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Chapter Five

Niyx Raedon

She spins around quickly, glaring at me.

"Sorry, who are you and why do I care?" She asks dryly.

"Now, that's no way to talk to someone who's trying to help you, is it?" I tut.

"Who. Are. You?" She repeats stiffly.

"Relax Alex," I say, and she narrows her eyes further. I lean against the wall and grin, "well, Niyx Radeon, District One." I proudly hold my hand out. She ignores it and grimaces a little as she says sarcastically,


"Ah but the pleasure is all mine, kitten."

"Don't call me that." She says turning around and returning to her fishhook.

"What?" I ask grinning, "Kitten?" I can see her jaw tensing but she chooses not to respond. "Oh I see. You don't want your boyfriend over there," I nod my head to Kaiden James on the other side of the room, "to hear and get the wrong idea about us. Look I know I'm all that but-" I've apparently gone a step too far because Alex spins around hot on her heels, her eyes icy.

"Look buddy, if there's something you want to say to me, spit it out. Otherwise get the hell away from me and find a better use of your time because I for one am trying to stay alive, and mate, you clearly need all the help you can get." I put my hands up in surrender.

"Woah. Okay feisty. As a matter of fact, yes, there was something I wanted to say to you. I would like to offer you an alliance with me." She looks oddly unimpressed, "Of course we'll be with the other Careers for some of the time, I know you're all buddies. But friendships are flimsy. Alliances are business deals. Unbroken until we're the last two. You have my word." Alex snorts.

"Well here's my word for you. I don't ally. With anyone. And if I did, it would be with anyone but you. You are exactly the kind of person that makes me loathe these Games with such a passion. Because they're just games to you. These human beings are just pawns to you. If one dies, oh well, one less player to defeat. Newsflash. These aren't games. This is life and death. And I want no association with your careless, Capitol attitude." She spits each word at me before putting her fishhook down roughly and storming past. I watch her go as I consider her words. Capitol attitude. Surely that's not how people see me. I hate these Games as much as anyone here does, but I have my priorities straight. I'm not letting anyone prevent me from surviving. I have my sister back home to care for, she needs me. And no one is going blind me from my goal. That means I need trustworthy alliances, a good image for the cameras and a good gage of the tributes going into the Arena with me in four days. I've been watching. I've noticed whatever has been happening between Alex and Kaiden. I've also seen the skill of both tributes from Twelve. I've seen the tight bond between Sparker and Ronnigan. I've picked up on Cavelle's calculating eyes, and her loose connection to the pair. I've seen that Alex has the right skill, and the right attitude I need to help me. It's clear she doesn't expect to win, which will make watching her die, or in the worst case, killing her easier. But I suppose she does not have the same morals, as myself, and clearly doesn't want anything to do with me, which makes allying with her difficult.

I sigh and look around the Training Center, my eyes landing on Alex's partner, Aven. He might not be a bad ally himself. He seems to be on the same page as me: he has his eye on the prize. I know that he won't be as easy to get rid of as Alex and I can see he is somewhat lacking in self-control, but he does have an immense skill set and intense focus. I walk over to where he is practicing his sword skills.

"Aven, I believe?" I ask. He pauses, looking at me with slightly narrowed eyes.

"Who's asking?" He asks sharply.

"Someone who needs an alliance with a person smart enough to ask." I shoot back. His steely resolve melts into a smile and he holds out his hand.

"Aven Dalmarta, District Five." I shake it, smiling.

"Niyx Radeon, District One." Aven raises an eyebrow and nods.

"Ah, a Career." He returns to his sword swinging, "Well Niyx, I'm going to have to deny your offer if you're as sentimental as those buffoons." He says, glancing at Sparker and Ronnigan, who are laughing together like hyenas about something or other in the shooting station.

"Where would I get if I was?" I ask. Aven smiles knowingly.


It's after dinner and everyone has gone to bed to get a good night's rest. Tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow we will be having our private sessions and Skills Review. This is what really separates the winners from the losers. No matter how crafty a facade the tributes can put up in front of the cameras, the scores we get on the skills test is what really gains the sponsors. And a sponsor can be the difference between life and death in the Arena.

I stare at my window in a lost daze, flicking uncaringly through the generated views that are available. I stop as I come across a dark open sky, full of glittering stars. My namesake is the goddess of the night, Nyx, from an old children's tale. Supposedly, even Zeus, the All Father, was afraid of her. I want to pray to Nyx right now, though I know she isn't real. Instead I wish upon the stars. I wish to come back from this nightmare. Wish for Mayra's safety. She's only six years old and my dad left us long ago for some sleaze in the Capitol. She only has me to look after her without mum. I wish for mum. I wish she were still here, telling Mayra those old tales, when really, she was just telling them because I liked to hear them. I miss her dearly, and realise that I've subconsciously walked to the window and pressed my palm against a star far in the distance. Far from this hell I'm living. Mum constantly told us, as she lay on her deathbed, with her last rasping breaths,

"I'll always be with you, as long as there are stars in the sky."

I sigh and look away from the window, but don't change the screen.

"I'll make it out of this mum, for Mayra. I swear on the stars."

I wake up early the next morning and eat a beefy breakfast. I'll be second to have my Skills Review so I want to be high energy and fully prepared.

As we travel down the elevator, which is a riot, I notice D.C. nervously fiddling with a leather bracelet around her wrist. It's really the first sign of emotion I've ever seen from her.

"Good luck number one." I say, winking at her. Her nostrils flare at little as she lets out a very reluctant,

"Thanks." Well, it's something.

The elevator stops and we arrive at the Training Center, however instead of going inside, we are taken to a waiting room just left of the entrance.

"Now you two just wait here, and we'll fetch you once they're ready for you." Our escort Niida says.

We don't have to wait long. The other tributes have barely arrived when Niida renters the waiting room and says formally,

"Delucia Cavelle, District One." D.C. tenses. I grin at her as she gets up.

"Don't stuff it up too much." She ignores me and walks into the Training Center with Niida.

I look around, waiting for D.C. to be finished. I glance at Zain from District Four. I've been wondering whether he would join the Careers alliance. He would certainly be an asset, but I suspect that he's more of a lone wolf. I decide now's a better chance than ever to find out. I meander over to where he sits, eyes closed, as though in meditation. His brow furrows before I've even opened my mouth.

"What do you want One?" He mutters, not opening his eyes.

"Heyo buddy." I say, lounging into an empty chair beside him. He takes a deep breath through his nose, "You seem like a smart guy. I am a smart guy. Put it together and-"

"-No." He says and exhales loudly.

"Yeah I agree… too much power, am I right?" I chuckle awkwardly and decide to go sit down again before he opens his eyes.

I sit restlessly for about ten minutes before D.C. reenters with Niida who says,

"Niyx Raedon, District One." A movement to my left as I'm called leads me to catch Alex watching me as I walk into the Training Center. I notice smugly that she's sitting with Kaiden and send her wink before raising my eyebrow suggestively. She only glares at me.

The Training Center is completely reorganised in order to give the tributes space to strut their stuff. They have also brought in a simulation set up, for those who really want to show off. I make a beeline for the simulation.

I clear my throat,

"Niyx Raedon, District One." I say loudly to the gamemakers gathered in a room some distance away. Luckily, I'm the second tribute they're seeing, so I still have their full attention. I bow and then whack the button that turns the simulation on.

As the program starts up and orange holographic figures begin to appear, I waltz over to the sword rack and pick up two nice weighty swords. I pause for a second-for the tension, of course, and then in an instant, I spin around and behead two holograms that are right behind me. Then I really get started. Figures continue to appear, and it seems as though when I kill one, two more form. I leap up and kick an incoming target in the chest, embellishing the extravagance of the jump a little just for kicks. I land standing on the hologram's chest and stab it in the chest. I pause to yawn, and then throw a sword at another target, not checking if it hits him-knowing that it has-and turn around to skewer two holos in a row with my other sword. I wink at the gamemakers before throwing my other sword at a holo, and engaging in some hand to hand combat with three other figures on my left. I take them all out with ease and show off a few more fancy moves as I demolish the growing crowd of orange figures. I continue like this, for about half and hour and am just starting to get tired when someone calls,

"That will be all." I hit the button again and bow, blowing a kiss to one of the gamemakers on the way out.

When I get back to the waiting room I sit next to Aven, whose darting eyes are the only indicator of his nervousness.

"You were in there a while." He says, glancing at me.

"What can I say? The ladies loved me."

Look- don't question the physics of holograms.

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