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A young woman, barely seventeen, pulled her shawl tighter around her shoulders with one hand. After all, the other hand was carrying a covered basket. She didn't want to, but she had to.

She brought the basket to the front gate of the castle, knocked on the door, and sat the basket down before running away.


"Your Majesty?"

Quite reluctantly, Elsa opened her eyes. Magical ice queen or not, she still liked her sleep. She sat up nonetheless. "Yes?" she said, even though her clock told her that it was well past three in the morning.

The guard who had come to her room sat a wicker basket on her bed. It had begun to cry upon contact with the mattress. "This was found at the gates," the guard said over the wailing.

"Thank you. You may go," Elsa dismissed. But the moment the door closed, the regality was all gone.

For inside of the basket was a tiny baby, covered in nothing but a thin blanket. They only wore a diaper and had to have been freezing. Elsa checked the gender, her hands beginning to frost from nerves.

A girl. A small baby girl had been abandoned outside of her castle. She got up and went to her closet, coming back with a fuzzy and warm sweater. The cold didn't bother her, but she still liked the style of wintry clothes. She swaddled the infant in the sweater, and she immediately calmed.

Elsa relaxed too, the frost disappearing from her hands in relief. She put the basket and blanket to the side, then stood at the side of the bed as the infant snoozed on her pillow.

Could she do this? Could she watch after this child? Perhaps it would have been safer to leave her with Anna, who was already in a relationship and was probably far better with children as well...

But in that moment, the baby's eyes opened. She watched Elsa for several moments. The young queen held out a tentative hand, and one of her fingers was grabbed. The baby girl smiled widely.

And just like that, the fear was out the window. Elsa laid down on her bed once more, letting this newborn who'd warmed her heart snuggle into her thin frame and drift off to sleep for good for that night.

"Sleep tight, snowflake," Elsa said softly. She smiled and decided on the perfect name as she began to nod off.


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