest, she wasn't willing to admit it, but she was pretty tired herself.

"Next cycle, after I'm finished with my Team, I'll show you a bit more of what had happened during the war." He says down to her as he holds her tight within the elevator. "I think you need to know." Part of it had to do with showing her Rinzler in the Simulation room, he couldn't become Rinzler now, but his memories of him made it so that he could re-create that state of himself in a simulation easily. He wanted to see how she would react to him. Something that made his processor ache. He wasn't sure…

She felt his unease through his embrace and nodded. "Thank you. I'll be fine. I promise." Though she wasn't sure that was the reason he was uneasy about it, he wasn't letting her hear his thoughts on the matter.

He smiled down at her and hugged her close. The door opened and they walked in, they had made the bed before leaving earlier that cycle, and so pulled the covers back and slept within each other's arms.