One-shot I wrote. Have fun.

Minami Hokutozai was stumped. And that was not a good thing for someone who worked as a reporter. She climbed the ladder and finally got the position with which came the privilege to write about almost anything she wanted. And she used that power wisely, like poking holes in the slowly decreasing but still persistently remaining cult of Stain, the Hero Killer.

Despite the man himself being incarcerated more than 15 years ago, someone his ideas and convictions still lingered and she had a field day poking holes through those arguments. And while her friends were a bit concerned that she would get lots of negative feedback or worse, it seemed that a lot of people agreed with her on one thing: No matter how solid your convictions and beliefs are, the moment you cause any sort of harm to another person because he or she does not conform to those beliefs and convictions, you lose and validity.

She wrote about the Battle at Kamino; PLF; Rise, Fall, and Second Rise of Lemillion. She also gave a detailed analysis of every hero who got themselves into the Top 10 through the years. Well, except one. That was because this particular hero was on that list for a single day. Most sources didn't even mention him. But she found out about him while scrolling through the official HCD files.

She was determined to find out more about him, and the best way was to look up his alma mater, and then learn which year. She typed a few notes into her phone, sent some links from her computer, grabbed her coat and she was off. On her screen, there was a picture of a green-haired man, with some freckles scattered on his cheeks.


Hero Ranking: REDACTED



She met up with the principal of U.A, one Hitoshi Shinso. This Midoriya kid was on the list of graduates, in fact, he seemed to have debuted the same year as Shoto, Ground Zero, Creati, Ingenium, and many others. Maybe after school and receiving his ranking he found it too hard to compete with his classmates so he accepted whatever spot he got and retired early.

It was known that some heroes just weren't cut out for the competition, or that they burn themselves out trying to get even the 10th place on the list. But her journalist sens told her that Midoriya was not one of those.

Being invited into the office, she was shellshocked to find a queen-sized bed tucked in the corner, in another there were color-coded sleeping bags, one for each day of the week, and a door that led to a fire pole, labeled "TO THE GARAGE". And behind the desk sat a man with gravity-defying purple hair, looking like he last slept two lifetimes ago.

"Ah, Miss Hokutozai. Pleased to meet you. You wished to talk about an old student of our fine institution?"

"Pleasure is mine. And if I may say something before we begin, it is a great honor shaking hands with you, Mr. Hitoshi. One day we may meet so I can ask some questions about you."

"Now now, miss. Call me Shinso, Mr. Hitoshi is my father. Also. it is unbecoming of an underground hero to be giving interviews. My teacher would be very disappointed. If it weren't for the rat's schemes, I'd probably still spend my night with him, chasing ghost daytime heroes don't acknowledge."

"What a shame, what a shame. Let's get to our topic then. What can you tell me about Izuku Midoriya?"

All tiredness vanished from the face, and those eyes of his gazed at her as if trying to see through her.

"Well now. That's a name I haven't heard in a while."

"So you know about him?"

"I went to school with him. This is not very known information, but I started out as a gen. ed. student. I first met him during our very first Sports Festival. We fought. I lost. ut, he gave me hope. Hope that I can become a hero."

Shinso paused for breath and took a sip from his gel pack. He then returned back to his tired appearance and spoke:

"I don't have to say much else but I'll tell you this. Among the XX generation, Izuku was absolutely the One True Hero."

She had to pull some strings, but she managed to secure a talk with Earphone Jack. The heroine was not as famous as some of her classmates, but just famous enough to make it hard to talk with her. Minami also secretly hoped to get a glimpse at Creati, maybe even ask a question. While it was never officially confirmed, everyone knew that those two were either already married, or very close to it. And while it would be great for her rep to finally put rumors to rest, that was not what she was here for.

She was escorted to a lovely sitting area, decorated with the biggest stereo system she ever saw. And of course, the woman she came to talk with was sitting right there, dressed in her hero costume, without the shin, palm, and chest speakers.

"Ahh, thank you, Alfred. That will be all, unless Miss Hokutozai would like something to drink."

"A cup of tea would be nice. Fruit flavored, a teaspoon of honey if it's not too much trouble."

"Right away, miss."

With that, the butler vacated the room, and she could get down to business.

"Thank you for speaking to me Miss Earphone Jack."

"Ah, just call me Jiro, and stop with the miss. I'm a married woman after all."

The reporter within could not resist freely offered information.

"Then call me by my name as well. Also, are you saying the rumor about you and Creati is true?"

"Of course. We've been happily married for 6 years now."

"Then why did you not say anything?"

"Nobody asked."

The heroine was clearly amused by the situation, so Minami decided to steer the conversation back on track.

"If we return back to why I came here, what could you tell me about Izuku Midoriya? I already spoke with the U.A principal, and he didn't have much to say except that they fought in the Sport's Festival, and that in his opinion, he was the One True hero among your generation."

"Well, he wasn't wrong about that." Jiro took a minute to think about what to say, before whipping out her phone.

"You don't mind, do you? I think it'll help to answer your questions."

Minami nodded her consent, and Jiro speed-dialed the number she knew by heart. One ring and the call was picked up and a female voice was heard.

"Hey, honey. Could you come down for a minute? I could really use your help on this one. I know they'll be home soon. They're a big girl, they'll manage. Also, Alfred can help. Thanks, I owe you one."

Before this 'honey' hung up, she said something that sent a slight blush to Jiro's cheeks, and after a minute of waiting, during which her tea arrived, through the door walked, an image of perfection, the no.2 Hero, Creati herself.

"Hello, welcome to our home. I apologize for not greeting you at the door, but I had just returned from a raid and was exhausted."

"Oh no, no! No need to apologize! I was not aware Mis- I mean Jiro was gonna call you! I am sorry to be a bother."

"Not at all, I am a U.A graduate, PLUS ULTRA is my life motto. Now, what is the question Jiro needed help answering?"

The reporter repeated what she said to Jiro, and just mentioning Izuku Midoriya turned the heroine pensive. She took some time to think, while Minami sipped on the delicious tea. After two minutes of silence, she finally spoke.

"Izuku Midoriya was a valuable colleague while he was still in the force. And before that, he was a friend. No one ever came close to embodying the PLUS ULTRA as much as he did. He made friends with people you wouldn't expect too. In fact, Lemillion and he were best friends. for as long as the latter stayed at the academy, and even after he left."

"Truly? he knew Lemillion? And you do not hold it against him? After all, lemillion surpassed you twice on his way to the top, and no offense, it doesn't seem like he will fall a second time."

"Oh, not at all. Izuku, you know could be kind of a dork. Even if I did hold it against him, he would not notice or try his best to cheer me up. it was just how he was. He went above and beyond, for friends, classmates, people he barely knew, and strangers on the street. Too bad he retired"

Another pause, but this time it was interrupted by two girls being escorted by the butler. One had a pair of green, triangular eyes, while the other wore her green hair in a spiky ponytail, something which she took notice of, but pushed aside.

Minami feeling like she was intruding decided to take her to leave, thanking politely for the answers and the tea. She also decided to withhold any information about the domestic life of the two heroines. She was after a different story.

The young reporter took a seat at one of the benches in the Mustafu park, right in front of a statue depicting a caped hero, protecting a little girl with a horn. There was no plaque to whom the statue was dedicated, but there were fresh flowers there, as well as a candy apple for whatever reason.

She talked with many people today. Hitoshi Shinso, Jiro and Creati, Phantom Thief. That guy was quite full of himself, always trying to de-rail the conversation, and turn it on his recent achievements. but even he had agreed that Izuku was the One True Hero. The same was said by Can't Stop Twinkling, Sugarman, Mailman, as well as Nejire-chan, Uravity, Froppy, Lizardy. For some reason, she also remembered seeing three green-haired children, and two with shining green eyes.

Someone sat next to her, and she felt a sudden urge to make small talk, to distract herself from her work.

"That is a nice statue."

"It is. I was there when it was erected, 6 years ago. Too bad that the hero decided to retire soon after. Made him seem like a bit of a glory hound."

Her conversationalist was a bald man with some stubble, one red eye, and one green. Could it be a quirk? Or a regular old mutation? Who knew.

"Glory hound? How so?"

"He quit just a day after getting on that Top 10 list."

It seemed luck was on her side. Maybe this man will give her some answers to questions that she somehow forgot to ask throughout the entire day.

"What was his rank?

"He was number 1."

"For real?!"

"Miss, not to brag or anything, but I was and still am known as the biggest hero otaku. If i say this guy was the best, he was the best."

"What about his Hero name? Quirk? Why did he retire?"

"Slow down there! let's see. I can't say I remember the name. Could be Dekiru? Or was it some and other Fist? There are too many heroes with 'Fist' in their name. His quirk had to deal with power. He was strong, fast. Seemed unstoppable, especially if you got to see him in action. As for why he retired…"

Minami was on the edge of her seat. This was it! She will finally piece a story together and-

"No idea."

Damn it! But the baldie was not finished.

"Could have been he felt the pressure was too much. Or he became a family man and is now chasing the title of "best dad" instead of a hero. Maybe he was injured, lost an organ, limb, or that happened to a family member, and he decided to help them out. It may seem selfish to sand on top but then step down. But, sometimes we are all a little selfish. and I think that is ok, as long as we don't hurt others. That man may or may not have been the One True Hero. But I know for certain, he was only human."

The conversation was turning wayyy too philosophical, so Minami decided to take what she got and run with it. She thanked the man for answering her questions, asked for a name, which he politely refused to give, and then the young reporter went on her separate way.

But just as he turned around, a beam of sunlight hit the man, and in the warm light, she could see just out of the corner of her eye, how his stubble changed color. It became a beautiful green.

I had a blast with this and enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoyed reading it.