Hello from the dead. I've been writing this fanfic for a while, and I still haven't finished it, but here's chapter one. If you're anything like me you'll hopefully enjoy this, because you get to have your heart broken as you watch all of your favourite characters tragically murder each other :) Just to be clear, this is set before the events of the actual Hunger Games and it doesn't have any of the original character's from the original books. It's made up entirely of Medoran Chronicles characters. Also, the PoV changes each chapter. The characters that they change between are: Alexandra Jennings, Kaiden James, Jordan Sparker, Delucia Cavelle, Barnold Ronnigan, Aven Dalmarta and Niyx Raedon.

Hope you like it - Skylerscrawl :)

Chapter One

Alexandra Jennings

Life in Panem was generally terrible. However, July 4th always topped the entire year. Reaping Day. Twelve districts. Two names. One game. Twenty three murders. And Reaping Day is where that all begins.

I stare at the gravelly ground underfoot as I drag my feet along the road. Supposedly, District Five isn't as bad as some of the other districts, but it's hard to keep that in mind as the cut in my foot reopens and begins to bleed, because I cannot afford to buy a new pair of shoes to replace my current old and worn through ones.

I hear that District Twelve has one of the biggest populations out of all the districts, yet the least food. I could only imagine how hard life must be for them in the dangerous atmosphere of the coal mines.

Working on power was dangerous too, though. And more often than not, every family has lost at least one member.

Mine did. I used to have an older brother, Josh. Except technically it wasn't a power accident that brought his life to an end. It was President Athora's Games. And I loathe him for them. Six years ago, my brother's name had been called out on Reaping Day. He'd barely lasted 24 hours in the arena, nor did anyone expect him to. He'd always been too kind and too innocent. He wasn't cut out for murder. He was only fifteen, yet his name had gone in the pool twenty times.

Today, my name is going in twenty-four times. It could be worse. For many other people, it is worse. However, I still struggle to comfort myself as I trudge over to where all the other 17 year old girls are standing in line. I look up, realising that I'm about to walk straight into the rows of teenagers, all praying that their name is not going to be called out today. I take my place in the line and stare straight ahead.

On the stage, I see Fitzy. Our overzealous, fruitcake of an escort sent from the Capitol to deliver us to our doom. As always, he's wearing bright clothing. Today he seems to be going for the bumblebee look. He dons a bright yellow coat get up complete with fuzzy black and yellow gloves and bright orange hair.

Along with Fitzy on the stage, is Astophe, the most recent victor of District Five. He's really old now. Which says something about our district's performance level in the Games.

Fitzy clears his throat into the microphone loudly, even though the crowd is dead silent.

"Happy Hunger Games—" I resist the urge to bile, "—and may the odds be ever in your favour." I audibly snort and receive a few glares in return. Fitzy, however doesn't seem to notice. "Ladies first!"

It's always the same every year. Ladies first. Some poor girl walks to her death. Gents second. Some poor boy walks to his death.

Fitzy struts over to where the large pile of names sits in what looks like an oversized fishbowl. He rubs his hands together dramatically and flicks one hand agonizingly around in the bowl. It seems as though no one dares to even breathe.

Finally he draws out one slip and walks to the microphone again. He blows on the piece of paper for 'good luck' and this time I manage to restrain from snorting. He unfolds the paper. It'll be me. I just know it. I think, my name will be on that paper and it will all be over for me.

"Maria Kim." Instantly, my shoulders sag and I release my built up and pressured breath that I've been holding for so long. Then I hear a tormented scream.

"NO! Maria! NO!" A voice cries. My heart plummets as I watch a girl, that I know must be at least twelve—but looks no older than six—walk out of the crowd. She's crying, trembling and clinging to a well-loved blue teddy bear. It's colour matches her terrified eyes. As she walks I realise that the scream came from her mother who is possibly trembling more than Maria. I turn my attention back to the girl to see a Peacekeeper approach her and snatch the bear away from her.

"No! Please! I-I-no!" Maria chokes on her tears as she struggles for her bear. The Peacekeeper says nothing but continues to tear the bear from her grip. Maria struggles but she is no match for the strength of a full grown Peacekeeper. She falls over in her struggle where she remains sprawled in a heap of tears.

And suddenly I'm snapped awake.

"I volunteer!" I yell, and step out of the crowd so that I can be seen clearly. "I volunteer as tribute." Maria and her mother's cries slowly fade.

Fitzy flashes a smile with too many teeth. "Lovely." He says, "Come on up dear." I begin walking up to the stage, but I pause as I reach the stairs.

I turn back around, striding towards the Peacekeeper holding Maria's bear and yank it from his grip. I hand it to Maria, who looks up with scared eyes. She takes it nervously, then wraps her arms around my torso before running back to her shaken parents. I watch, satisfied, before continuing up the stairs and onto the stage.

"And what would your name be miss?" Fitzy asks me.

"Alex." I say firmly, staring into the crowd mournfully, but contently with what I'm hoping is a resilient gaze. Then I realise Fitzy is still waiting for a full answer. "Uh… Alexandra Jennings."

"Well, Alexandra, you're very brave, is Maria your sister?" He says.

I stare at him. He smiles back stupidly. I blink. He doesn't seem to realise his mistake.

"Uh… no. I don't know her…" I say slowly, flicking my eyes to Astophe standing behind him who was covering a slight smile with a handkerchief. Fitzy gestures for me to stand off to the side of the stage, and rubs his hands together. "And now for the gents." He rifles through the papers in the second bowl before dramatically flinging one single sheet out out. Walks to the microphone. Blows on the paper. I roll my eyes before I can stop myself.

"Aven Dalmarta."

I jolt. I know Aven. I can't say I'm his biggest fan. He was horrible to anyone of colour in school and then expected everyone to revere him like he ran some sort of hierarchy there. And he definitely crosses the line when he pursues girls that are clearly not interested. He can't and won't take no for an answer and it's going to bite him in the butt one day.

I spot his head of golden hair quite easily in the back row, and it pleases me to see that he's been caught by surprise and has now accidentally poked himself in the eye whilst trying to get some gunk out. I snicker, and then quickly try to cover it up with a cough. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't care if anyone knew I didn't like someone, in fact, I'd hope they did, but I'm on camera for all of Panem to see right now, and I need to make a good impression to gain sponsors.

Aven's stepped up onto the stage now, still rubbing his eye a little, and I hold my chin a little higher. He tries to look unfazed, and actually almost looks smug as he struts past me, his eyes glinting. The perfect bone structure of his face is annoying me.

Fitzy orders for Aven to go off to the side as well, going through the procedure and saying all the boring things he says every year. I've never paid attention to this stuff and I won't start now.

After Fitzy finishes speaking, Aven and I are directed into the Justice Building where we go into different rooms and have time for visitors to say farewell.

The room itself is grander than anything I've seen in my life. There is a purple patterned rug on the floor and the couch has six hand embroidered velvet cushions on it.

The doorway opens a crack and my mum steps into the room slowly. She only hesitates a moment before rushing toward me, bursting into tears. She tackles me in a hug and I hug her back, though I refuse to cry as it will only make this harder. For me and for her. My dad comes in at some point and joins the hug, and we sit there together for our full three minutes, hugging. As the Peacekeepers come to take my parents away, my dad presses an object into my hand.

"We love you so, so much." He whispers, "And you will win, I'm sure of it. What you did won't be forgotten, Alex. I love you."

Then they're gone. The door closes and I unfurl my palm and see what dad has given me. A brown leather bracelet with five beautiful small rocks strung on it. A keepsake of my parents, representative of my district and everything I've ever known.

My parents have always loved investigating rocks and earthy things. I can't figure out how my parents had the time to prepare this for me, but I suppose they made this long ago. Just in case.

I string the rock bracelet around my wrist and sink into the couch as I examine it. There are five rocks on the bracelet to represent my district and my home. It hasn't been much, but it's been life. The Arena? That is certain death.

No one else visits me, nor do I expect them to. I've never been much good at making friends.

Soon I'm being marched out of the Justice Building and through a sea of cameras with Aven, to the train station located at the border of Five, where Astophe and Fitzy are already waiting.

We all board and, somehow, the train is even more extravagant than the Justice Building. Vaguely, I notice a large dining area and living room, but I walk straight past both, instead, making a beeline for where I can see hallway to our compartments. I locate mine without much difficulty and sink into the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in.

But in that moment I'm not concentrating on the comfort of my room. Face smothered in pillow, I finally let my tears escape. I cry for almost an hour, until finally I force myself to get up and go wash my face.

Falling back onto my bed, I replay in my mind what had happened today:

My name hadn't been drawn. Relief… A young girls had. She was young and innocent. Undoubtedly wouldn't have survived in the Arena.

Undeserving of such an awful fate, I volunteered for her… My parents had said goodbye, and given me a piece of them to take with me… I'm going to see my parents again… I'm going to go to the Capitol… I'm on the train now… Fitzy is down to hallway, excited to have fresh new tributes.

And I'm going to the Hunger Games.

OooOOOOoOohh spicy. Sorry this first chapter isn't amazingly written, but the chapters get better the further into it you get. Stay tuned for the next chapter, which is in Kaiden's PoV

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