Chapter 1

Harry and Hermione touched a book, adorned with the words: Beauty and the Beast. The book glowed and they were sucked in.

Hermione and Harry screamed.

Chapter 2

"Belle," said her father. "You should marry Gaston. He's..."

"Dad, you don't have to tell me a million times. I know!" cried Belle.

"He's mean. Papa, I'm going."

Belle jumped onto her family horse, Phillipe and rode away into the night.

Chapter 3

The Beast was friendless and lonely until a lone, sweet voice filled his castle.

"Hermione," he whispered to himself, his green eyes lighting up in wonder

"Hello?" asked Belle.

The Beast revealed himself. His bottle-green eyes met Belle's brown eyes.

Both had a moment of Dae-ja-vu.

"No, it can't be," thought The Beast. "It can't be Hermione."

"And may I ask, what your name is?" asked Belle.

He was jerked back to his senses.

"I don't have one." mumbled the Beast.

"Can I call you... Harry? It's just that... you remind me of someone called Harry."

"Is that so?" asked Harry.

"Yes," replied Belle. "My best friend. My name's Belle."