"Tarzan wait!'' I cried as I struggled to catch up with him. My breath was uneven and my lungs burned. I winced and doubled over. Never in my life have I been in this much pain; not even when I used to go jogging with my best friends back in England. It made sense, however, why I was in so much pain; I never worked out. Tarzan, on the other hand, was as healthy as an ox. I shook my head, trying to clear the pain.

"Jane?'' I heard Tarzan's deep, baritone voice call me. His voice echoed in my head. I heard a whooshing sound and I sudden thud in front of me.

"Jane? Are you alright?'' Tarzan asked.

"I'm fine, darling, I'm just-tired.'' I managed to wheeze out. I felt sick; in fact; in fact, I thought I might throw up.

"Do you need to sit down?'' Tarzan asked. I nodded and Tarzan gently grabbed my arm and led me over to a tree stump and sat me down. My head was spinning. That run had taken quite a toll on both me and my body.

"Don't worry about me, Tarzan, I'm perfectly fine. I just need a few minutes to compose myself.'' I waved my hand away. I was fine really. I just needed a little bit of a break.

"Do you want to go back to the tree house?'' Tarzan asked.

"No really, I- I'm fine.'' I coughed harshly. I could feel my chest constrict and my lungs only continued to burn. "On second thought, that doesn't sound like a bad idea.'' I rasped. Tarzan took me into his arms and carried me back to the tree house.

As we approached the tree house, I had to bite my lip to keep myself from groaning. Terk and Tantor were probably in the there making a ruckus.

Tarzan threw open the door, and, sure enough, Tantor and Terk were making a mess of the tree house again. Pots were scattered across the floor; there was broken glass everywhere. Terk and Tantor were throwing cushions at each other. There were bits of feathers scattered all across the house. And there was Daddy, watching them. The three turned towards us.

"Jane, what's wrong?'' Tantor asked.

"It was the heat,'' I explained. And my inability to run.

"Tantor, Terk, she needs to rest,'' Tarzan said. He walked past them and placed me on the couch. Daddy walked up to me.

"Are you ok, Jane?'' he asked, concerned.

"I am Daddy. I just…need to rest.'' I explained.

"Ok, I'll let you be,'' Daddy said, walking off.

I slowly drifted to sleep, hoping I'd feel better when I woke up.