Chapter 1: Saiba Yukihira

This is a different story. In this story, Joichiro Saiba did marry Tamako Yukihira and was about to have a son name Soma. However, during Tamako's pregnancy, she died from a speeding truck which resulted in both of their deaths. Joichiro suffered from a deep depression for almost a year until he comes across a friend of his, Tenshu Yamagata (From Restaurant to Another World. Not sure about what his real name is but the best I can come up with.) who was about to run a restaurant in the Special Region. A top secret location run by the JSDF. So Joichiro decided to break out of his depression by giving cooking in another world a shot. Afterwards, he fell in love with a fox demi-human name, Yukiko. Later, the two got married and have a son, Saiba Yukihira. And this is his story.

BIO: Saiba Yukihira is a 14-year-old boy with messy reddish-brown hair that wears a uniform similar to Soma's Yukihira uniform but the logo says Yuki-Neko (Snow Cat) with a white, beckoning cat with a snowflake one it. He also has blue eyes. Yet he has fox ears and tails like his mom but it is the same color as his hair. His casual clothes include a white t-shirt with writing saying, "Yuki-Yuki" with a heart on top of one "I" and a spade on the other with some cargo pants similar to the JSDF and white sneakers. Not to mention that he is a bishonen, a pretty boy.


In the kitchen in the back of the restaurant, in a house behind it close to sunset, Saiba Yukihira is taste testing a cake with white buttercream and has seven layers with each layer having a different color.

"I got it." Saiba says to himself. He starts to smile, "I got it! YES! I have found a way to make something delicious like Rainbow Fruit with Vanilove Fruit! I can't wait to show this to mom!"

"HEY! SAIBA!" Tenshu voice shouts from next door. "IT'S TIME!"

Saiba looks out the window and shouts back, "COMING!" and puts on his apron and white headband.

The restaurant is called, Yuki-Neko. It is a mix of a Japanese eatery and a western-style restaurant with a symbol of a beckoning white cat with a blue snowflake on its forehead and yellow eyes. The place is full of customers that are comprised of JSDF soldiers that want a little piece of home or a good time, some dwarves that want to try out other world alcohol, a few humans and elves and other humanoids, and even has characters from Restaurant to Another World that are customers as well that, for some reason, the broom closet is the portal to other parts of the new world. Aletta and Kuro also work here as well. Right now, Alphones Flugel (Curry Rice), Altorius (Pork Loin-Cutlet) and Tatsugorou (Teriyaki) are the only ones visiting.

Some of the customers, along with Tenshu, are watching Saiba and Joichiro having a food battle with Aletta as the judge. For today's battle: fried rice. Both of them do a few flips before putting them on plates. They present their dishes to Aletta.

"Please enjoy." Joichiro says.

"I hope you enjoy." Saiba says as he removes his headband.

Aletta takes a bite out of both fried rice dishes until one of them puts a smile on her face, "HMMM!", with one of her buttons come undone. She decides which one she likes the most. "It's this one." she pointed to the dish to her left. "Joichiro is the winner."

The crowd cheers for Joichiro's victory. Saiba then start to look pale and freaking out.

"Alright!" one of the soldiers cheered, "Old Joi wins this round."

"Wait a minute." one of the soldiers realized something, "Doesn't that mean Saiba has to eat some twisted and disgusting dish Joichiro makes?"

The crowd stop cheering in realization on what is gonna happen as their expressions went from excitement to horror.

Tatsugorou and Altorius quickly finish their food and say, "We'll be going!" and place money on the table.

"Understand." Tenshu says.

Joichiro has a sinister smile on his face, "Looks like I won this battle."

Saiba has the look of dread on his face as he slowly rotated his head towards his father.

"So you know what that means?" Joichiro has some sort of squid tentacle on chopsticks covered in peanut butter as he shoves it into Saiba's mouth.

Inside Saiba's mind, he runs desperately through a tunnel made of peanut butter until he was caught by a squid drenched in peanut butter.

"PLEASE NO!" Saiba screams.

Then the squid violates him with his clothes melting. So there's a tentacle on teenage boy hentai for you perverted ladies out there.

'The umami of the squid mix with peanut butter is so disgusting! My taste buds feel like they are being defiled the longer it sticks in my mouth. Even worse, my whole body! IT'S DISGUSTING!'


Back in reality, Saiba is on the floor completely white with foam coming out if his mouth and his ghost coming out of his body.

Tenshu asks Joichiro, "Don't you think you have enough fun? I mean, I know that it is meant to encourage him to be better, but I think you actually enjoy this."

"After 450 draws, 18 loses and my 19th win, he has been improving. Yet if he is serious about bridging the gap between the food we serve and the ingredients from the new continent, he has to work harder than that." Joichiro says with his arms crossed.

"I'm not sure if your a hard father or a sadist. At least Saiba doesn't take after you with the weird food department. But you are aware it is his turn to serve beef stew to Red this week, right?"

Joichiro goes completely white with his jaw dropped. 'I forgot about that.' "But you do know that

Later on, in the evening, Saiba did recover and makes beef stew for the Red Queen, a red dragon goddess of fire. She is there as she patiently waits on her food at the table close to the kitchen. Some of the JSDF soldiers look at her like horn-dogs over how sexy Red looks.

"Aw man." one of the soldiers say to his fellows, "I really wanna be with that woman."

"Hell yeah." one of them agrees, "I wouldn't mind letting her set me aflame in more ways than one."

"Me too." another one agrees.

But one of them isn't paying attention as he says, "Hey, did you hear that the government is planning on revealing the Special Region to the public?" But no one answers.

All the others that know who Red truly is keep their distance.

"It's ready!" Saiba says as he brings a bowl of beef stew to Red. "Here you go madam, one beef stew." He places the bowl on the table in front of her.

Red takes moment to enjoy the smell of the beef stew she loves dearly. "Oh beef stew, your aroma tempts me to no end. For you are a magnificent jewel that I should always savor." Red takes one bite and is in ecstasy.

In Red's mind, her clothes are being blown off by a giant flame then being drenched in the broth with the vegetables acting like fish as she drowns herself in the stew. While sinking lower, she sees a treasure chest full of delicious chopped up pieces of beef at the bottom of the stewy sea she is in.

In reality, Red has already finished her stew as she blushes and puts the spoon down.

She wipes her mouth with a napkin as she says, "That was wonderful. As usual, your beef stew surpass all of my expectations. More so than the Master and your father."

Saiba is sweating under his headband as he nervously smiles, "Your welcome."

She puts the napkin down and looks at Saiba, "By the way, have you thought about my offer?"

'CRAP!' Saiba panics, 'I was hoping she would forget!' He have his eyes turn away, "No, not really."

Red giggles a little as she place her hands on Saiba's cheeks and gets closer to his face. "Oh come on now. I would love you to be my treasure forever and ever. To be with me and make more of your delicious beef stew. I even promise to give you all that I can give. Even my body in this form."

'CrapcrapcrapCRAPCRAP!' Saiba becomes more terrified as Red caress his cheeks with her thumbs. Saiba wants to run but is afraid that he might get roasted alive if he rejects her.

"Such lovely hair. These youthful cheeks. Those beautiful eyes. And those youthful and untouched lips." Red leans in closer to give Saiba a kiss... That is until- BASH!

A public plastic trash can was thrown through the window that cause Red to let go and fall down to the floor.

Tenshu has his head down, "Ah geez, not again."

Aletta panic and hides while dragging Kuro.

"REEED QUEEEEEN!" the sound of an angry woman is heard through the hole. A woman that has messy, short brown hair similar to Saiba's along with fox ears and tail while wearing a dirty white gi (and a double D rack) with a black belt on her waist, angry red eyes, and holding a sack while admitting a red aura full of anger. "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO LEAVE MY SON ALONE?!"

Red gets up with the trash can stuck on her left horn sideways. She looks at the woman unphased, "Why hello, Yukiko."

Yukiko, Saiba's mother and Joichiro's second wife, stomps her way towards the hole. "I DON"T CARE IF YOU ARE A DRAGON, A GOD OR WHATEVER! HE IS FAR TOO YOUNG FOR GIRLS AND I TOLD YOU THAT YOU CANNOT HAVE HIM!"

Red removes the trash can from her horn as she calmly says with a smile, "But I cannot let such a delightful jewel be outside of my grasp. You know how I am when it comes to hoarding treasures."

Yukiko grabs Red's right horn and yanks her close to her face, "THEN WHY DON'T YOU FIND SOME DRAGON FOR A MATE RATHER THAN MY SON!" Yukiko is a very protective mother despite what she does for a living. An extremely overly protective mother.

The customers try to sneak away to avoid the confrontation until she caught them.


The soldiers stand in attention along with civilians as they say, "YES, MA'AM!"

Joichiro shows up as he says, "Hey, what's with all the racket?" Then he sees his wife, "Uh oh."

"AND YOU!" Yukiko yells at Joichiro as he shudders, "I HEARD THAT YOU GAVE SOMETHING AWFUL TO OUR SON WHEN HE LOST! JUST BECAUSE I WAS AWAY, DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN USE HIM FOR YOUR EXPERIMENTS!" Then she takes a one-eighty with her red aura disappearing as she says, "So how have you been, honey?" She went from threatening grizzly mama bear to sweetheart housewife. Plus her eye color is red.

Joichiro, still shocked, responds, "Fine. Just fine."

"Hi, m-mom." Saiba greets his mother nervously.

Yukiko drops Red as she smiles at her son. "SAIBA!" she says cheerfully. She jumps through the window as she drops her sack on Red and hugs her son tightly, "How have you been, my adorable little pup?! I miss you!" She wags her tail rabidly to show her happiness.

Some of the people started to snicker at the embarrassing moment.

One of them whispers, "For a fearsome gourmet hunter, she can be an embarrassing mom."

That's right, Yukiko is a gourmet hunter just like Toriko from, well, Toriko. The new continent is home to ingredients and animals from the same show and are very difficult to get. Not to mention that it has become difficult to colonize because of the creatures, weather, and some other extremes. So, they made portals for hunters to travel back and forth.

Yukiko squeezes her son very tightly as she yells at the people, "WHAT ARE YOU LOT LAUGHING AT?!"


"Can't...breathe..." Saiba tries to breath but his mother's hug is squeezing all the air out of it and breaking his bones.

"Oh my goodness!" she lets go of her son. "Are you alright?"

Red gets up and walks away, "I'll take the rest of my stew to go."

After that awkwardness, Yukiko shows some of the ingredients she got after the restaurant closes. Yukiko shows everyone that she got while away such as Lemalmonds, Opalobsters, Orangios, Sweetermelon Potatoes, Garlips, a bag of ET Rice and Melon Eggs.

"Looks like a smaller haul than usual." Joichiro stated.

"Did you have some trouble hunting?" Tenshu asks.

Yukiko looks upset as she cross her arms, "I did get more, but the damn guild took most of the ingredients as some sort of tax fee."

"Is that legal?" Aletta asks.

"Probably because they want the best ingredients for themselves." Kuro says without telepathy.

Saiba takes a good look at one of the Orangios with his right hand and the Melon Egg in the other as he says, "I think I can make something with all these."

Joichiro smugs, "Oh really? Then how about this: If you can make something delicious out of all these ingredients, I'll stop giving you some of my specialties whenever you lose to me."

Saiba's eyes are set on fire along with his body as he screams out intensely, "I WILL NOT FAIL!" He is very determine in order to avoid eating his father's disgusting food.

Saiba immediately went to work as he preps his ingredients. First, he cooks the ET Rice in a rice cooker mixed with grounded Lemalmonds to give the rice a nice nutty and citrus flavor. Then he combines Orangios with Golden Wheat Flour and grounded Garlips to act as a breading for the Opalobster. But first, he pounds the Opalobster to make it more tender before breading it. Next, he preps the Sweetermelon Potatoes by washing them and then peeling them before mashing them up. Everyone watches as Saiba cooks all those ingredients.

"What do you think he is making?" Yukiko asks.

"I'm guessing that he is going to make a lobster fried rice." Tenshu says after analyzing what Saiba is doing.

"You know, I also had the same hunch." Joichiro agrees. "But why add mashed potatoes?"

Saiba finishes by putting the rice in the bowls first while mixed with the mashed potatoes. Then he adds the scrambled Melon Eggs before putting the fried Opalobster at the top and adding the garnish.

"Finished!" Saiba presents the bowels to everyone and shows a specially made dish.

The yellowish mashed potatoes go well with the golden glisten of the ET Rice with the scrambled Melon Eggs yummy yolk. The Opalobster glistens with the Golden Wheat breading combine with the glistening of the powdered Orangios. The aroma of the lobster combine with different fruits, garlic, and the eggs give off a very sweet and savory smell that is tantalizing to the nose.

Aletta starts to drool, "That smells so good."

Everyone takes their bowels with forks and say, "Thank you for the food." CHOMP!

After one bite of the Opalobster combine with the scrambled Melon Eggs, ET Rice and other ingredients; their taste buds are taken into overdrive with the sweetness, sourness, saltiness, and savory tastes that are running wild.

In their minds (except Kuro), they are all standing in a middle of an empty field when the sun rising followed by a huge golden explosion in front of it that blew their clothes away while being bombarded by all the ingredients followed by all the wonderful smells that the ingredients explode into colored gases and different colored fireworks.

"Now that's an intense flavor!" Joichiro shouts. Then his eyes and mouth started to shine brightly.

Everyone else does the same and they are later swept up by a colorful tornado that glows in an assortment of colors like that of opal with sparkles as they can't resist such a powerful force. Then they exploded into an explosive rainbow.

Back in reality, some of the ladies have weaken knees.

"That was amazing." Aletta says with a blush and light coming out of her mouth. "I'm so glad to be alive right now."

Kuro is already finished with hers as she hands her bowel to Saiba, "Another."

Saiba just look at Kuro with a large sweat drop at the back of his head, "You should really need to learn to slow down and enjoy your food."

"This is pretty good." Tenshu says as he continues eating. "I was suspecting fried rice with the ingredients but you decided to take a katsudon approach."

Yukiko starts crying with her mouth full, "My son is a cooking genius! I am so proud!"

Saiba says to his mother, "Please don't talk and cry with your mouth full."

Joichiro smiles a bit, "To be honest, I was expecting fried rice at first. I'll give you points for creativity on this approach. The different layers of taste and trying to combine them like a kid would do. Back west, kids sometimes combine things to test how they taste like mac & cheese with mashed potatoes and hot dogs. Same with rice, mashed potatoes and cut up chicken with BBQ sauce. Interesting, but delicious nonetheless."

Saiba starts to smile.


His smile fades.

"Next time, make something that you might enjoy like strawberry jam with anchovies."

"Joichiro!" Yukiko smacks him on the head.

Joichiro laughs, "Just kidding. Although, it is close. You may need to make some adjustments but you pass. So I won't have to give you anymore of my specialties. However, you're forbidden to serve this to our customers."

Saiba squats down, "Oh thank god." He is relieved to hear that and won't have anymore awful foods anymore...for a while. But he remembers something. He gets back up, "Hang on, I gotta get something in the fridge at the house."

Saiba presents a cake that he made earlier to everyone. "Behold! Rainbownila Cake!"

"Now that's interesting." Joichiro says while looking at the cake.

Tenshu says, "So you tried to make something that has tastes akin to Rainbow Fruit and Vanilove Fruit."

"Rainbow Fruit?" Aletta asks.

Kuro answers, "It is a special fruit that has a sweet aroma that attracts animals closer towards it until they get eaten by the Troll Kongs that take advantage. So it is very difficult to obtain."

Knock, knock, knock. Three knocks are heard from the door before they have a taste. Everyone look at the door.

"Who could that be in this hour?" Tenshu asks.

"Maybe someone has forgotten something." Aletta makes a guess.

"I'll get it!" Saiba runs up to the door.

Yukiko says, "If it is a woman that wants to ask you out, turn her away." Some of the others laugh at her.

Saiba opens the door, "Yes?"

When he opens the door, he sees a person with slick black hair with a streak of white hair swept into the back. He is pale-skinned with black eyes and a notably grim looking face with a wide smile. His outfit is predominantly black, consisting of a trench coat, vest, undershirt, leather gloves, slacks, and shoes. His tie is silver in color with grey stripes going diagonally.

Saiba gets nervous, "M-may I help you." He is completely scared of the stranger standing before him.

"Please forgive me for this late hour." the man sounds polite at least. "But I'm looking for Joichiro. Is he home?"

Saiba looks at his father, "Dad! The grim reaper is here to see you!"

"You're kidding, right!?" Joichiro responds jokingly, "I feel fine!"

Saiba looks back at the strange man in black and gets freaked out when he sees an excitable evil smile on the man's face. Saiba is frozen in place with the look of dread on his face. Far worse than women trying to take him away or his father giving him some of his disgusting experiments to taste. He can't stop shivering from fear as if there is an actual grim reaper about ready to take his soul. The look in the man's eyes look as if he has longed for something and finally found it. Saiba couldn't move as he looks into those villainous eyes like a deer caught in the headlights awaiting for its doom.

"Well!?" Joichiro shouts, "What are you waiting for!? Let the guy in!" Then he says a joke, "We can't delay Death any further!"

Saiba just opens the door while looking frighten while the mysterious man started to look normal with a more pleasant and normal looking smile as he enters.

The man says to Joichiro, "It has been a while, Joichiro-senpai."

"Azami?" Joichiro says in surprise, "Is that really you? Man it's been a while."

"So it has."

Joichiro introduces Azami to everyone along with introducing his son and wife. They talked about their time in Totsuki Academy and the fun they had with everyone listening. However, Azami never told anyone about his banishment yet did tell them about the Special Region being announce to the public. But then...

"Hey, Azami. Why don't you try out my son's cake?"

"Hmm?" Azami looks at the cake and notices that there are seven different layers in seven different colors with vanilla frosting. "Your son made that?"

"Yes he did!" Yukiko sounds proud. "My son made that cake all by himself!"

"I see. I'll try a slice." Azami takes a slice out of the cake and has a fork up. "Do the layers have different flavors?"

"Yeah." Saiba sounds a lot calmer now as he responds.

"Then I'll try the red one first." Azami takes a piece of the red layer and takes a bite. 'I'm tasting cherries being stirred-up in blood orange and raspberry juice with the spice of red cayenne peppers.' Then he takes a bite out of the orange layer. 'I'm getting the taste of oranges mix with mangoes, sweet potatoes with a bizarre taste of carrot cake.' Then he tries the yellow. 'It is sour lemony taste with a sweetness of bananas combined with chestnut and pineapples.' Then the green. 'Sour green apples drowning in kiwi juice with artichokes and a hint of avocados.' Then the blue layer. 'Blueberry soda combined with acai and elderberries with a hint of pistachios. A little less, but has a bit of a mellow flavor to it.' Then the purple layer. 'Plums, grapes, passion fruit combined with almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts. There is even a hint of ube mixed in.' Then he tries the brown layer. 'It taste like rootbeer and cola combined with limes, oranges, ginger ale, cherries, and green tea. It has some sort of fizziness to this one. But I wonder.' He looks at his cake. 'What happens if you combine them all with the vanilla?' Azami combines all the aspects of the cake together and taste it. What happens is an explosion of flavors.

In Azami's mind, he is in a dark space while looking at a massive white sphere that explodes. What happened was the Big Bang that created galaxies, stars, and planets of flavors that explode, create, and explode again and again as he spins out of control as he witness the start of a new universe before him.

"What is this!?" he says while in the middle of the creation of this new universe. "All these flavors combine should've made it unappetizing! But this! This has opened a new dimension in flavors! I can feel my body! My mind! My soul! Everything being stretched out and reconstituted into a new form!"

Back in reality, Azami lost his composure as he is shocked by the taste of the cake. He breathes heavily after such an experience.

Yukiko takes a slice and tries it out. Once she takes a bite, she realizes something. "Tell me." she says to her son, "Are you trying to make a dessert that would replace the Rainbow Fruit?"

"I was." Saiba says admitting what he was trying to do. "You see, I was trying to bridge the gap between the food of this part of the world and the new continent while combining flavors and ingredients that are common between this world and father's world. Hopefully, I hope I could create dishes that would rival the fancy foods over at the new continent in order to cut down the amount of lives lost over there." He looks down, "Because...I don't want to lose you, mom. I really want you to stay home and for you to stay safe so you and dad can spend more time with each other. And maybe some more time with me and everyone else."

Yukiko starts crying, "Oh, Saiba!" Then she starts squeezing him tightly with her bear hug as tears stream all over the place, "You're such a good boy! I love you so much!" Then she cartoonishly stretch her arm out and grabs Joichiro to join in on the hug. "Isn't our son wonderful!?"

Joichiro is being squeezed tightly, "Can't...breathe..."

Yukiko realizes what she's doing as she sees them both turning blue and lets go, "Sorry! You know how I am with my emotions."

Azami looks at the cake and thinks to himself with a serious look on his face. 'A child made something that would've been inedible actually made something that rivals Joichiro-senpai's? On his own? He makes food that would also rivals some of the ingredients in some other continent that is considered dangerous. This boy maybe Joichiro's son, but he makes something' Then Azami gives off a sinister grin, 'Yes. He is exactly what I need to bring forth the new era.' He stands up and approaches Saiba as he places his hands on Saiba's shoulders. "Saiba? How would you feel about attending Totsuki Academy to further perfecting your craft?"

Saiba give a few rapid blinks as he goes, "Huh?"

"You serious?" Joichiro asks.

Yukiko just go, "HUUUUUUUH!?"

"Oh boy." Tenshu knows what happens at Totsuki and is a little scared for Saiba.

"Listen, boy." Azami says with a serious look on his face, "If you are serious about bridging the gap between the regular food and the new foods at the continent, you should learn some new techniques, methods of cooking, and how to combine all those methods that would rival the special foods that your mother gathers. You maybe a little rough around the edges, but you have talent."


Aletta gets scared, "I didn't realize that cooking is that scary."

Tenshu says to Aletta, "Only at the most prestigious schools. Not to mention that Totsuki has a graduation rate of less than ten percent."

Kuro just eats her third slice of cake. Aletta looks like she is about to pass out after hearing how intimidating the school is.

Saiba breaks free from his mother's hug which is a surprise for her.


Saiba looks at his mother straight at her eyes, "I'm going."

Yukiko and Aletta give a surprise, "WHAT?!"

"I'm going to enroll at Totsuki Academy! I'm going to make dishes that rival the foods of the new continent! Once I do that, I won't have to lose you or anyone else! Ever!"

"But you'll be scarred for life at that school!" Yukiko does have a good point. Those that failed at the school are scarred for life.

"Even so!" Saiba continues to stand resolute, "I want to learn! Then use the knowledge I have accumulated to finally bridge the gap!"

Joichiro places his hand on Yukiko's shoulder, "Our boy is growing up."

Yukiko is about to cry again. She looks at her son and sees the fiery determination in his eyes and he isn't going to back down. Yukiko gives Saiba a more gentle hug. She realizes that there is nothing she can do to stop him from growing up.

Joichiro then says, "As for me, I have to get back to my world. I would like to see what has changed since the last time I went out."


Azami smiles and leaves. While outside, he thinks to himself with an evil smile, 'Yes. I will need a pawn like him for the new age I will bring to the culinary world. And I will reign as king.'

The next morning, both Joichiro and Saiba are all dressed up, packed, and ready to leave as they stand in front of the restaurant with Yukiko and Tenshu ready to say goodbye. Yet Saiba look more human as he looks at his necklace that seem to have some sharp teeth and black and white feathers on it along with a strange blue stone at the center.

Yukiko says, "That necklace will help disguise you as a human as long as you wear it."

Saiba looks at his mother, "I understand, mother. And...thank you."

Yukiko gives him a hug, "Just be careful when you're in that world." Then she lets go before looking at Joichiro. "And you, be a bit more careful. Just make sure you don't die by making something disgusting."

"Got it." Joichiro says with some disinterest.

An JSDF jeep drives up from down the street and stops. "All aboard!" says the driver with the windows down.

Both Joichiro and Saiba enter the vehicle with their luggage to head off towards Japan, Earth. Saiba has never ridden in a motorized vehicle before and it will be the first time.

"I'll be back soon!" Joichiro says to everyone.

As the jeep is about to take off, Saiba stick his head and left hand out to say, "Bye, mom! Bye, Tenshu! I'll be back when I get the chance! Say goodbye for everyone for me!"

"Goodbye!" Tenshu waves goodbye.

Yukiko stands in the middle of the road as she says, "Please take good care of yourself!" The jeep drives further away as Yukiko keeps talking. "Watch out for crazy women! Especially the high school girls! Don't forget to clean your underwear! And watch out for dogs! And make sure you follow the rules and laws of that world! AND MAKE SURE NOT TO USE ANY MAGIC! I MEAN IT! YOU CAN'T USE MAGIC IN THAT WORLD!" Then the jeep disappear from sight.

"A bit overly protective, aren't you?" Tenshu asks.

Yukiko trembles a bit before looking at Tenshu. "WAAA-AAH!" Yukiko cries with tears streaming all over before slamming her head Tenshu's right shoulder...which hurts...a lot. "MY BABY IS GONE! WAA-HAA-HAAH!"

In the jeep, Saiba is feeling nauseous as they headed towards the tunnel up ahead. What Saiba is experiencing is motion sickness.

"You alright, son?" Joichiro asks. "I know that you're not used to cars, but you may have to." Then he smiles, "I know, how about some sardines with boysenberry jam and honey."

Saiba rolls down the window and vomits.

"HEY!" the driver says angrily. "Joichiro! You shouldn't tease the boy like that!"

Joichiro laughs, "Oh come on! I couldn't help it!"

'My dad is the worst.' Saiba just sits and waits until the ride is over.

They made it to a checkpoint on the other side of the tunnel. The scenery has change from fantasy/modern mix suburbia to Japanese mountain sides. After getting cleared, the jeep keeps moving.

"There it is!" Joichiro says.

Saiba looks out the windows. His eyes widen and stops being sick for a moment.

"Mt. Fuji! Japan's most famous mountain. And if you look to the left..."

Saiba looks to the left.

"Tokyo! The capital of Japan."

Saiba has never seen a modern city before. He sees skyscrapers that go as high as the sky, even at a distance. He is amazed and in total awe for the sight that he sees before him. But when the jeep hits a pothole, Saiba starts throwing up...on his father.


"Ah! Jeez! Do you have to throw-up on me!"

The driver just laughs, "That's what you get!"

Saiba gets off close to the school. He walks down a street as he admires the cherry blossoms that are in bloom. Saiba enjoys the walk until he hears someone screaming.


Saiba looks ahead and sees a few teenage boys in despair and anguish.

One screams, "I'M A TOTAL FAILURE!"

Then he sees an older gentlemen begging to men in black suits and sunglasses, "Please! Don't expel my son! I'm pay you whatever you want! Please don't do this!"

Saiba then turn his attention towards the gate of Totsuki Academy. He keeps on looking up with his eyes widening and jaw dropping as he notices how big the academy is. He thinks to himself, 'WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!? I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS!' Saiba slaps himself to snap out of it. 'Right. Made it this far. No use in backing out now.' Saiba walks forward with a determine look on his face and press on.

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