Chapter 1: Darker Side of The Moon

(Planet Popstar 1,000 years ago)

In the throne room of a castle that was created out of a magic paintbrush, there sat a dark sorceress who was holding a large glowing magic paintbrush. As she sat on the throne, she heard a booming sound coming from outside. This caught her attention as a female Star Warrior who looked similar to Sword Kirby rushed into the room.

Dark painting sorceress- I see the Star Warrior in training has returned. Come here to avenge your fallen master?

Female Star Warrior who looked like Sword Kirby- I'm here to take you down, Paintia! And what do you mean be fallen? What have you done with Morpho?!

Dark painting sorceress- That pathetic Star Warrior is gone, Kimberly. But you shouldn't be concerned about Morpho Knight. You should be more concerned about yourself!

The dark painting sorceress lifted her magic brush and painted numerous monsters to life out of thin air.

Dark painting sorceress- Now go and sick that little twerp!

The monsters charged for the female Star Warrior, but she easily disposed of them with her sword from her copy ability she already had active. The dark painting sorceress stood from her throne and approached the female Star Warrior who looked similar to Sword Kirby.

Dark painting sorceress- You might have been trained by the Star Warrior, Morpho Knight, but even he fell before me and the Brush of Dreams! What makes you think you can do it alone?!

Female Star Warrior who looked like Sword Kirby- Who said I came alone?

Then a red and green swirling fireball hit the dark painting sorceress from the left and knocked her into a wall. Then the dark painting sorceress got back up and saw two men that looked like Fire Mario and Fire Luigi standing behind the female Star Warrior who looked like Sword Kirby.

Female Star Warrior who looked like Sword Kirby- After the Warp Star took me away from Popstar and to a planet I never heard of before, I brought back some reinforcements.

Dark painting sorceress- Those two mustached fools? Not even an army can match my power!

Female Star Warrior who looked like Sword Kirby- I won't ask again, where is Morpho?!

Dark painting sorceress- You really haven't gotten the message yet, even after I already told you. Morpho…is gone! After he commanded his Warp Star to take you off of Popstar, he finally succumb to that wound after being impaled by that sword he prevented from impaling you, Kimberly! But if you want further proof…here…

Then the dark painting sorceress pulled out a red Star Warrior's helmet and tossed it at the female Star Warrior who looked like Sword Kirby. She picked up the helmet and recognized it at the helmet of someone she once knew.

Female Star Warrior who looked like Sword Kirby- Morpho…no…Paintia! You're going to ****ing pay for this!

The man who looked like Fire Mario put his hand on the female Star Warrior's shoulder.

Man who looked like Fire Mario- Easy there, Kimberly. She wants you to get rattled up.

Kimberly- Regardless, we need to end this madness…for Morpho's sake! POYA!

The female Star Warrior who looked like Sword Kirby swung her sword at the dark painting sorceress and the sorceress blocked with her magic brush.

(Kirby's house 1,000 years later)

Kirby suddenly woke from his bed while screaming his head off.

Kirby- What was…what the hell was that…a dream…?

Then Tokkori opened Kirby's window and flew into the room.

Tokkori- What the **** is with all that yelling for, Kirby?! You trying to wake the whole planet?!

Kirby- Sorry, Tokkori. I just…had another dream…

Tokkori- Again?! Ever since that incident when you and those Mario's rescued that guy, Pyrrhon from Tabuu, you've been having bad dreams every night! I say, you need help before this gets out of hand!

Kirby- Fine, I'll talk to Meta Knight, Tiff, and Tuff about this in the morning.

(Shiver Star's moon)

Shiver Star was a frozen husk of a planet with no life on the surface and horribly inhabitable to any life. It did house an abandoned laboratory of horrible experiments hidden underground, but that was nothing compared to what was hidden on the moon of that planet.

Marx (shivering)- I-I-I-I c-c-c-can't believe M-m-master Tabuu talked me into th-th-this! It's colder h-h-here than on Shiver Star!

Fawful flew passed Marx on his headgear and didn't seemed bothered at all.

Fawful- Boowoo! Marx cry like baby? Marx should no be complaining since he not on Master Tabuu good side. Marx attack Smash City behind Master Tabuu's back and left Subspace vulnerable to infiltration. Leaving Fawful and Fredrick no help defending Subspace. Probably why blue hedgehog kick Fawful's ass! Fawful spent weeks putting rib bones back together. Not only that, Marx try to run when Master Tabuu call him. And Fawful had to drag Marx to Master Tabuu.

Marx- I thought he was gonna punish me for th-th-that off record attack on Smash C-City. And how are y-you tolerating this cold?

Fawful- This? It nothing. Marx see creepy ghost snow castle in Beanbean Kingdom. That place really bad. Fawful who Marx sometime.

Marx- I-I-I'll take your w-word for it, Fawful. Let's just find this s-sorceress as soon as possible. Sooner we do, sooner we can return to Subspace w-w-where it's warm.