Chapter 7: The Dark Arts

(On the Lor Star Cutter)

Tiff, Tuff, Adeleine, and Magolor were putting Gooey, who was still knocked out, on a medical table of some kind.

Magolor- Gently now. We don't want to hurt him any more than he is.

After they placed Gooey on the medical table, Magolor pulled out a first aid kit.

Magolor- I'm going to try and heal Gooey's wounds. I need you guys to hand me things out of the bag when I need them, since I have to move quick if I want do get Gooey back on his feet.

As they began to treat Gooey's injuries, Poochie entered the room and began sniffing at a dusty corner in the room.

Poochie- (Bark) (Bark)

Magolor- Not now, Poochie. We're trying to help Gooey.

Poochie began digging through a large pile of dirt and dust and found a stone tablet. Poochie picked it up and rushed to Adeleine.

Adeleine- Huh…? What do you have there?

Adeleine pulled the stone tablet out of Poochie's mouth and took a look. There was something written on it, but it was in a language Adeleine had never seen before.

Adeleine- Strange…

Tiff- What's you got there, Adeleine?

Adeleine- I'm not sure. Something is written on it, but I don't know what dialect this is.

Tuff- You know, it almost looks like the same gibberish I've seen in those scrolls Magolor always carries around.

Magolor- It's written in the language of the Ancients of Halcandra?!

Adeleine- So you can read this?

Magolor took the stone tablet and looked at it.

Magolor- Yes…I can. But all that's written here is a name of some kind. Where did you find this?

Then they saw Poochie standing on the pile of dust in the corner of the room.

Tiff- You think you can clean this ship up every once and a while, Magolor?

Magolor- Hey, even I haven't inspected every part of the Lor Star Cutter! There are some rooms I haven't gone into yet. And I don't know all the secrets the Ancients hid on this ship. Anyway, the name written on this stone slab…

(In the control room of the Lor Star Cutter)

Meta Knight was piloting the Lur Star Cutter while Kirby and Ribbon were in the room with him.

Meta Knight- We should be arriving on Popstar soon.

Kirby- Good to know.

Meta Knight- Kirby…about what you did…do you really think it was wise to hand Paintia that last piece of the Brush of Dreams? I know you did it to save me and Adeleine, but is it worth putting our home at risk?

Kirby frowned and turned his head away from Meta Knight. Ribbon flew up to Kirby's face with a concerned look on her face.

Ribbon- Kirby…it is true that this is a grave situation, but you've pulled through impossible odds before. You've pulled through when Zero2 attacked Ripple Star. And you've triumphed over many dangerous threats to Popstar. And from all the stories I've heard, you've even managed to defeat a powerful god named Tabuu.

Kirby- Well, Tabuu…I didn't do that alone. I have friends from a planet called Earth.

Ribbon- The Super Mario Brothers' Team. I know. Pretty much the whole universe knows ever since your first victory over Tabuu. You all saved the entire universe that day…literally. The point is, Kirby…you've always followed your heart and it led to everything being alright in the end. Why stop now?

Kirby- …you're right, Ribbon. I've always managed to make things like in the end. I should be able to do the same this time too!

Ribbon- There's the Kirby I know and love!

Meta Knight- However, the only ones that are able to fight are you, me, Magolor, and Poochie. Since Gooey is out cold and Adeleine doesn't have her brush anymore.

Ribbon- I can help too.

Kirby- I think I have an idea.

(Near Cappy Town on Popstar)

Kirby was standing close to the edge of Cappy Town, waiting for Paintia to show up. With him were Meta Knight, Magolor, Poochie, and Ribbon who was surprisingly in Robobot's cockpit.

Ribbon- I know you're not much bigger than me, Kirby, but even this feels too big for me to fit in this. But are you sure I can operate this giant mech of yourself?

Kirby- If you can't, there's a red button on the controls that will set Robobot to auto pilot. He might not look it, but Robobot is a living, sentient being.

Robobot gave Kirby a thumbs up.

Magolor- I think she's here!

Kirby, Ribbon, Meta Knight, Poochie, and Magolor readied themselves as a portal opened up above them. Out of that portal came Paintia.

Paintia- Well, well, well…I wasn't expecting to see you retards again. Come to see Popstar get turned into ruin?

Kirby- No ****ing way! We're here to finish you!

Paintia- A bold claim, especially now that I have the complete Brush of Dreams at my disposal. I can paint whatever I want and make it come to life in an instant! And I'm not limited to a canvas either. How about I show you what this brush can really do!

Then Paintia quickly draws a monster known as Kracko. However, this was much larger than the original Kracko. It fired a bunch of lightning at Kirby and the others, but they managed to dodge. Turns out the lightning was much stronger than the real Kracko's too. Robobot looked at the lightning and approached it.

Ribbon- Uh…Robobot, what are you doing?!

Robobot scanned the lightning and turned into Spark Robobot.

Ribbon- I didn't know your mech could copy powers too!

Spark Robobot fired its own electricity at the Kracko copy and destroyed it. Magolor created a giant sword, similar to Ultra Sword Kirby's sword, out of thin air and swung it at her. Paintia drew another large sword and blocked Marolor's attack. Suddenly, Poochie jumped Paintia from behind and grabbed hold of one end of the Brush of Dreams with his teeth.

Paintia- Hey! Let go, you stupid dog!

Paintia tried to shake Poochie off, but Poochie held on tight. Then Poochie rapid fired his hind legs at Paintia's face over and over. Eventually into her eye.

Paintia- My eye! Mangy mut…

Then Paintia smacked Poochie and made him let go of the brush and knocked him to the ground.

Poochie- (Whimpers)

Paintia- I can't believe a damn dog got the better of me there.

But before Paintia knew it, Ribbon had Stone Robobot suddenly punch her in the face and directly into a mountain. Ribbon quickly jumped out of Robobot's cockpit to help Poochie back up.

Ribbon- You ok, Poochie?

Poochie jumped up to Ribbon's face and licked her.

Poochie- (Woof)

But it wasn't long before Paintia got back up and returned to the battle.

Paintia- Cheap shot there! Didn't think a fairy would use such an underhanded trick. Hitting me while I was distracted.

Paintia quickly painted a giant blowtorch and had it shoot a stream of fire at Ribbon and Poochie. However, Stone Robobot jumped in the way and used the stone copy ability to block the flames. While Stone Robobot was blocking the flames, Meta Knight managed to slice the blowtorch with one swing of his sword. Paintia quickly drew even more large swords with the Brush of Dreams and lightning fast reflexes and was about to hurl them at Meta Knight, Ribbon, Poochie, and Stone Robobot. But the swords were all quickly inhaled by Kirby as he transformed into Ultra Sword Kirby.

Ultra Sword Kirby- I wasn't expecting one of my Super Abilities. Guess the Brush of Dreams must be really powerful if inhaling its creations could turn me into Ultra Sword Kirby. POYO!

Ultra Sword Kirby swung his giant sword at Paintia. Paintia tried to block with another giant sword she drew with the brush, but it shattered under Ultra Sword Kirby's sword and knocked Paintia to the ground.

Paintia- ****! ****! ****! **** you! Every time I see you, Kirby, I keep getting filled with rage! But at the same time, you seem familiar to me, like you're similar to someone I used to know! I've had enough of this mystery!

Paintia pulls out a notepad and pencil before making a quick sketch of Kirby.

Paintia- Now tell me why Kirby is so familiar to me!

Paintia swiftly swipes the Brush of Dreams over the sketch of Kirby and the image begins to alter. First, the shade of pink became lighter. Then a red bow appeared on the right side of the head. Then the image of Kirby began to look more feminine, like the female Star Warrior Kirby was dreaming about earlier. Paintia's eyes widened at the sight of this.

Paintia- No…it can't…

Altered sketch of Kirby on the notepad- POYA!

Paintia threw the notepad to the ground almost immediately after that.

Paintia- The Void Spawn?! Kimberly?! But how…?

Paintia looked at Ultra Sword Kirby and back at the altered image on the notepad.

Paintia- So you're a Void Spawn too! I should've realized it by that copy ability you have. Funny…I didn't think the God of the Void had another.

Ultra Sword Kirby- I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but this ends here! I will not let you destroy Popstar and use that brush to harm innocent people!

Paintia- We'll see about that, Void Spawn!

Then Paintia warped her body into that hideous form again. But this time, the Brush of Dreams was sticking out of her body. Also, her ball of paint body was now multicolored that changed at random.

Paintia Soul- I can feel the Brush of Dreams fueling my powers even further. Let's see you'll fair against my works of art now!

Then Paintia Soul launched numerous energy blasts from her body and fired them at Ultra Sword Kirby and the others. Ribbon tried to have Stone Robobot use its stone copy ability to block, but the blast knocked Ribbon and Stone Robobot to the ground and knocked Stone Robobot back to regular Robobot. Luckily, Ultra Sword Kirby manage to swat all the other energy blasts from his friends before they could do more damage. Ultra Sword Kirby swung his sword at Paintia Soul, but a bubble of paint appeared out of nowhere and stopped Ultra Sword Kirby in his tracks.

Paintia Soul- Foolish Void Spawn! In my full powered form, all I need to do is think and what I want the Brush of Dreams to create will appear.

Meta Knight, Robobot piloted by Ribbon, Poochie, and Magolor rushed to try and get Ultra Sword Kirby out of there, but they got trapped in a paint bubble too.

Paintia Soul- I'll finish this quick!

Then the mountain Ribbon and Robobot punched her into earlier was turned into a volcano at looked like it was about to blow.

Paintia Soul- I'll just turn this into a volcano. This should wipe you all out and those miserable town of Cappies in one foil swoop and…

Suddenly, a large cannonball hit Paintia Soul from behind and exploded on impact. The paint bubbles Ultra Sword Kirby and the others were trapped in vanished instantly. And so did the volcano.

Paintia Soul- What the hell?!

Paintia Soul turned around and saw the Lor Star Cutter in the sky.

(Inside the Lor Star Cutter)

Tiff was at the steering wheel of the ship while Adeleine and Tuff were operating the Lor Star Cutter's cannons.

Adeleine- You might've taken my brush, but that doesn't mean I can't help my friends!

Tiff- Well said, Adeleine!

Tuff- Now let's fire again!

(Back outside on Popstar)

The Lor Star Cutter fired another cannonball at Paintia Soul, but Paintia Soul made a steel wall appear to block it. Ultra Sword Kirby saw his chance to strike while Paintia Soul was distracted and got in close. Paintia Soul turned around and saw Ultra Sword Kirby up close to her about to swing a massive sword at her. Paintia Soul quickly made an energy field appear around her to both blocked Ultra Sword Kirby's sword and tried to push him back.

Paintia Soul- Void Spawn or not…your power cannot compare to the mine while I have the Brush of Dreams!

Ultra Sword Kirby- Come on…must push through…

Ultra Sword Kirby tried to push his sword through Paintia Soul energy, but it was pushing him and his sword back and might blow him away from Paintia Soul. But suddenly, a butterfly with red wings flew by.

Ultra Sword Kirby- Huh…? That butterfly again?

Paintia Soul- Morpho…? No! It can't be! I killed you!

The butterfly landed on Ultra Sword Kirby's head and suddenly, a surge of power began to flow through Ultra Sword Kirby. A red aura now surrounded Ultra Sword Kirby and he felt as though he had become stronger than ever.

Ultra Sword Kirby- Not sure what's happening, but who cares! Time to end this once and for all!

Ultra Sword Kirby began to push through again and was actually cutting through Paintia Soul's energy field. Paintia Soul was unable to slow Ultra Sword Kirby down even with the Brush of Dreams.

Paintia Soul- How could the God of the Void have another? Unless…he didn't! Kirby must be Kimberly's…

Then Ultra Sword Kirby managed to slice right through Paintia Soul's energy fiend and through Paintia Soul herself. As her body split in two, it created a massive explosion.

(Kirby's dream)

Kirby was lying on the ground that looked like outer space everywhere he looked. Kirby opened his eyes and looked around.

Kirby- What the…What is this place…?

Kirby stood to his feet, but as soon as he got up, Kirby saw a female Star Warrior directly in front of him. She was a lighter shade of pink, a red bow on the right side of her head, and a bit of makeup on her face.

Kirby- Uh…POYO…?

Female Star Warrior who looked like Kirby- POYA!

Then the female Star Warrior burst into many lights and vanished.

(Back on Popstar)

Kirby opened his eyes and saw Tiff, Ribbon, Adeleine, and Kyrin surrounding him.

Kyrin- There we go. Kirby's waking up now.

Tiff- Kirby!

Tiff wrapped her arms around Kirby, but Kirby was confused as to what was going on.

Kirby- What…what just happened?

Ribbon- You defeated Paintia.

Adeleine- Her death created an explosion and you were caught in it. Luckily, you're still alright.

Kirby- Lucky me…Oh! But I feel so lightheaded…

Kyrin- That will pass eventually.

Kirby noticed Magolor, Gooey, Poochie, Tuff, Robobot, and Meta Knight standing behind Kyrin.

Tuff- Kirby's back up!

Kirby- Kyrin…I kept being compared to this Star Warrior named Kimberly by Paintia over and over. Do I have a connection with her?

Kyrin- Well…Kimberly was actually one of the heroes that was part of the original Super Mario Brothers' Team 1,000 years ago. She helped Mario's ancestor against my brother. And like you, she was the only member of that team that was not from Earth.

Tiff- See Tuff, I told you!

Kyrin- I guess there's just one thing left to do…

Kyrin pulled out the Brush of Dreams and held it in his hand. Kyrin snapped his finger and the brush split into three smaller brushes again. Then he grabbed the brush that looked like Adeleine's brush before handing it to her.

Kyrin- Her you go, miss. I believe this brush belongs to you.

Adeleine- Are you sure it's a wise decision leaving it with me? Even if the Brush of Dreams is not whole?

Kyrin- I see no reason why it shouldn't be with you. You've done a great job using its power to help your friends so far.

Adeleine took her paintbrush back from Kyrin and smiled a bit.

Adeleine- Thank you.

Ribbon- The capital city of Ripple Star is still wrecked from Paintia's attack. Think you can fix the damage there too?

Kyrin- Very well. Magolor, Gooey, Poochie, with me! We're heading for Ripple Star next.

Magolor- Yes sir!

Poochie- (Woof)

Gooey stretched his tongue over his forehead to make an army solute.

Kirby tried to get up, but he felt rather weakened.

Magolor- It might be a good idea to you to just rest, Kirby. Let us handle the damage on Ripple Star. You've already been through enough for one day.

Kyrin, Magolor, Poochie, and Gooey made their way to the Lor Star Cutter. Once they were out of distance from Kirby and the other from hearing, Magolor turned to face Kyrin.

Magolor- By the way, Kyrin…this talk of the God of the Void and this talk of Void Spawns…does this all have to do with Void Ter…

Kyrin quickly moved his face up to Magolor's.

Kyrin- Don't say that name! My father has made it forbidden!

Magolor- …so it is him…

Kyrin- I don't know how you found out that name, especially since my father went through great lengths to erase all traces of his existence, but yes…he was the God of the Void.

Magolor- So does that mean Kirby is…

Kyrin- No…Kimberly was. And I don't think I have the heart to tell Kirby the truth about that…

Magolor- Why not?

Kyrin- Because I know it will break his heart…just like it broke Kimberly's heart…when she learned the truth…one year after Marco and the others defeated Tabuu…

The End


(Tabuu's palace in Subspace)

Tabuu had absorbed the piece of his soul that Marx and Fawful had retreated from Paintia.

Tabuu- Now I'm at 92%! Nearly there! You two are dismissed for now.

Marx- Thank you, Master Tabuu!

Fawful- Fawful's pleasure, Master Tabuu!

After Marx and Fawful left the room, Tabuu pulls out that book again.

Tabuu- Now…who's next?

Tabuu cast a seeker spell and the book began flipping through its pages. It stops at a picture of a large gorilla who looked similar to Donkey Kong.

Tabuu- I see the biggest musclebound idiot in Marco's team, King Kong, is next. Fredrick!

Then Lord Fredrick entered Tabuu's room.

Lord Fredrick- You called, Master Tabuu?

Tabuu- I did. I believe I've located another…missing piece…

Lord Fredrick- Understood. Where do you want me to go?

Tabuu- There is a mountain on Kongo Jungle that looks like a volcano. However, it's not really a volcano. It's actually a prison…a prehistoric prison!