Chapter 21

Eric van Genus' Audio Journal #21: Nineteenth and Twentieth Life

[A moment of silence followed by a deep sigh]

Okay. This is one reincarnation I dread to speak and relieve. *sigh* Okay, okay. I can do this. In my nineteenth life, I was reborn in an anime version of modern Earth. In Japan. Somewhere around the Hokkaido Region last I remembered. It was peaceful. Cold, but peaceful. Didn't do much, so I enjoyed a little break from all the shit I've been doing. That is until I went to the nearest bookstore and got sucked right into the world of The Rise of the Shield Hero. It was good at first and managed to make it to the third season. Then I got sucked right into Cautious Hero, did what I did before getting sucked right into Konosuba. I didn't die, but somehow was forced into defeating the Demon King. *anger rising* Then I got sucked right into Re:Zero, and guess how well that went! *anger intensifying* Then I get sucked into another Isekai, and guess which one!? Too late, Conception! The worst Isekai anime ever made! I was hoping for some other adventure, not baby making! Then In Another World With My Smartphone, but without the smartphone! I didn't fucking die! I keep on being tossed about like a hot potato! *anger reaching peak levels* Then I got sent to El-Hazard! Isekai Cheat Magician! DOG DAYS! NO GAME NO LIFE! REINCARNATED AS A SLIME! AND I WASN'T REINCARNATED AS A SLIME! RAGNAROK & EINHERJAR! HIGH SCHOOL FUCKING PRODIGIES HAVE IT FUCKING EASY EVEN IN ANOTHER SHITTY WORLD! *screams* WHAT THE FUUUUUUUCK!? *insanity kicking in* FUCK IT! AIYYEYEYEYEY! FUCK GRAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH! *intense screaming and yelling followed by furniture smashing*

*ten hard knocks at the door, voice recorder turned-off*

*voice recorder turned back on, heavy breathing*

Okay...okay... *takes a deep breath* Isekai is always amazing, but not unless you have to be a fucking ball being tossed around. Found the people responsible, killed them and take their powers to charge myself up. Then died from old age. End of that fiasco. Moving on.

Luckily, life twentieth was...actually pretty good. It is another Earth, but it had a mix of different stuff. It had a combination of Saints Row, Watch Dogs, Cyberpunk 2077, Deus Ex and Grand Theft Auto. Even had all that stuff from all these series mixed in. So I became a head honcho of the Saints after the gang was almost dismantled while working along side DedSec. In the ever so glamorous, Night City. I may have been an all powerful gang leader, but I did made a lot of good allies. The Voodoo Boys after getting them to stop being sadistic and raping fucks. The Grove Street Families after making a deal about no drug dealings. At least drug drugs. Not that stuff my gang made, which is used for rehabilitation to get people off drugs. Trevor Philips Enterprises, who supply and make the drug and got us in international waters. Even use Ultor and Arasaka to make the Saints the most iconic gang there is.

Things...were actually pretty good. I actually had a lot of fun being an underworld emperor. But I have stuff to do now in this war I am fighting right now.

End of recording.

Where We Left Off...

Team RWBY and Dr. Oobleck fell down into a collapsed hole and are now in the underbelly of Mountain Glenn, or what's left of it. According to Oobleck, the underground was once the last sanctuary when the town above was overrun by Grimm. There are many ruined buildings down here just as much as above as the ground give way after many years of neglect. Yet it looks like they are in a more mine-like area along with some pipes and man-made tunnels. They are right now searching for any trace of Merlot, unaware that they are following false leads, and are looking for a way out.

Ruby points the way forward, "Okay! Let's start looking for a way out."

Weiss just started walking, "Let's not waste any time."

Ruby gets sad and just follow Weiss.

Blake looks around and comments, "The Evolutionaries didn't do this place any favors."

Yang jokingly asks, "Don't suppose they put on an exit sign, huh?"

They all head out in the direction Ruby pointed as they come across an area that has the same green substance from the last chapter. All five of them stare at the mysterious ooze and wonder what it is.

"What is that stuff?" Blake asks.

"I am not sure." Oobleck says as he tries to get a closer look, "I have never seen such a substance."

Before Oobleck can get any closer, Yang grabs him by the back of his coat collar and yank him back. "Careful!" she says, "That stuff might be poisonous!"

Oobleck adjust his glasses, "Very good point there. Thank you, Ms. Xiao Long."

Weiss covers her nose because the stuff smells bad, "But it smells toxic." She is disgusted by the stench.

To Weiss, it smells of rotten eggs, old diapers, unflushed toilets and putrid meat coated in vomit. The smell was so bad that they have to leave before the smell kills them. They continue forward down one of the tunnels before they hear some sort of howling. When they heard it, they all draw their weapons and prepare for the worse.

"What is that?" Ruby asks as she aims down the tunnel.

"A Beowolf?" Weiss tilts her head as she points her weapon.

"That's not a Beowolf." Blake speaks.

Thanks to her cat ears, she can hear things a bit more better than a human. Since she has explored around the world as a member of the White Fang, she had seen and heard many forms of Grimm before attacking Schnee-controlled facilities. However, something is different.

Yang keeps her fists up, "Whatever it is, best to be careful."

They head forward and are more cautious than ever. They haven't seen anymore Grimm since the red wave wiped them out when they were last here. So this is something new. As they approach the exit, they see a Balverine eating a rat whole. It has brick-red fur, standing a little larger than regular Balverines and piercing blue eyes. This is a Blooded Balverine. A stronger and more deadly than a regular Balverine. Once it finished eating the rat, it turned to face Team RWBY and roars at them. All four of them quickly fire at the thing before it jump and tries its tactics. They fired a multitude of rounds and a few energy blasts into the creature as it falls down dead.

Ruby shouts, "What was THAT!?"

The others go, "What was THAT thing?!"

Oobleck approaches the corpse, "I-I-I don't know!" Dr. Oobleck is completely baffled by this new creature. "I've never seen such a creature!"

"Well its definitely not a Grimm." Yang says as Oobleck examines the creature. "If it was, that thing would disappear when its dead."

Oobleck takes a look at the claws and examine the right hand.

Weiss asks, "Soo...what exactly is it?"

Blake reloads, "Whatever it was, it sure isn't friendly. Nor is it a Faunus."

"You are certainly correct, Ms. Belladonna." Oobleck checks whatever is left of the head, "Clearly this is some new creature. Fascinating! But very troubling."

"There might be more of them down here." Ruby says as she clenches her Crescent Rose.

Oobleck gets back up, "Excellent point! We must proceed with caution against these new creatures."

They all press forward through the old tunnels as they discuss on what they saw.

"Any ideas what it was?" Ruby asks. "It acted similar to a Beowolf but with different features."

"Maybe that red wave mutated a few Grimm rather than killing them?" Yang theorized.

"Guess the Evolutionaries haven't completed their anti-Grimm weapon," Weiss states, "with creatures like those lurking around."

Blake states, "What if they were part of an original experiment but broke loose and ended-up here? That is one possibility."

"Excellent theories, but not enough facts." Oobleck appreciate the girls having inquisitive minds, "All good theories need some tangible evidence in order to-" Oobleck's train of through stopped as they approach a corridor along with hearing some noises.

He hugs against the walls with the girls following his lead as the doctor peered behind the corner and see more bizarre creatures. Scorpion Men, Valravns, and Quillboars fighting against a pack of Balverines. From the look of things, they seem to be fighting each other over a few crates with a green wheat symbol on it. The contents seem to contain some loafs of bread and a few soup bowl breads. The Balverine jumps onto one of the Scorpion Men as it takes a bite on the throat before the Scorpion Man pierced its skull with its stinger.

Ruby nervously whispers, "What's happening?"

"More of those creatures." Oobleck whispers as he watches them all kill each other, "And it seems that they're killing each other over a crate of food. Some bread by the looks of it."

And the creatures started to slaughter each other. Three Valravns started ripping out the organs of one of the Balverines as one Balverine climbed onto the back of the Quillboar and started pulling on its ears. One Scorpion Man ripped a Balverine in half with its pincers. And the killing goes on and on until two Valravns and two Scorpion Men, wounded and bloodied, made off with the crate.

"It should be clear now."

They all come out and see the dismembered and dead Ferals. Ruby is feeling squeamish about the site before her yet tries to stay tough.

Weiss states, " a mess."

Yang shudders, "At least we don't have to worry about the Grimm leaving a bloody mess when they die."

"And smell better too." Blake says.

Yang looks at Ruby, "You okay?"

"I'll be fine." Ruby may sound fine, but not really. "I think."

"We should leave." Oobleck suggests, "The sooner we leave, the greater chance of survival."

"Wait." Blake notices something at the end of one of the tunnels.

She runs up and picks-up two blue cards from the ground. One having a lighter shade of blue while the other is a darker shade.

"I found two more cards."

Weiss comes over and looks at them. "It looks like one is cobalt and the other is sapphire."

"So now we have seven jeweled cards."

After a while, they made their way towards what looks like an old mining area with a rail cart that has some strange device that is hexagon in shape. Yet they also noticed more dead bodies of the Ferals here and there.

"What happened to them?" Yang asks.

"They all looked like they've been killed all at once." Weiss states an observation.

"Very observant." Oobleck compliments Weiss. He approach the dead bodies and examines them, "They appear to have been shot. There are multiple gun shot wounds along with seared flesh. Energy weapons by the looks of it. That, and a series of cuts by a small blade." He stands back up and face the device, "And that strange device."

Ruby poked at it and something ringed. She backs away, scared, as something started. On the tiny blue screen, a countdown started to appear and it reads fifteen minutes.

Oobleck says, "Oh dear... that is a bomb. And a very large bomb at that. Who would booby trap this place?! Give me a moment..." He spent ten seconds inspecting it, " Ok, team... Physically tampering with the device or the cart it's attached to could possibly trigger an explosion. Luckily, these tracks lead to a deep chasm and underground river, but with the way this device is rigged, you're going to have to power the cart's engine. Gather as many nearby Dust crystals as you can find! Time is of the essence, but remember to remain calm... Right, forget that. Just hurry!"

Team RWBY immediately gather as much Dust crystals as they can and get the cart moving.

Ruby used her semblance and got two arms full of Dust and fuel the cart. Yet she asks as the cart moves, "Can't you defuse it?!"

"No! The device is rigged to make it impossible to defuse!"

Ruby groans yet continues on. Yet the creaking of the wheels is attracting more of the Ferals that are coming out of every hole that there is. Even some of the more mutated ones started to pop out. The team immediately dispatch them as fast as they could with dismembered body parts and blood splattering all over. Even got some on their least the regular ones. With the mutants, they have to use ranged attacks to keep them at bay to avoid anything strange from the mutated blood. Despite that, they managed to dispatch many of the Ferals as quickly as they could to keep them away from the cart.

Oobleck says as the cart made it through the first doorway, "You're halfway there! Keep going!" with six minutes left on the timer.

But the cart stops.

"There's no fuel left in the cart. HURRY! Gather those dust crystals."

Ruby uses her semblance to gather a bunch more Dust crystals and gets the cart moving. Blake uses her semblance to misdirect some of the Ferals into a few Dust crystal clusters to break some, yet some exploded on impact that destroyed most of them. Weiss uses her glyphs to cause some stalagmites to break down and slam right on top of the heads of the Ferals. Decapitating or squishing their heads with pillars of rock. Yang grabs a stinger from a Scorpion Man and jammed it into the head of a Valravn before ripping out both pincers and slice up the Scorpion Man to pieces. Then the cart passes a large, flat rock close to a doorway.

"Ah, you're almost there! OHHH IT'S GONNA BE CLOSE!"

Everyone gets out of the way right before the bomb explodes. KA-BOOM! The bomb detonates that destroyed the steel doors and opened a new path.

Oobleck gives a huge sigh of relief, "Well... I'm glad everyone was able to keep their cool...and not explode...that would've made for an uncomfortable parent/teacher conference. Still...who would've messed with the security network? Who set this trap? Why did they set up a bomb? And what exactly are those creatures? Hmm... I guess we'll find out what they are once we find the source of these beings.

"Time to head out." Yang says near the destroyed doorway.

"Best idea I've ever heard." Weiss approves.

"I could really use a bath." Blake says as she looks at the blood on her and everyone else, "Heck, we could all use one."

"My outfit is mostly red and black, so it is hard to tell." Ruby says as she looks at her clothes.

They all leave the area. But not too long, a portal suddenly opened-up with lots of Evolutionaries armed to the teeth pop out along with a large hole in the ground with more troops.

Gris comes out and is really excited, "Okay! Time for us to-" Gris takes one good look around and sees all the dead bodies. "Ah man!" he sounds disappointed, "Someone has beaten us and took all the fun! And someone used my bomb at that door rather than on the nest! Who does that?!"

Lewis pops his head out from the hole and says to himself, "Someone with a lot more sense."

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