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Chapter 11

Tazuna looked a little nervus at the name with raven hair sitting on the bound man. "What….what is going on here?" He question as his nerves are getting the better of him.

Loki's cold green eyes look up at him. "I was about to ask you the same thing. As Heimdall says is true. You have lied about this mission you have hired my nephew for." He told the frighten elderly man before him.

Tazuna fell to this knees before the God that sat before him. "For give me. Have mercy on this old fool. My hands our bound as the people of my island. We have been taken hostage by Gato. He has killed the Lord of our Land and sold the Lady of our land and their children of into slavery. Taken over our gold and ruby mines. Taken all our export and imports, taken all our jobs from us and then only hiring us for pennies for the dollar and kidnapping our daughters, wives, sisters and children and selling or worse. The money I had was all we could get together. We had hoped it would be enough for a chunin team to save our village or maybe a two Jonin. Not children that we have here." He cried as he fell the ground.

"Uncle." Said Naruto.

Loki knew what she was thinking. For this think that was never turned away in Asgard. Thor wouldn't allow it and would handle it personal if he could. "If I will not stop them from this mission. But I will go along with them. As I do not want to hear my brother cry about something happening to his heir." He said as a sigh escaped his lips.

"What do you mean. I believe we should turn around and return back to the village. As the Client lied about the mission." Said Kakashi looking to the God before him.

Loki narrowed his eyes at the man. "HE might have lied. But he did it for the good of his home. If you wish to return. Then be it. But Naruto and I will keep going along with Hati and Skoll." HE told Kakashi in a cold regal tone.

Kakashi narrowed his eyes at the man before him. "No, we will Continue with this mission. But word will be sent to the Hokage about the changes of the mission." He said with annoyed tone in his voice.

"I Shall speak to the Hokage and Thor." Said Heimdall as he knew Loki was to the point of snapping the silver hair man in half.

"Very well. Take these two back to them as well." Said Loki looking over at Heimdall.

"As you wish." Said Heimdall nodding his head and patting his massive hand on Naruto's head. "Be safe little one. For may changes await you around ever corning of this mission." HE told him.

"I will." Said Naruto smiling up at him.

Naruto walked up to the old man. "Here drink this." He handed him a leather pouch to drink from.

Tazuna took a drink from it as his eyes widen. "What is this?" He asked as he looked up at the blonde before him.

Naruto smiled. "It is Mead I make. It is good when one is over whelmed." He told the old man.

"It is really good. Thank you." Said Tazuna as he handed back the leather pouch to the boy.

"Does Thor know you took your Mead with you?" Asked Loki looking at his boy.

Naruto grinned and held up a finger to his lips and winked. Loki just laughed. "Thor will not be happy when he goes looking for it." He told Naruto,

Naruto waved him off. "I made him more before we left." He said with a large grin on his face.

"Is that what you where doing?" Asked Kiba looking at Naruto.

"Yup." Said Naruto grinning over at his brother.

"Anyways in Asgard I am allowed my Mead with my dinner after battles. As a shinobi I am allowed to drink now as well. But do not worry uncle. I will not be like the warriors Three. One glass of mead is all and fine with dinner or to warm ones self. Other then that. I am fine with tea." Said Naruto smiling softly.

Loki nodded his head as Hati walked over to the boy and Naruto climbed back on. Skolled moved over to Ino allowing the girl back onto his back. As they wouldn't allow the girls of the teams to walk.

"Why does the dope get the ride on the beast back?" demanded Sasuke as he was growing annoyed with just Ino and Naruto riding on the back of the two wolves.

"Naruto is our blood, and we like him. As well Ino is a girl and we will not allow a Princess to walk. For you we don't like, and you can walk ducky." Said Hati baring his teeth at the boy.

Sasuke just huffs at the wolf and begins walking away from the others as Hati and Skoll roll their eyes.

Times passes as they making to the shore where a boat is waiting for the bridge builder. "About time you show up." Said a man wrapped up in a cloak.

"Sorry we ran into a little trouble." Said Tazuna as he got into the boat.

Skoll and Hati just stood on the water along with Loki. They didn't feel the need to ride with the others as well their wasn't enough room for them. As the boatsmen was looking at them two wolves with fear in his eyes.

"Don't worry my cousins will not hurt you." Said Naruto smiling at the man.

The man just nods his head not sure what to think at what the blonde hair boy told him. But shinobi are strange and can change what they look like. So who was he to say what they truly look like.

In the mist two hazel eyes watch the boat slowly make its way to the land as it also watches two blondes riding on the backs of two massive wolves and a raven hair man walking along side them.

'I need to find Zabuza-sama and tell them there are more coming with the old man then original reported.' Thought the person as they vanished into a mirror of ice as it falls to the ground shattering into a million tiny pieces.