A/N: {I am starting this story anew as I have seen many people try to do it but never complete it which left me frustrated. I promise to complete this and though updates may be slow remember; I neither have nor will abandon this story.}

Ash Ketchum stood atop the hill overlooking Pallet Town with his faithful Pikachu by his side. Rather than being happy for the first time in his life Ash was depressed. After his dismal performance at the Unova League and more importantly his disgraceful defeat at the hands of Cameron, Ash had begun to question his own decisions and his dream to be a Pokemon Master. His partner shared his mood, especially mad over his own loss to Cameron's Lucario.

This was the moment that Ash Ketchum decided that in order to achieve his dreams he had to become serious and leave all his childish tendencies behind.

In order to accomplish what he wanted he had to utilize the potential he knew he had and what countless others saw in him to become the very best. He had already decided on the next region he would be travelling which was Kalos. The Kalos League was less than three months away and it was time to do some serious training.

Though at first he had wanted to train all of his pokemon so that they could help him perform, now that he thought about it he had no time to train all of them. In addition to this in all honesty, there were some that did not have the strength or dedication to become an important pokemon that would fit in his team the first place.

After realizing that he had stood atop the hill for approximately for an hour and that Pikachu was getting impatient which meant he was in danger of a thunderbolt he decided further pondering could be done after greeting his mother, Professor Oak, his Pokemon at the ranch and possibly Gary. With this plan in mind he set off the path towards his house.

Upon reaching home he was greeted by his overenthusiastic mother who tempted him to stay home rather than to go to the ranch with an offer of a delicious meal. However, Ash decided this would only further delay him and after politely declining his mother's offer he set off at a fast pace towards the ranch. After greeting Professor Oak who congratulated him for his performance he entered the ranch only to be swept by all of his pokemon.

After his Pokemon had all gathered Ash began talking to them and began his, what some would call, speech," I know that some of you are disappointed that we have yet again not achieved our dream though we have been to countless regions and have worked very hard, a part of this hugely my fault", he held his hands up to stop any protests forthcoming," I left all of you and did not make you participate hugely in my battles or adventures when I travelled a new region, for which I am sorry".

His pokemon made various noises to indicate they accepted his apology. He smiled and continued, "However this time only those will travel who hand have shown their worth, have improved and have the utmost desire to win out of all my pokemon. The training regimen will be tough and only few will be able to handle it and qualify for a team. There will be a total of 12 spots for you to compete for. There will be two Pokemon teams of six each and one spot for Pikachu which does not include in the original two teams making it 13 Pokemon I will use. I will capture at most 4 pokemon in Kalos making 17 Pokemon altogether with whom I will travel Kalos and conquer the Kalos League. One team will be elite only to be used throughout the Kalos League. The other team will be used in everyday travel and for conquering gyms. The four pokemon I will capture can be used in both the gyms and the league. I hope you all are ready ad I know it we will be tough but as I said to someone very important to me many years ago we will never give up till it's over!" His pokemon responded with a cheer giving Ash all the support he needed to finally become serious and accomplish his dream.