I gasped once I saw him. He was tall, pale, wearing a black leather coat, black pants and boots. And his hair was somewhat odd. Black and poofy and a white stripe down the middle. And he was the very first costumer I had in months.

"A customer! Wait what's your rush? what's your hurry? You gave me such a fright I thought you was a ghoust" I sang as I practically dragged him inside.

"Half a minute, cant you sit? Sit you down, sit.' I said pushing him down in a seat at one of my tables.

I continued to ramble on to him about how I haven't had customers in weeks. While I smushed a bunch of cockroaches on the floor.

I handed him one of my meat pies but also sang about how bad they were.

He didn't really seem to believe me because he took a bite anyways.

But ofcourse immediately spat it out. So to help him wash the taste out I offered him a tall glass of Ale.

Ofcourse being the nonstop talker I am, I went on and on about my competition in the pie business with my neighbor .And how I had my suspicions of her cooking her neighbors cats into her pies. Gross I know but that bitch has a business that was running better than mine.

After putting another batch into the oven, I offered the handsome stranger a nice glass of gin.

He didn't say anything but fallowed me into the living room.

"Sit down, warm your bones' I said hanging him the glass.

He finally spoke and when he did his voice seemed very serious.

"You have a room over your shop, if times is so hard why not rent it out?' he asked.

That question through me off, I mean I had thought about it. But had my own strange and personal reasons why I didn't.

"What up there? No no one will go near it,...people think its haunted."

"Haunted?' he asked with raised eyebrows.

"Yeah..who's to say they're wrong? You see Years ago, something happened up there. Something not very nice."

With every word I spoke, his face still stayed as hard as a stone.

"There was a barber and his wife and he was beautiful. A proper artist with a knife..but they transported him for life. And he was beautiful."

Still not a word out of him, he wasn't even looking at me. But I continued anways.

"Barker his name was..Benjamin Barker."

"What was his crime?' he asked.

"Foolishness" I said flatly.

I continued to tell him about the "Barber's" wife. And that wife happened to be a good friend of mine.

You see I knew said Barber ans his wife for years.

Benjamin and Lucy Barker were a very happy couple. Very much in love..so much that I was actually jealous...But anyways, after Ben got arrested Lucy fell into a deep depression.

All she would do is stay in her room and take care of their baby girl Johanna.

But she has a secret admirer so to speak.

The fancy and rich and vague Judge Turpin.

That man wanted her more than anything in this world. Everyday he would send her flowers. But Lucy was so hurt that she did not return his feelings.

So one night Judge Turpins right hand man "The Bettle' summons her and invites her to the judges house.

I tried to talk the poor girl out of it, but I assumed she went there to see if she could beg turpin to release Ben from jail.

But however when she got there they were having this strange masked ball.

Since Lucy didn't know anyone she just wandered around and drank, looking everywhere for turpin.

But after a few to many drinks, Turpin sexually assaulted poor Lucy in front of everyone who just...laughed.


The stranger screamed as he jumped up from his seat.

"..Would no one..have mercy on her?' He asked me, tears coming to his

"So it is you...Benjamin Barker.' I said in amazement. The man I had a crush on all those years ago was back in my life!

"Where is lucy? Where is my wife?' He asked.

I sighed, "She poisoned her, Arsenic. I tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen to me.'

Once I said that more tears came to his eyes but none fell down his cheeks.

I was about to tell him about his daughter and her whereabouts.

But suddenly my baby girl started crying making both of us jump.