"We have another place for you to explore Fox McCloud." The voice was from a set of wireless earbuds inside of his ears. It seems like it was time to get back to work. The Vulpine has not been on a job for a few months now. He was doing nothing except taking a vacation. The last place he explored was an abandoned prison camp deep in the forest. He even remembered being possessed by the ghost of a prisoner who died within its walls.

"Hmmm. It's been a while since the last time I got a job. Especially a place to discover." Fox McCloud said. The vacation had given the Vulpine to not only think but to also be able to be free a little bit. Despite the vacation lasting three months. But he did many things within that time span. And it was a blast for the Vulpine. All the good times he had were still in his head. But the only dark moment that still haunts him. Losing Krystal. Even though it did hurt him severely. At least the vacation was able to take some of the pain off.

"So where is the next location?" He drank a cup of Orange Juice to refresh himself for today. But he cannot get his mind off of two things. Krystal and the huge amount of fun moments that he had during his vacation.

His mind was still kicking him over the fact that he did that to her. But at the same time, also resorting to all of the good times. Burning out his tires while shooting out of a car meet while inside of his Dodge Charger Hellcat. He was able to take his Ford Mustang with the 5.0 Liter V8 Engine to the drag strip. And more excited when he was able to reach 200 miles per hour. It was the fastest he has ever accelerated on the ground and he for sure plans to push the speedometer even further in the future. But now, this Fox has another new place to explore.

"It is an abandoned temple deep into the forest. It is said that it was once occupied during the reign of the Imperial Empire quite some time. Or well, it was destroyed by The Empire." The Caller informed to the Vulpine. But wait. The Imperial Empire? But how? Such few questions about the place. But the only answers were within the walls of the temple. As of right now, he is being told about the new place to discover.

"I have some equipment here for you at my place so it will help you in your explore." The Caller said. Luckily this was not a stranger to Fox, this was a close friend of his during the Lylat War.

"Okay, I'll be there in a few minutes. I'm going to grab a snack and head over to your place." Now jumping off his seat, he grabs on his clothes and leaves. Grabbing to the keys and entering the interior of his 2019 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack, it was time to go and get back to work. Leaving his house that originated from the beautiful and open fields of Corneria. After driving through the dirt roads of the driveway of his house, he finally hits pavement and heads to the city.

"The first time being able to drive this through the city. I'm getting a feeling that this will attract a bit too much attention my way." The Vulpine was thinking to himself. But in the middle of the city. There was one Blue Vixen inside.

Walking around town with the rest of the Star Wolf team. Going down the sidewalk and in the public. Being able to do whatever they want without having to deal with any hatred. Well, except from those who did not like Krystal for what she did to Fox. But that is a very argument statement. But in the meantime, it was time for the Vixen and her colleagues to grab some drinks.

"So guys, what do you all want to do today?" She decided to start the conversation first as their servant came to them and served them their drinks. But even then, Wolf, Leon, and Panther were not sure of wanting to do. Well, except for Panther. Due to her telepathic skills, she knew exactly what he wanted to do and it was making her very uncomfortable.

"Well. I'm not really sure of. I don't know. Go play some pool or something. Today is not really my day." Wolf said. But this boredom was not with long play after noticing one vehicle arrive into the parking lot. Yet he barely paid little to attention to him.

"Well. I'm not fully sure what to do either. This feels very boring." And what Panther and the rest of the team did not know was the blue Vixen of the team was still in the past. The time when she left Fox and her team for Starwolf. Was it a great idea to leave Fox like that? Is she the one in the wrong? Or more like, she knows that she is in the wrong. Especially after causing Fox and his team, including Katt, her best friend, and Fox, the love of her life, sent to the hospital. All sustaining very severe injuries. Even leaving the doctors no other option to put Fox on life support due to how bad the injuries were. The hospital was the last time he ever saw that orange Vulpine. She never saw him ever again. She can still remember the last time he saw him. Laying lifelessly on the hospital bed, her hands coated from the blood of the love that she accidentally killed. Or so she thought. Upon closing the door, Fox's heart started beating again.

But little did the two know, they were going to see each other eventually.

"Hmm. So my little rose. Where should we go to next?" Panther stood up and gave her a helping hand out of her seat. Despite being very uncomfortable, she still decided to take it.

"Hello, can I have your two for four deal. I'll have the cheesesteak and the meatball sub." Fox informed the waiter over the speaker. But inside of the drive thru. The Vulpine, or the Famous Vulpine did not realize that there were some female's screeching in excitement and recording Fox.

"He is alive!" The yelp was enough to catch the ears of the Vulpine in his Charger. It seems like he was right all along. Now from what he knows, this is going to be all over the media about is "Resurrection." But this did not stop Fox from completing his pick of food.

"Okay. It will be 13.43 at the first window." After placing it in first gear and moving to his front window. Now he knew that the word was starting to get out. And if curious on how nobody else knew about him when he was exploring abandoned places. It was because the briefing was always done outside of the city. And the places he explored were either close or away from the city. It is only now that the people of Corneria start to realize that Fox is alive.

And the next thing his ears picked up was the freaking out of the female cashier at the window. Freaking about the same exact thing. For all this time, they though Fox was dead. But they were wrong.

All he could do was nothing but chuckle.

"Fox… Is that the real you?" The massive smile on the female Bulldog started to create on her face. And the Tod had not a single other response in his mind than to confess. But he honestly thought they would know already. But it seems like he guessed wrong.

"Yeah." A bit of nervous flowed in side of him when those words came out of his muzzle. Fearing the worst. And that was the girl was going to jump out to hug him.

But the total opposite happened as the female was able to contain her excitement enough to let her finish the payment process for the famous tod's food. He handed him his own personally made credit card that had the Starfox insignia displayed.

In the meantime, the Former Mercenary and Hero of The Lylat System was going to get a lot of attention. Meaning there was a good chance that he will have to book it. Or just go with the flow.

Now just because he wanted to see what would happen, he decided to put his Charger in park and insert the gas into the pistons. The pure volume of the engine getting loud put the electricity running through the girl's spines. And the heat coming from the exhaust pipes lift up in the air. Waving off into his plate. The personally made license plate.


One object that already had the girls on edge and thinking that Fox was alive.

"Here you go Foxy." And he could not believe that the female said that. He chuckled as he was given his receipt and card.

"Okay then." He chuckled as he entered drive and arrived to the second window to pick up his food. Then, he again starts to play the waiting game for his food. But when he saw someone that he did not see in years.

"Krystal?" He said. And then, the visions flashed within his mind. That same day, that same time, when he left him. Now panicking on what to do. He just decided to get his food and leave.

A few seconds pass.

"Here is your order sir. Have a gre—" The server did the same thing when he lays his eyes on the Vulpine. All he did was nothing but close the door after giving Fox his food. But he knew that inside the store, they were freaking out. So he just drove off.

"Fox?" Krystal called out in curiosity. And in even immediate shock after laying her eyes on the Vulpine. But he just hit the gas and lets his vehicle speed off to his next destination. Not even making eye contact with her. But that may have sparked some sadness in the Vixen. She knew that Fox would notice her no matter what the situation was. But this was the first time he didn't.

"Does he even care about me?"