Chapter 1: Mission of Fate

Triumphant music could be heard playing throughout The Last City on Earth, banners of the city militia, hunters, titans, and warlocks could be seen flapping in a firm yet gentle autumn breeze. Today marked 2 years since the end of the Red War and the traveler awakened. As the citizens of the city celebrated with massive parties, Guardians continued their duties to ensure that the city would never fall again.

Swiftly moving through the tower, Guardian Warlock Drake Malachite made his way to the balcony where Commander Zavala spent nearly all of his time since the old war room (along with the first Guardian tower) had been left abandoned due to more urgent repairs throughout the city after the Red War. It made sense to Drake, with a large remnant of the Red Legion camped out at Firebase Hades along with Fallen Raiders throughout both the EDZ and the cosmodrome, repair of defensive infrastructure was more important.

As Drake met with Zavala both could feel the familiar feeling of tension between them. Last year, the Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6 and Drake had both reported to the Prison of elders in the Reef to help quell a prison riot. At first, it was business as usual until Cayde was cornered near the bottom level of the prison and ambushed by a lesser known faction of enemies known as the Scorned. Despite fighting valiantly, Cayde's ghost was destroyed and Cayde died his final death at the hands of Uldren Sov, former prince of the Awoken. Zavala decided to allow Uldren free reign of the Reef while the rest of the Guardians continue along with business as usual. Drake refused, went to war against the Scorned, and eventually slayed Uldren. Drakes actions did save the city from multiple threats in progress to Guardians and militia alike, but Zavala never really got along with him anymore since he disobeyed orders to stay behind.

"Guardian" Zavala greeted with a frown

"Zavala" Drake scowled back but bit his tongue from insulting the Titan Vanguard, say what you will about their bitter working relationship, but at least they were still capable of working together with an admittedly small degree of respect.

"We've received an alert from Rasputin on Mars" Zavala sighed "apparently the egg of an Ahamkara survived all efforts to destroy it. And now it's hurtling through space towards an anomaly."

"An anomaly of what" Drake asked with a raised eyebrow while running his hands through the metallic silver hair atop his head. Drake was a human that looked to be around twenty years of age, he wore a Navy Blue warlock robe with armored boots and gauntlets.

"If I knew, I would tell you" Zavala replied dryly, he was a tall, muscular Awoken who was bald wearing a suit of armor.

"Regardless" Drake's ghost, Snyder spoke up appearing next to Drake's head in the Ophiuchus Shell they had found during a strike against the Undying Mind in the Black Garden just a few months ago. "This is-"

"Snyder, a snack please" Drake whispered

"Oh, fine" the ghost sighed materializing a bag of Snyders of Hanover Pretzel Pieces in Drake's hand. The ghost was named Snyder because during his travels across the ruins of Earth, he was somehow able to locate an old facility where the pretzels were made and packaged and downloaded schematics and ingredient lists for the pretzels, a perk that his partner was all too happy to take advantage of.

"Oh sweet, cheddar cheese flavor" Drake chuckled as he began to snack

"As I was saying" Snyder rolled his eye in exasperation "This is something that can't be ignored, a wild Ahamkara would be dangerous enough but one that hatches and is raised by someone with an agenda would be even worse, we need to move before that egg gets away from us."

"Agreed" Drake mumbled through a mouthful of pretzel pieces

"You have your mission" Zavala curtly nodded before breaking off eye contact and walking back to the edge of the balcony.

About half an hour later, Drake and Snyder strode into the Tower Hangar ready to depart on their mission. Seeing the duo moving, a blonde woman wearing a black tank top, cargo pants, black gloves, with a red bandana tied and piloting goggles around her neck approached them. Her name was Amanda Holliday and she was the chief shipwright for the Guardians.

"Hey Drake" she greeted in a southern accent "The Queen of Hearts is all good to go, best of luck"

"Thanks" Drake and Snyder both said as they boarded the ship Drake inherited from Cayde and flew into space.

Flying past the moon, Venus, and Mars using the warp drive Drake approached the anomaly.

"Any sign of the egg Snyder?" Drake asked, sipping some Diet Coke from a can using a straw.

"No, but there are neutrino particles all around us."

"Taken?" Drake asked concerned

"I don't think so, the patterns are different"

"Do you think Rasputin made a mistake with his sensors? I mean the egg isn't anywhere around here" Drake sighed

"It's possible, his hardware is hundreds of years old and there's no telling how much it's atrophied since the Collapse" Snyder mused as an alarm on the console began to beep "Drake!" Ghost exclaimed as he looked over the system "The neutrinos are acting up were being pulled into the anomaly itself."

"Put all power into maneuvering and impulse thrusters" Drake ordered, crumpling the coke can and tossing it behind his head

"I'm trying" Snyder snapped "nothing's working, I can't stop it" as the ghost stopped speaking there was a flash of bright white light and they had vanished.

Drake woke up with a pounding headache after the undesired teleportation, from the mission clock he could tell that several hours had passed since the incident.

"Snyder" Drake moaned out as he took some Advil for his headache "Where are we?"

"I don't know Drake" Snyder sighed "the stars don't match any of the charts for the solar system, I can't reach the City, the Vanguard, Eris, or even the Reef on any frequency, and to make matters worse were running on fumes, we need fuel fast or we'll be adrift."

"I'm open to ideas Snyder, we're not dead yet so let's work on solving this problem before freaking out."

"Well while I was scanning our area I found out that there is a planet nearby that can support life with a city and spaceport kind of like the Cosmodrome used to be. Maybe we can land and refuel there." Snyder suggested

"That's a good start, can we make it?" Drake asked

"It'll be close, but we might be able to make it work"

"Let's go then" Drake nodded and so the ship began to move again. After flying for about an hour the engines were beginning to sputter out when they finally reached the planet and landed in an empty hangar. "I'm not complaining Snyder, but letting us land without so much as a message from whoever is in charge here doesn't inspire confidence in their competence."

"This seems to be a relatively underdeveloped planet, perhaps the leaders here are distracted with other matters or they really are incompetent." Snyder predicted

"Whatever" Drake sighed "Let's go get some fuel." Drake put his helemt on and armed himself incase of a fight. The Young Wolf's Howl longsword slung across his back with the sigil of the Iron Banner gleaming in Solar Light, the Riskrunner submachine gun holstered to his left thigh with Arc light coursing through the barrel and magazines, and finally the Ace of Spades hand cannon, formerly used by Cayde-6 and customized with the Last Hand ornament making the gun dark grey with a red spade where the white one originally was. Lowering the boarding ramp and exiting the surprisingly spacious jumpship, Drake exited while Snyder hid himself in Drake's head so that they wouldn't draw any more unnecessary attention than Drake already was, or thought he would. As it turns out the port was full of Bounty hunters and soldiers so most people didn't even spare him a passing glance. Covertly scanning one of the terminals, Snyder found out all of the relevant information on this planet and began to brief Drake telepathically.

"This planet is called Lothal, we are in a region of this galaxy called the Outer Rim and it is under the control of a force known as the Galactic Empire, they were founded around twenty years ago and rule over much of the galaxy with an iron fist. Theres a lot of blood on their hands, between genocide, invasion, slavery, extortion, and racism they're like this galaxies version of the Red Legion. Also, I think I found that Ahamkara egg."

"Where?" Drake thought back

"An Imperial transport found it and are in the process of transporting it to a research facility on a world called Coruscant for study and experimentation."

"Wow, those fools are asking to get themselves killed. Seriously, if our enemies knew about that egg, well, stuff like Riven and the corruption of the Dreaming City happens. How about we take back that egg?"

"I have a good ambush point for that ship, but first we should probably do what we actually came here for."

"Oh right" Drake sighed before searching for a merchant he could buy fuel from