Chapter 1

Earth, 2028

In a lab somewhere on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, a scientist dressed like Rick Sanchez yet has messy brown hair and wearing goggles is manically smiling while looking at the computer screen. He may be of at least between mid-20's to early 30's and looks like he hasn't shaved for two weeks.

"At last!" the man says proudly. He throws his arms in the air, "I'VE DONE IT! I, ERIC VAN GENUS, HAVE DONE IT! My nanomachines are finished! With them, I will have the human race evolve into newer heights and be able to travel across the stars!" He laughs like crazy after what feels like an eternity on making his nanomachines. He starts screaming, "REVOLUTION THROUGH EVOLUTION!" Then he calms down. "Man I'm beat." He scratches his chin, "I need to shave and get cleaned up."

So Eric did so after taking a shower before wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of blue and white striped boxers, and his hair is matted down. Yet still wearing the goggles. He walks towards an old, beaten brown couch with patches on it in his living room while holding a cup of ramen with a bended fork on it and a can of soda. In front of him is a glass coffee table with a few cracks on one corner covered in clear duct tape. As a matter of fact, the place looks like it is made of old furniture that people have tossed out or has been recycled more than enough. Eric uses an invention that looks like a portable DVD player with its own screen yet plays Blue-Rays and has a projection at the bottom.

Eric gets back up and walks towards his asymmetrical shelf. "Now let's see. What do I want to watch? Do I wanna watch RWBY Volume 13 again or do I wanna watch Transformers: Prime? Grimm maybe? Or maybe I would play Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 for a spell? Oh, wait, Disney's Gargoyles!"

Before he removes the DVD from the shelf, six armed men come crashing through the window.

"FREEZE! CIA!" says one of the men pointing his gun at Eric. "Jacques Merde, you're nanomachines now fall under the property of the United States of America!"

Eric has his hands up yet says, "My name is Eric van Genus! ERIC! VAN! GENUS! I had it changed!"

Then five more armed men come bashing through his windows. One of them point his gun at Eric while shouting in a French accent, "GIGN! You are-" Then he noticed the CIA, "What the merde?!"

"It's van Genus!" Eric shouts angrily. "VAN GENUS!"

Then five more come in with one saying, "In the name of Mother Russia, hold it!" in a Russian accent. "We are Spetsnaz and... Kakogo cherta?!"

Eric says in a calm manner, "Join the club."

Then six more guys come crashing in with one shouting, "Freeze! Korean People's Army!" Then they noticed the other troops, "Neo jinsim-iya?!"

Then seven more come bursting in. One starts shouting, "Ministry of State Security! Jacques Merde! You are-" Then the guy notices the other troops. "Is the whole world trying to get their hands on nanotechnology?"

Eric says, "Excuse me for a moment." Eric pulls out his smart phone and press a button.

An CIA member yanked the phone out of Eric's hand and the phone reads, 'Emergency Purge: Activated'. He looked at Eric, "What did you do?"

"I purge any and all trace of my nanites and any data related to them." Eric explains. "And I'm not one for-"


Gunshots were heard and everyone just open fire with Eric hiding under the couch. They all shot each other with bullets everywhere that made a bigger mess than the place is.

Eric pops out of the couch. "Whew! That was close." He flips the couch over and look at the state of his home. "Fuck me. Looks like I have to start from square one."

A piece of the ceiling dropped on Eric's phone and activated something. Eric look over and sees the self-destruct sequence has been activated and he has less than five seconds.

"Oh son of a bi-" BOOM!

The whole lab and ramshackle house got destroyed. Including Eric van Genus. A scientist that want humans to evolve into something else and to have humanity reach for the stars beyond.

23 Reincarnations Later...

Remnant. A world full of monsters called, the Creatures of Grimm, and monster hunters called, Huntsmen. Humans and a race of animal/human hybrids call Faunus call this world home despite the dangers. Dust, a magical-like substance, fuel the civilizations that are highly dependent on it. Huntsmen are able to use aura, a type of force field and healing ability powered by their souls and able to use semblances, a type of superpower. And pretty soon, it will be turned upside down.

Patch, One Week Before Episode 1 Volume 1 Starts...

Taiyang, Ruby, Yang and Zwei are preparing to watch a new and popular show on TV.

Ruby comes out of the kitchen with a big bowl of popcorn, "I got the popcorn!"

Taiyang comes out with a tray full of drinks, "I got the drinks!"

Zwei comes out with a bone in his mouth.

Yang is sitting on the couch, "I got the remote!"

Everyone, except Zwei sit on the couch and Yang turn on the TV. However, it was on Vale News Network.

Cyril Ian speaks, "And now we go to global news with Lisa Lavender."

Lisa Lavender appears on screen with a picture of a wanted poster with Salem's face on it and is worth Ⱡ5,000,000,000 alive. Under her is the headlines that reads: 'The Creatures of Grimm Have a Leader?'

Lisa says, "For today's report, we have a series of wanted posters that have been appearing all over Remnant. Yet this one is a surprise for us all. This person, name Salem, is a human/Grimm hybrid that is leading the Creatures of Grimm."

Taiyang dropped his drink onto the floor. His daughters look at the absolute dread on his face and the amount of sweat on his forehead.

"You okay, dad?" Ruby asks.

"Do you know that woman?" Yang asks.

Taiyang just shake his head to snap out of it. "I'm okay, girls." he reassures he is fine but lies. "I...I need to make a call." Taiyang gets up and walks away with his scroll in hand. He heads up stairs to talk to Ozpin. "It's me. Have you seen the news? ... I don't know how this got leaked."

Back down stairs Ruby and Yang look at their father heading up the stairs and wondering what is going on. On the news, the VNN showed wanted posters of Jacques Schnee, Adam Taurus, Tyrian Callows, Arthur Watts, Roman Torchwick, Neo Politan and Hazel Rainart from left to right respectfully. Then it switches back to Lisa Lavender with a picture of a shadowy silhouette of someone armed with knives, swords, a scarf on a blood spattered background with the headline reading: 'Huntsmen Slayer Strikes Again!'

"But there is more. The Huntsman Slayer, calling herself Fumeiyo, has killed eight more Huntsmen in the city of Mistral along with fourteen White Fang members, twenty-seven Atlesian soldiers, and a multitude of criminals. So far, there are no leads on this murderous vigilante. However, we do have a motive from a letter saying that Huntsmen these days are a disgrace to the name because they are far too focus on fame and fortune rather than being the heroes from the old days. In other news-"

Over at Mistral, a woman wearing a black combat suit with metal plates on her abdomen and shoulders with sharp blades on the shoulders while having red paint splattered on it and belted holsters for knives is watching from a rooftop. On the back, there are two katanas that can also be transformed into pistols. She has black hair tied in a ponytail, a red angry oni mask with piercing yellow eyes that covers her face with a red scarf around her neck. The torso is sleeveless that expose her tan skin yet has metal pads that cover her elbows and metal gauntlets painted red. She wears a belt that holds up her black cargo pants that have red paint stains on them. The belt has some kunai and ammo clips on it and is red. She is also wearing red and black boots with steel plate toes that has talon-like blades with a few spikes above them. On her knees, there are metal pads with spikes in the shape of the horns of her mask or rhino horns.

She watches over the city to find her next prey whether that prey is a disgraceful Huntsman, a White Fang soldier, an Atlesian soldier, a criminal, or even a Grimm. The police are searching every building and dark alleyway for this woman. Yet thanks to her efforts, Huntsmen are scared and are whipped into shape. Criminal activity has gone down and many Faunus refuse to offer aid to the White Fang. Many Atlesian soldiers are forced out of the city and do patrols outside the walls. Despite the murders, Fumeiyo has brought some sense of tranquility to the city. While looking down from the building, a black portal appeared a few feet behind her.

The person coming out is a human male in his early twenties having short grey hair, wearing a grey colored hoodie with armor plating on the torso. He has silver eyes, fair skin, dark blue jeans with a black leather belt along with having some armoring on the side of his legs, and blue sneakers with dark grey shoe laces and dark grey bottoms. He carries a rifle strapped to his back that looks similar to a Tau pulse rifle from Warhammer 40K but an unusually large bayonet on it that is permanently attached to it on purpose.

Fumeiyo takes a glance at the person, "Gris." She sounds cold and emotionless with a spine-chilling tone to it. "Is it time for me to head towards Vale?"

Gris smiles with his hands behind him. "It is!" he sounds happy-go-lucky as he approach. "But why so gloomy?" He bends down with his face close to her mask on the right side. "Come on. Put on a smile! I bet you would feel better!"

"Shut-up and take me there."

"Unless you give me a smile."

Fumeiyo pulls out her sword half-way but Gris' weapon is in blade mode close to Fumeiyo's neck. Now Gris has a more psychotic, murderous smile with murderous intent in his eyes. Yet he moved so fast that Fumeiyo just froze.

"Now come on! Give me a smile!" Gris sound a lot more murder happy. However, his scroll rings and was force to answer. "Hello?...Oh hey! Sorry but I-...How did you know?...Oh yeah, satellites. I forgot we have those secret little eyes and ears in orbit...Huh?" His smile started to disappear and looks normal. "But I was just kidding!...Alright, you got it oh fearless leader." Gris hangs up, put his scroll away and opens a portal. "Come on. Let's go." He sounds disappointed with a grumpy expression as he heads in with Fumeiyo following him.

Somewhere in Sanus / Three Days Before the Start of RWBY...

In a secret meeting room somewhere on the continent of Sanus, there is an round table with twenty-three chairs around it with only nine of them are seated in some sort of art deco-style room with artistic paintings, redwood carvings on the wall, and black and white tiles for flooring. On the table, there are name labels to the seats.

In the first seat, we have the primary leader wearing a fancy suit that is black coat with green stripes with golden trims, a white shirt with a silver colored tie with blue stripes going side to side, fancy black leather dress shoes, and black leather gloves. However, person's face will be hidden for the time being. Not only that, the person is wearing some sort of gas mask with a voice filter. The body may look male, but could be a farce. As a matter of fact, hard to tell if the person's a human or Faunus.

The second seat is seated by a woman name Kuro Kanmuri. A woman with wait-length raven black hair tied in a ponytail with a black bow, fair skin, a black kimono that has her symbol that looks like a white raven flying downwards from the left while holding onto a samurai's helmet on her sleeves. She wears a dark green hakama and a dark blue obi around her waist along with wooden sandals. The third seat belongs to Basil Mint. A male puma Faunus with puma ears and six feet tall with mint green hair that is short and somewhat spiky with the spikes heading forward and has a brown skin tone. He wears a dark green jacket that is unzipped with a light-blue t-shirt that has his emblem that is colored mint green with a sideway crescent moon with a three-leaf mint on it. The man is also wearing steel pauldrons that are in three layers, green gloves with blue colored-metal plates on the fingers, steel elbow pads, navy blue jeans, and dark brown shoes with black straps.

The fourth seat belongs to Basil's little brother, Crispin Mint. A Tiger Faunus with tiger ears with a fair skin tone with mint green hair that is also spiky, but in the opposite way of Basil's. He is a bit more muscular than Basil despite the size differences, having a black leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders that go down to the wrists with a dark blue shirt underneath. On the back of the jacket is an emblem similar to Basil's but upside down. He wears baggy dark blue jeans with some brown straps on his thighs. Crispin also wears black biker boots. The fifth seat belongs to the younger sister, Coco Mint. Coco also has mint green hair yet hers are in two green buns yet has her cat ears exposed because she's a Cat Faunus. She is also wearing a cotton jacket that is light blue with a full moon and three leafed mint on her left shoulder while having her hood up. She wears a light blue miniskirt and dark green sneakers along with wielder goggles as she looks at holographic screens floating around her.

The sixth seat belongs to a Fox Faunus with fox ears and white hair name, Yuki Onna. She has straight hair that goes half-way down her back, pale skin, a white kimono with a black emblem with a fox's head with nine tails on the back. She is wearing a dark navy sash with white snowflake patterns on it and sandals. The seventh seat belongs to a human name Howard Goldshield, who is wearing golden armor with a crimson sash on his waist, fair skin, and spiky golden blonde hair. The eighth seat goes to a Beaver Faunus name, Delson Rowan. This young man is wearing copper colored sweat shirt and pants with his symbol looking like a beaver from a Native American totem pole on the entire torso. He has copper skin with a beaver tail and wearing white running shoes. He is a little chubby but in good health. His hair is also black. The ninth seat belongs to a human with short, hot pink dyed hair with neon blue highlights name, Neon Seign. A very slender woman with a hot pink tank top with her symbol being some sort of shield with the word 'NEON' in a form of a tattoo on her right wrist. She wears wristbands with neon colored spikes on them with her nails colored hot pink. She also wears black jeans with a similar spiked belt that matches her wristbands, and black boots with steel plated toes.

The others are listed as Indigo Bunting, Harriet Flameheart, Nyx Shade, Sylvester Stallion, Gris Lobo, Chamo Mile, Poppy Te, Shira Yuki, Maya Mantoida, Caelum Forest, Dale Bree, Aerial Airheart, Rune Fenris, and Sol Aire. They all are around late teens to early or mid twenties that are different in appearance, yet there is one thing they all have in common: silver eyes.

"So tell me." the leader speaks in a distorted voice, "How are things going?"

Coco speaks first while looking at her screens, "Nanomachines are in full production and are ready. Thirty-nine out of forty-two satellites are in place and number forty is currently in the final stages before launch. However, we are running low on chemicals for the rocket fuel."

"And of Atlas? I wish to know about the upcoming election."

Coco flicks her right index finger over to the leader to show pictures of Aerial Airheart in disguise of a middle-aged woman wearing white doing charities and community service in both Mantle and Atlas. "Aerial- I mean, Daisy Taggart has become extremely popular in the Atlas Kingdom. With claims about the Happy Huntresses stealing supplies from convoys that were heading to villages, Robyn's shot at being a council member is dwindling. Plus with the press all over the Schnee Manor with claims about an illegitimate child and tried to kill him on those wanted posters along with all the crap he tried to get away with, his chances are almost zero. Not to mention all those break-ins by bounty hunters."

Yuki speaks up in a civilized manner, "Permission to speak?"

"Granted. Although, you don't need to ask for permission." says the leader.

"Our little Huntsmen Slayer has caused a lot of chaos in Vacuo, Menagerie and Mistral. She's laying low in Vale until the time is right right now until the moment comes."

"Despite Fumeiyo's altruistic philosophy being different from our objectivism, she has proven beneficial. The less fighters to deal with, the better when we can finally strike."

"My turn then." Basil says. "About Schwarz. He got really pissed when he found out that his dad is being hunted rather than him doing it."

"I told him a thousand times not to." the leader says, "Although, he is young, rash, hot headed and always want to prove himself. Like all teenagers."

"Yuck." Neon says in disgust.

"Is there a problem?" Crispin asks Neon.

"I can't believe a woman like that is chosen to handle the Seasonal Maidens and the retrieval of the Relics. She makes me puke just by looking at her."

"True." the leader speaks, "But Bloody Mary's semblance is very effective. For all we do know, she could be watching us right now."

Neon gets creeped out and shudders.

"Getting back to the posters." Yuki says, "How come we don't have Cinder Fall, Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black on them?"

"There is a simple explanation." Kuro speaks. "If we did make posters of them, they will go into hiding and they will be harder to track. Even more so for Bloody Mary. According to our leader's predictions, Cinder Fall will upload a virus into the CCT during the dance at Beacon when other students arrive. When that happens, Mary strikes. After that, she'll go after the other half of the Fall Maiden and get the Crown."

"Speaking of leaders." Crispin speaks, "The Battle-Freak wants to know when do we strike Salem."

The leader responds, "Only when the time is right. And that time is coming soon."

"I'll let him know." He looks at his sister, "Sis?"

"Hmm?" Coco turns her attention towards her brother.

"See about manipulating the votes when elections do come."

"No prob."

Delson then speaks, "Good news that the machine you made worked out. The new Dust that you've been modifying for space is ready along with gold. Enough to get a few workers to stop supporting the Schnee Dust Company. All thanks to your knowledge of molecules."

Howard gives a satisfactory smirk, "Those sheep took the bait over at Vacuo and rioted against the Schnee Dust Company. Now they are all independent that supply only Vacuo and we get the 5% of the newer Dust and gold." Then the smirk disappears, "Although. Wish we could cut a good deal for Energon that we get to make and harvest."

"One day, we might." the leader says to Howard. "Although, wish we could make more Kyber Crystals and other energy resources that would replace Dust. Right now though, we are using regular gunpowder instead of Dust. We still need to learn more about our new Dust."

Neon is getting bored, "Can we go now? I would like to see my show before we drag this out."

Everyone chuckles at Neon.

The leader stands up, "Very well then. As of now, this meeting is over."

Then they all leave the room.

The leader heads-up towards their room above the eighth level of some sort of mansion as the person walks towards their desk with a mirror. The leader takes off their gas mask. The leader's hand shape their face as if they are made of clay.

"Let's see." the leader says in a feminine voice. "This is Nya Dran that I use for writing books." Then change it again. "This one?" the leader says in a more masculine voice that sounds kind and gentle, "This is John Gulch that I use to persuade many scientist, engineers, and to rescue children all those years ago." Then changes face again, "This is Andrew Raiden." the leader says in a more successful businessman voice, "The man who is in charge of this valley. But this is more for public speaking." Then changes again, "Perhaps this one. Hank Steelden of Steelden Metal." His face looks like Jason Beghe who played Henry Rearden from Atlas Shrugged. Even changed his eye color from silver to dark brown along with the voice. "I do have an appointment with some big shots at Mistral about some new lines. Oh no wait, that's tomorrow. Perhaps either my Eric or Erica van Genus. Nothing like the classics." He messes with his face again until he looks like a woman with straight, shoulder-length orange hair, fair skin and yellow eyes. "There we go." she says in a woman's voice as she enlarge her chest, "Erica does have a night class tonight about physics. But first, I have to make a record in my original voice. Should've done that a long time ago."

She picked up a digital voice recorder on her desk and starts playing. Erica clears her throat to speak in a man's voice.

Eric van Genus' Audio Journal #1: The Greatest Crime

What is the greatest crime that has ever been committed by man? What is the greatest lie and vicious obscenity ever perpetrated to all sentient beings? Slavery? Dictatorship? Genocide? Fascism? Communism? No. It is the insidious tool which almost all evil is built upon: altruism. Whenever that someone want others to do their work, they call upon their altruism. Never mind their own needs, they say, think of the needs of...whoever. The kingdom. The poor. Of the military, of the gods, of the strong, of the lazy assholes that feed on others like parasites. How much destruction was caused by the words "think of yourself"? I have seen many things throughout all my past lives. Religion can spark racism and take away a person's sense of reason. Even certain ideologies such as Marxism can cause the downfall of a person's sense of reason and their own morality. All of these can even rob a person's will to obtain their own happiness. Anyone that try to find their own happiness are either burn to the stake, sentence to a slave labor camp, or met their ends at a firing squad. Even freedom of choice was taken. No liberty, no democracy and no individual rights. Those who preach altruism are the ones that are truly selfish. Such as the men in PC groups that preach "social justice". In truth, they only care about the people they bring to bed.

Atlas practice collectivism with its military to gather all the technology and brightest minds on Remnant. They even still maintain a military force that would increase their power through the guise of "protection". The Schnee Dust Company make short work to ensure that they are the only ones that monopolize the only energy resource and dirty dealings and practices that would ultimately their downfall. The White Fang take advantage of the Faunus' altruism by forcing them to enact acts of terrorism when they could make a new nation through deals, partnerships and establishing a new government. Vacuo may have equality on the surface, but it is lawless where the strong take advantage of the altruism of the weak and never let them climb higher. In Mistral, there is no difference between the nobility and the criminal underground. The council there is no different either. Vale is close, but they are no different from racial supremacist religions due to the amount of prejudice towards Faunus and it can easily leave its door open to disasters. As for Salem, she will get what is coming to her as well.

When I killed the cruel caretaker at the orphanage and her vile assistants when I was only five, I gave the other children a choice. They choose to follow me and create a new world, or they get to live out their lives the way they wanted. They chose to follow me. It was their choice to make, not mine. Same that went with the other children we saved over the years from cruelty, abuse, near death experiences, loneliness, and slavery. Many of them chose to live their lives in peace. Others decided to follow me in the creation of the new world. Here, in this valley, a new dawn will rise as the old world will cease. Although, I will have to apologize to the others when we tear down the old foundations and install a new one. A world free of Grimm, fear and stagnation.

End recording.

"That's good enough." Erica says as she puts the audio recorder away. "Now time to head to class." she gets up and skips out of her room. "For today's session: atoms and particles! My favorite!" she sounds very happy as she heads towards the school for the night classes.

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