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Title: Final Desination 3

Summary: A premonition in foreseen at a restuarant, where James works. His vision saves his 7 co-workers (Serena, Matt, Meagan, Tim, Heidi, Kyle, and Gina) , a customer (Jessica) and himself.

James, thought to himself, wow its the end of the night after counting the money and tips I get to go home and rest.

The floor rumble underneath everyones feet. Only James could feel it.

James: Did you guys feel that?

Tim: Feel What?

James: That rumble.

Heidi: What Rumble? I felt my stomach rumble, I'm Hungry!

James: No, no. It was like a earthquake or something.

Kyle: (Hitting James on the arm) Be quiet your scare the customers.

Another rumble in the floor.

Meagan: What a sec I did feel something.

With that a scream is heard coming from the kitchen. Boom!

Gina and Serena come flying ou tand hit the wall. There covered in flames.

Gina: Ahhh! (She falls to the ground.)

Serena: Help me! Help...(She runs towards them)

Matt: What the hell?

Heidi: OH my god!(She jumps to her feet)

James: I told you something was wrong.

With that the fire turns deadly and the kitchen explodes. The dinning room full of customers burn to death. Hiedi, James, Meagan, Kyle, and Tim get thrown across the restaurant.

Kyle: Oh god!(He crashes into the hostess stand, and dies)

Hiedi: Help me!

Matt: Noo...(Matt and Hiedi go flying right out the front window and die of 4th degree burns)

Tim: Ahh!(He only flew a few centimeters away fro mthe kitchen and was torched to death)

(Meagan and James survive the blast but her pinned down and slowly burn to death, first Meagan then James)

James: Noo...(He lifts his head up)

Hiedi: Whoa! What the hell are you screaming like that for?

Kyle: Easy bud.

James: No, come on we have to evacuate the restaurant now!

Serena: What are you talking about James?

James: Its going to blow up!

Gina: Ok now your scaring me.

(All the staff go outside to settle waht James is trying to pull)

James: I swear to you that I saw it Springfield Steaks is going explode.

Kyle: Yeah because now you have a secret power.

Hiedi: Please James its just another one of your stupid jokes.

(The door opens)

Jessica: Excuse me?

Gina: Yes Miss! Can I help you?

Jessica: I still didnt get my beer!

(With that the restaurant explodes. They all go flying into parked cars and rolling into the street)

Kyle: Oh my god!

Gina: Eww my head!

James: I told you guys(He gets up and brushes off debri)

Jessica: My husband! My husban...(Shes cut off by Serena)

Serena: Hes gone ma'm. You cant go in there.

(They all stand there watching Springfield Steaks burning down)

Barbra Walters: Im here outside a well known restiarant as its burning to the ground. As of right now there are only 9 survivors who were outside when this happened. There names are James Anderson, Serena Camden, Gina Euwin, Kyle Landers, Hiedi Mormal, Timothy "Tim" Randleson, Meagan Stord, Mateo "Matt" Russo and Jessica Garland. When I recieve more information Brian I'll get back to you at the studio.