BTS as Gods

Namjoon as the God of Literature aka The Librarian God

Seokjin as the God of Gastronomy aka The Chef God

Yoongi as the God of the Mind and Sleep aka The Sleeping God

Hoseok as the God of Dance aka The Dancing God

Jimin as the God of Love and Lust aka The Loving God

Taehyung as the God of Theatre aka The Acting God

Jungkook as the God of Music and Drawing/Painting aka The Singing God

Hair and Eye Color

Namjoon : purple hair, apple green eyes

Seokjin : chocolate brown hair, emerald green eyes

Yoongi : white hair, silver eyes

Hoseok : orange hair, deep brown eyes

Jimin : blood red hair, bubblegum pink eyes

Taehyung : pink and blonde hair, one sky blue eye and one navy blue eye

Jungkook : black hair, color changing eyes


Namjoon : He knows everything and anything and has an edeitic memory, etc., loves reading

Seokjin : He can recognize everything he taste and smell, etc., loves eating

Yoongi : He can read mind, talk in someone's mind, his powers are stronger while he sleeps, etc., loves sleeping

Hoseok : He can, while using his dance, make people happy, using his dance he can also share his emotions but only if he wants to, etc., loves dancing

Jimin : He can makes people fall in love, he can easily charm people, he can makes people feel lust, etc., loves loving and making love

Taehyung : He can change personality depanding on what or who he is acting, his eyes becomes fully colored if his personality changed from his original personality, etc., loves acting

Jungkook : He can use his voice to makes people feel his emotions, he can makes his drawings come to life, etc., loves drawing and singing


Jimin/Jungkook/Taehyung with Jimin as the dominant

Yoongi/Namjoon with Namjoon as the dominant

Hoseok/Seokjin with Hoseok as the dominant

The ones who aren't soulmates are soul brother

This is so bad... Oh well, it was stuck in my head soooooo...