As Rinayo was shown around his room that he would be residing for now, he was still thinking about those visions. As he thought more, maybe it was his sister, but those thoughts were taken back by the man speaking to him.

"...Kiddo? You still there?"

"Oh jesus, sorry," Rinayo said, "I must have dozen off."

As the man walked to the door,

"Stay here. I must know something."

"Just spill it out, I don't have all the time in the world!"

"Very well then, Braig." Rinayo gave him a death glare that spooked Braig a lot.

"What happened to it?" Rinayo asked. "Not sure what you are saying?" Braig said, carrying a smirk. Rinayo got angered and ignited his lightsaber, holding it at his throat. "You know what I mean." Braig gulped. He had to spill it out, but making so Rinayo didn't know he lied.

"It got destroyed."


"Like, four or five years after you suddenly dissapeared like dust, the world got destroyed. Almost nothing got left except the castle."

"And her?"

"She also suddenly dissapeared like dust."

Braig only heard a sigh. "Leave." He leaved the room, closed the door and left a breath of relief.

Rinayo quietly sat in his bed, lost in his thoughts. Was she dead? Given that it has been ten or eleven years ago, he ran a hand through his hair and sighed. He thought she was dead anyway, and decided to sleep anyway.

The next week, he was trained to just summon dark corridors, but the Supreme Leader decided to challenge him...

However, it ended with a massive humiliation for him as the whole Organization watched Rinayo make him look like a regular Nobody. Every time he tried to hit him with his ethereal blades - and pointed out they were almost like lightsabers from a certain point of view - so he always managed to block the attacks with his Form II fighting style.

"You have lost." Rinayo said to him, lightsaber a few inches away from his throat, then he deactivated it. He just chuckled. "You fought well."

"Face it, Xemnas. You were holding back, didn't you?" Rinayo said to Xemnas, whilst putting on his Sith cloak and putting the lightsaber on the belt.


Sith gold and crimson red ring eyes stared into amber eyes. "You've got to be kriffing kidding me." He immediatly decided to storm the hell out of the place. He knew that Xemnas was stronger than him.

He returned to his room, shrugged off his cloak and as he slumped in his bed, he thought more about the visions. They were starting to be really constant, and he kriffing hated it.

Whatever. All he just wanted was to sleep, and he would have if it wasn't for that karking Saix entering the room, disturbing his possible sleep.

"Hey," he said, "Xemnas is expecting you. Everyone else including him is on the gray area. Don't be late."

"Ughhhh. Fine." Rinayo just groaned. Why. Why. As Saix left the room, Rinayo put on his cloak and left the room, following Saix.

"So what you all are saying about this Keyblade wielder is that with no previous training, he managed to save the whole galaxy?" Nods were recieved from Rinayo.

"I see. Are we going to encounter him soon? I'd like to test him if he's the real deal that you guys keep saying to me."

Just as he said that, Xigbar came from a dark corridor, with his hood up. "Just did a little search thru Hollow Bastion. Seems like the kid's there."

A little silence ensued for a few seconds before Xemnas decided to speak up for the whole Organization. "Very well, Number II. It is time to finally make us known to the Keyblade's chosen one."

Everyone else left immediatly after as Xigbar asked, "You coming?"

"I'll... arrive soon."

As Xigbar left, Rinayo stared out to the window. They say that you're the chosen one, he thought, Let's see if you are indeed.

"...And those Organization XIII guys in charge too!" Goofy pointed out to Leon. Sora, Donald and Goofy just had started their journey anew, aware of this Organization. Speaking of which...

"You called?" A deep and powerful voice called from the shadows... Sora ran out of the bailey to see the source of the voice. Nothing.

"You're doing well."

"Who's that!?" Sora exclaimed, immediatly summoning his trusted Kingdom Key to his hand. Has the Organization finally showed up? Sora didn't want to think that.

"This calls for a celebration."

Nobodies appeared everywhere, which led to Sora fight with Leon instead of Donald and Goofy. Once he was done fighting...

"The Keyblade... Such a marvelous weapon..." The same deep voice appeared.

"... Were it only in more capable hands..." A new voice chimed in.

"Show yourselves!" Sora shouted to the sky. He really wanted to pick a goddamn fight.

From a corridor of darkness, one figure appeared, on top of a wall. Then, he raised his hands. Then, seven more figures appeared alongside him. Sora's suspicions were true. It was the Organization.

"You know..." One of the voices said, then someone appeared in front of Sora. "You have still yet to learn completely about us."

Sora looked at the boy. His eyes... scared him. No joke, those set of eyes scared him a lot.

"You must be the Keyblade's chosen one, aren't you?" He asked. Sora just stared him for some seconds before nodding with suspicion.

"I expected someone of your reputation to be a little bit... older." The mysterious person said to him. Wow, Sora surely built a reputation, huh?

"Wow," Sora said, "Never knew I had this much of a reputation."

The peson closed his eyes. "As a matter of fact..." The person leaped backwards. Then he clipped something out of his belt, and held it to his hand, angled down. "I'd like to..." He flipped something in his hand, as a red saber was ignited.

"...test you."

Sora looked at the weapon in the person's left hand. That was a very interesting weapon. He then readied his stance. Donald and Goofy also readied their weapons.

"Donald. Goofy. Stay out of this."

"Wak! But-"

"Gawrsh, Donald, if Sora wants us to not fight him, then-"

"-Then I just want to face him alone." Sora finished it. "I can take him on my own, don't worry!" Sora made a thumbs up to his two friends and companions, before facing the person ahead of him. He ran to him to attack him with his Keyblade-

-But he blocked it. Sora tried it again but he blocked it again. Then he tried every single attack move he had remembered with his keyblade, but he blocked it all. Once they locked blades again, "My turn."

He then extended his palm straight to Sora, and the next thing he saw was that he was sent flying. He recomposed himself and safely landed on ground with his feet.

"Who are you!?" Sora shouted to the person in front of him. The person stared at him before looking down to the ground...

"...Someone from the dark." He restanced himself and ran towards Sora, to strike him down, he thought. He blocked it.

The person then used his fighting knowledge to attack Sora from everywhere, but either he successfully dodge rolled out of the way or blocked it. As they locked blades, clear signs of exhaustion had caught to Sora. He was sweating intensively, due to this opponent's rapid speed and fast reactions.

"You've done well..." The person said in a quiet whisper. He then jumped into the top of a wall. "But remember..." Darkness overtook him in the form of a corridor.

"...There are your first steps."