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The Shinigami were once the champions of the gods. But despite their unparallel power they were still mortal and fell prey to the lies of the cursed princess of the castle and they were erased alongside the rest of humanity. But their legacy is about to reborn.


Ichigo Kurosaki was walking through the desserts of Vacuo with no real destination in mind.

The cold of the night was second only to Atlas by a close gap, but his acclimation to the weather and his black coat, kept any discomfort from becoming a problem.

His walk then abruptly stopped to turn his sights to the shattered moon in the dark sky.

Some hypothesized that the moon had always been like that, but Ichigo never believed such a thing.

He knew -or more like he felt- that the moon wasn't supposed to be like that, he didn't remember why he believed it thought.

…Heck, he didn't remember much of anything.

He was found on Vacuo a year ago during a cold and windy night, just like the current one. But he couldn't recall anything of his past, besides his name. Who was he, where was he from, where is his family?

The only thing he had on his person; besides the torn black kimono he was wearing at the time, was a katana with a red handle and a golden hilt. But something about the blade seemed alive, almost like it was calling him.

Fighting was almost instinctive for him; he had tested his mettle against both Grimm and Huntsmen which got him an entrance to Oscuro Academy, a primary combat school that prepared students to become Huntsman and huntresses, and with little other option he accepted the offer, quickly outshining his fellow students.

Until eventually he received a recommendation from Beacon Academy, supposedly the top Huntsman academy over Remnant.

That was last week, and now here he was musing over the past, preparing himself mentally for whatever he might face in Vale, since Vacuo was literally everything he knows.

But if there was one thing he knew for sure, was that protecting people was something that defined him. Just fighting for survival seemed worthless to him, and just fight for the sake of it didn't appealed to him either. Protecting others, was in a way his core, the sole thing that he truly knew about himself.

He was a protector.

And he will live by it, to his end. To fight, to protect everyone else.


Weiss Schnee was a very gifted young lady. She was a talented singer, a very capable fencer, and the heiress of the most powerful and influential company in the world. Many would claim that she had it all. But her personal life, was nothing short of disastrous.

Her mother was a depressed alcoholic, her father was callous and controlling, her older sister on the other hand became the closest thing Weiss had to a mother but eventually she left to join the military. But Weiss didn't blame her for escaping home the first chance she got, after all she was doing the very same thing.

She had just finished surpassing the test that her father had imposed on her. Defeating the Arma Gigas, an armored exo-suit at least twice as tall as herself. It was clear that her father had no intentions of letting her win, but she still prevailed and while her father couldn't be called a man of his word, he still wouldn't enjoy being look as weak in front of anyone, much less his own daughter.

"I'll think about it." Jacques stated begrudgingly while leaving the stands, but Weiss knew him long enough to see through the act.

She was sweating up a storm, aching all over, and her left eye was bleeding -luckily it didn't damage her eyesight, it would scar thought- but she still couldn't help but let out a smile, a rare genuine smile in the cold and lonely place she called her home.

But when her sights caught another person watching in the stands, her smile immediately evaporated and was replaced with a sad frown.

Her twin younger brother, Whitley returned her stare with an equally sad frown, if not a bit angrier.

She knew what he was thinking; he was feeling betrayed and abandoned just like when their older sister left.

"Whitley I…" Weiss tried to speak but her twin left, without looking at her anger, betrayal and sadness oozing from him, thought he kept it behind a simple frown.

Weiss let out a sigh and continued even though her brother couldn't hear her anymore, she needed to let it out. "…I'm sorry Whitley, but this is the only way I can leave my own legacy as a member of the Schnee family. I hope you understand it one day."

With that said, she left to her room, to begin packing for her trip to Beacon. She had all her travel planned out; She would pass the entrance test, become team leader, her team would become the best team of the year with precision and coordination.

Her pride won't settle for anything else.


Jaune Arc had a dream.

To become a hero like his father, grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather.

But no-one believed in him; not his father, not his mother, nor his seven sisters.

So, what!? It was his dream! And he would see it through, whether his family supported him or not.

Those were the thoughts of Jaune as he watched the Crocea Mors from its place atop the Chimene alongside its sheath.

He wasn't trained in swordsmanship or any battle style at all, but he was still willing to learn, just like in the comic books.

Of course, he knew that this action would drive a wedge between himself and his family, but he needed to do this.

Not only because it was his dream, but also because he was tired of being the guy everyone laughs at, the guy that you could pull his hair in pig tails, the little brother everyone treats as if he was a baby.

He was sick of it!

He wanted to be a man!

A Huntsman!

A hero!

With that resolve in mind, he took the blade, holster it to his belt and left through the front door, while being as quiet as possible.

He already made a plan; he knew a bus station that would take him to a bullhead stop, a few weeks ago he had gotten his hands on some fake transcripts that he had gotten from a shady traveler that had passed by Ansel. It took almost all his allowance, but it will be worth it.

Sure, his lack of training will be a detriment for a while, but how hard can it be?


Pride of Mistral, Invincible Girl, Lioness of Argus.

Those were many of the titles known by almost everyone. But barely anyone used her actual name.

Pyrrha Nikos was a girl that believed in destiny. She believed with all her soul that she was destined to become a protector of the world.

She had long since promised her mother that she would become a warrior the world would never forget, and Pyrrha chose that even though her path in life would be short, it would also be glorious, but…

…An arrow shot in her shield dropping her to the ground by the sudden impact.

…Right, she was training with her sensei in avoiding his arrows, when she lost herself in her thoughts.

"You're distracted, what's wrong, Pyrrha?" The horse faunus Chiron asked curiously, while the redhead got off the ground.

"I have doubts Sensei." She admitted shamefully. Usually she would hide any insecurity behind a composed and collected expression, but her mentor had known her for so long that she didn't bother trying and besides he was the closest thing he had to a family member besides her own mother.

"I decided to live gloriously but, the fights in the coliseum are becoming dull, and I still don't have any friends. No one that sees me as anything more than the invincible girl."

"I see." Chiron stated thoughtfully for a few seconds, before he continued. "You're considering the offer of going to Beacon, then?"

Pyrrha smiled at her teacher seeing right through her. Sometimes he was less of a mentor and more of an older brother that she could trust without a doubt. "I have; I wanted to become a warrior for the sake of Remnant, and who knows? Perhaps there I can find people that see me for who I am."

There was still something that she was holding back, but once again the horse faunus saw right through her half-truths and put a comforting hand over her shoulder. "Don't worry about disappointing me or your mother Pyrrha. We both want you to become the best you can be, in the way you see fit."

That was all the encouragement she needed and captured her sensei in a hug.

She could feel it Beacon would be the place in where she'll find what she sought.

A true challenge.

Real friendship.

And her destiny.

The End

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