A/N: Is this an original idea? no. is it satisfying anyway? yes. i feel like the Cullens should get to know all of Bella Swan. incuding her embarrasing phases. note to all readers the first video is actually a situation that happened to me. and im pretty sure my 5th grade teacher still has not forgiven my mother. poor Ms Heikel.

I was sitting cuddled into Edwards side at the Cullen house. we were watching a movie when the doorbell rang.

"Its Charlie." Edward informed us. Esme smiled and went to answer the door. "What does he want?" I asked.

"Your mother sent over a box of all your home video's and he thinks if we watch them i'm going to dump you." Edward said amused.

his siblings rolled their eyes as I paled. Esme came back with the box in her hands. "Well we may as well watch them." She said placing the box on the coffee table.

"NO!" I shouted in panic. those video's were mortifying

Emmett grinned widely as he opened the box. "we are totally watching them!" He shouted.

I shot a pleading look at my boyfriend. "Oh c'mon love whats the worst that could happen?" He reasoned

I narrowed my eyes at him. "If you go along with this I will not Kiss, touch, hug, cuddle or allow you to come into my room for the next two weeks." I hissed.

Edward shot a panicked look at Alice who blinked in surprise. "She'll actually do it." Alice confirmed in surprise. Edwards resolve crumbled like sand.

"I dont think we should watch them without Bella's permission." He insisted. I grinned as everyone groaned.

Little did I know evil pixies liked to haggle. "If you let us watch them i'll not play Barbie Bella for two weeks." Alice offered.

I bit my lip. that was mildly tempting.

"I wont tease you for a week after we watch all the video's" Emmett added. I looked at Alice for conformation and she nodded.

"I'll fix your truck so it doesn't sound like its murdering someone, that way Edward can't buy you a new car." Rosalie put in.

i clenched my hand. had. to. stay. firm.

"I'll stop Edward from forcing you to go to prom with him" Jasper put in.

Damnit. "DEAL" I shouted. All the Cullens minus Edward grinned. Edward looked very put out. I smiled at him and sat in his lap. "This is going to be embarrassing. hold me?" I pouted. He grinned and pulled me flush against his body as Emmett picked up a tape.

"This ones called. "Bella's curiosity" I groaned and turned to bury my face in Edwards neck as Emmett put the tape in.

-Video beginning-

An 11year old me was walking into the house as someone followed me holding a camera."Why are you recording me lynn?" I asked.

Lynn the girl behind the camera laughed. "Because auntie Renee is going to have a heart attack and I want to catch it on camera." She said.

I huffed. "I just want to ask her a question. whats the big deal?" I asked Lynn snorted. "you'll understand when your older squirt." She promised

"Dont call me squirt!" I argued.

Renee walked in to the room. "Oh how was school today Bella? Thanks for picking her up lynn." My mom said.

Lynn laughed. "No problem. Auntie. oh by the way. Bella has a very important question for you." She said before she snickered.

I glared at her before turning to my mom. "Ma, In recess today I heard some boys talking. and I was wondering. whats an Orgasm?" I asked innocently.

My mom froze. "Whats an Orgasm? oh, well- Honey you see, its- um. its kind of. you know what. I don't know. ask your teacher." She said before fleeing the room.

Lynn burst into laughter as she fell to the floor cutting the video off

-End Video-

I blushed bright red as the Cullens stared at the screen in shock. then Emmett burst into laughter as did the rest of Edward's siblings. Even Carlisle and Esme looked to be struggling to contain their amusement.

"So bells. ever learn what an orgasm was?" Emmett teased.

and Circie almighty I had no idea what possessed me to respond but I looked up and glared at my bear of a brother before adapting a completely innocent expression. "Why no Emmett, I didn't. Perhaps Edward can teach me what it is later." I responded.

That shut them up. Everyone was now looking at me as if i'd grown three heads. Finally Rosalie Slapped her husband's head and glared at him. "You've currupted her!" She accused.

I snorted quietly. oh if only she knew... well they were about to find out.

"My turn!" Rosalie said as she went over to the box and thumbed through the tapes until she found one she liked "This ones called "Never Cheat on Bella Swan" Roosalie read as she raised an eyebrow.

I groaned and buried my head in Edwatds neck while Rosalie popped the tape in

-Video beginning-

it was dark out and you could barely make out my face under the street lights. I was perhaps 15 or 16

"Isa, I love you. but your going to get us arrested!" Lynn whisper yelled.

"Not if we do this right. my dads a Police officer, I know what they look for when investigating a crime." I assured

The cullens all stared at me in disbelief and I burrowed closer to Edward who tightened his arm around me

"ok but if we go down this was your idea!" Lynn hissedI smirked as we approached a house with a red Mercedes out front. "This is his car." I said pointing to the Mercedes.

"Ok lets do this." Lynn said as she began pouring liquid all over his car. I then came into view with a box of stuff. "Lynn use your glass cutter to cut the window." I ordered.

my cousin compled and as soon as the hole was made I poured the boxes contents into the car. Tshirts. a jersey. two hoodies. a watch. some comic books and a red lighter. I smiled and stepped back before pouring more liquid inside his car.

Then both me and lynn lit matches.I turned to the camera and smiled wickedly. "This is what happens when you cheat on the nice girl" I said before we threw our matches at the car. mine went through the hole in the glass and lynn's landed on the hood

the car was almost immediately consumed by flames and we booked it two blocks down the street to where Lynn's car was."So what's our Alibi? you know Mike is going to suspect either you or I" She panted as we slid into the car and quickly drove off

"We were at the movies when the crime took place." I said firmly. "What if the cops want to see our ticket stubs?" Lynn questioned. "Well. fir one Lucy and Becca are actually at the movies tonight.

They despise Mike so they are going to give us their ticket stubs.and we're going to put them in the trash can in my room and make a bit of a show about looking for them. then give them to the officer" I explained."What about when your blush gives us away?" Lynn wondered as she pulled up to my house.I

smiled evilly. " The girls are watching fifty shades of grey. im only 15, you can say my blush is because I'm embarrassed that they know I watch that sort of thing" I soothed.Lynn snorted. "I swear if you weren't my cousin I would stay the hell away from you." She said as she laughed

~End of video~

The Cullen's all looked at me in various degrees of shock. I sighed and smirked slightly. "It gets worse." and with that Alice was rifling through the box of videos before I could blink

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