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Jinmay shut the cover of her diary closed for a moment and reached for her drawer to pull out a simple yet short length light green tank top with a pink heart in the middle and tiny yellow frilly sleeping shorts.

She took her time changing into her choice of sleep wear before letting her pink pigtails down, running through the pink and white strands with her fingers so they were loose of any tangles.

She felt bashful as the spaghetti straps fell slightly off her shoulders. She knew a lot of skin was exposed but something about the outfit made her appearance seem all the more human which was what she desired…even if it was all just an illusion that would shatter if she activated her metallic form.

Jinmay turned towards her mirror once more.

She studied her image carefully, taking in the mature yet subtle "womanly" changes that were present in her physique and appearance thanks to the A.A.G.E.R. program that Otto and Gibson thoughtfully installed in her body system a couple of months back.

She couldn't help but smile softly at the memory…

Flashback to couple of months ago:

"Jinmay! Oh Jinmay! Where' ya at?! We need your help convincing Chiro to give his new Game Galaxy X Station 5 Sphere a break so we can have cake and ice cream!" Otto sing-songed casually throughout the halls of the super robot before Gibson glared at him.

"Otto, stop being childish and take this seriously! Finding Jinmay is a priority of significance right now! Antuari is growing restless..."

The blue and green monkeys gulped in unison as they looked over their shoulders to see Sprx and Nova unsuccessfully trying to pry the just turned 16-year-old raven haired teen away from his current game session.

They winced when they saw Antauri's expression darken as he drummed his fingers against his folded arms, as if awaiting when the right time would be to use his claw disruptor on the device that had his "son" engrossed beyond comprehension.

Something that Sprx and Nova wouldn't take too kindly to seeing as they spent all their Shuggazoomian hero appreciation perks on the gift to give to the birthday teen.

Once they surprised Chiro with the early birthday present, it was apparent that he had no intentions of letting it go to waste despite the silver simian's statement of feeling uneasy when he saw one of the new game's titled "Fortress of the Night".

Thus why the couple quickly sent Otto and Gibson off in search for their leader's girlfriend in the hopes that she would be an even more powerful distraction that could lure Chiro away from the game before it was destroyed.

The two monkeys continued their search only to come to an abrupt halt at the sound of muffled sniffling from Chiro's room.

They entered cautiously with wide eyes to see the sight of the pink haired robot girl hiding her face in his pillow as she clutched it, crying softly.

Otto was quick to pounce on her with a comforting hug despite Gibson's protests when he saw the girl jump from his tackle.

"Aw Jinnie, you're crying! What's wrong?!" Otto asked as he frowned with concern.

"Ottto! Gibson! I-I'm sorry...I-I didn't mean for you to see me like this-I'm fine. Don't worry about it." Jinmay sniffed, feeling timid and vulnerable as she tried waving them off.

Gibson smiled comfortingly at the her. "Now, now, Jinmay there is no need to apologize. Though I concur with Otto in wondering why you're in such a state of distraught?"

"Yeah! It's Chiro's sweet sixteenth birthday today! Aren't ya excited? You said you were gonna give him a special present, remember?!" Otto grabbed her hands energetically and wiggled his eyebrows.

Jinmay smiled sadly. "Of course Ottto. It's just...well...I-I" She sighed. "Never mind...I don't think you guys would understand..."

"Aww come on...Please tell us? We're here for you after all!" Otto smiled encouragingly.

Gibson noticed her hesitation to continue. "Did something happen with you and Chiro?"

She shook her head slowly. "Not really...everything was going great. Earlier, we were going on a nice walk on that secluded walking trail with the beautiful blossom trees and stream close to the outskirts-"

"-Ooh sounds romantic!" Otto gushed only to be bopped on the head by Gibson, "Otto! Don't be rude by interrupting!"

"Sorry." Otto grinned sheepishly.

Jinmay couldn't help but hiccup a giggle. "It's ok, and yes it was Otto...Like I said, everything was going great. I was going to tell him something...important...and I thought well, what better time than on his special day, but before I could say anything, we ran into some citizens who quickly greeted Chiro and wished him happy birthday. Some of which were teenage girls our age and a little older, pretty too. They chatted with him for a little bit, wouldn't let him get much of a word in though. You know how fan girls can be..." Jinmay rolled her eyes.

"Anyways finally they asked him what he was doing in one of the most romantic spots in Shuggazoom...Before he could say anything about me, they beat him to the punch, looked at me, cooed, and said 'Oh my gosh! Is this your little sister?! She's so cute!' and then another argued saying I was his little cousin, trying to guess my age way lesser than how old I am. Chiro and I obviously got fed up and blurted that we were around the same age and dating, but some of the group either laughed and thought it was a joke, or looked at us horrified saying it was impossible since I looked way younger than him. Next thing I knew, Chiro stormed off, dragged me along with him, and tried to reassure me not to listen to their taunts."

Jinmay clenched her fists, willing them not to shake. "Needless to say, the moment was definitely ruined and I tried to do what he said but when I really looked at him...I couldn't help but feeling that they were right...I mean, he looks so much different than when I first met him a few years back. He's taller, his hair is longer, and sometimes I've got to remind him to shave...He's obviously growing up...but me?"

Jinmay felt the tears running down her flushed cheeks once more as her shoulders shook. "Because of what I am...I'll never be able to..and-and..."

"-And you fear that he will leave you behind as a result?" Gibson concluded in a question that sounded more like a statement.

Jinmay sniffled miserably once more.

"Aw Jinnie..." Otto frowned, hating to see the girl cry.

"Hm...due to such circumstances, your fears are not unreasonable. It is only logical for the cycle of changes that come with adolescents transitioning into adulthood to affect statuses of current relationships depending on interest and outside influences that result in such relationships either failing to continue or risk undergoing life peer pressures. Unfortunately in your case, because of your identity structure compared to Chiro's, the odds are even more stacked against you both..." Gibson stated.

Jinmay barely understood Gibson's long statement but got his point perfectly. She clutched her fists even tighter as she shook, ready to burst into sobs of defeat, until she felt Gibson put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, his other finger pointing up, as if to say he wasn't finished.

"BUT that is simply the logical standards of looking at the possibility. However, when it comes to how Chiro feels on these matters and even more so of how he feels about you, I can assure you my dear, that your fears are indeed unnecessary. Not only does he care less about what people think, but how he thinks about you is far more significant than any petty opinions of the public. With how deep the bond you two have, I would have to say the odds of it breaking apart over something like that are quite implausible."

She still barely understood what the blue monkey said, but judging by his warm smile and reassuring pat on the shoulder, she knew he was saying there was no need to worry. She managed to smile back at him sadly.

"Yeah! What Gibson said! Er...actually, I have no idea what he just said..." Otto smiled before mumbling quickly, much to Gibson's annoyance.

"But I know one thing for sure, there's no way in Shuggazoom or even the galaxy Chiro would wanna leave you just because you don't look the same age he does! He likes ya too much!" Otto reassured.

Jinmay blushed as she looked away.

"Otto! That is exactly the same statement I just finished making." Gibson protested.

"Oh really? I couldn't tell. You were doing the smart mumbo jumbo talk thingy you always do." Otto chuckled.

Gibson smacked a hand against his forehead as a reply.

"Buut...I think I've got a great idea that'll make everything all better!" Otto smiled with a hand on his chin as a certain gleam twinkled in his eye.

Gibson gulped. "Otto...I do not like that look in your eye at all..."

"Jinmay! You've still got those specs on your design that you got on that road trip you took with Slingshot right?" Otto asked eagerly.

Jinmay tried not to wince painfully at the memory before she raised an eyebrow at him. "Well...yeah, I think so. But what does that have to do with-"

"What in the-Otto what does that have to do with Jinmay's current state of-" Gibson tried.

"Great!" Otto chirped and started pacing the floor. "Hm...I'm gonna need that and my special tool box..I think I still got it in my closet somewhere...and oh! Gibbs, I'm gonna need your help too! Maybe video dial up Johnny and Supaa too, they might have some good ideas, and-"

"-Otto! Just what in Shuggazoom's name are you planning?!" Gibson nearly shouted.

Otto rolled his eyes as if the answer couldn't be clearer. "Well duuuhhh isn't it obvious?! If Jinmay's worried about not looking her age, then all we gotta do is..."

Gibson's eyes widened. "-You are not seriously suggesting what I think you are proposing!"

"- Make a device that'll catch her up on some missed out birthdays and make her feel better!" Otto finished with a bright smile.

"You...You can you do that?" Jinmay blinked with widened eyes.

"Of course not!"

"Of course we can!"

Gibson and Otto blinked and looked at each other after giving their responses at the same time.

"You must be reasonable, Otto! We cannot simply make a device that'll just instantly transform her appearance to look older!" Gibson explained.

Otto shrugged. "Why not? You're smart enough and I got the right tools in my closet and junk box to get the job done. Plus with Jinmay's specs laying the ground work it'll be a piece of cake!"

"But-but" Gibson sputtered.

"I dunno Otto, I don't want to be any trouble to you guys..." Jinmay muttered as she rubbed her arm.

Otto threw her a thumbs up. "It's no trouble at all! Gibby here doesn't mind either! He's just getting all worked up 'cause I thought of the idea first before he did."

"I most certainly am not! Hmph! And I will have you know that the idea DID occur in my mind, it just didn't...fully come to the forefront before you said anything!" Gibson grumbled and nearly pouted. "And besides, there are ramifications that must be kept in mind before engaging in such a project that I am certain you failed to consider!"

"Uh, like what?" Otto blinked cluelessly.

Gibson blinked before looking thoughtful for a moment. "yes well...for one thing...er...I-Chiro! Yes! We need our leader's stamp of approval! I am not certain that he would be so quick to approve this type of an ide-"

"-Bet." Otto smirked before going into the main command room to see Nova and Sprx in the far off corner still trying to convince Antauri not to destroy Chiro's new gaming system.

Otto walked up to the birthday teen who was furiously mashing the buttons on his controller in concentration.

"Come on! Quit spamming!" Chiro yelled into his new gaming headset.

"Heya Chiro?" Otto tapped the boy on his shoulder.

"Huh." Chiro muttered distractedly as he concentrated on the game.

Otto twiddled his metal thumbs innocently. "Me and Gibson were just wondering if we could...oh I dunno...maybe have your permission to assemble a special device to implant into Jinmay that'll allow her appearance to match her age and make her feel better about herself since she was upset earlier. Pleeeaase?! Pretty please with wonder fun meat world meat, sauce, and icing with sprinkles on top?!"

"Now he's camping too?!" Chiro shouted furiously at the huge monitor screen.

"Chirooo did ya hear me?" otto whined.

"Huh? Oh yeah sure, whatever ya want. Just don't make a mess now, okay?" Chiro muttered waving the green monkey off as he continued to watch the screen.

"Can do! Thanks buddy!" Otto threw a cheerful thumbs up and left.

Chiro then snapped out of his trance and blinked for a moment. "Wait a minute...did Otto say something about Jinmay?"

Before his wondering could continue, however, he heard blasting sound effects that reminded him that his game wasn't paused. "What the?! Oh my gosh, this noob! I'm about to end this whole dude's career!" Chiro shouted into his headset once more before he continued his game.

Once Otto informed the two that he got their leader's okay, they went straight to work on planning Jinmay's upgrade. The day continued and Antauri reluctantly refrained from destroying the entire game system thanks to Sprx and Nova's consistent prompting, but made sure to keep the threat a likely possibility if his son failed to balance priorities.

Since the rest of the week went with little to no activity in the city, Gibson and Otto worked hard to finish the upgrade with no delay much to the curiosity of their teammates, minus Chiro who was still very engrossed in his game sessions.

The young leader figured if he proved to be productive in all of his training, chores, and patrols accordingly, it would be enough to keep the silver simian off of his back when it came to his gaming time and he wasted no time in convincing his second-in-command to agree to such terms.

But that didn't keep Chiro from looking over his shoulder occasionally to make sure that the silver monkey's ghost claws weren't active or on sight just in case.

Meanwhile, in another part of the robot in a secluded laboratory, Gibson wiped the sweat from his brow and stepped back from the table. "Well, the finishing touches have been applied. I'd say overall, the project turned out to be a success."

"Yay! So, we're all done!" Otto smiled, wiping his hands on a rag. "Now we just gotta power her up and let the program do the rest!"

Otto flipped a switch that was connected to the robotic girl as she started to wake up. Meanwhile, the rest of their teammates minus Chiro stood outside the lab's door blinking in curiosity as lights filled the area. They looked at each other in confusion until Antuari knocked.

The door slid open immediately as Gibson walked out. "Oh, hello everyone, I must say we weren't expecting company on this side of the robot. What brings you all here?"

"Greetings Gibson, we apologize if we are interrupting anything important. But it seems that you and Otto have been absent for quite a while this week and curiosity got the better of us." Antauri explained.

"Yeah, just what the heck are you two doing down here Brainstrain, making a bomb?" Sprx smirked, before his girlfriend roughly pushed him aside.

"Shut it Sprx. What he means is we just wanted to check on you guys to make sure everything's ok." Nova finished.

"And that you two aren't making a bomb." Sprx joked before jumping away from Nova's attack. They smirked at each other before she abruptly whacked him with her tail.

Otto chuckled. "Oh ho ho we made a bomb alright! A bombshell of a girl! This project couldn't have turned out any better!"

The monkeys shrieked in confusion. "A girl?!"

"Wow, so it's like that huh you two? No wonder you were hiding out in this part of the robot. Sneaky, sneaky..." Sprx smirked before Nova smacked him again.

"Can it, you!" Nova snapped.

"Aww no need to get jealous, you know you're my bae." Sprx winked, ignoring the fact that Nova was glaring full on daggers at him.

Antauri held a single hand up with a sigh. "Everyone calm yourselves. Gibson, please explain."

Gibson gave Otto an irritated glance. "What Otto meant to state was simply that we have completed a long project that included a unique upgrade to Jinmay's body system that would automatically adapt to her age setting and change her appearance and specifications accordingly to that time frame as long as it is updated as needed on a yearly basis along with proper maintenance for her battle formats.

Everyone just blinked at him.

Sprx broke the awkward silence with a groan. "Ugh, Brainstrain. How many times do I gotta say it, we habla no geek speak. Talk normal."

"We made a neato program that makes Jinmay look her age now and it'll automatically keep her looking that way every time she has a birthday! It made her battle forms look different too! it even gave her some cool looking weapons and stuff when she wants to use them in her full robot form!" Otto explained eagerly.

"Oh! So the kiddette looks older and got an upgrade. Huh, why didn't ya just say that, Brainstrain?" Sprx folded his arms.

"I did." Gibson grumbled and rubbed his temples as if it were to prevent a headache.

"I see. And I take it Chiro is aware of this event taking place?" Antauri raised an eyebrow.

"Er well..." Gibson started, rubbing the back of his head.

"Yep! We got the okie dokie from him before we started!" Otto gave Antauri a thumbs up.

A light groaning came from the table in the center of the room.

"I-is it done?" Jinmay asked with a bit of grogginess.

"Yep! Here, take a look!" otto scampered off to get the robot girl a mirror.

Jinmay gasped as she looked at her reflection. "This-this is really me?"

"Of course it is. Though your appearance is not strikingly different, the program was made to adapt to how you would look in this current time which you were outdated by only a few years. Thus why the automatic aging GPU enhancer in real time program or otherwise known as A.A.G.E.R was a great success in your upgrade." Gibson smiled.

Otto smiled as he circled Jinmay, eagerly pointing out her upgraded features. "Yeah! you look the same, but there's some big differences! You're taller and all curvy, your hair's longer, your lips are kind of plumpy, and you've even got these big round bouncy thingies on your chest! See?!"

Nova, Antauri, and Gibson wasted no time in knocking Otto to the ground before he could extend his hand out. "Don't touch that, Otto! What is wrong with you?!" They all chorused.

Sprx just snickered before shooting Jinmay a wink. "'Gotta say, you don't look too shabby there, Kiddette."

Jinmay gave him a bashful smile of thanks before crouching down to give Gibson and a still unconocious Otto a big yet crushing hug. "Oh, I can't thank you two enough! you guys really did an amazing job! Thank you so much!"

"You're...quite welcome...though... I humbly request... that...you'd lighten your grip...since the upgrade increased your strength...and I'd rather not end up like Otto here." Gibson struggled to explain while pointing to Otto who was still knocked out with a silly look on his face."

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Jinmay released the two monkeys.

"And might I inquire why exactly you wanted to undergo such a change, Jinmay?" Antauri asked her attentively, though he had a knowing look in his eye.

"Oh ya know, I kinda just...wanted to, I guess?" Jinmay shot him a nervous smile as she played with her hands in her lap, refusing to give him eye contact.

Antauri hummed thoughtfully. "I see. Well, as long as the purpose for the change is meaningful for you, then I hope it serves you well."

"It is...Thank you, Antauri." Jinmay nodded and smiled softly at the silver monkey before he nodded at her and hovered off into his own quarters.

Nova put a thoughtful hand to her chin as she examined Jinmay's appearance. "Yeah, now that I see it, I think the changes worked a little too well. Looks like, we're gonna have to get you some new clothes, girl."

Jinmay raised an eyebrow at her until she looked herself over in a larger mirror. Her eyes widened.

Her signature once modest light green dress was now like a boa constrictor on her body. The top part of the dress looked as if it was ready to burst out, while the skirt of the dress came up higher than above the knees, overall the entire dress clung to her newly upgraded form as if it were a very uncomfortable second skin.

She yelped and dove under a linen cloth that was on the table, her face fully red. "I-I think you got a good point, Nova..."

"Heh, I don't see what's wrong with it. Go on and show the kid." Sprx gave a dark smirk.

"You wanna end up like Otto?" Nova asked simply, her threat lacing her calm tone as she pointed to the unconscious green monkey over her shoulder as Gibson searched the cabinet for some smelling salt.

"Er...on second thought, a new wardrobe couldn't hurt..." Sprx mumbled as he stepped aside to avoid his girlfriend's wrath.

"You're probably still getting used to the changes, so I'll head to the nearest shop real quick to see what I can find for ya." Nova smiled at Jinmay.

Jinmay wanted to protest. "Wait, no, I can go too-whoa..." She felt her processors freeze as if someone jerked her out of standby mode resulting in a form of a dizzy spell. "On second thought...Never mind. Sounds like a plan. I'll just be waiting here then." She smiled tiredly at the yellow monkey who just chuckled and pat her hand.

"I'll get some really cool looking outfits for ya, okay?" Nova waved at Jinmay before stopping in front of her boyfriend to peck him on the cheek. "And you, stay out of trouble while I'm gone." She warned.

"I dunno what you're goin on about, I'm a perfect angel, angel." Sprx smiled innocently and pointed above his head as if there was a golden halo there. Nova rolled her eyes and left.

Sprx glanced over his shoulder to the robot girl who was trying to wrap the long sheet around her body to be more decent. He then poked his head out the door, peering into the long hallway into the command center to see Chiro glaring at the main screen as he shouted into his gaming headset and threw his controller before picking it back up again, apparently going through the phases of an obvious rage quit.

Sprx grinned mischievously while rubbing his hands together. "Oh ho, I'm gonna have fun with this..."

To be Continued...