( 's POV)

As I watched Johanna clean up the shop, I couldnt help but wonder why she looked so upset.

Due to my curiosity I asked her what was wrong. After she explained to me what happened last night, I couldnt believe what I had heard.

"Love, why dont you take the rest of the afternoon to enjoy yourself. You've been through enough" I said before kissing her forhead.

"But mom, what if the shop gets to busy?" she asked.

"Dont worry dear, I have toby. Plus Tuesdays are usually our slow days anyways. Go on, it'll be alright.'

She nodded, and hugged me before making her way to her room.

With a sigh, I picked up another tray of pies and made my way down to the bakehouse.

(Sweeney's POV)

I held Pipa in my arms and rocked her as she began to yawn. She looked so beautiful and peaceful as she slept, that I could feel myself regretting using her name and gutter rat in the same sentence.

Just as I was about to take her to her room, Johanna walked past us and began to climb the stairs to her room.

"Johanna...You've finished your chores so soon?' I asked.

She stopped on the stairs and didnt brother to turn around to look at me.

"Yes, father. Mrs. Lovett allowed me to have rest of the afternoon to myself. Now may I please go to my room?"

She didnt wait for me to reply and walked the rest of the way up the the tone of her voice I could tell she was still hurt and angry with me.


"Just leave me alone!" She said cutting me off.

"Johanna please, I didnt mean to lose my temper with you. I just can't bear the thought of seeing my little girl hurt." I said doing my best to push away the rage in my body and make every word sound sincere.

"I'm not a little girl! I can make my own choices about my own life! Until you realize that, you can just stay away from me!" She said with so much anger and tears falling down her cheeks.

With a heavy heart, I watched as my daughter stomped up the stairs to her room and cringed at the sound of the door slamming.

I sighed, but the sound of Mrs. Lovett clearing her throat behind me made me turn around.

"Give me Pipa" she said with a straight face.

"I..I really don't mind watching her" I said holding onto the sleeping baby."

"Oh now all of a sudden you care? Yesterday you called her a gutter rat. Just give her to me."

Without waiting for me to respond, took Pipa into her arms and walked away with her.

Balling up my fists, I could feel the anger just taking over my body. But I could also feel myself becoming..dare I say..Sad?

From behind me I could hear the front door opening. Toby was about half way out the door before I stopped him.

"Where are you going there Lad?' I asked.

"Mum asked me to go to the market for her. She said she's low on flour and strawberries"he said.

"Do you mind if I tag along?' I asked.

He looked at me in shock but nodded his head in agreement.

As we both walked away from the shop, I could see Johanna from her upstairs window. She was holding the remaining pieces of the hair clip in her hands and..crying.

I sighed, and felt like the biggest asshole ever. No father intentionally means to hurt their children..but how was I going to make things right with her again?

Hell how was I going to make things right with..all my family members again?

I continued to dwell on all of that as we walked to the market.

Fully unaware of what was about to take place.