The Lylat War is over. The Angler Blitz has come to an end. But it has taken a toll on StarFox. Especially the leader of the mercenary team. Just one year after everything has come to peace, it was long enough to cause the Vulpine to fall to pieces. Living in the outer reaches of Corneria. Far out in the field on a farm. Lives the one and only. Fox McCloud. Living his own life on a farm. Looking out of the window, out into the amazing view of the sun showing out from the mountains and field. Filling the entire field with light. With the only shadow entering the house that of McCloud.

"Such an amazing light." The Vulpine looked out the window. It was a normal thing to do for the Vulpine. It felt like a relief from everything that happened in the last few years of his life. But if there was one person, one blue vixen that always popped up in his mind.

He sighed in sadness. "Krystal." That Vixen was one that left her. It was the one that broke his heart. There is no warmth whenever she is not around. But that is something that he had to deal with ever since the Angler Wars. Where is she now? He doesn't know. But he is starting to severely doubt that she loves him anymore. Ever since that fateful day.

"Your….. You're kicking me off the team?" The Blue Vixen had tears stringing down her face. She could not believe that Fox is doing this to her.

"Yes, Krystal. I have to let you go. I don't want you to get hurt. That's it." The Vulpine confessed to her. Having to let her take in every word he said. And with the close of his eyes, Krystal started to walk away. With the same set of tears falling down her face.

But little did Fox know was. He sparked a nerve inside the blue vixen's body. She started to plot for revenge. And the first step, getting with the people he hated the most. And prove that she was not useless.

"Why did I do that?" Every single day, he questions himself on what he has done. Not only did he push Krystal away for her safety, it also feels like he broke her heart at the same time. Yet, he knew that he was not in the wrong as well. He believes that Krystal has taken it too far when she joined Star Wolf just to prove a very petty point. A point he knew ever since he has met her. She is strong. The reason why he did it was to keep her safe. Even if it meant pushing his happiness away, he knew that she was safe.

But now that was in the past, and he knew that there was nothing that he could do at this point. So now he makes his money by blogging himself and exploring some of the world's most abandoned and haunted places. Some of the places included abandoned prisons, houses left to rot after falling to locations of murder, rape, and many more horrible events.

It's Fox McCloud's job to explore them and discover what secrets lie inside of them. He makes lots of money in the process. The pay is bigger than the amount it takes to keep The Great Fox running well. So he had lots of money left aside. And he mostly used it to buy new equipment.

But as he was resting, a call came in on his watch. Vibrating and ringing from the notification of the watch, making his ears perk up. And before the second notification came out, he answered.

"Hello?" Fox said through his watch. And out of curiosity. There might be a new job today. And when there is a new job, there are new things to explore. And possibly even new objects to find. But either way, Fox's adrenaline quickly started to flow through his veins when he was on the phone.

"We have another place for you to discover Fox McCloud." The wristband said into his ears. Now he starts to get himself ready for this next job.