Chapter 16

After a battle between Team RWBY and the Black Box Hunters, everyone got on the arkship and start to blast-off. Meanwhile, on the sun, Shade Nightmare watches as the arkship taking off from New Pandora and about to set off. Then, a strange vision of Tzeentch started to appear in a mystical orb.

"So." Tzeentch speaks, "It has begun."

"Indeed." Shade agrees despite not knowing what the fuck Tzeentch is planning.

"About time we got some new souls that haven't been tainted by Darkness. Maybe."

"That girl. Ruby Rose, I believe her name might be, has the key black box. At least I think so." Now Shade is being just as indecisive as Tzeentch.

"But there is hope. At least, for this galaxy. Possibly. Who can say." Tzeentch seems glad yet hard to know with such an indecisive, nerdy mollusk demon.

"Possibly more souls will be created if they find It."

"Ahhh, the lost Genesis Structure. The last bastion of all sentient lifeforms that will hopefully be created and expand this galaxy. And hopefully another."

"Is it time for me to return to the Warp?"

"Hmmmm... No? Maybe? Yes? ... Yes! Definitely yes!"

"Then, it is time to return home."

"Yes. Time for this solar system to die and progress to endure." Tzeentch says as they see the arkship fly into the blackness of space. Tzeentch and Shade watch as the mad god says, "It is time to put an end to the stagnancy this galaxy has suffered. But the true test will come when the Great Darkness comes. It may come in a few years or a few decades. Possibly. Maybe. Hopefully not."

"You do realize that he will try to aid them with his knowledge from the Black Library."

"Yeah, I know. But you do realize that the Warp will change into"

"Can I return home already?" Shade is getting impatient, "I would like to do some experiments."


A warp portal opens and Shade is sucked in along with the orb. Once Shade Nightmare has returned to the Warp, the sun started to show signs of dying once more. The red star, once yellow, started to grow bigger and bigger as it started to get slightly brighter. Once it has reach critical mass, boom! The sun goes supernova as bursts of energy stretch throughout the solar system. Scorching and destroying all in the solar system. Plants burn. Water turned to steam. Animals and bacteria torched. Gas giant have their gases burn away, leaving only the cores that later get destroyed along with all their moons. The asteroids that imprisoned everyone that surround the entire solar system scatter all across the ocean of stars. The ship debris that once prove that a massive battle took place burned to molten metals and particles. All that there is left is molten slag, rocks and left over particles of a supernova. All that remains for what was a solar system.

Somewhere on the arkship, Ruby started to open her eyes. Her vision is blurry at first as she hear voices and something beeping. From what she can see, she can see that she is in some sort of golden-colored room. Bright gold with some blue lighting in a huge room.

"She's waking up!" says a familiar female voice.

Ruby sees someone wearing white armor with some purple areas and visor. Next to her is a heart-monitor that is beeping according to her heart rate.

"Whew! I thought we lost her for sure there."

Ruby's vision clears up and she sees Dr. Emily Grey.

Emily looks away and whispers to herself, "Looks like I can't do a dissection."

Blake elbows the doctor, "I heard that!" She is upset, "No one is getting dissected!"

Then Summer smacks Emily so hard that she fell to the floor, "And never perform medical experiments on my daughters!"

Yang runs up, "Ruby! You okay?!"

Ruby groans as she slowly starts to sit up.

Taiyang tries to help, "Easy there, kiddo. You're still recovering."

Ruby shakes her head and tries to shake-off her headache. "What happened?" she asks as she rubs her head.

Yang says, "We were fighting against a demonic monster that want us all to die and take our black boxes across space. We fought on the sun, you passed out, got all mystical and obliterated that monster! Just like you did with that ship."

"I think I remember some of it, except the end." Ruby tries to remember.

"I know. You were out."

Ruby looks around and gets a better vision of where she is at. It is bright gold with blue lights, yet is very slick with blue crystals emitting light. Definitely alien in origin. There are even some medical beds, at least she thinks they're beds. They look more like capsules meant to keep patience in stasis while being heal. There are also stasis tanks and strange alien medical equipment.

"So...we're on the arkship?" Ruby asks and take in the view. "It is super alien... And...super AWESOME." Ruby likes the decor and style of the ship. "We are definitely on an alien ship! And it is totally AMAZING!" Ruby is now hyper and cured of her headache. She zooms over to one of the tanks, "Look at these tanks!" Then zooms over to the other capsules, "And look at these things!" Then zooms over to a strange, oval-shape thing that is tilted in an angle, "And what's this thing?! A garbage disposal?!" Ruby moves her head closer to the hole.

Summer says, "That's...actually a toilet, sweetie."

Upon realizing this, Ruby zooms away from it and is disgusted that she nearly put her head in a toilet.

"Anyway." Emily says, "Welcome to the Spear of Kas. One of the Protoss arkships that we rescued and managed to escape from the supernova."

"So we managed to escape in time."

"Exactly!" Taiyang smiles, "We got lucky and escaped to live another day."

"Where's Weiss?" Ruby asks when she notice that one member of her team is not present.

Blake explains, "She's with her family for the moment. They are having a bit of a discussion about what they're gonna do for the future, now that we're out in space and finding a new home."

Yang says, "Zwei is with the eggheads at the solar core to learn the ins and outs."

"He's such a smart dog." Summer praises the corgi, "I'm surprised how a dog with stubby legs manages to do such things without any thumbs."

Taiyang chuckles, "You should see him with the plumbing."

Not long after, Ruby walks around the corridors that she sees the slick and sleek golden halls with blue crystals. Up above, she can see the stars through the windows. She pass by many people that are trying to adjust to this new change and try to understand much of this ancient Protoss ship. She travels around until she bumps into Yuki, from School-Live. They have met before back on the same planet they were stuck in before.

"Ruby!" Yuki is happy to see Ruby again as she runs up to give her a hug.

"Yuki!" Ruby is surprised yet glad to see her again. "How have you been?"

"Better, but I can't believe we're on an alien ship! And it's HUGE! I had to use the teleporters to get around certain areas."

"We have teleporters on this ship? Cool!"

"I know, right!? And they are a lot easier to get around."

"Say, you wouldn't have seen Weiss and the others, have you?"

Yuki points down the halls, "Down the hall, third right."


Ruby then uses her semblance to get over to where Weiss is yet runs into Shiro, Guild Master of Log Horizon.

"Whoa!" Shiro is startled as he falls to the floor.

"Sorry, sorry!" Ruby apologizes and help him up.

"You almost scared me as much as Akatsuki."

"Sorry, I was looking for Weiss and everyone else from Rooster Teeth."

"They're around somewhere."

"Oh, and by the way." Ruby is curious about something, "How did you all ended-up on the moons? I know it's late for me to ask, but how?"

Shiro explains, "Well, you see, Ruby, we're not exactly sure. I'm sure Ainz told you, but we just don't know why. Some of your friends from that zombie planet told us that you and the rest of your groups ended-up being experiments on the planet somewhere far away. As for us, we're not exactly sure. By random chance, maybe we were abducted by the same people that were running experiments on you, who knows. The last thing we remember is appearing on another world with some of us having these black boxes." Shiro flash his black box for a few seconds. "Anyway, I'm meeting up with my guild over in one of the sections of the ship. Close to the thrusters."

"Okay, later!" and Ruby petal burst out of there.

Then she made her way to a place that looks like a cafeteria. A fancy cafeteria with tables and benches made of the same material that matches with the Protoss design. And it is huge, say, a mile tall and almost the size of a football field. There she met-up with Team CRDL, sitting at the table near the door.

"Hey there!" Cardin is acting friendly towards Ruby.

"The heroine of the hour." Russel is also acting friendly.

Sky and Dove also give Ruby a friendly greeting.

Yet Ruby is being suspicious with the most unfriendly team there is. "Why are you guys being nice to me?" she asks.

"Well, you saved our hides!" Cardin says with some hint of gratitude, "Your team practically saved everybody from being killed. And you dealt a blow to some guy that transformed into a raping demon."

Dove says, "An intersex raping demon."

Sky shudders, "Yeah. Thanks for making sure we stay virgins via the rear."

Ruby doesn't get it but goes, "Umm...your welcome?"

Cardin says, "By the way, my team and I are planning to set up a pirate-theme amusement park on an ocean planet. Assuming there are ocean planets. We can't be pirates with no oceans."

"That's...interesting. But we may never know until we get there. Anyway, I'm looking for Weiss, have you four seen her?"

The four pointed at Weiss not too far along with her family and butler.

"Thanks. Later." she walks off as she mutters to herself, "You know some guys that are horrible then save them from a bunch of power-hungry creeps and they become nice to you. Weird."

She walks up to Weiss, "Hey, Weiss."

Weiss turns around, "Oh, Ruby! You're awake!" She sounds happy to see her and gives her a hug. Then lets go, "Are you alright."

"Had a slight headache, but I'm doing okay. So what's going on."

"Glad you asks. Sieben and my mother are planning on getting married."

"Really?!" Ruby is excited about the news, "That's wonderful! I love happy endings and weddings!"

Nicholas then approaches, "So this is the youngest Huntress leading the team your in, eh?"

Ruby looks at the old man in armor and holding a hammer. Then turns to Weiss, "Who's this?"

"This is my grandfather; Nicholas Schnee."

"For real?!" Ruby jumps back and is surprised. "Wow! But how did he get here?"

Nicholas explains, "I appeared in a middle of a city in a middle of some sort of evacuation against some undead as I met my granddaughter, Winter. I don't know how, but she filled me in on the situation. Even told me about Jacques underhanded tactics while running the company I worked so hard to build." He doesn't sound happy about his son-in-law and how he ran the SDC. "In the meantime, we were discussing about a new Schnee Company."

Whitley approaches, "We decided to divide us between three of us into different branches." He explains, "I'll be in-charge of the mining operations. Weiss will be in-charge of power and energy. Mother is going to start a winery business. But Winter is sticking with the general about creating a new army and training it."

"So the Schnee Company is branching out for new avenues. Nice."

"Indeed, Ruby Rose."

"Well, catchya later." and Ruby walks off. She then later bumps into Ghira and Kali, Blake's parents. "Oh hey, Mr. and Mrs. Belladonna."

"Why hello there, Ruby." Kali greets her with a pleasant and warm smile.

"Hello, Ruby." Ghira greets her, "How are you feeling?"

Ruby replies, "Slight headache, but I'm alright."

"That's good." Kali is happy to hear that.

"In the meantime, we're thinking of creating a new nation. Despite everyone here accepting those with animal traits, it is best to create a haven for all. Just like in Menagerie. Sienna and Adam agree with me. But instead of Menagerie, I'm thinking of a new name. What do you think of Animallica?"

"What kind of name is that?" Ruby asks.

"I honestly don't know, but it does have quite the appeal."

Kali says, "I like it."

"Sounds like a nice name." Ruby agrees, "But it almost sounds like a sanctuary meant to save animals from extinction."

"AH MAN!" says a voice from one of the tables.

They all turned around and see Team NDGO playing their card game with Wade. From the looks of it, Gwen is losing while Wade is winning.

"I lost again! To a hippie!"

"Actually, dudette, I was a president of a country."

"Get out town!" Nebula finds it hard to believe.

"Yeah, Durntakistan."

"What kind of name is that?" Dew asks.

"Don't know man. But I was the most popular president there was."

The girls started laughing at Wade for saying that he used to run a country and popular. Yet Wade looks more like a hippie than a president.

"Come on, man! I was!" It is true. He was a president of his own country...and try to stop the Strangerhood by doing the Strangerhood in season two, but that's an entirely different story all together.

Ruby turns her attention back to Ghira, "By the way, do you know where the teleporters are? I don't want to get lost."

Ghira points out the door, "Down the halls to your right. Follow the corridor and you should see some purple glowing tubes that you can fit in."

"Great! Thanks a lot!" and she petal bursts out of the cafeteria.

Sam approaches, "Hey there. Have thought about creating our Strangerhood series?"

Ghira turns to reply, "After some thought: yes. Assuming we can find the technology to create new lifeforms." In other words, Sam wants to create the Strangerhood with aliens.

"We could try to create NPCs."

"No, they won't do. We need actual intelligence, not a bunch of programmable dummies."

"Fair enough. I mean, if the Protoss managed to create something like this, they oughta have something about creating new species."

In the Solar Core of the ship, many of the smart people try to understand how much of the ship works. The room is massive with some sort of metal sphere in the center. What it actually is is a miniature sun that powers the entire ship. In the room is Arthur Watts and Bartholomew Oobleck checking the controls with Washu helping out with the deciphering of the Protoss language. Stewie checks out some of the engineering alongside Pietro Polendina with Penny helping Stewie with some...'height issues'. Demiurge admires such feat of engineering as he looks at the sphere that contains the sun. Ringo Ohoshi tries to study it and tries to comprehend Protoss technology. Prof. Frink is cheking over some hologram schematics with Lisa Simpson, Mei Hatsume, Ellegaard, Olivia, four kinds of Donatellos, 2003 April O'Neil, Yoko Magenta, and a few other scientific minds...including nerds. As for the fantasy characters, they have absolutely no clue what the hell it all does. This is beyond them.

Ruby then appears and is taken in by the sight. "Wow." she is impressed, "Now this is one heck of a reactor core."

Penny puts Stewie down, "There you go."

"Why thank you, lass." and Stewie walks off to see if he can examine it more on his level.

"Hey Penny!" Ruby waves hi.

"Ruby!" Penny is about ready to rocket pounce, "Sal-"

"Uh-oh." Ruby starts to worry.


Ruby tries to run but too late.

"-TATIONS!" Penny rocket pounces onto Ruby and smothers her. "I'm so glad you're okay! How are you?!"

"I've been better." Ruby is being squeezed way too tight and having a hard time trying to breath.

Penny realizes that Ruby is suffering from asphyxiation from her hug and gets off, "Oh, sorry!"

Ruby gets back up, "I'm alright now."

Pietro approaches in his mech-chair, "Good to see you up and about, Ruby. Penny was worried about you after defeating that demon thing, or whatever it was that Diablo character turned into."

"Well, I don't exactly remember much but whatever I did, we're safe now."

"Not exactly." Penny says. Her facial expression is that of concern which is starting to affect the other two.

Pietro explains, "We are in need of a special mineral to keep the solar matrix core active. We don't wanna worry everyone, but we are in need of it. Due to it's long dormancy, the synthetic sun requires a rare and extremely volatile exothermic material called, solarite. Without it, we can't access the ships full potential."

"Not only that, we only have enough energy for three jumps." Penny further explains, "We have to find a planet with plenty of solarite in order to find the Grand Paradise System."

"Uh-oh." Ruby is now starting to worry.

Pietro then adds more, "But it has to be at a short distance or we'll be out of power and die."

"Bigger uh-oh."

Stewie then joins the conversation, "And our black boxes cannot make them. Out of everything we need and want, out of everything necessary for our survival: solarite is not in our creative inventory."

"Triple uh-oh."

Pietro suggests, "I suggest that you head to the bridge and talk to Matte Skye and some of the others over there."

And Ruby heads out and do that. Fast.

Ruby made it to the bridge as she sees Matte, Sienna, Ironwood and Kimball. "Have you heard the news?" she asks.

"We are aware." Sienna says.

Matte looks at the celestial array, "And I'm trying to pinpoint where we can find solarite. The scans are still going and so far, nothing yet."

Kimball says, "For all that we do know, we may have to go back and find some."

But Ironwood interjects, "Washu says that stuff is extremely volatile. All of it may have been destroyed in the supernova."

"Got it!" Matte has found something. "There is a small amount located in some place call, the Sara System. Only fourteen light years away."

"Then let's go!" Ruby sounds eager to get going, "The sooner we get the solarite, the quicker we get to the Grand Paradise System. Matte, see if you can find any traces of the Grand Paradise System's location or any clues to it. Kimball, Ironwood. You two organize search teams along with all the other generals. Sienna, you're gonna be working with my team for a bit once we make it to the planet. We're gonna look for any sort of ruins related to the Protoss, assuming that there is any, and have Washu study them. Alright, break!" and she gets out.

Ironwood looks at Kimball, "Did she just give us orders?"

"I think she did."

"Got something!" Matte figured out how to work the celestial array, "I found some traces of solarite on one of the two planets and... I'm picking up a distress signal?"

"Can you play it?" Kimball asks.

"Hold on." Matte tries to play the distress call after trying to figure out how to play the message.

"Mayday, mayday." says a man's voice, "This is Agent North Dakota of Project Freelancer. A few friends and I, along with many others, are stranded on some planet. We found some settlements that are abandoned along with some unknown alien ruins. We're not exactly sure where we're at, but need help getting off this planet and find the rest of our people."

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