"What in Manchester's name..." Crowley prodded at the air underneath the archway. He'd headed over to Cardiff when the decidedly strange sensation of it had come to his attention. It was Aziraphale's turn for work () in Spain this week.

()Just because they weren't on payroll anymore didn't mean they didn't enjoy their work, after all. Besides, Aziraphale liked Spain.

...Not that they were being paid in the first place.

Back to the Arch. There was an odd sensation about it- a promise of adventure, if he was feeling poetic.

Crowley narrowed his serpentine eyes in concentration and really poked the thing. His finger went through.

Crowley withdrew his hand, startled.

His eyes narrowed again. He grabbed his mobile from his pocket and called Aziraphale who'd finally gotten himself a proper phone (with an ansaphone and everything!). The angel didn't pick up- no surprise there, the phone was in the shop and his angel (no, bad thoughts) in Spain.

Crowley left a message.

"Hey angel, found something in Cardiff. I'm going to check it out. Don't know where it leads, so I might be a while."

He clicked it off, looked back at the arch, took an entirely unnecessary breath and stepped through.

Immediately, he noticed a difference. "What the..." He tasted the air with a small hiss.

Heaven and Hell were missing. Both had a very unique scent present even in the background of Earth. This smelt like Earth, but instead of the curious mix of myrrh and brimstone, this place smelled like Time (somehow) and stardust.

"A parallel universe...?" Crowley mused thoughtfully.

A sudden whooshing noise filled the air and Crowley blinked (a true rarity) as one of the old police call boxes from the 60s materialised, greatly strengthening the scent of Time and stardust.

And then a copy of his own face with brown hair and eyes peeked out of the door. Crowley blinked again. () "Okay, what."

()Twice in as many minutes! He hadn't blinked for centuries.

His brown copy stepped out of the police box, stepped closer and scrutinized his hair, then pouted. "That's just unfair. Rose, this is unfair!"

A bleach-blonde girl exited the blue box and proceeded to stare at Crowley. "He's got your face," she noted incredulously. "Doctor, what-"

"He's ginger!" his doppelganger (apparently a doctor of some kind) interrupted petulantly. 'Rose' giggled.

"He's got a name. Anthony J. Crowley. I think I just stumbled through dimensions... Anyway, you two are?" Crowley included himself into the conversation.

"Rose Tyler. The pouting man-child over there's called The Doctor."

Crowley eyed the Doctor (what kind of name was that?) who suddenly jumped up, bound over and licked his cheek.

The demon recoiled, hissing.

Rose looked exasperated, the Doctor curious. "What are you? You taste like snake."

"Ssserpent," Crowley hissed, covering his cheek where he'd been licked.


A/N: Have a one-shot I wrote when I was finished with an exam early.