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A killer from a far-flung hell is reborn in infinitely more familiar, and unfamiliar circumstances. Is redemption even necessary at this point?

I knew the instant I opened bleary, unfocussed eyes, that I was not where I was supposed to be. I felt weaker, smaller, vulnerable, wrapped in cloth as I was. My immediate thrashing instinct didn't result in broken limbs and damaged equipment, only an amused chuckle before I was restrained by enormous hands. The lights were too bright against my sensitive eyes, and even as I began to catalogue a list of chemical drugs that could create such an effect, I began to cry. Involuntarily of course, but tiny lungs filled with gulps of air, only to release concerningly high pitched wails. It occurred, finally, that I was the source of the child's cries.A smiling, lined face, elderly and with crows feet appeared in my sight, looming over me before I could properly react to my new circumstances. I reflexively checked his strange white robes for Insurrectionist symbols. I only marginally relaxed when I found none.

He chuckled, before speaking in Japanese, "Naruto-kun, you have quite the set of lungs on you eh?"

My crying stopped when I tried to reflexively utter the meaningless serial number I'd been given as identification on my last operation. Unfortunately my words were garbled infant speech. The old man merely chuckled again, before turning away from me to speak with some distant nurse. I attempted to eavesdrop, but I could not effectively understand their whispered words.

Giving up, I ruminated on all the data I'd obtained. Firstly, I was in a child's body, as absurd as the thought seemed. Secondly, I was too self aware to be lucid dreaming, not to mention my training to withstand mental intrusion. Thirdly, the child I inhabited, or the new me I supposed, was named Naruto, along with the language of the locals, this indicated I was likely in Japanese settlement. Fourthly, I saw no Insurrectionist affiliations, and the locals didn't see me as anything other than Naruto.I paused, attempting to catalogue every possible colony or space station I knew of that was predominantly occurred to me once more that I was crying, strange. I took deep deliberate breaths to calm myself when I didn't notice anything unpleasent or defective in or around my body. The rapid thumps of my weak heartbeat slowed, and I abruptly realized I felt panicked and stressed. I paused, I had little control over my new body, and it reacted to what should be a stressful situation accordingly, but, the mind, my mind, was disciplined whereas the body-my body was not.I let out a small sigh, this was going to be exceptionally frustrating, I could already tell.

Several years later

I stared dully, eyes half lidded in an expression I seemed to wear a lot these days. My reflection stared back at me like a zombie. I'd come to terms with my new body, though it took me significantly longer to come to turns with where I was. It was no colony I was familiar with, that much was certain. None of the stars were familiar to me, and I'd spent a significant portion of my life travelling amongst them. The planet operated under completely foreign principles. Physics and other defined laws were violated utterly with nonchalance. Everyone seemed to possess an internal energy source called 'chakra'. It satisfied me to know that the culture, was therefore predictably a fusion of Japanese Shintoism, and Hindu concepts. It did not please me however, to accept that knowledge meant absolutely nothing in terms of determining my location.

So, I adapted, the instant I was old enough I began a light training regimen, not so much to build strength, but to prepare my body for later training. I was extremely pleasently surprised to notice several things about my new body. I too possessed this Chakra, and I quickly learned how to use it, albiet in small amounts. I could already walk on walls and trees, and I'd quickly adapted the sticking ability to other parts of my body. Now, I could reliably use it as a delaying technique if I was struck by someone, by applying that stick to their hand, and giving me the opportunity for counter-attack against a swifter opponent.

It was all still strange to me, to be confronted with so much, not just about the new world I lived in, but about myself. For the first year or so of my new life, I'd done more introspection than ever before. My mind was still my own, I was as intelligent as before, but my reactions were dull and slow. In return however, I felt, more free, I suppose. I was a tool of war, a superhuman weapon designed to protect Earth and all her colonies. My nature therefore necessitated a degree of conditioning and indoctrination. I was, strangely bereft of these now. I still felt loyalty, but now it was more towards my species as a whole, than the organization that spawned me. This lead me to other, greater questions. Was the mind, or my mind, tied to the soul? I still possessed the brain of a child, but my mind was my own, I wondered what a brain scan would reveal about me, if these people had the technology. Still, even as I went through the hand to hand techniques that were brutally beaten into me as a child, once more as a child again, I was comforted by the familiar alertness, and tactical mindset I had.

I soon found myself placed in an orphanage. The old man I'd once observed was named Hiruzen Sarutobi, and he was the leader of this village, Konoha, he was not, as I'd initially assumed, my grandfather. Still, it seemed strange that he'd pay so much attention to me, before placing me into an orphanage with all the other lost children. But with a new change in scenery, came new challenges. The other children, and even the matron seemed to intrinsically dislike me for no discernable reason. Still, the children quickly learned to not earn my ire. One, a boy named Todoki, cornered me in the orphanage's small playground, away from the eyes of the matron. He called me a demon and tried to hit me, but I locked his arm behind him, and pressed on a pressure point. I threatened him to keep his silence, and he did. Now I was mostly left alone.

My hand came up and ran along my exaggerated caucasian, or rather aryan features I supposed. My hair wasn't simply blonde, it was like the sun, and my eyes weren't simply blue, they were more saturated than the sky with colour. It was strange, the culture was, as far as I could tell, firmly Japanese and Hindu, and yet it didn't strictly adhere to either, and the people, while predominantly visibly Japanese, contained a smattering of foreigners, like myself. Yet no one seemed to notice their racial or ethnic differences, and so it seemed to me like a colony world, with no actual geographic ethnic divide, and yet, this seemed to be the birthworld of this group, or offshoot of humanity.

I huffed, I wasted too much time ruminating. My brothers and sisters, where they here, would be disappointed in my lack of diligence. I returned to the academy textbook I'd stolen from one of the orphanage children. His older brother was apparently in the so called ninja academy, and let him borrow the book for a few days. The very concept of a ninja academy seemed absurd, but the idea intrigued me, as far as I'd been able to observe, ninjas were a very real military profession here. Did Konoha employ child soldiers? I supposed it made sense in some ways, from a purely clinical viewpoint, Chakra was the great equilizer, much like a gun, even a child could effectively kill. Yet Chakra was different. I noticed, rather early on that my body was subtly, but vastly different from what I believed a child my age should have. Training, physical exercise, and practicing martial arts, my body took to it like a fish to water. As I grew out of infancy I had a tremendous abundance of stamina, energy, and muscle control. obviously it was still nowhere near my original body, but I was a superhuman adult killing machine. Yet it seemed Naruto was not too dissimilar, especially with me in charge.

I suspected Chakra had more evolutionary effects than a simple energy source. Furthermore, perhaps the practice of child warriors was even older than I suspected here, because no one seemed to bat an eye at children playing with kunai.

When I turned eight, I received a very special visit. I had not seen the Hokage during my entire time at the orphanage. Yet, now he visited me. For a man who was such a revered warrior and ninja he seemed oddly vulnerable now. A look of mild trepidation and regret uglied his normally kind and inviting face as he entered my room. His ceremonial long white and red robes swished just above the filthy ground, maintaining their cleanliness.

"Naruto-kun?" He asked almost hesitantly, his voice almost faint.

I stared at him the entire time, my blue eyes were my most attractive feature I'd noticed. Not many had blue eyes, and none were like mine. Ultimately it proved useful in getting what I wanted from the oddly hateful villagers, with a henge of course. I'd quickly gathered the Hokage was essentially a military dictator here, the ultimate ninja, I decided to hide little. I knew I was important in some way the other children were not, and I noticed I was often watched. I could never avoid my silent watchers, in fact, I could barely detect them to my surprise. I suspected in a world of Chakra, where a ninja could augment their eyes, nose, ears, and skin sensitivity, being hidden was a supernaturally difficult task.

"You know sir, you ought to relax, your trepidation is palpable, and I'm sure you don't want to give an impressionable child so much stress." I offered a wry smile as I calmly sat back down on my cot. There was a subtle tension beneath my skin that I'm sure Hiruzen noticed. Ultimately I knew I could not escape if he tried anything, but old habits die hard.

If Hiruzen was surprised by my words he didn't show it. His face smoothed to dispassion for a brief instant, before morphing into a kindly old smile so quickly that I wondered if he was some sort of sociopath. The Hokage chuckled before seating himself on a rickety chair.

"You are definitely unpredictable Naruto-kun" he spoke fondly, his eyes staring as if seeing something that wasn't there. I privately suspected he was thinking of my parents, whoever they were. Then I paused, given what I'd seen in his face before, and the fact that he monitored me, I wondered if this too, was a ruse. Still, to him, I was just a child, a talented and quietly intelligent child, but a child nonetheless. He couldn't truly expect me to catch these things, no matter if I really did or not, I was still just a child right? Then I remembered rumours of prodigies like Kakashi and Itachi, who'd apparently been supremely skilled and clever before their age even reached the double digits. Biologically it seemed impossible, but perhaps Chakra passively affected intelligence as well?

Then I realized the silence was dragging as Hiruzen observed me with careful eyes. The Hokage was making me doubt myself, and that above all, was dangerous.

I broke the stifling quiet with a dry chuckle that didn't belong to a child. "You're dangerous man Hokage-sama."

I watched his eyebrows raise in amusement, a faint but genuine smirk on his wrinkled face, and I immediately knew that he knew.

As Hiruzen shared my smile he replied,

"and you, Naruto-kun."

I took the compliment graciously, inclining my head, "no doubt you've observed me extensively?"

The Hokage nodded, "oh yes, would you like to know my conclusions?"

"Please" my voice was confident and relaxed, and I knew Hiruzen did not detect any weakness from me, despite the lack of power I obviously had.

Hiruzen pulled a folder from his robes, and I wondered briefly if he'd put it in a storage seal, because I didn't notice its rather large presence in his robes before. I wondered how he managed to retrieve it without releasing smoke.

The Hokage ponderously opened and flipped through the folder, as if he didn't have my profile bookmarked for this occaision. He cleared his throat, and glanced at me, my face betrayed nothing but an amused smile. I wondered if the folder even contained my file at all, this was clearly an attempt at subtle intimidation.

The Hokage returned my smile with a grandfatherly one, as if we'd just shared a secret. I almost laughed at the irony of it.

"You are a prodigy Naruto-kun, you began training on your own at the age of six, though I suspect you've been doing exercises long before that. You're quiet, but very observant, watching specifically more experienced ninja train whenever you could. You've mastered the henge technique, wall-walking, water-walking, and various shuriken-jutsu. You are a remarkably curious child, sneaking books from the library on every subject from history to modern sciences and ninja techniques." The way the man gave emphasis on history books gave me pause. I briefly wondered if he suspected the truth of my circumstances.

"You are also surprisingly adept at creating your own Taijutsu, as well as mixing and incorporating other techniques you've observed." Hiruzen looked up from my file, pinning men with an experienced stare. I could tell he'd seen much, and done more. I returned his stare evenly. Strangely, some small part of me yearned to tell him everything, to simply leap into his arms and cry like the child I was supposed to be. It was bizzare, and I entertained the idea that he was using a subtle genjutsu on me, but then I reasoned that I still had the instincts of my body, the desires of a child. Hiruzen had been the first face I'd ever seen, in some ways, he was like a distant father. Of course, if we all followed our impulses we wouldn't be here.

Once more I was reminded of my unique existence. I surprised to hear Hiruzen echo my thoughts a moment later.

"You are like two souls in one, I feel wisdom and experience in you, yet I know you should have none, and even so you are in many respects like a child." There was something in the Hokage's eyes, unknowable, unreadable as he stared at me.

"You remind me so much of a boy I once knew" his eyes became pained briefly, before he shut them and let out a tired sigh.

I only wondered who this other child was.