"Oh, uhm, just take those bandages there." Bubblegum vaguely waved her hand in the general area of where the clean cloths sat.

Wincing as he popped his shoulder back in, Finn trudged over and sat down. The coldness of the metal bench alleviating his sore body, the tests today has been really rough. "So, Peebs—,"

"I'll need you back here tomorrow too, Finn," Bubblegum sing-songed as she continued scribbling on her notepad.

"B-bonnie? Even Glob." But he was quickly cut off by her finger resting on his lips,

"No time, Finn, science doesn't wait, and neither will I. See you tomorrow, no arguments. Auf Wiedersehen!"

Finn's eye twitched as he ground his teeth, muttering out a goodbye as a migraine started to build in his head. It was roughly a fifteen-minute walk back to the treehouse, which gave him a more than enough time to stew his growing hate.

The recent breakup with Phoebe was still taken a toll on his sanity, his heart was in a dark place. As the treehouse neared, the sky became overcast and light drops of rain started to fall, further dampening his mood.

"Lumping clichés." Finn chuckled mirthless, at least it wasn't raining knives.

Being greeted by the silence of the house wasn't new, Jake had moved out a while back to stay with Lady. Finn didn't blame him, though he couldn't stop the small pang of betrayal to seep out from his heart.

Flopping down on the sofa, BMO hopped up, "Hey Finn, game-time?"

"Not today BMO, go explore the house… or something."

The little monitor was confused but smiled and wave before setting off, nonetheless.

He strolled into his room and began pacing. But it wasn't enough. He took to tearing apart his room— throwing furniture, breaking walls, ripping apart and slicing the walls until the whole room lost its original splendour. Not enough. It was never enough. He wanted more. He deserved more.

He sat down in the middle of his ripped-up, torn-apart couch and clutched his head in his hands. Violently, he rocked back and forth.

"Friends. Adventures. Villains. Lovers. Every last one of them. I hate them all!" He picked up a blade and gripped it till his knuckles turned white.

The sword was thrown from his hand at high speeds and embedded itself into a hollow tree trunk just beside the window. As Finn panted, he realized, "Hollow tree trunk?"

Prying the sword from the trunk, Finn tore the bark till he exposed a small cavity inside. Webs and dust coated the inner lining, it looked like it was made long before Marceline had moved in here. Praying that there'd be no spiders inside, he shot his hand in and felt about the darkness.

"There." A leather-bound book was pulled out, no inscriptions and no identifying symbols were found. Finn ran his hand on the surface of the book, it radiated warmth. But it wasn't a comforting warmth, there was something… evil about this book. Something much worse than the Lich could've ever achieved.

Looking around to make sure nobody had come in because of his rage just a few minutes ago, Finn hopped onto his partially destroyed bed and took a deep breath, braced himself and opened the book.

An otherworldly wail burst forth from the book. The building trembled and shook around him. Pipes running along the walls broke apart in explosions of water. The ceiling caved in and crumbled. The floor sunk and fell. Finn hovered in the middle of it all, strange letters from the book had surrounded him; forming a sphere of dizzying words.

"What's going on! BMO! BMO, buddy you there!?" Finn repeatedly pounded on the sphere of letters until his skin tore and bled, still unable to free himself.

"Such rage, for one as young as yourself." A husky voice sounded out.

"Who's there!?"

"This is the first time I've been summoned unknowingly, you intrigue me, human."

Turning to the right, Finn saw an adult sitting cross-legged in the air, an amused expression playing across his red, scarred skin.

Two long horns that curved upwards reflected the light coming in from the roof, as his abyss-black eyes stared at Finn. Long raven hair contrasted his well-toned red skin, a crimson cap just wrapping around him. "Who are you?"

"Well may you tremble! For you gaze upon... Mephisto!"

"Why're you here, Mephisto?"

"You have opened my book, tore apart a rift to my realm and pulled me here. I am bound to aid you however I can, for the duration of your lifetime."

Thoughts swam around, that sounded like a good offer. Something audibly snaps inside Finn, veins creeped up his neck as he smiled; dark and menacing.

Mephisto's eyes widened slightly as the largest smile formed, "Such hate! Suchambitions, with my help, you can have your revenge against them all!"

Mephisto snapped his fingers and the duo were now standing in the grassy fields, just outside the ruined treehouse, Finn took a quick glance at his destroyed home, a hint of regret playing at his—,

"Do not falter, child. Everything requires sacrifice!"

A laugh escaped his throat. Worried that he'd hurt BMO?

There was anger.

He knew what he had to do.

"Power. That's what I need."

"Indeed." Mephisto pulled a vial of black liquid from his cape and tossed it to Finn, explaining that this was his ticket to revenge.

Potent demon's blood from the highest levelled. Mephisto explained that he could not give Finn everything straight away, after all, Finn was only human.

For now.

As Mephisto mused, he heard a soft thud as the vial dropped on the grass, empty. Dark veins creeped up Finn's body, his neck, his arms and body convulsed as he writhed in pain, clutching his neck.

"Fool! Your body cannot sustain itself!"

But Finn through an act of sheer will, stood up and clenched his fists, waited and grunted till everything subsided. Which Mephisto had said was impossible, Finn laughed as he wobbled. The sudden coursing of strength was exhilarating, with this much power… he could…

Finn looked up to the demon, about to speak before he was interrupted by a menacing laugh, "Go. I will be in contact."

He stood in the desert lands, over watching the Breakfast Kingdom. Black fire licked Finn's hands as he flexed them experimentally.

Within minutes the entire Breakfast Kingdom was swathed in flames, unable to be extinguished even if submerged in water fully. The inhabitants of the kingdom were all burnt to a crisp, not even the ashes were spared.

The three princesses were overthrown and thrown into the town square, Finn pressed a hand to the floor and watched the fire snake its way to the three of them. Unfortunately, Strudel and Toast Princess jumped forward and untied the bound Breakfast Princess, allowing her to escape.

She watched as the two royals start to melt and char horrifically. Making her way to the Candy Kingdom and up to Bubblegum's office. Whispers from the banana guards about Finn's turn to evil spread across the Candy Kingdom fast, much to the chagrin of Bonnie.

"And you're sure it was Finn? Cause the man doesn't usually have pyrokinesis."

Breakfast Princess swore on her honour and explained in great detail what had happened.

Distressed, the captain of the banana guards told her that Finn had been heading to an unknown stretch of towns towards the North.

"Send a platoon." She hurriedly said.

Just a few days later, only two guards returned, holding a sack of ashes, which confused the Candy Princess. "What's this? And where's the rest of the guards?"

The two guards looked haunted and slowly said, "This is the rest of the guards, my princess."

Bonnie felt sick as she dry-heaved out the window. Her heart vehemently refused that this was the work of Ooo's greatest hero. This wasn't him, she knew it.

"This isn't the work of Finn," she continued even though the guards, too swore it was Finn, "Enough! He isn't, Finn wouldn't do this."

And that was the end of the discussion.

But why did she feel like it truly was him that caused all this pain?

Finn hummed a dark melody as he made ripples across the small pond that lead to Marceline's home. His shoes never breaking the water tension, leaving ripples in his wake. He was in a particularly good mood, razing a whole kingdom and destroying seven towns was…

A dizzying euphoria he had never felt before in all his quests. The shattering of bones and the burning of flesh, Glob it was amazing.

The pink door quickly came into sight as Finn rapped on it a few times.

The ever-young vampire opened the door and quirked her head when she saw Finn, "Hey Finn, why're you here?"

Her only response was Finn's hand latching onto her head and flinging her back, crashing into a wall just front of the kitchen. She whined in pain as she massaged her head, "What the H, Finn!?"

Her eyes glowed as she pounced on him, grabbing his arms and shouting for him to explain himself, but all she got was a sense of unease. "You were always quick to tease Marceline, I'm just returning the favor!"

A swift quick to her gut sent her barreling to the roof and back down to the ground where he continued raining punches down onto her, each punch was like a ball of steel hurtling at her. It was taking everything she had to defend herself, this was all coming from a human? Barely past sixteen?

She threw Finn aside. She sent rakes of claws and punches to him, which were easily blocked or parried by him.

"You're really not doing well," the boy said, ridiculing Marceline as if she were powerless and frail. As if everything she'd done up to now had been a fluke.

"Should I give you a handicap? Let my partner handle you."

Marceline turned just in time to see a ball of fire heading towards her. She spun around quickly, throwing her sofa in front of it. Marceline's horrified face filled Finn's entire field of vision. "Tag in."

"As you wish." A voice came from behind her, a sudden piercing heat shot forth as she instinctively braced for impact.

The arc of flames slammed into her back, hurling her forward into Finn. He caught her in a hug and held Marceline tightly in his arms. Finn brought her head down and slammed it onto the floor with a loud, painful thud that reverberated throughout his skull a million times over. Her scream filled the air around him.

A whimper escaped her as Finn released her head and hair, she rolled over painfully. Sweat beaded on her forehead as her hair stuck to it in sticky clumps, her shirt burnt and scorched. "F-Finn?"

He looked at her, dark veins creeping around his hands like chains. He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the destroyed sofa, putting her on it. Finn put a finger under her chin and made her look him in the eyes, he tenderly stroked her chin like a cat.

"That's all I'll tease you for today, I'll be staying here for the time-being." He sat down next to her and watched the last of the embers burn out, "Be a nice little vampire, and you'll be fine."

He planted a chaste kiss on her cheek and walked up to her bedroom, "Goodnight, Mar Mar."

She shivered at the name, tears threatening to spill. Her wounds had started to heal, but where she had been burnt, took significantly longer to stitch together. "Ow, ow." She patted her wounds with a quick antiseptic.

Marceline got out of the shower and dressed herself, her fingernails sharpened themselves to a deadly degree, this thing wasn't Finn.

It was just something using his skin to fuck with her.

She silently floated to the door but was stopped dead in her tracks by a stranger standing at the doorway, just looking out the window. His skin was horrifically burnt and scarred red, ebony horns turned to point at her as he smiled.

"Ah, ah. It would be unwise to disturb my master—," Marceline lunged at the man, managing to send a punch at his face, a thin streak of black dribbled out the side of his mouth.

"Master!? You're controlling Finn, you're so dead, you'll wish my Dad got to you first, dude." She got into a fighting stance.

"The truth is not always what it seems, my master came to me on his own free will. Tired of being used, he sought my power to exact his vengeance."

Mephisto stretched his arms outwards, as a blanket of black surrounded Marceline. Her consciousness started to fade as the man slipped his hands under her, carrying her into the bedroom and putting her next to Finn, whispering sweet nothings.

"Evil is here."


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