Drs. Hayley Marshall and Elijah Mikaelson work to keep their new engagement on track amidst the chaos of the hospital they work at and their family's insentient drama. Will love triumph in this last tale as Hales and her friends try to finish their residency? What does the future hold for this group? They can't wait to find out.

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Chapter 1: And We All Held Our Breath


Some days begin okay. Some days begin with sunshine and smiles. Some days begin with blood and tears. However, this was not the beginning of a day. This was the end of a day. And it felt like end of a great many things. With ice on the roads, darkness overhead, her hands coated in the blood of her boss, her friend and the man who would be her family one of these days soon. Hayley Marshall felt afraid that this might not be the beginning. This might be the end.

"Elijah!" Hayley shouted. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. She knew her training told her to stay calm. Wait for help. Wait. Just wait. Someone else would come down. She would not be trying to prevent the death of Kol Mikaelson all by herself. Soon. "E-li-jah!" she shouted, her voice coming out weaker, and weaker with each cry.

"Hayley!" Elijah's voice came from above.

A light shone down. Hayley had to place a hand over her eyes. It looked like they'd turned the ambulance around and were beaming the light down. "Elijah?"

"They're sending down help!" Elijah cried back. Now, she saw a figure she thought might be her fiancé. "Is Kol breathing?"

"No!" Hayley shouted back. She shook her head. He probably could not see her through the icy rain that had begun to come down, again. "I'm going to try CPR!" she shouted. Placing her hands on Kol's chest, she began to push up and down. Taking hold of Kol's chin, she titled his head back and then parted his lips. "Alright, Kol. This is the first and last time we're kissing," she muttered before diving down.

After a moment, Hayley pulled back and glanced at Kol's face. He showed no signs of life. Groaning, she began compressions again. "Come on, Kol!" she cried. "Elijah and I are getting married. You want to take Davina to the wedding, don't you?" She pressed her lips back to his breathing into his mouth and hoping that it was doing something.

Pulling back, Hayley began compressions and growled at Kol. "Don't you dare die on me! There is so much more you have to do! Okay? You want to date my sister? Go for it! Just live!"

"Hayley!" a voice called out.

Hayley's head lifted and she saw Davina coming toward her. "Oh, no!" she cried. She hurried over and knelt down beside Kol. "Is he…"

"Not yet!" Hayley cried. "Switch with me. I figure he'd rather be kissing you." She moved away from Kol's head and moved to continue compressions while Davina moved to sit behind Kol's head. Her wet fingers slid into his hair. Her words were swallowed up by the wind as she leaned close to his ear.

"Come on, Kol! Come on, you stubborn son of the bitch! You know none of us are going to be happy if you die on us! Who's going to fix the laugh lines of the rich and powerful of New Orleans? Who's going to help little babies with cleft palates and no money and the stupid board won't foot the bill for their surgeries? Who's going to keep your siblings from falling apart if they lose you?" Hayley shook her head.

"It's not working," Davina said. "I think his airway is constricted. But I can't see," Davina said. "My phone isn't working. Do you have a flashlight?"

"Not on me," Hayley shook her head. "Damn it!"

"I have a flashlight," Elijah came toward them and Hayley sighed in relief. He moved to kneel beside Davina. She scooted over and Elijah placed his pen-like flashlight over his brother's pale, saturated face and peered downward. "Good call, Davina," Elijah said soberly. He removed a scalpel.

"You travel with one those?" Hayley asked him.

Elijah glanced at her through his dripping hair. "I do."

"Good." Hayley watched as Elijah held out the scalpel to Davina.

Davina's eyes widened. "I can't. You'll have to do it."

"Davina Claire, Kol is my brother. I cannot perform the procedure. You must," Elijah said. "I have faith you can do this." He moved out of her way, still holding out the scalpel.

"I…" Davina looked from Hayley to Elijah. Her head was still shaking as she moved to take the scalpel and inhaled sharply. "I can't see."

Elijah held the flashlight for her to peer down Kol's throat while Hayley waited. If she had to, she would step in and pray she did not kill Elijah's youngest brother. No matter how many times the Mikaelsons screamed at each other or disavowed their relations, she knew the love they had for each other ran deep. If she killed Kol; it might be the true end to her relationship with Elijah.

"Okay," Davina sighed. She took the blade and made an incision. Hayley held her breath. Elijah removed a pen and held it out to Hayley. She quickly dismantled it to leave just a plastic tube. Handing it to her sister, she watched as Davina placed it to Kol's throat and inserted the make-shift tube. They waited until Kol's chest began to move up and down.

Letting out a shocked laugh, Davina looked at Hayley who nodded. Elijah had begun to smile, too. They only looked up when someone called from above, "We're sending medics down with a gurney!"

"Okay!" Hayley shouted back.

A fresh teams of medics came down with a gurney. They came running toward the little group. "You guys okay?"

"My brother's been impaled. He might have a head wound," Elijah told them. "Dr. Elijah Mikaelson. New Orleans Grace Hospital." He shook hands with one of the medics before the medics began to check Kol before deciding how they wanted to get him onto the gurney.

"You coming with us?" the medic who shook Elijah's hand asked.

"Yes," Elijah said with a nod. He looked at Hayley.

Hayley nodded. "Be careful." She hated the idea of Elijah being on these roads tonight, again. What if the ambulance tipped? She wanted to insist on going with him. But she knew they needed room in the ambulance to work. She and Davina could ride along with the ambo they'd come in. They'd be right behind Elijah and Kol.

"I love you," Elijah said. He kissed her quickly before he moved to follow the medics who called out to their co-workers to bring Kol up. They'd have to go up one-at-a-time. Until this storm ended, nowhere was safe and the sooner they were in a building; they would be safer. She hoped. However, this day was long from over. And it felt like anything could happen tonight.


Holding his little brother's hand, Elijah cursed every argument, every misunderstanding, and every day that he kept Kol at arm's length for any foolishness his little brother had once gotten into. "Kol Mikaelson, you will not die. Do you understand me? I will not be explaining to our father, our mother, and our siblings that we were unable to save you. We love you. You understand that? Please, brother!" Elijah did not beg. Today, he would beg anyone, anything. He would offer everything he had. He would offer his own life.

Nothing. Kol's chest moved up and down, but he did not make a single sound. Fear filled Elijah. Every single second they'd spent of the last twenty-something years flashed through his mind. Too little time. Kol Mikaelson was not the type to die playing hero. He was the type to die during a stupid dare-devil incident that involved a pretty girl and a desire to impress her.

"Come now, Kol. You have a pretty girl to impress," Elijah joked, holding Kol's hand, his eyes flicking from his brother's vital signs to his brother's shut eyelids.

Kol still did not respond and Elijah muttered, "Damn it," as the ambulance pulled up at the doors of their hospital.

The moment the doors flew open, Elijah felt dread as he found Rebekah. She stood in a gown with a pair of gloves on her hands. Elijah had not bothered to call ahead of time. He did not want his family to panic.

"Elijah, you're back. About bloody time!" Rebekah cried, backing away and not bothering to look at the person on the gurney. "Father says we have at least two serious head traumas. Possibly three, if you count Tyler being bashed in the head with a door by Nik. Might have been on purpose." Her attention shifted as the paramedics began to move the gurney out of the ambulance. "What have we got?" she inquired.

"Rebekah!" Elijah's voice was sharp and her head snapped up. She peered at Elijah, her brows coming together and her lips pursing.

"Yes?" Rebekah retorted, moving toward the gurney. Elijah shot out of the ambulance and grabbed his sister by the shoulders. "Bekah, don't. You mustn't…"

"What?" Rebekah glanced over and she stilled. "Kol? Is that Kol? Elijah?" Her eyes moved back to Elijah. "Is that Kol?" Her eyes rounded as she watched the paramedics pushing Kol through the front doors. "Kol!" she shouted, trying to break away from Elijah's grip. "Let go of me!"

"Rebekah, Kol's injuries are serious. We need to remain calm as someone else works on him. Tell me you understand." Elijah watched Rebekah. She blinked in the cold and rain. "Rebekah?"

"Yes. I understand." Rebekah pulled away from Elijah. Her movements were stiff as she walked ahead of him and into the hospital.

Inside chaos reigned. There did not seem to be enough room for all of the wounded who sat in the lobby, waiting to be attended to. People were crying. Several were bleeding.

"Who's in charge?" Elijah demanded.

"Bonnie. Dr. Bennett. She's busy. Father sent her up to help with a surgery that Nik's in." Rebekah glanced at Elijah. "Nik… Nik doesn't know that Kol's…"

"Right." Elijah rubbed at his temples. With a quick shake of his head, Elijah turned to Rebekah, "Do you know where Father is?"

"Father is in surgery. I think…" Rebekah seemed to be somewhat confused.

"And Finn? Sage?" Elijah tried to think of all the family members who might run into Kol as he was treated.

"Don't think Kol's going to need a gynecologist." Finally Rebekah seemed to snap out of it. "Finn might be around here, somewhere. Do you want me to check?"

"Yes. Do that," Elijah said. "If you can stay calm, find a case and focus on that until someone can give us word on Kol."

Running a hand through his hair, Elijah caught sight of Josh Rouza going from patient to patient, trying to assess their injures. "Josh!" Elijah moved over to join Josh. "Do you know where Freya is?"

"She's been waiting for your patient to come in. She's in OR three." Josh stopped talking when Elijah groaned and turned away from him.

"Elijah!" Hayley's voice made Elijah stop in his tracks. She came running to stand by his side. "Is he…"

"He' going up to surgery. Apparently they were prepared for this to be surgical before he arrived. I ran into Rebekah and now I need to stop Freya from having one of the greatest shocks of her life."

"Right. Let's go." Hayley and Elijah made their way up to the staircase. "Is there anyone else who can jump in for her?" Hayley asked as they went up the stairs.

"Ordinarily there would be. But with all of the patients we're taking in tonight…" Elijah shook his head. "This is worst-case-scenario."

"Wonderful," Hayley muttered as they arrived on the surgical floor and hurried to the scrub room. Elijah hoped that Freya was not ready to go in. With any luck, Kol was still being prepped.

Darting into the scrub room, Elijah caught sight of Freya. She was masked and gloved. She had just entered the OR. "Freya!" Elijah shouted. He banged on the mirror to gain her attention.

Freya turned. Her brows went high and she marched over to the door. "Elijah, what are you doing? I have a man on my table whose lung might be fully collapsed."

"Stop talking," Elijah marched over to Freya and took her by her shoulders. "Freya, that man in there is Kol."

"What?" Freya shook Elijah off and moved to stand and stare through the glass. "No…" She turned to glance at Elijah and then Hayley. "What happened?"

"He was trying to help someone. Took a fall down the side of the hill. He landed on a branch or had one go through him. He was laying there for awhile exposed to the ice and rain. Davina had to do an in-field tracheotomy because he stopped breathing." Hayley seemed out-of-breath as she finished her summary.

"Shit." Freya shook her head. "I have to go in. We don't have another general surgeon. Marcel's working on another patient in OR two." She glanced at Elijah. "Unless we allowed one of the residents to do it."

"Not Lockwood," Elijah snapped.

"Caroline…" Freya looked uncertain.

"She's family now," Elijah said.

"Barely," Freya argued. "I can assist her and walk through whatever she needs to know."

"Caroline's more of the baby doc," Hayley added.

"Josh can do it," Davina's voice startled them. She was staring through the window. Her arms were crossed over her chest. She looked pale. "Get Josh. And Vincent. Vincent is better than any of the interns."

"Right." Freya nodded. "Hayley, with me. Elijah, I'll be back as soon as I can be."

Elijah nodded. Hayley moved closer and they both looked through the window at Kol. Hopefully they had the time to hunt down the team.



"This is where you would usually page them, but they might be too busy to answer?" Davina felt better when she was asking questions. She felt a need for knowledge at any other time, but right now she just wanted something to occupy her mind.

Freya gave a swift jerk of her head as they made their way down the stairs. Their fellow doctors and nurses went back past them and up the stairs.

"Yes. That is what we would usually do," Freya said. She stopped at the lobby doors and pushed them open. Davina followed right behind the older doc.

"Okay." Davina could not think of a better question to ask. She could not seem to think of any questions to ask except: "How was Kol? Will he make it?" But she knew it would be cruel to ask Freya that question. None of them knew. Davina knew by now that even if he made it through surgery there were a million complications that could arise. Better to keep quiet and search for the team.

"Josh!" Davina called, cupping her hands to her mouth.

Josh's head popped up. "Over here!" he called. Freya made her way to him with an intensity that would make Davina shudder if she did not know what the source of the anxiety came from.

"I think this patient needs a CAT scan," Josh said, flashing a pen flashlight in front of the woman's eyes. "She's got a blown pupil here and swelling here," he placed a light hand to the side of the woman's head.

"I'll inform Elijah. He's in OR three. Can you come with me?" Freya asked. She took hold of Josh's arm and took him a few feet away. "I want you to remain calm as I talk."

"O-kay," Josh let out a nervous laugh. "What's up?"

At the sight of Davina's dark look, Josh frowned but did not say anything. "Kol is in OR three. I can't perform his surgery. I need someone else to go for me. I would prefer for that person to be you," Freya said.

"What? Me? Perform surgery on Kol? Did you ask him first? Is this a joke?" Josh swallowed and let out another nervous laugh. "Can't, um, anyone else do it? Caroline?"

"Josh, you can do this," Davina said. "You have to."

"But…" Josh shook his head. "I don't know."

"Davina, will you try to track down Vincent while I work to convince Joshua. We'll be in the scrub room," Freya said, taking Josh by the wrist and tugging him toward the stairs.

Davina did not hesitate before she began to march through the lobby and headed for the ER. She figured that Vincent would be trying to help those with the severest injuries who could not be taken to an OR yet.

"Is Dr. Griffith down here?" Davina asked Genevieve when she saw the nurse carrying blood bags toward a closed curtain.

"He's two curtains down, trying to suture one hell of a leg wound," Genevieve said.

"Thanks," Davina called back. She made her way over to the curtain and ducked inside. "Vincent, we need you in OR three."

"I'm a little busy. But I should be free in a couple of minutes," Vincent replied.

Davina glanced at her watch. Coming closer, she saw that the man on the table needed several more stitches. She tried not to scream as Vincent continued his work. It was his infinite patience that was needed upstairs.

"Alright. That should do it. I will send a nurse by to let you know about what kind of at-home-care you will need." Vincent stepped outside of the curtain and folded his arms over his chest. "What's going on?"

"Kol Mikaelson is in OR three. He's the patient," Davina said as quietly as she could. "Freya can't work on him. Josh is going in. Can you scrub in and keep everyone calm?"

"Yes. Of course," Vincent said. He nodded and followed Davina through the ER and to the stair well.

Elijah was on the way down as they were on their way up. "Josh has begun," he said on his way past them. "I have a patient in the lobby. Please, keep me in informed, Griffiths."

"Will do," Vincent said as he and Davina made their way onto the surgical floor.

Davina stopped outside the scrub room. Hayley sat on the floor in the hallway. She had tears on her cheeks and Davina felt her heart stop for a moment. Her sister pushed herself to her feet. "Is he…" Davina could not bring herself to say the words.

"No. No," Hayley shook her head as Vincent went into the scrub room. "It's just… It's bad."

Davina felt her legs go out from under her. "Oh…" She caught herself thinking of a day when Kol asked her to get ice cream with him.

"It's dribbling down everywhere!" Davina had cried, throwing her head back and laughing.

"It's just a little spill. Let me help you clean it up," Kol had offered, pretending to move to lick it up as Davina had dodged away, still laughing.

Kol had seemed so full of life that day. He couldn't be dead. He would make it. He had to…

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