Hello, my lovely readers. This chapter will lead us to a very dramatic dinner; when Haylijah return from their honeymoon. Let's see what their friends and family got up to while they were gone. On with the show…

Chapter 12: They Didn't? Did They?


Try as hard as she could; Rebekah Mikaelson could not recall the night she conceive her child. Every time she attempted to, she drew a large blank as to the events of that night. And it was not as if she wished to remember what led to her losing her bloody mind and enough to take her quote-un-quote friendship with Tyler Lockwood into one-night-stand territory. No, thank you. She would live a nice, long life without all the gory details of that one experience. However, she felt annoyed that her memory failed in this regard when she could remember what she ate for breakfast a week later. And it was not as if Tyler was the type of man to drug her or to wait until she was intoxicated and to take advantage; so the reason for the hole in her memories made little sense...

"Maybe the sex was so bad that you blocked it out," Caroline Forbes-Mikaelson not-so-helpfully suggested. She waved a spork at Rebekah with a smile on her face like this was some sort of joke.

Josh jumped in. Leaning over, he smiled, too, and said, "Or maybe it was just 'Meh' sex. You know, the kind we've all had. The kind where you say it was 'The best!' Then you wait until the other person falls asleep and you sneak out. And never, ever, go to that club again!"

Nodding, Caroline smiled at her frozen yogurt. "Klaus is the exact opposite!" She paused and raised her eyes to give Josh and Rebekah a long look. "Last night-after we got Hope to go to sleep-we went to bed and I was so tired, but then he starts trying this new thing with his tongue and I'm wide awake and -"

"You're going to make me urp my chicken salad!" Rebekah cried, eyes on Caroline, burning a hole into her sister-in-law. It was bad enough that Rebekah could not remember the sex she had; she did not need the visual of her brother's.

Pausing, Caroline eyed Rebekah. "Morning sickness?" she almost sounded sympathetic, almost.

Snorting, Rebekah shook her head. "Details of your sex capades causes sickness! Go away!" She waved Caroline and Josh away from their lunch table.

"Sor-ry!" Caroline shot back with an eye roll, collecting her things.

Josh and Caroline got up and began to head off, Josh already beginning a new tale. "Last night, Aiden came home in his scrubs and gave me a sponge bath..." He was saying on their way across the room and Rebekah groaned.

Rebekah felt grumpy and began to poke viciously at the remains of her salad. Marcel had been so busy studying up on a new procedure that he barely noticed her anymore. And Hayley was off on her honeymoon in the South of France. This left Rebekah feeling very lonely.

"Hey there, Princess!" Tyler, with his impeccable timing, pulled out a seat and straddling it. "Why so glum?" he inquired, picking up a french fry and popping it into his mouth. He shot Rebekah an expectant look, brows rising.

Narrowing her blue eyes at him, Rebekah leaned over the table and said as quietly as she could, "Do you remember the sex?"

Tyler choked on his fry. "Um..." Cough. "Bekah." Cough. "I'm flattered, but aren't you with Marcel?" Tyler muttered the last part, peering around the lunch room as if Marcel was wandering about with a buzz saw, intent on performing some impromptu open heart surgery.

Rebekah let out a growl. "I am not propositioning you, you bloody fool! I am asking you if you remember our ONE night together?" She snatched a fry and chewed it irritably.

"Uh? Tyler frowned. "To be honest...no..."

Falling back in her seat, Rebekah folded her arms over her chest. "How is that even possible?" Rebekah demanded. She stared at Tyler's fries until he slid them her way. Picking up one fry at a time, Rebekah spoke between devouring each bit of potato to say: "How do you ever completely block out sex with someone?"

Tyler shook his head. "Even when it was just okay, I remember." He reached for a fry and Rebekah smacked his hand away without looking at him, still thinking.

"Right." Throwing her hands in the air, Rebekah added, "Our sex had to be better than just okay! Yes!" Her voice had gone up and a couple of people at a table close by turned to stare until she shot them a lethal look which made them return to their own pitiful existences.

Tyler looked thoughtful which happened about once a month. Rebekah smirked at her own thought before Tyler opened his big mouth, "Maybe it was so good, it would ruin it for everyone else we ever had sex with. And since we can't stand each other-and being together would end in mutual destruction-we just decided to forget about it!" He was smiling at the end of his little theorizing session while Rebekah seethed.

"NO!" Rebekah shook her head. "It is impossible that sex with the likes of you would make all encounters seem bleak. There's has to be another explanation for it..."

"How would you know?" Tyler demanded, throwing himself forward and jerking the last container with three fries left away. "You don't even remember having it!" He picked up the fries and shoved them all in his mouth. Rebekah rolled her eyes at him in reply.

Then Rebekah smiled as a new thought popped into her mind. "Perhaps it was someone else. Just a random male who appeared and that's why I don't remember, because I don't care!"

"Me, too!" Tyler snagged a piece of chicken from her salad and popped it into his mouth. Then he groaned. "But we woke up in the same bed the next morning..."

Frowning, Rebekah nodded. "Well then, we'll just have to return to the scene of the crime. Try to recall what happened from there."

Tyler checked his phone's screen. "My shift ends at eleven. Think you'll be up?"

Rebekah shot him a look of disdain. "Yes. I'm not your gran!" she snarled.


At eleven fifteen, Rebekah rubbed her sore neck. She needed to go to sleep. But she would not allow bloody Tyler to make her look like a fool. Stubborn. She had always been stubborn and she would find the will to stay up and to put this mess to bed. Picking up her phone, she glared at the numbers. He had better move his ass or she would have to hunt him down

As if he heard her mental threat, the doorbell rang, signaling Tyler's arrival, and Rebekah hauled herself off the kitchen chair to go through to the living room to answer the front door.

Rebekah opened the door to find Tyler waiting for her. He'd taken the time to change from his scrubs into a pair of freshly-washed jeans and a button-down shirt. "Hey, Bekah," he greeted her, stepping inside. She caught a whiff of new cologne as he moved past her. "How do you want to do this?" he asked, turning to face her.

Rebekah folded her arms over her chest. "You don't think this is a date, do you?" she demanded.

Eyes rounding, Tyler shook his head. "Why would I?"

"Your clothes. And the cologne." Rebekah waited for an explanation.

"Uh. Yeah. Don't flatter yourself. Let's just get this over with," Tyler snapped, looking away.

"And that's probably the exact sentiment you used that night!" Rebekah shot over her shoulder, moving to head up the stairs. She could hear Tyler right behind her. Entering her bedroom, she crossed the floor, and took a seat on her bed. "Does this visual help?"

Freezing in the doorway, Tyler nodded

"Yeah. But you were crying..."

Letting out a derisive snort, Rebekah shook her head. "Impossible."

"No. You were. You were looking at your phone-at old pics of you, and Marcel-and were crying." Tyler made his way over to stand in front of her. He pointed to her nightstand. "There was a barely touched glass of red wine, here." His head lifted. "And you were playing chick music about weddings or something."

"It's not 'chick' music." Rebekah placed a hand to her forehead and leaned back against the headboard. Memories of that night were beginning to fill her mind as she sat with her eyes closed. "You came in and asked me if I was okay. And I said -"

"Bugger yourself, Lockwood," Tyler replied with a chuckle. "Classic." He sat down in front of her. "Hayley had just ended things. It was cool. I knew we had a short shelf life. She was still hung up on Elijah." Leaning over, he tucked one of Rebekah's curls behind her ear and she opened her eyes to stare at him. "We were both sad."

"And lonely," Rebekah inhaled. "You wouldn't leave. I lifted my head, to tell you to go and -"

"I kissed you." Tyler leaned down. Rebekah placed a hand on his chest, holding him back and Tyler straightened up. "Or not..." He ran a hand along the back of his neck, blowing out a breath and let out a quiet laugh. "My bad. So," he nodded at the door. "I'm gonna head out."

Reaching up, Rebekah took his hand and Tyler looked from her hand to her face. His brows went up and he gave her a questioning look.

"We could sleep together. Sleep, as in rest. Not as sex." Shifting onto her side, Rebekah laid down and scooted over to make room.

"Okay." Tyler laid down and placed a hand on her bump. "You know, Mikaelson, you make an incredibly sexy pregnant chick."

"Tyler," Rebekah growled in return. She closed her eyes and added. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," he muttered.

And they fell asleep.


Staring at the blank white box that was a Word doc with no words, Bonnie heaved a sigh and ran her hands over her face. She'd been sitting on this stool, in front of this open laptop, for half an hour, waiting for the esteemed Philip Walters to show his sorry butt up here. They were supposed to be writing a report on the current conditions of their project. But Phil had yet to show up to the party. And he should have arrived two hours ago. Bonnie figured she knew why he had not shown up. He was distracted by something, or more specifically, someone, and Bonnie felt certain she knew who that someone was.

However, Bonnie was a grown woman. She would not sit around waiting for a man, any man, to show up at her door, or, in this case, their shared work lab. Making a decision, Bonnie closed her laptop and opened her bag. She slid the laptop into the safety of its pocket and gathered her purse. Bonnie stood up and took a quick look around the lab although nothing would need to be turned off of put away because no work had been done today.

Holding her head high, Bonnie strode toward the door with purpose. Hand on the doorknob, she twisted it and pulled the door open, to reveal Phil with his hand extended toward the place where the doorknob had just been.

"Bonnie! Honey! I am soooo sorry I'm late!" Phil said. He stepped into her personal space and leaned down, kissing her on the lips. If she weren't so mad at him, she would be enjoying this form of greeting as his hands went from her back to her ass in five seconds flat. He pulled back to give her puppy dog eyes and she resisted the urge to snap at him.

Leave it to Phil to not even notice what kind of mood she was in when she stepped out of his reach and closed the door behind him. She could be and ding out SOS flares as he blithely piloted his plane past the island she had been stranded.

Phil walked over to a table and leaned his back against it, shoring her his this-always-gets-me-out-of-trouble-smile. "I am taking you out to dinner. There's this new Italian place. Their linguini is falisimo!"

Bonnie did not react to Phil's words. "Where were you?" she asked him, arms crossed over her chest.

Phil's smile fell. "Pardon?"

"Where? Were? You?" Bonnie emphasized each word. "You weren't here. Taking care of YOUR project! So, where were you?"

Phil moved toward Bonnie who lifted a hand and shook her head at him. Stopping in his tracks, Phil placed his hands on his hips. "I was with Tiff. Tiffany. She needed someone to pick up a script at the pharmacy. Davina was in the middle of surgery. Hayley's on her honeymoon. That left me." He gave her one of those "Why are you being so unreasonable?" looks that men seem to perfect between ages four to a hundred.

Inhaling, Bonnie nodded. "Okay. And that fifteen minute-in bad traffic-trip- took you two hours... Why..."

Again, Phil stared at her with wide eyes. "Bonnie," he scoffed. "You're asking me why I spent extra time with the mother of my children? A woman who has a debilitating disease? You're a doctor, I'm sure you can come to a conclusion on that front all on your own..."

Jaw tightening, Bonnie shook her head. "It's more than your playing the 'good guy.'" There, she'd finally addressed the elephant in the room. Phil and Tiffany kept finding reasons to spend time together. Bonnie was not a jealous person by nature, but she also wasn't a fool, and did not like it when people tried to make her into one.

Phil let out a sharp laugh and turned his back on Bonnie, gripping the table in front of him. "You sound like so many of the women I've been with. I thought you were different, Bonnie."

That was it. "And that's the problem, Philip! I'm just another one of the many women that you've involved yourself with and discarded when we did not meet your expectations! You think how they feel, or what they need takes second place because you are The Great Philip Walters, and the freakin' waters part for you, don't they?" Bonnie let out a sarcastic laugh waving her hands in the air as Phil turned to stare at her. "Well, get a clue, honey! I'm not just another woman to add to your scrap heap of failure. You, sir, can go to hell!"

Turning, Bonnie opened the door to the lab and strode out, slamming it behind her. At that point, she did not care who heard, or saw what. She also had no idea what her working relationship with Phil would look like after this, but she was done with his games...


Sitting behind the wheel of her car fifteen minutes later, Bonnie found she could not drive out of the parking lot. Her hands kept trembling and tears wanted to shed but she would not let them. Someone tapped on the passenger side window and she jumped, startled.

Bonnie's first thought was that the person was Phil-come out to apologize for being a tremendous ass-then she looked at them and saw it was Kol Mikaelson.

"Hey!" Bonnie called.

Kol flipped the collar of his jacket up and rubbed his hands together. "Can you let me in? It's beginning to rain out here!"

Glancing outside, Bonnie noted that fat rain drops had begun to pour from the sky like the tears she never shed. She popped the passenger door lock and Kol climbed in, closing the door behind him. "Bloody weather people can't get a blasted thing right," Kol complained, running a hand through his dark locks. After a moment Kol twisted in the passenger seat to examine Bonnie. "What's got you in such a mood?" He waved a hand at the clouds outside. "Walking by to my own car, I spotted you looking angrier than your friends up there."

"Relationship drama," Bonnie grumbled. Her hands fell from the steering wheel and she sank in her seat.

Kol nodded. "I'm having a bit of that myself. Seems my PT has a thing for Davina. We just had another fight. Of course, she thinks he's just being kind, and I think he's trying to get into her pants." He shook his head. "She called me a jealous idiot! Can you believe it?"

"The part about you being jealous? Or the bit about you being an idiot?" Bonnie gave Kol a look with a fond expression that happened to include a smirk.

Kol turned to stare at Bonnie. He let out a quiet laugh. "Alright. You've got me there, love."

"Remember the time you punched a waiter because you thought he was trying to grab my leg, not the menu on the floor. We are banned for life from that restaurant! And I really liked their cheesecake!" She began to laugh until tears ran down both cheeks.

Kol shook his head. "Dude!" He imitated the twenty-something waiter. "What is your pro-blem!" They began to laugh even harder. "Then we went to the grocery store and selected the worst vintage of wine either of us had ever tasted!"

"And we had the best sex of our ENTIRE relationship! Epic sex!" Bonnie found herself grinning. "I had to call in sick for two days in a row because you could not get enough!"

"Me?" Kol shot back.

Kol offered her a mock shocked look. "If I recall correctly." He placed a hand on her shoulder and Bonnie gave him her best serious and sober expression. "It was you who appeared in MY shower, on the second morning. 'Oh, Dr. Mikaelson,'" he began in a high-pitched voice and Bonnie smacked him as he continued, '"I need to give you an examination. The next thing I know, you're on your knees and my brain does not start working until midnight."

Sighing, Bonnie slid down in her seat. "We were happy then."

"We were." Kol looked out the window as the skies opened and it began to pour with a vengeance outside the car. "Looks like we're stuck here, for a bit, anyway."

Bonnie nodded. She turned to glance at Kol. "Looks that way," she said quietly. He looked back at her and Bonnie felt like she'd turned the heater on.

Fingertips going up, Kol reached put to touch hers. She trembled when their skin met and she looked into his eyes. How could she ever forgot how warm they were, like chocolate chips. Her free hand went to his shirt, sliding in between the buttons, the rain pounding the car good as his hand went into her hair, drawing her to him. Bonnie's lips parted and she closed her eyes.

Then she knew. "I'm sorry," Bonnie muttered, pulling back and slid her fingers out of his shirt. Pressing her back into the seat, she stared at the pouring rain.

Kol said, "It's alright. We'll just wait it out..." Bonnie watched the rain. It did not seem as though it would be stopping soon. Her eyes went down and she noted that she was still holding hands with Kol. Gulping, she decided to watch the rain and wait for the moment to pass...



"And he told me that if that is how I bloody well felt then I should find yet another world-renowned Head of Plastics to carry on with!" Davina Claire shouted over the blaring music and the other people shouting in the club. Lucien Castle nodded as he danced in front of her. Davina nodded, too, a shot glass was held in one of her hands, and the other swung around above her head, creating its own dance moves.

"You should!" Lucien shouted above the lead singer's performance. "You should look around! There are countless people who would happily worship at your feet!"

Davina nodded, closing her eyes, and lost herself to the beat. She could not remember the name of the band, or the name of the club they were in. It was either the name of the color of the Mikaelson's house, or the name of a bird. After her fifth drink, Davina wasn't sure. Opening her eyes, she waved Lucien closer before yelling; "Do you like this band?"

Lucien shrugged and danced in a circle around her. "I fancied the earlier one more."

"This!" Davina pointed at the band on stage, "Is the same one!" Then she cocked her head to the side and squinted. "Aren't they?" She looked at Lucien and they began to laugh, falling into each other. "We should call Josh! Josh would know. He knows all the bands! He used... Oh, shit! Aiden doesn't know..."

Aiden doesn't know what, darling?" Lucien asked as Davina made her way over to a booth and they fell into it.

"Aiden doesn't know that Josh used to date a lot of musicians. He had a thing for drummers!" Davina said, easing out from under Lucien. "Damn it! You made me tell! Josh is going to kill me!"

Lucien chuckled. "We all have a past, don't we?" He moved her onto his lap and Davina brushed her hair behind her ears and composed herself before she slid her thumb across the screen. Moving to her favorite contacts, Davina frowned at the sight of Kol's name. Maybe she should call him, but Lucien punched Josh's name and a pic of his smiling face appeared.

Davina lifted the phone to her ear and waited. The line rang and then: "Hello!" Josh cried out.

"Josh!" Davina began. "I have been having the worst day -"

"You've reached Josh Rouza. Apparently I am out saving lives, or with my super sexy fiancé; so wait for it, and I'll call ya back when I'm free!"

Groaning, Davina said, "Hey, Josh! It's me: Davina! I'm at a club called Indigo which is not the color of the Mikaelsons house... Maybe Flamingo?" She glanced at Lucien who nodded. "'Cause, surprise, Kol and I had another fight about Kaleb who is totally not into me like that! Wish you were here! But don't worry, 'cause Lucien is with me and we're having the BEST time!"

"And Davina can do better than Kol, right, mate?" Lucien called out before the message's time elapsed and Davina hung up. He patted her sides as she got up. "You could do better, you know, love? You're smart. Funny. Prettier than all of these other girls." He waved a dismissive hand at the other girls at the club. You also have all the nice bits." He looked her over and Davina tilted her head back and laughed. "Oh, yes, here's one!" He grabbed her by the waist and began to tickle her.

"Stop! Stop! You're going to make me pee!" Davina shouted, slapping Lucien away. "Shit! I have to pee! I'll be back!" She ran for the bathroom and felt grateful to not find a mile-long line. She went into the bathroom and opened a stall door. Closing it with her foot, she jerked her skirt up, her underwear down, and sat down. Eyeing the graffiti, she noted all so and so loves so-and-so else with all the little hearts. Cupping the side of her face, she dug her phone back out of her purse and slid her finger over the screen. She hit Kol's number and waited.

The line rang four times before it went to voice mail. He was probably in surgery. Ending the call, Davina finished up in the bathroom and headed back out to the dance floor. She found that Lucien had found himself a new partner. Good for him. With a smile, Davina turned on her heel and went to the front door. Lucien deserved to find someone, too.

Davina sent Lucien a quick text to let him know that she would be catching a cab home. Tossing her phone into the bottom of her purse, she walked toward the street, intent on hailing a cab when someone placed a hand on her shoulder.

Whirling on her heel about to punch the person in the face, Davina found it was Lucien. "Didn't think I'd leave you to the grubby mitts of some random cabbie, now, did you? They could be any kind of monster. Better to stick with the ones you know," he teased, holding up a hand and waving for a cab.

A cab pulled up and Davina paused at the door and offered Lucien a big smile. "Good. Now, we can die together."


An hour later, Davina lay next to Lucien on his bed. She could not get to sleep so she got up and went into the kitchen. Oliver was on a night shift. Vincent had left a note about studying at Freya's. Davina poured herself a glass of water and contemplated the rain pouring down. The weather person had made this forecast up, she thought as she took the time to clean the glass and set it back in the cabinet. Working her way back into Lucien's bedroom, Davina eased the door shut and tip-toed over to the bedside. Lucien looked peaceful in his sleep and Davina climbed into the bed. He did not move a muscle and she brushed his hair out of face before laying herself down on a pillow and closing her eyes.

"Davina?" Lucien's voice made Davina open her eyes. "I thought for a moment that my intoxication caused a lucid fantasy of you being in my bed." He grinned and Davina rolled her eyes and smiled back.

"Nope. I'm real." She paused before adding in a serious tone. "Thanks for letting me stay."

"I should thank you." Lucien reached out and pulled her to his chest, nuzzling her hair.

"Lucien?" Davina called, toying with a button on his shirt.

"Yes, darling?" Lucien replied. "I will happily gratify your every desire. Just allow me a quick cat nap, and I'm all yours."

Laughing, Davina pressed her head into his shoulder. "Why did you leave the club? You could have stayed with that girl you were talking to, but you left..."

For a moment, Lucien did not reply and Davina leaned back to see if he'd gone to sleep. His eyes were wide open and he glanced down at her. His fingers went down to graze her cheek. "You were in pain. And I would be damned if I would allow you to suffer alone." Then he smiled. "And now we can snuggle." He slid a leg between hers and rubbed their noses together until she burst into laughter. "You are such a lovely girl. And Kol Mikaelson should have his ass kicked for hurting you."

"Are you going to kick his ass?" Davina teased.

Lucien nodded. "I would for you, milady." His eyelids lowered and his lips moved to meet hers when Davina eased her head down to his chest.

After a second, Davina said, "I have a lot of really good friends... But you are my best friend. Other than Josh."

"You are mine as well, Davina Claire, and God help the next person who hurts you. I will do them grievous harm."

"Oh, really? Are you going to write them a poem?" Davina inquired.

"You are terrible with secrets!" Lucien cried.

"Read me a poem, Lucien!" Davina cried back.

"Go to sleep, Davina!"

This was answered by a laugh.

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