The big day arrived, Rusty had the honor of being the best man at his old man's second wedding. Lucy was the maid of honor and young Willy ended up as the ring bearer. Liam and Tabby's daughter Jean was selected as the flower girl (Rocky of all people recommended her). They exchanged their vows, even after the pastor made a joke.

"You didn't see this happening when you meet her at a younger age did you?"

"Oh no, no, no. As I told everyone, we were not acquainted until Lucy and Rocky got married," laughed Ryan. Everybody had a good laugh about that.

Then came the reception, they ended up dancing to the song "We Belong Together" by Randy Newman. Rusty, Lucy, and Rocky all gave speeches. Rusty talked about how his dad was his hero, and confessing that while he was unsure about Haiku and him at first, he was glad that Haiku was there for his dad when he had his appendix removed, and seeing her with his kids and his nephew, he was glad to have her in his family.

Lucy and Rocky talked about how Haiku had been their friend for years, and now that they could include her in their family, that was a very special treat. Then they talked about how Ryan had always been there to listen and support them when they needed help. Just good talk how they loved the couple.

A few months passed with Haiku moving into Ryan's apartment, even with the baby on the way they kept Giselle the lizard and of course the two of them were blessed with a baby girl who they ended up naming Abigail. Rocky and Rusty's families came in to see the new bundle of joy. Haiku's parents were out of town but they had called saying they'd see the couple and their granddaughter soon. Ryan's two sons were happy about having a new baby sister. Jordan and Lucy held their own babies close up to Haiku's, letting them get a bit of a feel for each other. Willy, not knowing better broke the tension.

"It's a little weird, that's my aunt," said Willy. Luckily everybody laughed because what he said was true. Ryan lifted the kid very carefully up on to Haiku's bed, he gently picked up Abigail from Haiku's arms and handed the baby to his grandson, helping him hold her. He looked at his aunt and smiled.

"But I love her anyway," he said.

"If it makes you feel any better son, when she gets old enough to talk, I may have to hear her say 'our dad' and then it's going to feel weird for me and Uncle Rocky," Rusty told his son.

"Haiku, I think Silas, Abigail, and Drew are going to practically be the best of friends for years to come. Isn't it awesome? Our kids get to be related, who would have ever thought?" Lucy told her friend as she began to bounce her now one-year-old son.

"Well, the universe has a weird way of working, no doubt about that," agreed Haiku, smiling at Willy who was still looking upon his aunt.

"Ryan, can you bring those two a little closer? I just want to hug both of them," she inquired of her husband. Ryan nodded in understanding, and helped Willy carry Abigail over to Haiku and she did just that. She hugged her husband, daughter and adopted grandson together. Jordan handed Drew over to Rusty so she could take a photo. The first of many photos Abigail would have with her crazy family.

Well, that's my story, I know this isn't a strong ending, but honestly, I couldn't do much more with this story. I tried to make their relationship a bit like Jay and Gloria in Modern Family, but at the same time, I didn't want to be a copycat completely. I'm just glad I reached my goal for finishing the story in time for Valentine's Day. (I thought about having Ryan's first wife try to crash the wedding, but I decided that just wouldn't work well.