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After his rather dramatic exit, Ash had landed in front of the Pokemon Center. He could feel a few people staring at him as he entered the Center making him fidget uncomfortably. He pulled his hat low over his eyes and used it to cover his face. After that he made his way over to Nurse Joy and submitted his Pokemon for a quick check-up.

As he waited for his Pokemon to arrive, he contemplated what to do next. After some thinking he decided he would head to Santalune City to challenge their gym next. However, before going he wanted to make sure Garchomp was alright.

With his mind made up, Ash headed towards Sycamore's lab. After a fifteen minute walk he arrived at the lab and headed inside. Once inside he was greeted warmly by the Professor and his assistants. They also expressed their gratitude for his heroics. He was embarrassed to say the least but quickly remembered the reason why he had come here in the first place.

"How is Garchomp doing?"

"Garchomp is better though he is still unconscious. Most of his injuries have already healed. He has suffered more of a mental trauma in comparison to a physical one. It will be more important to convince him that this incident wasn't his fault."

Ash felt relieved. He had been worried that the combined force of three of his Pokemon had dealt major damage to Garchomp. Thank Arceus, he was fine. Though, this brought into question the strength of his Pokemon. Guess he would have to step up their training a bit.

With the news Garchomp was fine, Ash headed out. The nearest gym here was the Lumiose Gym which was located in Prism Tower. Ash headed towards it. The gym leader was known to be an expert regarding electric types. It would be logical to use ground type Pokemon in order to counter him. He hoped the gym leader could provide a good battle.

Though he doubted it would be as good as the one with Surge all those years ago, Ash still had high expectations. The gym leader was also known to be an excellent scientist so battling him would be interesting. All this thought of battling was getting him excited. He couldn't wait.

Turns out he didn't need to wait. He was right in front of the entrance to the gym.

Just as he was about to enter, two blonde siblings came and tried to stop him. They gave a brief explanation as to why he shouldn't enter the gym but he shook off their concerns. Though he was able to enter the gym, he wasn't able to shake off the siblings who insisted to go with him.

After walking across a hallway, he found himself at the end with a large metallic door in front of him. Suddenly a metallic voice asked his purpose for entering. When he stated that he wished to battle, it replied that he needed at least four badges to enter.

Ash felt his burgeoning excitement turn into anger. Who did gym leader think he was? Consumed in his anger he didn't see the bolt of electricity heading for him but Pikachu did.

Ash looked up to see Pikachu absorbing a bolt of lightning and sending it right back where it came from. Now he was pissed. He had thought Erika was annoying with her perfumes but this was at another level. The gym leader wasn't just granting him entrance but also attacking him? Time to teach him a lesson.

Typhlosion appeared in a flash and looked towards him for instructions

"Go near the doors and use Lava Plume."

Ash was in no mood to play. He meant business. In his peripheral vision he could see the blonde siblings looking alarmed. However, before they could do much Lava Plume was unleashed.

In an explosion of heat which rivaled Infernape, Typhlosion's deadliest move was unleashed. Lava poured out and melted the door. Smoke and cinders filled the corridor before Ash summoned Floatzel to put out the resulting fires.

After the fires had been dealt with, he thanked Floatzel and Typhlosion before returning them. He stepped through the place where the doors once were.

As he set foot on the battlefield the gym leader was nowhere to be seen. He caught a glimpse of the blonde siblings disappearing behind a door but he paid them no heed. He was just ready to get this battle over with.

He had been waiting for about half an hour when suddenly the blonde siblings reappeared. The blond boy introduced himself as Clement. He then began explaining the situation at the gym.

"I am the gym leader here. I built a robot named Clembot to preside as gym leader whilst I worked on my other hobbies such as inventing. I had set a password to control the robot but I lost it and then the robot took over the gym whilst also kicking me out. I tried various ways to get back into the gym but was repelled. It is now thanks to you that I have been able to get access. For that, I thank you."

With his explanation finished Clement bowed. Ash couldn't find it in himself to be angry anymore at the blonde inventor. So with a smile he answered the gym leader.

"It's no problem really; glad I was able to help. Now can we battle?"

He was answered in affirmative. He watched as Clement took his place at the opposite side of the field. His sister announced the standard rules. The battle would include three Pokémon from each side and the trainer being allowed to substitute whilst the gym leader couldn't substitute. With that a whistle was heard, though Ash had no idea where from.

"Let the battle begin!"

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