At Acme University in one of its laboratories was one of its most outstanding students, Tech E Coyote, a young 25-year-old coyote who was at that time preparing everything for his next demonstration next week. Tech was a genius although many of the students and even professors labeled him as a "mad scientist" rather than as a genius, this made him feel bad but he tried to ignore that as much as he could. He might be a coyote but unlike most of these who were strong, feared, fierce and intimate, he was very shy, embarrassing, sensitive and a nerd of those who make you want to hit him to get money from lunch and put them inside a locker (which they had done many times since preschool, then in elementary, secondary, high school and currently in the same university).

Tech was arranging some nipples when the doorbell rang "It must be the food I ordered" He thought at the same time that he was cleaning the oil from his hands and walking towards the door to meet the delivery man. Before opening he decided to see through the peephole of the door to make sure it was his food and saw the deliveryman who was tying one of his cords and saw something curious in him "Those feathers belong to a roadrunner, what if scare him? I don't want him to be afraid of me like all the roadrunners I've seen before. What should I do now? "Tech felt fear but sighed and bravely opened the door.

-Goo ... good nig ... nights-says Tech trying not to scare the bird that was finishing tying his cord.

When the bird released the ends of the cord of its skates to form a loop and got up allowing the coyote to see it in the face, Tech's heart stopped. The roadrunner in front of his eyes was certainly what is considered "attractive"; He was a teenager with soft and bright blue feathers like the sea and violets like petunias from his mother's garden, a body as delicate as a woman's and bright green eyes with a touch of blue in them that would make any precious Stones felt envious of them, that appearance made him extremely attractive even though he was wearing that awful "Lightning Sandwiches" uniform at that time.

-Good nights, I have a medium-sized meat sandwich for Mr. Coyote-The roadrunner says in an angelic but serious voice at the same time, seeing him in the eyes without taking his penetrating gaze away without a hint of fear in it-It will be $ 3.75 dollars-

Tech was an atheist but at that time he believed that the angels existed since he had one in front of him, he was distracted watching the bird but he realized something-Are ... Are you not afraid of me? -

The delivery boy saw him with a confused face that later turned into a frown- Did I have to feel afraid of you? Are you threatening me? -

-What? No!-

-Because let me tell you that I have faced subjects taller and stronger than you? -

-No! I don't! -Tech sighs trying to calm down -I just asked about the fact that I'm a coyote and well ... you are-

-A roadrunner? -The roadrunner says raising an eyebrow-Nor that I was my father or mother. What year do you think you live in? 1949? Coyotes and roadrunners are no longer enemies, not like at least before or you want to eat me instead of the sandwich, huh Mr. Coyote? Because I warn you that I am not a helpless prey trembling with fear and the roadrunners are no cowards-

Tech was astonished, not only for how much the roadrunner spoke in just a few seconds, but also for the fact that he had never seen anyone (much less a young roadrunner) with that brave and fearless character. Being sincere at that moment he felt some envy of not having that character but again he realized something ... he without anyone's help had done what he tried to avoid ... offend and incidentally make the roadrunner angry.

-I'm sorry I did not mean to offend you or your species-says Tech shyly lowering his ears down and his tail between his legs like a scolded dog-It's just that the roadrunners I've tried before well let's say they weren't the best talks I've had-

The roadrunner was surprised "Pa always told me and Rip that the coyotes were bloodthirsty creatures but he is like a little scared puppy admitted that he is ... sweet, especially with those nerd glasses and his perfectly ironed lab coat"Thought the roadrunner to see the coyote in that state-No, I'm sorry-The bird sighs-I think my father has washed my head with his "Coyote problems" -He makes a small smile causing the same reaction in the canine -Have you food-

-Thanks-Tech says taking the bag and giving the money-Have the money, keep the change-

-Thank you Mr. Coyote-The roadrunner says getting ready to leave since his turn was about to end.

The coyote with all the courage there was is his body said the following -I'm Tech-

The roadrunner made a half smile and I say a single word before leaving with his roller skates-Rev-

After that simple three-letter word, he activated his skates and left the place leaving the coyote with pink cheeks and a silly smile on his face-Rev-Whispered Tech as he returned inside the laboratory to continue with his project, of course he is without to be able to get that bold bird out of his head that he had known.


In the fast food restaurant "Lightning Sandwiches", his only deliveryman, Rev Runner, had just entered. Rev was a young roadrunner of 15 years with an excellent academic average since he was as good in the physical as in the intellectual, pity that it was not in the social. He had a "speech problem," that problem was that he spoke very quickly due to his family inheritance and that usually tired and irritated people because of that. Rev was generally alone or with the others "excluded / misfits" from high school. , that had generated in him a somewhat serious and cold personality less with his relatives and people he considered friends.

His day had begun well until his boss gave a delivery to one "Mr. Coyote" and ran into who he thought was an idiot trying to be "an idiot male" but it turned out that he was actually a tender and helpless puppy, a Puppy at least 20 years old but still as cute as a real one. Rev had to admit that this coyote was attractive in his own way, his very strange and nerdy way "But who am I to talk, after all I am also a nerd" thought Rev remembering today's coyote and then sighing "If Pa knew that I think that a coyote is tender, safe and makes me an exorcism. " Rev changed his uniform and left work for his home without leaving a minute to think about that intriguing canine, not realizing that his cheeks were pink.

Author's Note: And so we begin with this new story, updates once a week (Saturdays) but when I do it will be ... 6 chapters at a time. Take this as a prologue as this time you will have only 1 chapter. I hope you like it, see you tomorrow in my main story Kisses from Uruguay!