Okay! I'VE HAD IT! I have never been so thankful for moderate guest reviews, because guess what? THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE USING GUEST REVIEWS TO HATE ON ME FOR NOT UPDATING IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!

I have a life! I have other things to do, other stories to write on different platforms! Ever hear of writers block? Lemme give you a hint: IT FUCKING SUCKS!

Because of the amount of hate for not updating, and in several cases the fact that it was a crossover, or that I wrote genderbends, I have come to a decision.

I will no longer be writing on .

My stories will be moved to my account on Wattpad, and maybe Ao3.

I will most likely update soon, so be patient.

I will be deleting all stories here within a month, so all of you have a chance to ready this message.

I will post the link to my Wattpad and my Ao3 in my profile.

Have a wonderful day!