Gollum and the Evil Ring

Disclaimer: I do not own Lord of the rings; Tolkien Does and New Line Cinema owns the movies

Sorrow filled his eyes

Heart torn apart

Hatred and desire filled his mind

Jewelry he admired

Alone in a cold cave

With only fish for company

Emptier than an empty shell

Loneliness so tangible that

It can be cut by a knife

Memories of happier times

Of times so long ago

Barely fills his mind

A mind

That was now filled with

The evil jewelry

Very smooth

Very bright

Very beautiful

Very seductive

He could not live without it

He remembered Deagol

His best Friend

His cousin

His fishing partner

Happily they used to play together

Now he is dead


Burried Without even a grave stone

For he murdered his friend

Choked the life out of him

He found something he

Love far better

Though it was cold and empty

It changed him greatly

But not for the better

His family hated him

Shunned him and cast him from their sight

Never to return

Never to be welcomed or loved again

Now He sits on the floor

Of a dark and damp cave

Away from the light

For he hates the sun and the moon

Because they are filled with light

While he is filled with darkness

From the evil ring

He is holding in His Hand