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Gudako, the Supreme Master of Chaldea


As the light subsided, Gudao stood near the edge of the forest. The view in front of him showed a classic image of the European countryside.

"The Ray Shifting process is successful. Fujimaru-kun, is everything alright at your destination?"

"Yes, Doctor Roman, nothing seems out of the ordinary so far," Fujimaru responded.

"Senpai!" Gudao turned around and saw Mash ran out of the forest behind him. Following her were his Servants, sans Babbage, who stayed behind to help repair Chaldea, and Scheherazade, who wasn't suited for this kind of task. Fou was also sitting on her shoulder. "We are assembled. What's the next step, Master?"

"'Assembled'? Aren't we missing Master Gudako and her entire team?" Lakshmibai questioned.

"Do you really want Gudako here?" Medusa argued back.

"Her? No. Her Servants? Yes," the Rani replied.

"Puff, big deal, we can deal with whatever creates this Singularity, no problem," Ceanis bragged.

"Wait, we're detecting something huge coming from the forest. It is heading to your position. Be on your guard!" Doctor Roman shouted.

Every Servant presented immediately ready themselves for combat as they all turned toward the forest. They positioned themselves in a mismatched, but tactical formation—Shielder, Casters, Archers, and Assassins formed the backline to provide support and protected their Master, while other Classes made up the frontline to deal with the threat coming their way.

Something emerged from the treeline. A creature with sharp teeth and wings that invoked the classic imagery of a dragon—specifically the wyvern type. What really caught the group's attention, however, was something in its mouth, a half-eaten victim—with a pair of lean, small legs sticking out of its mouth.

Upon closer inspection of the wyvern's meal, the draped white gown made it pretty clear who was the victim.

"Stheno!" Medusa screeched as she immediately broke off from the formation. Seeing this, the others quickly followed suit.

The overgrown lizard tried to fly away, but the purple-haired Rider was much faster. She wrapped her Nameless Dagger around the winged creature before slamming it back down on the ground. Medusa and her fellow Servants made short work of the wyvern. It soon faded into the golden speck of light—much like a Servant—leaving wet (with saliva) and expressionless Stheno where it once laid.

"Sister!" Medusa cried and pulled her beloved elder sister into a hug.

"Why are we here just to suffer…" The older Gorgon muttered, though her younger sister couldn't care less; she was just glad her big sister was okay.

"I am glad you're okay, Stheno," Gudao said as he and Mash walked up to inspect the Assassin. "But where is Gudako?" The purple-haired Assassin merely pointed in the direction of the forest.

"I hope a dragon swallows her whole," Stheno cursed.

Speaking of the devil, a real large dragon, not mere wyvern, flew out of the forest and passed over their head.

"Get that thing!" Someone shouted from the destroyed treeline left behind by the dragon. They all turned around to meet Lancer Cu and the two Hassans ran after the humongous beast. "That thing swallowed Master Gudako!" The blue Lancer shouted and pointed at the fleeing dragon.

"Oh shit!" Gudao exclaimed.

"Serve her right," several Servants muttered in unison.

"Fou!" Fou 'fouued'.

Neither Gudao nor any of the Servants got the chance to go after the dragon, however, when it suddenly shook, as if being struck by something, and fell from the sky. It writhed and roared in agony for several minutes before going still.

No one dared to move or make a sound.

"You don't think that Master Gudako…" Lan Cu asked, pointing at the creature while looking at his fellow Servants. None of them were fearless enough to speculate, but they didn't have to as the Lancer was proven correct.

The entire length of the dragon's gut was ripped open from the inside, emerging from the chasm of the winged beast's stomach was none other than the Master of Chaldea.

"▅▅▅▅▅▅!" She roared toward the sky. Her entire naked, featureless, gremlin body was covered in the dragon's blood and intestines.

"By Horus…" Nitocris cringed at the sight.

"Goodness gracious, how horrifying," Artoria remarked.

"She's even worse than Xenomorph," Gudao muttered quietly.

The dragon corpse faded into light and left blood-soaked Gudao where it lay.

The orange-haired Master got up and made her way to the group.

"I have bathed in the blood of the dragon. I am now Siegfried," Gudako said with a deep, dark voice. "Or Sigurd… I don't know man, the Norse mythology is all over the place." Andddd it's gone.

"Yeah, I don't think that's how it works. It has to be a real dragon, Master," Cas Cu informed.

"That thing isn't real? I mean, one of them did… attack Stheno," Gudao questioned.

"The word you're looking for is vore," Gudako corrected, much to their chagrin.

"No, they are not real. They are summoned, much like us Servants. As evidenced when they faded away," EMIYA explained. "You're pretty new to this, aren't you?"

"Well, I was kidnapped to Chaldea, so…" Gudao scratched the back of his head.

"Don't think much on it Master, I simply found it quite fascinating that someone who doesn't have much experience in Magecraft could get this far," EMIYA praised.

"Do you forget about a certain red-head Master?" Gudako pointed out.

The mentioning of Shiro, EMIYA's face turned a little sour. "Well, I suppose when you're putting it like that… I can see a similarity," the Archer begrudgingly admitted.

"Alright, enough chit-chat everyone. You have a Singularity to resolve," Da Vinci reminded them.

"Right, what's the next step, Master?" Mash asked.

Gudao held his chin, thinking. Seeing this, Gudako imitated him.

"First thing first," the male Master began. "We need to know who's the enemy here. We need scouts. Hassan of the Hundred Faces-san, Hassan of the Cursed Arm-san."

"Hmm, so that's how it feels," Cursed Arm whispered to Lan Cu.

"Yeah, he really needs to stop adding 'san' behind names all the time; it can get really weird and off-sounding," Lancer replied quietly.

"Please scout our immediate surroundings, around 5 kilometers initially. If nothing is found, increase the distance to 20 kilometers," Gudako commanded.

"I assumed that I can summon more of my fellow Hassans to assist me in this task?" Hundred Faces asked.

"Of course," Gudao confirmed.

"Actually, I proposed that Hassan keep scouting until we get the whole picture of what is going on in the entire region," Gudako interrupted him. "If you want the picture of our immediate area then we can send Medusa on her pegasus instead. The aerial view she will get should be enough for us to get started, while the Hassans can go off gathering the details to form a proper big picture."

Gudao, and everyone else, blinked in surprise. "That… does sound like a good idea, actually. Medusa-san, if you don't mind." The purple-haired Rider nodded.

She summoned her pegasus before taking off not long after. Seeing this as their cue, the Hassans went off to execute their scouting mission as well.

His cousin gave him a thumbs up. "I can be competent when I want to be. Now, where are my clothes?"

"Digested by the dragon's stomach acid, Master," Geronimo answered, seemingly out of nowhere between Caenis and Nitocris.

"AH!?" the two dark-skinned Servants screamed in unison, spooked by the Caster's silent approach.

"Okay. Seriously, how the heck do you appear all over the place without anyone noticing you?" Lan Cu asked, just as the rest of Gudako's Servants joined them.

"Gudao, close your eyes and take a look at my Servants' skills," the orange-haired Master instructed.

The male Master did as he was told. The image of Servants' profile sheets began to appear in the back of his mind. He examined their states and skills (almost like a video game). Nothing was out of the ordinary at first, but then he started to notice some anomalies.

"The Hell?" Gudao whispered. He went silent for a bit as he continued to read the convoluted texts he had encountered. "The fuck?" Gudao said as his eyes snapped open. "How does every of your Servant have 'EX- Luck'? How is that possible?!" He asked his fellow Master. "And what the heck are skills like 'Berseker Speech', 'Riyo's Clairvoyance EX+++', 'Comedic Timing EX', 'NTR Detection', or 'Gen Urobuchi's Immunity'? What?!"

"Master, what did you do?!" Mash asked.

"Two things: One, if they're my Servants, then they are nothing short of being EX- Luck," Gudako answered.

"She's not wrong," her Servants muttered.

"Two, those are special skills I modified into them to make them better."

"Elaborate 'better'," Gudao requested.

"No," Gudako declined blandly.

"Ugh," the male Master groaned.

It was at this moment that Medusa returned. "I have found two vistas. A fort to the east—a lot of people appear to be heading there—and a city to the south, but there's a lot of smoke coming from there," the Gorgon sister relayed.

"Yosh! Then let's split up! I will take my Servants to check out the city while you take yours to the fort! Got that?! No? Good! We're off!"

With that Gudako took off in the direction of the city. Her Servants sighed and quietly followed.

"We will see you later, Master Gudao. I am sure Master Gudako will find her way back to you, eventually," Geronimo told them before departing with his fellow Servants.

"Right… we should head to the fort as well," Gudao told his Servants. They all nodded.

"Alright, we are nearing the fort now." Da Vinci informed them. "I think some of you should go into Spirit Form. The less of you there are, the less suspicious you will raise. Not everyone will be friendly after all."

"Alright, then, in that case." Gudako observed his Servants and thought about who to pick. "Artoria, Charlotte, d'Eon, Caster Cu, and Mash, you will help with the investigation at the fort with me. The rest please go into your Spirit Form."

"Sounds reasonable," EMIYA said. "I wouldn't really fit in with the medieval period, or can even speak French for that matter." With that, the Archer disappeared into the golden dust, the other Servants soon followed.

"Alright, so in case they ask. Artoria is a young nobleman while Cu is your uncle. Since you're a crossdresser, you wouldn't have a problem acting like a nobleman, right?"

"I was the King of Britain, Master. Though I am fairer sex, I am a nobleman in all other aspects," the Saber reassured.

"Just remember to call me Uncle Cu, kiddo," Cas Cu joked.

"Don't push it, Lancer- I mean, Caster," the King quickly corrected.

"Right, so continuing on. Charlotte will act as Artoria's sister, while d'Eon, me, and Mash will be the 'household' guards. Does this sound believable enough?"

"It does, Master," Mash agreed. The rest followed with a nod.

"Alright, then let's head off."

"Fou!" Fou said.

Gudao and his team eventually arrived at the aforementioned fort.

As they went about and gathered what little information the refugees and the guards held, however, a loud scream echoed through the place. "Dragons!"

Gudao looked up to the sky and saw a swarm of reptilian creatures flying down, intending to slaughter the people taking refuge in the fort.

"Everyone!" Gudao shouted, his Command Seals flared up. "Engage the enemies! Prioritize saving the people!" His Servants immediately materialized all around him. They quickly clashed with the mythical creatures.

Gudao observed the battle around him and the sky. Several wyverns were still gliding over their heads, some looking for proper prey while others were waiting for a chance to swoop in on his Servants. If they were not taken care of, they could pose a problem.

"EMIYA! Paris! Get to the top of the tower, shoot anything that is airborne! Lakshmibai! Cu! Escort them!" He ordered.

"Roger!/Got it!/Hai!/Understood!" The four Servants affirmed in unison. They took off to the tallest tower in the fort.

"Nitocris, Charlotte, Mata Hari, Mash, we will focus on evacuating the people. The rest of you destroy these beasts!"

The rest of his Servants gave out a cry of acknowledgment before going on with their task.

Everything went smoothly. With the Archers class Servants up on the tower, they started mowing down the wyverns while the remaining Servants also helped to thin their number by getting rid of any draconic creature that landed on the ground. Gudao and his team continued to evacuate the refugees to safer locations.

It was going well until the male Master saw that among the fighting Servants was an unfamiliar cloaked figure, using a flag pole as their weapon. Unfortunately, while he was losing focus, one of the reptiles managed to sneak up.

"Master!" Mash shouted in panic and ran to protect her Master.

'Dammit! It's too close!' The wyvern was already opening its jaw. 'Wait, I am wearing a Mystic Code!'

"Gand-" Before Gudao could chant his spell, a spear was launched through the air and hit the winged creature. No, not a spear.

'A flagpole?' The same cloaked figure that the Master had previously observed ran past him to retrieve their weapon before continuing to engage the enemies.

"Senpai, are you alright?" Mash asked, a little out of breath since she rushed to get to him.

"I am fine, Mash, but that person who saved me…" Gudao said. His eyes didn't leave his hooded savior. Mashu followed his gaze.

"Senpai, an ordinary person shouldn't be able to fight like that. This is abnormal," Keylight informed.

"Indeed it does," Romani said through the wrist comlink. "We have also picked up a strange signature from her. You should keep an eye on her."

"Not as easy as it sounds, doctor. If she is on par with a Servant, then I doubt I can keep track of her. Unless…" The male Master went silent for a while. "Ushi!" he called.

The member of the Minamoto clan quickly appeared beside her lord on one knee, "Yes, my liege?"

"You see that one over there?" Gudao pointed at the cloaked figure. "Keep an eye on her, and if she leaves the fort, shadowing her. Are you fast enough for this?"

"Of course, my liege. I am more than capable," Ushiwakamaru stated firmly.

"I will leave this in your hand then," Gudao replied. The short girl took off to presumably keep track of the stranger. Ritsuka then turned to Mash. "Let's continue with evacuation, Mash."

"Yes, Master."

"OH! LOOK AT ALL THESE FRENCH FRIES!" Gudako said with arms open wide.

Her Servants, meanwhile, was baffled by yet another of her dark sense of humor.

After all, she was currently standing in the middle of a square filled with charred corpses of those who once inhabited the city.

"T-That's dark, that's really dark joke, Master," Lan Cu said, showing a clear expression of confused surprise.

"It's certainly morbid and inappropriate." Lancelot was looking a little agitated by his Master's sense of humor.

"What are we doing here?" Sasaki asked.

"■■," Lubu added.

"Looting! Of course!" Gudako cheered.

"Looting?!" Lancelot became outraged at such a dishonorable act.

"And finding survivors, of course," the female Master asked, not subtly trying to appease that knight. "Who knows, maybe we will find some pretty widowed damsel in this pile of rubbles." And she knew just what to say.

"...fine, but you better not desecrate the dead, Master."

"What am I? Your average Cocktower mages?"

"Clocktower," Cu corrected.

"I know what I said, Sétanta. Most of those shitty mages didn't deserve anyone's respect. Anyways, we should begin our excavation. Before any survivor dies off for real. Stheno go find an escape vehicle- I mean a loot wagon- I mean a transportation cart!"

"Not even gonna hide it, huh?" the Assassin mused. "Well, it's sure as Tartarus beat being around you, so fine, I will be back once I find something." With that, the Gorgon sister walked away.

"The rest of your search the place, prioritize finding survivor, food, and other 'souvenirs'. People back in Chaldea still need to eat, and I need my weekly dose of 'Huevos Rancheros'," Gudako ordered.

"Yes, Master."/"■■." Her Servants took off in different directions, while the Master herself went into a nearby ruined bakery.

Gudako looked around. The place was in a much better shape than one would expect from a bakery in the middle of a town that a massacre occurred. Rituska sniffed. The smell of flour is still lingering in the air. It appeared this place hadn't been abandoned for too long, likely not even a day.

The female Master began to search the place, but no matter what she could not find the target of her desire.

"WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE BAGUETTES!?" Unfortunately, that type of bread wouldn't be invented until the mid 18th Century.

About thirty minutes later, Lan Cu and Sasaki came back together, each holding very large sacks in each hand, while Stheno returned with a cart with Lu Bu driving it while she sat beside him on the driver seat.

"Yo! You got our loot wagon?!" Lan Cu joked out loud. Neither the Assassin nor the Berserker laughed. "Tough crowd."

"Well, that's to be expected if you ask me," Sasaki said. "Have you been able to forage anything substantial?" The Swordman asked.

"A few cheese wheels and baskets of vegetables, but we also found an apple tree," Stheno pointed at a sizable uprooted tree with a few apples on its branch. Its roots were covered in a sack, a standard procedure to keep the roots in place when transporting a tree. "What about you guys."

"I found a rack of beef jerky, though some weren't fully dried yet so I have to left them there. There's also a pen of chicken. Most of them escaped, but at least they left some eggs behind," Lan Cu answered.

"I stumbled on a mansion of presumably a noble of the town. So I find a lot of food and other vulnerable," Sasaki added.

"Alright, then just load them onto the wagon," the Gorgon ordered.

"■■■■■■?" Lu Bu asked.

"Unfortunately, no. No survivors," the Swallow Cutter said grimly.

"That's a shame," Lancelot said sadly as he came up to join them. The knight held a bag in one hand, while the other was carrying a large ornate cross.

"Why are you carrying a cross?" Lan Cu asked.

"I would rather not leave a symbol of Christ to the wild," Lancelot answered.

"No offense, but knowing the Master, leaving it to the looter might be more merciful," Sasaki speculated. Lancelot did not reply. "But it's your call."

"I would rather-"

"I found a survivor!" Someone shouted from afar. They turned to the source and saw Geronimo running up to them, carrying someone on his back. He quickly reached his fellow Servants. "I have healed her, but she needs some water," the Caster informed before lowering the person to the ground.

Sasaki reached into his sack and pulled out a waterskin and handed it to the Caster. Geronimo carefully poured the water out for the survivor, who drank with much thirst. When she was done, Geronimo threw the waterskin back to the Japanese Swordsman.

"Let's get back to Master, she should be able to give her proper care," the native American proposed. His colleagues nodded. With a survivor in tow, they marched back to their Master.

Once they arrived back at the square, something was very off with the place, mainly the lack of any corpse around… and clones of their Master carrying out bag after bag filled with the bread of all kinds, including baguettes, out of one of the building. One of them dressed in a baker outfit with an Italian mustache and holding a pizza in one hand. That one is likely their real Master.

"Aieressera, oì Nanninè, me ne sagliette, tu saie addò!" Their Master sang.

"Tu saie addò!" the clones chorused.

"What is she singing?" Stheno asked.

"That's an Italian… pizza song, I think?" Cu answer. "Uh, 'Funiculi Funicula', I think that's what it's called if I remember what the Fate system put in my head right."

"Addò 'stu core 'ngrato cchiù dispietto, Farme nun pò!"

"Farme nun pò!"

"Why does it keep putting useless stuff into our head?" Stheno complained.

"■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■? ■■■■■ ■■?" Lu Bu questioned.

"I don't know," the Gorgon groaned. "And why would I know how to summon Diao Chan?"

"With this much noise we might attract the enemy," Geronimo speculated. He would be proven right soon.

"Addò lo fuoco coce, ma si fuie-"

A gigantic dragon landed on a square, causing all the singing to a halt. A swarm of other winged reptiles circled the city from above. Atop the mighty dragon was a white-haired maiden with long girthy braid, holding a flagpole and donning black armor.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" The mysterious woman said from atop of her mount with an evil grin on her face. "I was wondering if the smoke I saw just now was some random wyverns being too greedy or a survivor. Guess it's my lucky day."

Gudako quickly handed the pizza in her hand to the closet clone, "hide the pizza, and the baguettes, and the bread." The clone nodded and took off. All of the clones began transporting their baked goods into the cart Stheno founded. Gudako, meanwhile, walked up to the massive beast and its handler. "Well, well, well, if it isn't french toast."

"French toast?" The woman was confused at the name.

"Oh wait, sorry, I was meant to say BURNT FRENCH TOAST!"

"WHAT?!" The confusion quickly turned into rage, even though she still had no idea what French toast was—since that dish wasn't invested yet.

"For fuck sake Master…" Cu groaned, while the rest of the Servants just stared on with tiresome expressions.


"Just try it and I will turn this into Waterloo 2: Electric Boogaloo!" Gudako threatened.

"Wrong era, Master!" Lancelot shouted his correction, but Gudako ignored it. Before any rebuttal could continue, someone unexpected spoke up.

"Jeanne… Jeanne…" the survivor that Geronimo had rescued hushed the name. "My child…"

"Child?" the Caster questioned. Now that they looked closely, this woman was almost like a carbon copy of that maiden on top of the dragon a lot if she was older and blonde.

"Jeanne?" Lancelot's mind began to spin, that name was familiar, but it's something that the FATE system put in his head so he couldn't quite grasp what it was.

"We have no time for this, prepare for a fight," Sasaki reminded them, with one hand resting on the handle of his katana.

"UGH! I have a better thing to do than this!" The dragon beat its wings and began to take off. "Get rid of them and head toward Lyon! That's our next target!"

Just as she finished, two individuals jumped off from the hoard of wyverns above.

One was a white-haired woman wearing a black eye mask and revealing clothing (just calling it 'revealing' is being generous). The other was an older gentleman with white hair and a spear, dressing in an elegant renaissance gentleman suit.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Plushie Mistress's simping target and Bram Stoker's favorite historical figure," Gudako insulted with a straight face.

"DO NOT MENTION THAT NAME!" The pale man roared.

"Sir Vladimir, calm down, she merely trying to get into your head," the pale woman consulted.

Vlad took a deep breath. "You are right, lady Carmilla. I should not let such a petty remark got into my head."

"Oh! Look what I got!" Gudako pulled out a book. "A copy of 'Dracula!'"

"I AM GOING TO KILL YOU AND BURN THAT BOOK!" Finally snapped, Vlad the Third charged at her.

The Servants were hesitant at first of whether they should jump in to help, but upon seeing their unflinching Master they decided against helping.

"Well, no stopping him I guess," Carmilla mused, though she was also looking forward to seeing how the famous Lancer would tear a mere human apart.

When Vlad was upon Gudako, he raised his spear up and was ready to impale. He thrust, expecting the disrespectful gremlin to be skewered. That wasn't the case. His weapon couldn't penetrate the Master.

"WHAT?!" Vlad screamed in outrage.

"My turn," Gudako said before getting into a power stance. "OOOOOOOO!"

As the female Master began to channel her sunlight energy, she grew into a humongous human being with a thick and defined face and ripped muscular body that she could easily be mistaken for a professional bodybuild… or a Part 1 JOJO character.


"What on Ear-"

Vlad didn't get the chance to finish, Gudako began to pummel the Impaler at high speed with her sunlight energy-infused fists. Carmilla, the wyverns, and her Servants could only look on in shock as a Servant as strong as Vlad the Third being punched at high speed.

"ATA!" Gudako delivered her final strike and turned Vlad into spirit dust as the vampire faded away in a near-instant. "Sorry, Vladdy. I promise to summon you back and make it up to you somehow," Gudako said as she struck a pose for no reason.

"W-What are you waiting for, you lizards!" Camilla shouted at the wyverns. "Get her!"

With the command given, a large flock of reptilian creatures swoops down onto the Master. "ATA!" They did little damage as Gudako quickly dispatched them with a punch.

Soon the small hoard was thinned and Carmilla deemed that it would be best to retreat. So she hopped onto the back of one of the wyverns as it flew away.

By the time that Gudako noticed the escaping Servant, she was already high above the sky. "Oh no, you won't get away! I won't let you!"

The abominable Master quickly reached for her preferred weapon… Geronimo. She grabbed him by the leg before hauled him at the enemy (the survivor he was carrying fell off but was caught mid-air by Cu). He spun through the air while screaming at the top of his lungs.


The pale lady turned around where the screaming was coming from and, upon seeing the ballistic Caster was nearly making a contact with her, screeched. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

That was the last thing she could say before Geronimo hit her, turning her and the wyvern she was on into Spirit dust as they 'died'.

Though he had already hit the target, Geronimo's velocity did not slow down and it was only a matter of time before he soared out of their sight, with only a single short-lived star-like sparking in the sky being the last thing they saw of him.

"GERONIMOOOOOOOO!" Gudako's Servants screamed at their lost comrade.

"GERONIMOOOOOOOO!" About thirty of the Hassans spreading throughout French shouted as they noticed their fellow Servant catapulting through the sky and disappeared.

"GERONIMOOOOOOOO!" The staff back at the Chaldea facility yelled at the video footage of the Native American rocketed away… and out of the Singularity.

"GERONIMOOOOOOOO!" Gudao and his Servants shouted after they saw the Caster disappeared into the sky above.

"W-What was that?!" A new person of the group said. After the fight at the fort, the mysterious person Gudao ordered Ushi to track ran off and they follow. As it turned out, she was a stray Servant and was none other than the Holy Maiden, Jeanne d'Arc.

"That our ally, Geronimo, that one who goes with the other group," d'Eon explained.

"Great, I know he wouldn't last long with Master Gudako. Alas, poor Gerry," Cas Cu bemoaned.

"H-He has to land somewhere… right?" Nitocris reasoned.

"T-That right," Gudao agreed. "Doctor, can you track him? Where is he now?"

"...he…" Doctor Romani's voice died down. "He's…"

"He's what?" Artoria questioned.

"...we no longer detect his signal within the Singularity."

When Geronimo came through, he discovered that he was lying face up in the middle of nowhere. After groaning at his existential misfortune one more time, he got up.

Looking around, he discovered that he was now in vast dryland. Dead plants, animals common to the arid areas, and a moving structure on the horizon were the only things he could see…

'Guess that's where I am heading to,' Caster thought and walked toward his destination. Maybe he would get an answer of where he was there.

By the time he had to arrive, the sun was setting and the structure had come to a full halt. He decided to stand close to the nearby metallic door with two surveillance cameras immediately focusing on him as soon as he was in sight.

Geronimo patiently waited. While he was certainly acting more careless than he usually was, he just… didn't care anymore.

About ten or so minutes later, the large gate finally hissed open. Standing right in front of him was a young girl with a black and blue coat with… rabbit? donkey? chimera?… ears on top of her head. She was flanked by two men armed with crossbows, they did not hesitate to aim their weapons at him.

The girl stepped toward him.

"Be careful, Amiya," one of her guards warned.

"Evening, sir. May I ask what business do you have with Rhodes Island?"

'Just where the hell, am I?'

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