Chapter 13
The Upcoming Food War Against A Pro

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The training camp still continues on with many of the young chefs-in-trining try to serve fifty servings in a certain time schedule...and have to feed a lot of bodybuilders that scarf it all down. So far, Ikumi Mito has twelve plates remaining as she cooks on a pan. Yuki Yoshino has eighteen more to go as she gets the vegetables prepared.

Ryoko Sakaki has seventeen more to go as she says, "This is never going to end." as she stirs a pot.

Takumi Aldini only has two more to go as he grills one of the steaks. His brother, Isami Aldini, has only five more to serve as he grills his steak.

"This is insane." Shun Ibusaki says casually as he puts some rice in a rice bowl. And he has only fifteen more to go.

Zenji Marui is being nervous as he has twenty-two more servings to go. 'Fifty servings?' He is close to collapse due to his low stamina.

Megumi presents some of her steak dinners, "Sorry for the wait."

One of the big muscle guys says, "That took a long time, little girl."

Then they start stuffing their faces with one says with a mouthful, "Whoa! This is delicious!"

They all seem to be enjoying Megumi's cooking as they demand more, which is a surprise for the other students.

Megumi is happy that they like it, 'I'm glad they like it so much.'

All of the macho men really love it.

"This has the right amount of fat!"

"The rice is nice and fluffy!"

"I want to eat more of this yumminess!"

"Want more!"

"Don't stop the food from coming out!"

Megumi goes, "Yeah!" and is fired up to make more...and she only has thirty more servings to go. 'I got to work harder!'

Okay, where we last left off Saiba, he bumped right into Erina, who is in a bath robe, and it pinned down by her...and is getting slobbered, again.

"EWW!" Saiba is disgusted, "I haven't even taken a bath yet! Gross!"

"Oh." Erina stops licking, "But how about you and I find a mix bath for us to fool around in. I've already taken mine, but I wouldn't mind going for another, long as you're with me."


Hisako comes in running, "What is going on here?!" She gasps and is horrified by what she sees, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING?! IN PUBLIC NO LESS?!"

She sees Erina being on top of Saiba and holds him tightly as if they're a newly wed couple, much to Saiba's dismay.


Saiba gets off the floor, "Huh?" with large blue question marks all over his head, "You're not making any sense! What exactly are you referring to?!"

Hisako's face is all red with Erina turning her face away while blushing.

"You know what I mean!"

"Whatever," Saiba just turns to head to the bath, "I'm taking my damn bath!" Then mumbles, "I swear, girls on this side of the portal are confusing."

As he walks into the bath, Erina asks Hisako, "Did you find his room number?"

Hisako looks down, "No, I'm sorry." Then Hisako remembers something that Saiba said when he finished. "Actually, I have an idea. Since the Polar Star Dorm is gonna be at Saiba's room, we should follow them."

Erina tries to act dignified with a blush on her face, "I would never stoop so low as to follow a classmate." Then she secretly whispers, "Good idea." Then pretends that she doesn't care, "That would be completely undignified." Whispers, "Try to listen in on the girls' conversation." Stoic, "Not to mention completely immoral and against school policy." Whispers, "But we're gonna do it anyway and bring the playing cards."

Hisako does a salute, "Understood, Miss Erina." Then whispers, "I did managed to get some at the front desk."


Saiba made it to the men's bath, "Man, I hope she isn't thinking about trying to find my room. I gotta focus on passing this camp and move forward, or else I'll never accomplished what I came here to do." Saiba gets undressed yet leaves his necklace on as he wraps his lower half in a towel, "Better get this Erina spit off of me before I get some sort of infection." He heads towards the bath, "Wish that woman would leave me-"

Saiba stops his sentence as he sees Gin Dojima in the bath and all of his muscles and six-pack. He is a middle of stretching when Saiba came in.

"Holy crap!" Saiba says. Seeing Dojima was unexpected.

"Oh. I see the first one is already here." He looks at Saiba while still in a stretching pose, "Just doing a bit of stretching as part of my daily routine to quiet the mind."

Saiba is completely unphased by Dojima's form for he has seen plenty of back then when he was taking out hunting. But then the two were laughing in the bath while Saiba takes a rock salt onto his cheek where Erina was licking.

Saiba says, "Man, I was expecting to be the first one, but guess not."

Dojima laughs a little, "My apologize. Well, you are the first one of the students so you can be satisfied with that." He rubs his right shoulder, "It seems that we have someone with some talent. That would make it two years in the row now, wouldn't it?"

"Last year, too?" Saiba asks.

"That's right. We always do the fifty serving challenge in different hotel kitchens simultaneously. That way, it's clear to see who's the first to finish. And each year, I'm usually out of the bath before anyone can show up. But last year, there was another who came up here and finished up this quickly."


"He's the current number seven chair of the Totsuki Council of Ten."


"Yep. He seemed like an unusually strong and unique character."

"That's definitely Isshiki, no doubt about it." and he puts the salt down with Dojima eyeing it. Saiba notices, "You are wondering why do I have some rock salt, aren't you?"

"To keep your skin healthy?"

"Actually, it is to rub off anything Erina left on me."

"Erina? Erina Nakiri?" Dojima is surprised to hear that.

"Yeah, that girl keeps on licking me."

"Wait, she licks you?!" his eyes widen and is even more surprised to hear that. Erina Nakiri, the God Tongue, licking someone on the cheek.

"Yeah! Ever since she slipped and kissed me!"

"She did what?!" But he remembers something. Something the director said about keeping student room numbers confidential.

"Yeah! And she won't leave me alone, not for a single minute! Even invading the dorm I'm living in."

Dojima looks away, "That might explain it."


Dojima looks back at Saiba, "Oh, nothing. By the way, what's your name?"

"Saiba. Saiba Yukihira."

"SAIBA YUKIHIRA!?" Dojima stands up as he shouts, which frightens Saiba. "Joichiro's half-human child?!"

"Wait, you know my dad?! Wait, you even know about that?!"

Before they continue with the topic, Takumi busts in, "Saiba Yukihira! You may have been able to beat me this round, but next time will be a different storrryyEEAAAAAAHHH!" He screams at the end when he sees Gin Dojima. "Uh! Ch-chef Dojima!"

"Whelp. I've been here long enough." Before he exits the tub, he asks Saiba, "By the way, how is he? Your father, Joichiro."

"Umm... Last I check, he's on this side traveling."

Dojima smiles, "Good to hear. Glad that he is doing well. Maybe at the end of this, I may see him again. Somewhere." and steps out, "For what it's worth, your stay here is just beginning. Make sure you take good care of your body while you're here." and then shakes Saiba's hand with Takumi gawking. "Try to do your best tomorrow, okay?"

Saiba is a little confused, "Um...sure. But how did you and my fa-"

"That's a story for another day." and he exits.

Takumi is trying to process what just happened. Yet he runs up to Saiba as he tries to come up with something to say, "What just happened? Do you know who he is? And why were you shaking his hand so casually?"

"I'm a bit stumped myself. He even knows my dad."

"He knows your dad?"

The two try to put their heads together and what the hell just happened.

Meanwhile, in the women's bath, the other girls of Polar Star finally managed to pass and able to enjoy a luxurious bath along with all those that survived. The three of them are in one spot while Megumi brought her little rubber ducky.

"Man." Yuki feels tired, "I'm freakin' exhausted after that fifty course challenge. I can't believe we were all able to make it through."

The other girls feel the same.

"This is gonna go on for the next four whole days?" Ryoko states, "This 'camping trip from hell' is no joke."

Yet Megumi is happy that she made it, "Still, now that we're getting to relax, it kinda want you to get back out there and do it again. Right?"

Ryoko notices the rubber duck, "You brought your little ducky?"

"Oh." Megumi giggles a little as she plays with it, "I thought that I let him go on the trip, too."

Yuki groans out of exhaustion as she tries to relax in the bath. But she looks at Ryoko's chest, "Oh my."

Ryoko starts to feel uncomfortable, "So, uh, what's goin' on?"

"Looks like the dumplings are ready." Yuki sounds like a pervert when she says that as she looks at Ryoko's boobs. Then tries to touch them, "Mmm. Aren't they, lady Ryoko?"

But Ryoko smacks Yuki's hand.


Then Megumi compliments, "Perfectly round and tender and ready to eat."

Ryoko sighs, "Not you too. Don't stare at me." As Ryoko turns to tell Megumi to stop, her ducky went on a little journey between...yeah, you get the idea.

"Oh! He is on a trip."

Megumi then starts to get embarrassed.

"I swear. You guys are the worst."

Then Yuki stands up, "Aaaahh." she feels freshened up and ready, "Okay girls, what do ya say we get going."

They made it to one of the rooms, 2201 to be exact, and they see all the wondrous and luxurious furniture sparkling before them. Red velvet couch with matching chair and curtains with a fancy coffee table, a jacuzzi tub with top quality products, and a bed big enough for three or four people set in an immaculate manner. Yuki is taken in by such luxuries that she can only dream of. She jumps on the bed and rolls around in it.


Ryoko is sitting on the edge as she chuckles at Yuki acting like a little kid, "Why don't you try it to, Megumi?"

Megumi is a bit unsure and nervous, "I don't know. This place is so up-scale and I'm not sure I can handle a bed that soft."

But Yuki certainly enjoys it in an unlady-like manner.

Ryoko says to her, "Yuki, that's not very lady-like. I know its nice and all, but still."

"Hey guys." someone says with a voice that sounds like they're on death's door. Turns out that it is Zenji, who's body is almost shriveled up like a mummy and about ready to die with a gloomy aura around him.

"Oh. Hey there, Zenji." Ryoko notices Zenji's appearance, "It looks like you lost weight."

"Does it really show?" Zenji is starting to look like an old man, "Then would you please go to Saiba's room? I need to rest up for tomorrow's next level of hell. This is my room and I want to sleep."

"Oh, that's right!" Ryoko realizes that everyone is gonna be at Saiba's room, not Zenji's. Old habits die hard.

Megumi gives an apologetic bow, "Sorry, Zenji."

Yuki sits straight up from the bed, "I bet his bed is just as nice!"

Everyone is over at Saiba's room as they all play rich-man, poor-man with a western deck. Even worse when Hisako and Erina joined in, much to Saiba's dismay. But after a while during all their excitement; Yuki, Hisako, Erina, Daigo and Shoji fell asleep at the start of the game. Although, Erina is already having her head on one of Saiba's pillows.

Shun states how long they played, "They lasted two minutes and fifty-one seconds."

Ryoko says as she drinks some water, "The day caught-up with them all at once."

"I guess we'll just leave them until it's lights out."

Ryoko notices that Megumi isn't tired, "You're not getting tired yet, Megumi? I guess that you'd always go to bed pretty early to be ready for the next day, huh?"

"Yeah, well. It's kinda weird isn't it? I'm exhausted but not that sleepy, you know."

Saiba sighs, "So much for going over our plan to get through this with all of us."

"Sorry about that."

"Don't worry." Saiba takes a drink before continuing, "As long as we avoid Chef Kojiro Shinomiya, we should be okay." Then he smiles at Megumi, "Just hope that we get someone that likes you."


Ryoko laughs, "That's right! Not only Hinako Inui, but also Donato Gotoda!"

Megumi tries to remember him and when she did, she starts to get nervous.

Shun says, "Oh yeah, the Dutch Clover Guy."

Saiba laughs, "Yeah! Those two were all over Megumi as if she was a cute kitten!"

"A kitten?" Megumi tries to process this while having folded cat ears and a tail.

"Oh my gosh, you're right!" Ryoko agrees, "Megumi is an adorable kitten, isn't she?"

"Would you guys stop?" Megumi asks. But she smiles when everyone is having a good time. She holds tightly to her academic charm, 'I want to spend more time with everyone.' She holds it tightly close to her chest, 'I want to get better at cooking. I'll do my best.'

"You are out."

Another day in training camp, yet it is a gloomy day outside with rain clouds looming over the building where Saiba and Megumi are at. To add more misfortune, their worst fear has come. They are in Kojiro Shinomiya's class. The most difficult out of all the challenges at camp.

"Good morning." Kojiro says to the class. He gives an empty smile, "I'm Kojiro Shinomiya from Totsuki's 79th. Today's cooking challenge will be a dish of my choosing." He holds up a piece of paper. "You should all have your recettes."

All the students look over and see what the hell they have to make with some of the students having some gripe under their breaths.

"This is bullcrap. We had to get Chef Shinomiya." one of the male students whispers.

Another one whispers while being nervous, "I heard that guy sent more than thirty people home yesterday."

One guy looks at the paper, "Plus, the theme he has us making today is a recipe thought up himself."

For today's theme, they have to make a terrine with nine types of vegetables. A terrine is a pate or similar dish of chopped meat or vegetables, baked in a casserole dish and served cold. The multitude of vegetables gives it a beautiful, vibrant appearance. Each of the nine varieties requires different preparation in heating techniques. None of the vegetables flavoring should be overpowering or underwhelming and weaving those flavors together is an extremely difficult task.

Kojiro shows the paper and waves it back and forth, "To give you a chance, I chose one of my relatively easier recettes."

Many of the students look at him and are like 'You call this easy?'

"Unless you prefer a more difficult dish." a bit of a smug bastard.

'Man I wanna punch this guy's face with a face.'

Saiba looks over the paper, "What's a recette?"

Megumi explains, "It means recipe."

"Oh." Saiba gets it now. "And what language is that?" or not.

Kojiro continues, "Also, in this challenge, you will not work in pairs. You will each make your own dish."

Megumi is in a pickle now. She usually relies on Saiba to help her out of any sticky situation, but now she has to do things on her own.

"Any exchange of tips or information is strictly forbidden." Kojiro points at the vegetables behind the students, "Behind you, stack in the back of the kitchen, are all the ingredients you may choose from. Also, let me give you a piece of advice: It would be sensible of consider everyone around you as an enemy."

Now everyone is really nervous, but Saiba is a bit more confuse about what Kojiro said. He has worked alongside his father, Tenshu and everyone in the staff back at Yuki-Neko. Which to him, makes sense to work alongside everyone since everyone plays an important part in running a restaurant. Makes even more sense in hunting since everyone has to work together to survive. Yet Saiba never see others as an enemy with the exception of his prey. Saiba manages to see something behind Kojiro's glasses. Something familiar.

"You have three hours. Now then, begin."

Everyone quickly dashes over to grab all the ingredients they need in a panic. Many of them fight amongst themselves over whatever veggie is the best of the lot while Megumi tries to get in but gets knocked aside. The tension level is completely out of controlled compared to yesterday. But Megumi managed to pick the ones that look good to her and while Saiba casually picks which ones are good to him. Everyone then starts making their terrine yet Megumi started a little late compared to everyone else. Unfortunately, Megumi didn't get any cauliflower so she went back to get some. However, the ones left started to oxidize and their color is muddy. If she cooks them like they are, they would foam up and their colors won't get that visual appeal. Since she cannot get any advice, she has to figure things out on her own. One students says to the other about something different from the recette. Kojiro caught him in the act and have them kicked out. Near the shadow of the other doorway, Gin Dojima watches the class and notices that something is up before he leaves.

In other parts of the resort, many other students are doing their best to fit the minimum requirement to pass. All of them are struggling to get a passing grade in hopes to stay in Totsuki and get through this training camp from hell.

After a while, many students finished and lined-up and present their dish. Kojiro takes a bite out of one.

He places his fork down after tasting, "Lousy. You're done."

"But c-come on! I can do better. Give me another chance. Chef, please let me make it again."

"Do you have the ingredients?"

"Uh!" the student starts to panic.

"You have neither the ingredients nor the time. If you're telling me you can make it regardless... Well then, young man, you are a better chef than I am."

Unfortunately, he can't.

"You are out. Bye-bye."

Saiba's turn is next, "I'm Saiba Yukihira."

Kojiro looks at the dish and has taken an interest. "Huh." He takes a bite and seems to like it, "You pass."

With that, Saiba heads back to his station to clean-up. Yet he notices that Megumi is still working and is finished.

"All done. My nine vegetable terrine." Then she looks at the time, "And just in time."

She proceeds to present her dish to Kojiro while smiling.

"Just look at you. You're the last one."

"Um, I'm Megumi Tadokoro. It's an honor."

Kojiro looks at it to judge its appearance. Then takes a bite out of it and then...

"Megumi Tadokoro, you are out."

Megumi has failed much to her horror.

Kojiro gets up from his chair, "For those of you who have passed, prepare for my next session."

"Um." Megumi interrupts, "Sir, can you tell me what was wrong...with my dish?"

"Well, your cauliflower was a little off so you used wine vinegar to boil it, is that correct? Vinegar acts as a bleaching agent, so it preserves the color nicely. The aftertaste of the vinegar accentuated the sweetness of the cauliflower. The vegetable sweetness and the slight acidity of the vinegar created the perfect match. Flavor wise."

" then...why sir?"

"You said you were free to stray from the recette?" Kojiro pulls out the recipe, "This menu item is intended to let one enjoy the harmony of the vegetables' sweetness."

Saiba is starting to get angry.

"Was there anything in the recette that says to accentuate the acidity? Hmm? What you made was a different dish altogether. If you put out a dish not to my standards, then of course you failed. Satisfied?"

"I'm not." Saiba steps-up, "Because it was totally out of her control. You had produce in there that have already turned bad."

Everyone that has passed are freaking out that Saiba is taking a stand against Kojiro.

"Throughout these challenges, we're treated as if we were your staff, right? That being said, responsibility for inventory control lies at the top, with you. That fault lies with the manager aka the head chef."

Kojiro slams his hand on the table, "You little brat." now he is upset, "You understand who you're talking to?"

"Someone who is unable to make a new recipe and takes out his frustrations on everyone around him. Someone who's skills have gone stagnant since they reached to the top and unable to make anything new. Unable to make a specialty. Right?" Saiba sees pass Kojiro and noticed something all too similar.

"The hell you say?!" he yells at Saiba.

One of the female students say, "Hold on, he's taking his frustrations out on us?"

One male student says, "That's so unfair."

"How dare you say such insolence, you little troll! I am Chef Kojiro Shinomiya, the Legume Magician, the one who has managed to win France's Pluspol award!"

"But where I'm from, that means nothing."

"What're you saying?"

"Where I'm from, they never even heard of you nor your restaurant back in my homeworld."

One male student steps up, "That's right! Saiba is from the Special Region!"

"The Special Region?!" This was a surprise to Kojiro. 'This little brat is from the Special Region where the food and ingredients are even superior than that of our world?! Even dishes far more supreme than my restaurant?! This boy?!' The wheels in Kojiro's head started to churn as he comes up with an idea. Something that he needed that was staring at him and pointed out his flaws. He smiles and started to laugh, which is freaking everyone out even more.

"I think he lost it." one of the students say.


Kojiro cleans his glasses before he speaks, "Alright then, how about this: A Food War."

Megumi gasp along with everyone else in the class. 'A Food War with a Totsuki graduate? Is that possible?'

"If you agree to accept my challenge, and win, which is impossible: Megumi Tadokoro stays. If you lose, the two of you will be expelled."


"Eh?" Megumi went, "EEEEEEEHHHH!?"

The students started to murmur that Saiba has a death wish.

"But there are some conditions. Megumi is to be head chef while you be her sous-chef. The second is that it will be French cuisine made from some of the ingredients from the Special Region."


"EH!?" Megumi went.

"WHHAAAAAAAT!" the students went.


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