Ok, I give. After months and months, I give up. I present to you, my loyal readers, this monstrosity. I think next time i get a stupid idea like this, I'll take a page out of sakurademonalchemist's book and make a drabble series, then see which ones are the most popular. ANYWHO, I've had the idea of a Fem!Harry actually being an AU Sans for a while, but couldn't figure out which one. I finally decided on Dream, mostly because I like Nightmare being all big brother to her. This will be a Multiship, as I ADORE Cream, Insomnia, and other Bad Sans ships. I love them ALL! (Yes, there is a fandom where I am a shameless shipper. Who knew, huh?) I might make an alternate version of this story where Fem!Harry is Blueberry instead, because that was tied in my head with this Dream one, I gotta be honest with you. Disclaimer: I own none of this, but I had so much fun writing! Enjoy!

In the beginning, there were two siblings. They weren't human, but a type of monster called skeletons. Yes, I said skeleton. They guarded a tree, but it wasn't any old tree. This was the Tree of Feelings, a powerful, magical, tree. One half grew golden apples, that made people feel joyful just looking at them, and the other half grew dark apples, that made people feel negative emotions. The older brother, Nightmare, guarded the dark half of the tree, while his little sister, Dream, guarded the light half. Despite their opposite personalities, the siblings loved each other, and cared for each other deeply. They weren't blood siblings though, which was odd, as they looked quite a bit alike. Certainly, no one knew but them, and even then they barely remembered this fact, as it had been so long ago.

Well, you would imagine that these siblings would stay together forever, right? That would've been the case... if it hadn't been for the work of some rather careless humans, who didn't understand the fact that without dark, light could not exist. All the humans hated the dark half of the tree, and by extension Nightmare, due to the negative emotions the apples on that side of the tree emitted. The cruel words of the callous humans poisoned Nightmare's mind, causing him to become jealous of his little sister. After all, everyone loved her and the apples she guarded. What was so special about her? So one day, he decided to pick one of the golden apples, as he had done before, to prove that he wasn't a bad person.

But his heart had been filled with jealousy and anger, and the golden apples weren't able to be handled by someone with such negative emotions in their heart and soul. The golden apple turned into black goo and melted in Nightmare's hands. He tried picking another, then another apple. But he had the same results each time. So, he decided to become what the humans called him, after all, they already feared him. So why not make them have a reason to fear him? So he ate the apples on his side of the tree, and transformed into something else. Something... monstrous.

Dream found him like that, and tried to help her brother, but it was all for naught. Nightmare was too far gone in his spiral of anger and hate. But through it all, he still cared for his sister. He didn't want her to see what he would do to the humans, she was still innocent, and didn't know of his pain, as he had kept it very secret from her, not wanting her to get hurt. So, he froze her into a statue. It may have seemed cruel, but he was trying to protect her from his actions. He didn't want her to be implicated in what he was about to do. If she was a statue, no one could make the siblings fight each other, or hurt her in an attempt to make him stop. He made certain that she was next to the Tree, and that she was protected. He then left her for 1,000 years.

After the 1,000 years, the spell keeping Dream as a statue broke, and she became aware. The Tree of Feelings only had one apple, a golden apple. Dream took it to protect it, only knowing that something had happened to her brother, and wanting to help him. She discovered the existence of the multiverse when the Creator, Ink, appeared before her from a colorful portal. She left her world, and made many friends. When she met her brother again for the first time in 1,000 years, she couldn't believe what he had become. What had happened to her kind, caring brother? Now he was a tyrant, complete with an army! So, the siblings fought. But they always held back, something that the ones that joined under Nightmare's banner noticed. But they knew why the siblings held back whenever they fought. After all, who would want to kill their younger sibling? Over the years, the skeletons underneath Nightmare's banner came to know Dream, as she had a very laid back policy when it came to fighting. As long as they didn't visit her with intent to attack, she wouldn't attack them.

On Dream's side of things though, things were a little different. She lived in Outertale, as her AU was pretty much destroyed thanks to Nightmare. She had some friends, namely Blueberry and Star (Outertale Sans). But Dream was falling into a depression without her brother, insecurities coming to the forefront, and making her feel generally worthless. After all, why else would her brother have become what he did? If she had just payed a little more attention, none of this would have happened! So, she only had herself to blame. She was listless and apathetic, alarming even Ink as the years passed. Until one day, Nightmare went to see his little sister for the first time in many, many years.

He saw his sister's condition, and took her back to his castle. She quickly became very beloved by all the castle's inhabitants, and mended her relationship with her brother, both siblings swearing to never fight again. Her mental state improved as Nightmare explained everything that had happened, and how it wasn't her fault, and how he had only been trying to protect her from what the humans would have done after he attacked them. Dream became the castle cook, and did her job alongside her brother, keeping the balance. (After she forced Error and Ink to make a peace treaty, then wrote it down on Ink's scarf so he would never forget, thus ending that problem.) However, she was still very innocent, so wasn't aware of others attraction for her. (1,000 years as a statue would do that to you) Nightmare wasn't happy, and tried to protect his sister from any romantic overtures, and generally being an overprotective brother.

What is all of this for? Well, you'll see in the coming chapters, won't you?

And done! This is more of a general info chapter, so that way no one gets confused if I reference events in later chapters. I hope you like it, and yes, there will be HP elements in this, I already know how I want to introduce all that. Please Favorite, Follow and Review! Flames will be given to Cross or Error, they know what to do with those. See you guys next chapter!