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2. I'm gonna have to make some alterations in some of the Volume 7 outfits.

3. There are gonna be a LOT of references in this series so please be prepared.

4. There will also be one character from RWBY: After the Fall but has no voice. Let me know what kind of voice I can give her.

5. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

In some area full of redwood trees that have fall colors, there is a composognathus just looking for anything it can eat due to the change of seasons. It furiously dug into the dirt until it found a small beetle and ate it. While eating the beetle, the compy gets eaten by a velociraptor. Then the velociraptor gets captured by a Rathalos from Monster Hunter and gets eaten.

"JESUS CHRIST!" says Grif emerging from behind one of the trees. "DID YOU SEE THAT!?"

Simmons then pops up from behind the tree in a panic, "The different creatures eating each other?! Yes! And I wish I didn't see that!"

"Shut it, dirtbags!" Sarge pops up from a bush, "This is why I signed us up for this mission! A chance for men to fight against nature and all of its gorey glory!"

Grif grunted a little while looking down, "I miss supermarkets. Just go to the store and pick-up some turkeys for Thanksgiving. Then have somebody cook it."

Simmons looks down as he sighs, "I miss some of the old Thanksgiving days."

"I love this Thanksgiving!" Sarge says proudly. "How often you get to shoot everything for Thanksgiving Dinner?"

Simmons looks at Sarge, "We're supposed to be hunting turkeys. Turkeys! Not everything that we see!"

Grif is still looking down. "I would really like some stuffing in the bird."

Donut then pops up as he says, "I love stuffing things!"

Grif looks at Donut, "Seriously? You've been waiting in the bushes for that?"

Simmons says to Grif, "I thought Tucker was bad."

Then a few branches are rustled with a boy with spiky blonde hair comes down with four dead turkeys with ropes on their feet around his neck. This guy is Lycan Arcadia from Mark Zhang's Team SLVR. The Reds freaked out and point their weapons at him.

"You morons!" he says in a harsh tone, "It's only me!"

Everyone lower their weapons.

"You guys need to learn to chill a little." Lycan says to the Reds.

Simmons speaks, "Says the guy who came from a planet full of monsters!"

Then they start to hear some rustling in the bushes just a few feet away. The Red have their weapons out and pointed in that direction.

Lycan is acting all calm and smug with his arms crossed, "Relax. It's my team."

The first to come out of the bushes was Simin Megistus, the team leader, who has five turkeys in his hands all tied together in a rope. Then Vella Moisia and Ragora Cinarum came out three turkeys hanging from Ragora's shotgun/glaive weapon, Hexentanz. The Reds lower their weapons.

"Do you think we got enough turkeys?" Ragora asks.

"I think we got too many." Vella states while looking at all the dead turkeys.

Simmons says, "Knowing Grif, he would eat five of those things whole. Even raw."

"Now that's disgusting!" Ragora says in disgust.

Simin looks at the Reds, "How many did you guys get?"

Grif says, "Not counting the ones you get...none." He looks at Sarge, "Because Sarge wants to have something bigger for Thanksgiving."

"Turkeys aren't good enough!" Sarge proclaims, "We need a really big monster to eat! Along with filling it with lots of stuffing!"

"I love to stuff things!" Donut says out loud. "Even filling people up!"

Team SLVR backs away from Donut along with some of the Reds.

"Hey guys!" Brandon Charbonneau speaks through the radio, "Are you guys done yet? It looks like more ship crap is about to fall close to your position."

Lycan climbs up the trees with his weapon, Razorbolt while dropping the turkeys onto Sarge. He scales the tree with his claw weapons like an animal until he reaches to the top. He looks up at the sky and sees the gas planet that the world they are on orbiting along with many other moons and sub-moons. There are even all sorts of debris that are even visible in the sky since some of the wrecks are large enough to be noticed. Lycan looks up at the sky facing northeast and sees a tiny ball of flame heading straight towards them.

"I see it!" Lycan says over the radio. "Another junk hail!"

"Then everyone head towards the rendezvous point now!" Brandon shouts in a panic.

Everyone headed over to a clearing in the southwest as fast as they can as Brandon comes in flying a G79H-TC/MA Pelican. Everyone gets on board while carrying the seven turkeys with them. Everyone just jumps in as the pelican takes flight. It flies away to the south as a barrage of space junk comes in and left a crater. The redwood forest is set a blaze after the impact followed by another explosion inside one of the debris. The pelican flies fast with some turbo in order to escape the blast radius. However, everyone can feel the shock wave of the impact which cause some turbulence.

"Is everyone alright?!" Brandon questions all aboard.

Everyone is all shaken up and lying in a pile while moaning and groaning in pain.

"Not really..." Grif says in a low tone grunt with Donut's head on his crotch.

Lycan lifts his head and spits out some feathers in his mouth. He growls, "Let's not do that again."

They continue to fly over for a good 25 minutes until they come across another identical pelican flying right beside them to the left.

"Hey, Lysette." Brandon says over on the radio.

"How many turkeys did Team SLVR and the Reds get?" Lysette wants to get to the point.

"Team SLVR got seven. As for the Reds, their leader decided to be stupid and get something that we can't lift. Although we were lucky to get out with another junk hail."

"Team NYON caught seven as well. Team FNKI caught five. That should be a total of 19. More than enough. As for the 'junk hails', that's the seventh one today."

"Yeah. I wonder if we could find a ship that is still in good condition so we can get out of here."

They continue to fly for the next ten minutes until they come across a town located off the coast at some mountains close to the south. The town is completely surrounded by walls made of Forerunner Coliseum Walls for the inner wall with some barricades that act as rails and robots patrolling the top. Sentry bots that have a variety of different weapons from the Fallout series to be exact. Outside of the walls is an extremely large ditch that is full of steel spikes from 7 Days to Die. On the other side of the ditch is a layer of obsidian blocks from Minecraft that stands 20 blocks high with another layer of stainless steel blocks also from 7 Days to Die. There is some concrete blocks from Fallout 4 with turrets on them that are separated into stages. The first is three stacks high that have rocket launchers, the second has heavy laser turrets on two stacks, and the last on one stack are a bunch of Mk. II auto turrets. After that there are a lot of mines ranging from pulse, plasma, frag, and poison smoke while there are barbed wire fences.

Inside the walls with two behemoth gates, the town is a mix of different structures that come from a large variety of survival games ranging from 7 Days to Die, Osiris: New Dawn, No Man's Sky, Life is Feudal, Outlaws of the Wild West, Minecraft and even some stuff from Fallout 4 & 76 (obviously). There is a large farm located just north of the town inside the walls that Oscar plants alongside many others that volunteer along with some livestock (but no turkeys). At the northern tip of the peninsula is a dock that has a large raft with a three story high building on it from Raft. In the town, there is a library that Tukson runs, a potion and chemical lab run by Team FAME (Cinder, Amber, Mercury and Emerald), a barbershop/salon run by Carmine Esclados, an inn run by the Malachite Twins with Lil' Miss Malachite as the accountant, a radio tower made from Subnautica and Osiris: New Dawn where Lisa Lavender and Djinn broadcast and many other shops and houses. At the center of the town, there is a statue of Church (Alpha) riding back wheelie on a motorcycle and duel wielding sniper rifles. On the base of the statue, there is an engraving that says, 'In Honor & Memory of Leonard "Alpha" Church. The Artificial Intelligence That Saved Us All.' And in doing so, the town is name; Rooster Teeth. (Caboose's idea and everyone just went with it.) In the mountains, there is a large vault door at the entrance where people take shelter in case of the worse case scenario that doesn't include meteors or falling junk. On top of the vault is the council office building made of manor framework from Dark and Light that looks similar to a castle.

The pelicans land at the two landing pads close of the castle and everyone exited out with the turkeys.

While exiting Yoko from Team NYON asks, "Can someone explain why we are hunting turkeys instead of having instant turkeys ready? As a matter of fact, why are we doing all this since Ruby can just create everything with that black box?"

Nyx explains, "Because we don't want to be lazy. Best to keep busy than to be bored. Or we might end-up like fatso there." He points at Grif.

Grif stops and says, "What's wrong with being lazy?"

Orion then says, "Plus, Ruby is a member of the council so she might be busy."

Inside of the castle, there is a large room with a large, oval-shape table where the council is having a meeting. On the council, there is Vanessa Kimball, Donald Doyle, James Ironwood, Raven Branwen, Salem (the good one), Ozpin, Ozma, Leonardo Lionheart, Ghira Belladonna, and even Ruby Rose. Ruby is sitting on the edge of the table being bored as Ironwood and Raven argue. She is wearing her Volume 7 outfit on the count of the climate getting colder and she still has her hair look the same as Volume 4-6.

Ironwood says in a harsh tone, "For the last time, Raven! We cannot use NPC's! Despite the unlimited number of resources Ruby can make, we don't have enough room! Even if you do put them in huts at the farms, it is no better than slavery! That's why we are using robots!"

Raven counter argues, "And I have been telling you that robots don't have a soul! How do we know that there aren't any more Grimm in any planet in or out of our solar system! We need more numbers to prove how strong we are! NPC's are just like the robots! Easily as programmable!"

They are discussing the philosophy of an NPC being a real person or not since they are organic. However, the others are sick and tired of every argument that Ironwood and Raven made for almost a month. The argument continue to devolve into angry shouting until Ruby has had enough.

Ruby pulls out Crescent Rose, aim it at the ceiling and yells, "SHUUUUT UUUUP!" and fires a round at the ceiling. BANG! "THAT IS ENOUGH!"

Raven and Ironwood take their seats as Ruby lowers her weapon.

"Sorry for the damage, but enough is enough! For almost the entire month of November and founding of this council, all you two is keep on arguing on whatever! First it was the neuromods, then about recruiting or drafting people from other settlements that may or may not exist on this planet, then... What was the argument after that?"

Salem answers, "I think it was about trading drugs for resources that you can't spawn."

"Thank you, Salem." Ruby says to Salem. Then focus her attention on Raven and Ironwood, "And now you two are arguing about populating our town with NPC's! All of your arguments are counter productive!" Then she addresses the council, "I say we vote on whether or not Raven and Ironwood would take their arguments in a separate room until they find some middle ground." Ruby raises her left hand, "All in favor?"

Everyone except Ironwood and Raven raise their hands and go, "Aye!"

"Motion pass." Ruby takes the mallet on the table and bangs it once, "That should be enough for the day. My team and I are gonna finish making our satellite array to extend communications and keep on the lookout for more junk hails."

Everyone leaves while Ruby stays seated as everyone left. Ruby slams her head on the table and groans. Ruby hates being a politician but was forced because of the black box on her wrist instead of implants like everyone else. The black box is sorta like being in creative mode when you get to spawn materials, animals and plants along with being invincible. So, everyone thinks that she should be a member of the new council. While having her head on the table, someone gives Ruby a blue mug full of coffee. Ruby turns her head and sees her mother, Summer Rose, holding a tray and gave her the coffee.

"Another rough day?" Summer asks.

Ruby sits back-up and holds the mug, "You can say that again." Then takes a sip of her coffee. "Some sometimes call me childish. Those two are acting like children quarreling over whose favorite color is best, what ice cream is better, and whatever." Ruby takes a few more sips of her coffee. "Having both a general and a bandit chief on the council is a bad idea. Maybe Robyn would've made a better member."

Summer giggles a little, "Politics are never easy. But it kinda reminds me of the times that Raven and Qrow used to fight back on Team STRQ."

"I know mother, I know." Ruby smiles and finishes her coffee. She sets the mug down and stands up. "Right. Time to make some satellites." she says as she rubs her hands.

Ruby heads out the door and sees her teammates in the lobby with Blake having her hands over a brazer from Conan Exiles to keep warm. She is wearing her Volume 7 outfit but still has her long hair. Weiss is sitting on a bench wearing snowpea outfit yet has leggings from her Volume 7 outfit along with stockings and wears blue gloves with her symbol on them along with having the new Volume 7 hairstyle. Yang is sitting next to Weiss and is wearing her Volume 7 outfit but no robotic arm. The three look at Ruby as she exited.

"Rough day with the kids?" Yang joke.

"We heard a shot fired." Blake says. "Is everything alright?"

Ruby groans, "Same as usual."

Weiss slowly shakes her head, "Those two really need to get along. I mean, we're stuck on another alien planet-"

"Moon!" Yang corrected.

"Moon. I know they have different opinions giving their...professions, but we have to put everything aside to ensure our survival."

"I agree." Blake agrees with Weiss. "There are giant creatures here and spaceship debris falling from the sky. Who knows what else is out there."

"Hopefully, no zombies." Weiss says as she shudders a little. "That's the last thing we need."

Yang goes, "Yeah, just hope things won't get undead-ly."

"What did we say about puns?" Weiss said in a disappointed tone and her arms cross.

Ruby just walks while saying, "Let's go."

Team RWBY are outside as Ruby extends her arms towards her teammates. The implants that Weiss, Blake and Yang have started to transform into black boxes.

"Awesome!" Yang says as she looks at her black box on her arm that she admires. "Good to have this back."

Blake states, "Yet they have a time limit. Not to mention that the more we use our semblances, the less time we have to stay invulnerable."

"And to fly." Weiss added.

"And to create resources." Yang added more details.

"And Ruby can only give it to eight people." Blake adds more exposition.

Team RWBY fly up into the air to reach to one of the satellites above the atmosphere.

Yang goes, "WOO-HOO!" as she does some flying stunts. "Man, I love flying!"

Ruby asks Weiss, "How's your brother doing!?"

"Whitley's doing fine!" Weiss answers, "More than fine actually! He apparently loves mining and tries to live like my grandfather, Nicolas Schnee!"

"What about your family, Blake!?"

"Mom wanted to start a cafe! She wants to try something different while on this world! What about your family?! How is your father doing with both Raven and Summer!?"

"They seem to be getting along fine! Yet hard to tell when Yang and I aren't around!"

After a few minutes, they made it towards one of the satellites that seem incomplete. The satellite only has half of the necessary solar panels needed to power it, a few holes in the outer shell, and the dish isn't installed yet. The four work on some of the areas that still need to be completed.

"So are you sure your parents getting along?" Blake asks Ruby and Yang while attaching a few wires.

"When we are around." Yang answers as she installs a part. "Like Ruby said, not sure if they do get along when we leave them alone."

Weiss installs the solar panels, "My mother seems to be doing alright. She even stopped drinking."

"Same with Uncle Qrow." Ruby says as she checks some of the circuit boards. "He stopped drinking and gets along with Clover. His semblance seems to balance out Uncle Qrow's."

"That's some good news." Weiss says.

While Weiss finishes installing the solar panels, something flew right pass her from her left to right. She turns around when she notices something there but doesn't see anything.

Ruby tries to insert a circuit board carefully. "Easy. Slowly." CLICK! "Got it!" Then something flew pass by behind her. Ruby turns around but sees nothing. "What was that?"

Blake stops what she is doing as she senses something. She looks behind her with her Gambol Shroud out. Blake intensively looks at all directions yet all she can see is the sunlight, the moons and sub-moons, the purple gas giant with orange stripes, and a lot of space junk. After not finding anything, she turns around and sees a bat-like creature with a long tail, tiny eyestalks with black eyes, pale yellowish skin, and a mouth like a mix of a leech and a sea anemone chewing on the wires. The creature is a mynock.

"GAAH!" Blake freaks out when she sees the creature.

Yang comes over, "What?! What did you-" She notices the mynock, "AAAH! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?"

Blake stabs the creature and throws the stabbed creature back into space.

Weiss and Ruby come over with Ruby asking, "What's going on?!"

Then a flock of mynocks show up and start making trouble as they scream. They all try to swat the mynocks to not only to get them away from them but also from the satellite.

"Get away!" Weiss says while flailing her weapon. "What are these things!?"

Yang tries punching, "I don't know, but I don't care! Just kill these things!"

One of them got into Blake's hair and is tangled. Blake screams, "Get it off! GET IT OFF!"

Ruby tries to help, "I got it!" Ruby jumps from the satellite and tries to get the mynock. But the mynock flew a little more outwards and Ruby cuts off some of Blake's hair. Ruby realizes her mistake as she goes, "Oh no."

The mynocks flew away and left some damage into the satellite.

Blake feels the back of her hair and notices that some of her hair is chopped off. "My hair!" She looks at Ruby with a stunned look.

Ruby feels guilty as she ducks her head into her shoulders, "Sorry!"

Yang looks out and sees something big heading its way. "Oh shit!" she says with the look of dread on her face.

The rest of Team RWBY look at what Yang is looking and see it too. They see the back half of an old Galactic Empire star destroyer from Star Wars that is heading straight towards them and to make it worse, it will also wipe out the settlement. Everyone has their weapons out and spring into action. Ruby uses her semblance to get inside of it and try to slice the ship up. Weiss uses her semblance to hold the ship back and try to tear it apart. However, it is a lot harder than it looks. Blake tries to chop up as much of the ship as possible while Yang does some of her strongest punches to break it up and toss them away from the moon. Ruby is at the center of the ship and uses her weapon to fire to gain some speed and slice the ship up. After a few minutes, Weiss stops and her glyphs disappear. Despite their best efforts, the hunk of junk is still heading straight towards the moon.


"GO!" Blake shouts.

Weiss heads down to the surface and warn everyone at Rooster Teeth. The descent of the ship has been slowed down, but still mostly intact that would cause enough devastation. Ruby, Blake and Yang continue to chop-up and tear apart the ship with the best of their abilities.

Back on Rooster Teeth, Weiss told everyone about the incoming ship that is about to hit the town. Everyone packs up and try to evacuate to the pelicans as fast as they could. The Ace-Ops and the Happy Huntresses assist with the evacuation with those with piloting experience drive off.

Weiss uses what little time she has left of her black box to get her brother out of whatever hole he dug in. She brought him up while Whitley is wearing a soot covered miners outfit.

"Man!" Whitley says in disappointment. "I just made a pathway towards a geothermal vent for geo-energy, too! Enough to power the entire town!"

"Next time, Whitley!" Weiss says while carrying her little brother. "Next time!"

Back up above the moon, the rest of Team RWBY try to chop-up the ship as it starts to accelerate due to gravitational forces.


Ruby flies next to Yang, "Maybe we could-" BONG! She got it in the head by flying debris.

"RUBY!" Yang tries to reach her sister in vain.

Ruby is knocked-out as she is about to fall onto the moon faster than the ship. However, Ruby opens her eyes a little and sees a blurry vision of the ship with Blake and Yang trying to get her. In a dazed state, her black box started to glow white along with all of the blood vessels in her arm all the way up to her eyes. Her eyes glow white and look like they're on fire as Ruby takes aim and fires a white shot at the ship. The shot hit the ship and immediately disintegrates the ship into ash and dust over the moon. Ruby then falls unconscious again with Blake and Yang come to the rescue.

"What was that?!" Blake asks with a surprised look on her face.

Yang replies, "I don't know, but we have to get her to one of the doctors."

The two fly down with Ruby in tow back towards Rooster Teeth to tell them the good news and what happen.

While flying down, Blake says, "Hope it's not Dr. Gray. That woman gives me the creeps."

"Speaking of-"

"Don't push it."

Else where in the solar system, during the same time that Ruby's black box activated, there are those with their own black boxes that started to glow white. On one world where a collection of people started to have a meeting, all of their black boxes started to glow to the point that the room became very bright. In another location, in some eastern-style palace, a man with a white mask with horns notices as he was sitting on his throne. At some tribal village with some handcrafted technology, a tower that has an observatory started to glow. Then another location where three teens at some walled off town have their boxes glow. Same that goes with a settlement that has an entire village full of black box users. In a domed city stranded in a desert, there is one young man with a black box started to glow. Then another located at some dojo-like structure that has some humanoid rats. Then more at some Minecraft-style tower on a Minecraft world. The same thing in many other locations.

However, on the surface of the sun, there is an arm covered in black boxes comes out of the intense heat and flames. The hand places itself on the surface as if it is solid ground with a person coming out of it.

The person says in a deep, menacing, evil voice, "Hell... It's about time."

Then four more hands come out of the surface of the sun.